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Automend pro review 2021: a good car diagnostic tool?

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The warning lights that come on in our car dashboard when something is amiss can let you know when there’s a problem with your car. These warning lights are extremely important but for persons who may not know much about these lights they can be quite confusing and vague. For this set of persons , visiting the mechanic shop is the order of the day once one of these lights turns on.

Imagine going to the mechanic because the warning light that indicates a low tire pressure that isn’t visible to the eyes just came on. Also, the cost of getting your car(s) checked by these skilled technicians may be much for some persons. You may spend so much in detecting a problem and very little in fixing it. So you’re more or less pay for diagnosing a problem that can be done by you in a lot of cases.

Fortunately for the both of us, technology has involved just as fast as the production of cars have too. The good news is that lots of car health checkers have been produced and you can now do the checking yourself once you have the machine. However, for some persons the cost of these machines may be quite much for them to afford.

Never to worry, we would be discussing a new car health checker that has been available for now at a cheap price. In this automend pro review, we will be going into great detail about this product. We would look at its advantages, disadvantages, features, the automend pro app, the metrics that this product can check and a whole lot of other interesting things.

What is a car? health checker?

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Automend Pro Review

automend pro review

So what is this automend pro that’s been buzzing everywhere? Automend pro is a car diagnostic tool that tells you what is wrong with you car and equally sends real time alerts on all that is wrong with your car to your phone. It makes maintenance very easy and saves you from the manipulations of your mechanic.

Most people see this diagnostic tool as more than a service that a gadget/product. Having this product with you is like having a personal car fixer or mechanic in your car.

Lately, when you look through some reviews on this tool online, you will find some bad remarks and majorly good ones. The reason for some of these bad remarks is because most people fail to understand that this product works in vehicles that were produced in 1996. It simply means that this will not work on any vehicle before the year 1998.

This diagnostic tool scans every system in your car looking for even the smallest of problems and in lots of cases provides solutions to the problem. Like it tells you what the problem is and what to do to get it fixed. Our research has shown it to detect over 7000 issues that a car may have.

You may not be a mechanic but with this product you can know the possible cost of the repairs to be made in your vehicle as it pinpoints the main issue for you. That way you save your self the stress and financial burden of spending excessively.

so what are the features of this automend pro?

automend pro reviews

Features of automend pro

Some would say that these are the features of automend pro but I also believe that these are some of the things that this product can do. Do take out your time to go through them.

  1. Engine light checker: For those of us conversant with the engine light checker sign, you will agree with me that your heart sometimes skips when you see that light come on. This is because you may not know for sure what is wrong with your car. With automend diagnostic tool, you do not need to bother about what the check engine light may mean once it turns on. Your diagnostic tool tells you the exact problem your car has. That way you will be able to take it to your mechanic and ask for a particular work be done.
  2. Location: It comes with an inbuild GPS system that allows you locate your car once the device is inside your car. So no matter where your car is backed, you will be able to find it using this tool
  3. Maintenance before breakdown: This tool allows you to take good care of your car before they break down. What do I mean? This diagnostic tool allows you to detect any major problems before they occur and therefore gives up a heads up on the need to fix them before it gets too late. It reminds you when you need to maintain your car and not just fix its problem. All car drivers will really appreciate this since it helps you solve a small problem that if unsolved my become an expensive problem.
  4. Money saver: You will agree with me that once you are able to manage your cars fuel consumption effectively, you will save a lot of money. This tool also has the ability to provide you with data on how your vehicle consumes fuel. This data once read will allow you monitor and equally control the amount of gas you use and equally make you save money.
automend pro reviews

What are the specs of automend pro?

  1. Size: 70 x 90 x 30mm
  2. Weight: 75grammes
  3. Connection: It makes use of WiFi or data
  4. You can get its FREE app on google store (for android users) and apple store (for iOS users)
  5. It is strictly compatible for car models made from the year 1996 till date.

What information can the automend diagnostic tool give you?

There are lots of information that can be gotten from this tool. These are some of them below:

  1. Coolant temperature
  2. Temperature of car oil
  3. The speed of your vehicle at a particular point in time
  4. Your fuel system status
  5. The mileage of your car
  6. Reminds you of your car manufacturer’s recommended maintenance
  7. History
  8. Car reports
  9. Explanation of all the DTC codes that you get charged for by you car fixer
  10. It totally resets the check engine light
  11. It works with the sensors in your car to give you updates on the real time condition of your car
  12. You can track your car in real time.
  13. Allows you know the particular location of your car at a certain time
  14. Comes with an alert Centre

How does automend pro diagnostic tool work?

automend pro

To be able to appreciate the use of this tool, it will be important to let you know that you will need a good network connection. Also, its app has to be running and you car engine turned off.

You can download the automend pro app on your iOS device or your android devices by either scanning the QR code that is in the user manual of this product or by searching for the automend pro diagnostic tool on play store or apple store.

Once all these are done, below is a series of steps on how to use it

  1. First your engine has to be turned off. Once this is done, locate the OBD II port inside your car and plug on the automend diagnostic tool device. The location of the OBD II port varies from car to car. So I suggest you take a look at your car user manual to find out where yours is. However, the port is usually found beneath the dashboard, close to the steering wheel column in most cars.
  2. Connect your smartphone, tablet to the internet and switch on your Bluetooth.
  3. Open the automend pro diagnostic tool app and register an account with them or login to any previous account if you have already registered. You can use an email account to register or even any of your social media account. The choice is yours.
  4. Login using your account. Once this is done, a scan screen will appear in your phone. Simply touch the scan button. The app instantly opens a list of available Bluetooth devices. select your device and tap scan again.
  5. Once this is done, the diagnostic report of your ride will be displayed on your screen immediately scanning is completed.
  6. You can now view the report and see all the detected problems with your car. You can click on each of these problems to see a detailed explanation of what it means. You will also see its severity rating, list of resources and possible issues.
  7. There’s an option called the “clear vehicle alarms”. use it when you wish to your car issues on the app
  8. You equally have a history section on the app when you can see previous diagnostic reports of your car and all the problems that were detected.
  9. Once you’re done with diagnosis, you can now successfully log out from the app

Note (automend pro review):

It is very important that you understand the need to use this tool for the sole purpose for which it was created. The automend pro is meant to be used on only the OCD II port of your car. Do not attempt to put it into any other form of sockets.

This tool is meant to help you detect and diagnose problems so that your mechanic can fix with accuracy the issue that your car has. Remember to always remove your automend tool once your vehicle will not be in use for a long time

Who needs this diagnostic tool? (automend pro review)

automend diagnostic tool

You may erroneously be of the opinion that this product is for exclusively for those who know nothing about cars or persons who may not be mechanics. This is really a wrong assumption.

This tool in my own opinion is really for everyone who wants to take appropriate care of their vehicle and to checkmate the rip off by some mechanics.

If your knowledge about cars is quite poor, this is a great device to have as it helps you detect the problem of your car in the house, office or even in the road.

Some mechanics can equally employ it in their work since it makes detecting issues simpler, easier and very cost effective. It helps improve work and gives better results.

What is so special about automend pro?

Is automend the only diagnostic tool in the world? No! So what makes it really special? what makes it unique and why has it been trending lately.

The answer to all these are quite simple. Reviews so far have shown that it is the most accurate diagnostic car tool. Other tools may do similar thing but only a few come close to giving accurate results.

Also, the few devices that are really accurate and good at what they do cost thousands of dollars. Despite this price tag, some of them may take time to connect, some may fail to scan while some are not so durable.

The fact that automend can work with your smartphone also gives it an edge over other diagnostic tools. We all agree that having a knowledge of what is wrong with your car before visiting a mechanic can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars since all mechanics cannot be trusted. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that there are no trust worthy mechanics out there. No! of course, there are so many of them. However, there are still some bad eggs who would want to take full advantage of unexperienced drivers and rip them off of their hard earned money.

automend pro reviews

Pros (Automend pro review)

  1. This product comes with a 30-day money back policy that allows you return the product to the manufacturer within 30 days of first use if you do not like what you got. You will receive full refund of your money.
  2. It allows you learn a lot of diagnostic secrets that you never knew.
  3. It helps you not to pay for unneeded repairs.
  4. I can diagnose over 7000 problems that may be wrong with your car.
  5. You can see the repair cost estimates of any issue your car has before you visit the mechanic.
  6. It allows you monitor your car in real time.
  7. It allows you know the location of your car.
  8. It works with any gas, diesel or hybrid vehicle be it a car or a truck. The only this is this; it has to be a vehicle model of 1996 till date.
  9. It is very affordable and even comes with a 50% discount as at the time of writing this review.
  10. Once you own this, you can no longer be ripped off with ease as you now know the real problem with your car. That way you won’t pay for diagnostic services and any unneeded repairs.

Cons (Automend pro review)

  • Due to some reasons, the automend diagnostic tool can only be bought online. This should not be a major problem since we are now accustomed to making purchases for various goods and services online.
  • The available stock for this product is small
  • In some areas with very strict shipping laws due to the ongoing pandemic, shipping may take longer time
  • Some claim that the app takes some time to connect. You can solve this issue by simply restarting the app and your smartphone
automend pro diagnostic kit

Where to buy automend pro

There are lots of online vendors who sell this product online. However, we prefer that you buy it directly from the manufacturer. They own a website where you can place your order, pay and it gets delivered to your door step.

Aside the advantage of purchasing from a secured space, you will also enjoy some discounts directly from the manufacturer. There are also special offers that the manufacturers make available for people who may want to purchase more than one of this tool at a time. You can purchase multiple automend pros at a cheaper and discounted rate than what you get with other vendors.

Also, the availability of different secured payment options given by the manufacturer makes it very easy for everyone to purchase. Aside the security, you will also be able to enjoy the 30-day money back policy, get your order delivered very fast and most importantly, to your door step.

As at today, there is a 50% off fire sale discount price currently going on in this product from the manufacturer.

Price of automend pro

There are different packages for automend pro on the manufacturer’s website. 1x automend pro costs $69.98 per unit (normally costs $107.66). Two units cost $139.96, three costs $157.46 and four units, $209. 95.

All of these special package purchases are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with what you got, simply send the unit(s) back the them and they will give a full refund or replacement. The choice will depend on you.

Customer reviews (automend pro review)

I love the automend pro. Its a small responsive device that works well. Its compatibility with the android operating system and wireless internet connection gives me a lot of joy. You can easily look up information on the spot while working on your vehicle. Quick and intuitive operation saves you a whole lot of time. I like the fact that the history of other diagnostic reports can be easily accessed at any point in time. Nice tool there.- Peter P

I have to make this known that the automend diagnostic tool has powerful functions and worked well in my 2013 toyota camry. I can now check the problem of my car without having to open my hood and stare aimlessly to detect a problem or fault. – David C

I’m very pleased with this device. So far, its been so good. It has been doing its job very well and honestly, has exceeded my expectations particularly when I compare it with the price it was bought for. The real time data option is good. I was able to detect a leak with it. This product tells you what is wrong with your vehicle and even stores data for a particular car so you don’t get to mix them up with the findings from another ride. Noel F

Best bang for your buck. I’ve used it countless times for work. It is able to read codes, check coolant temperature, fuel economy and even mileage (that’s if you want to buy a used car but is skeptical that the mileage may have been shortchanged). It is a great asset. – Charles A

I was surprised when automend detected a problem with my car even when I didnt feel there was any. At first, I thought my device has become faulty but on getting to the mechanic shop, it was confirmed that my ride really had a problem. If I had ignored this, it could’ve turned out to be an over $2000 problem had it prolonged further. This device truly diagnoses. Mish O

FAQS (automend pro review)

What are the operating systems compatible with automend pro

Automend is currently compatible with iOS and android operating systems. It means that you can easily access data using your smartphone. You can also download the automend app from google play store or apple store

What is an OBD II port?

OBD also called on board diagnostic port is an on-board computer that monitors a lot of things in your car. It monitors emissions, mileage, speed and any other data about your vehicle. It’s location varies from car to car but it is usually located beneath the dashboard below the steering column of your car.

Does automend pro really wok?

Yes, it really does. once used properly automend works perfectly well and accurately.

Do I need to switch my car on before using automend pro?

No, it is very important to switch you car off while using the automend diagnostic tool if you want to get results. It is best to use it when your car is switched off.

Conclusion (Automend pro review)

Every car owner need to have a diagnostic tool. Automend pro provides users with answers that they can be charged so much for by the mechanic.

After going through the ins and outs of this product, we can say that it is a highly recommended device if you really want to detect and diagnose your car problems.

To buy or not to buy, the ball is in your court!

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