better than zero mask review

Better than Zero Face Mask Review [2021]: Is it really safe?

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Better than zero face mask review

Lately, the importance of owning a face mask cannot be overemphasized. The current happenings in the world today has made face masks a must have for families, individuals, cooperatives and even government agencies. Everyone wants to be as safe as possible. No one is safer than the other as with regards to these happenings unless the right precautionary measures are applied.

Wearing a mask is good for two reasons: It’s going to cut down 95 percent of the breathing that sends the virus up to 6 feet away in a room, and also will reduce fecal/oral transmission by preventing the germs from getting into your nose or mouth.

Interestingly, lots of face masks have surfaced into the markets today. But two problems always arise; safety and cost-effectiveness. No one wants to get a product disguised as providing utmost security.

Sadly, some companies have taken advantage of the demand for this and have produced coverings that are of low quality and at the same time do not confer protection. This is really sad, I must admit.

Some of these poor quality masks even go as far as causing serious damage to our nose. Some others do not provide the protection they promise while some are totally not stylish. No form of creativity was applied in their production. Hence, their poor outcome.

In this article, we would be looking at a different mask altogether. One that has been tired, tested but has it been trusted? At the end of this review, you will have the answers that you seek right in front of you.

Here you will get to know every single bit of this product; the good, bad and even the ugly.

Interested? Let’s take a deep dive into the Better than zero face mask review

better than zero face mask review

Better than Zero Face Mask Review

It is a non-surgical breathable mask that confers protection to its wearer, preventing them from inhaling dirt, debris and droplets that are highly infections. It also protects others from getting whatever germs its wearer maybe have on. This mask is produced or better put fabricated from a 3D remarkable elastic polyester cloth; making it difficult for germs to penetrate through.

It is a multi-functional face (I’d explain) and neck mask with a ‘one size-fits most’ exclusive design. This mask is light in weight, making it very comfortable to be used anytime. You will experience no problems whatsoever using this mask while running, biking or even hiking as its design allow for breathing without restriction

When I talked about it being multi-functional, here’s the reason. The producers of this masks made it possible for you to put on this mask in multiple ways. It can be worn as a bandanna, scrunchies or blindfold. Also, you can fit this mask on your wrist, wear it as a half mask or even put it over your head like a hoodie. Isn’t this amazing? Your guess is as good as mine.

All these creativity were added to ensure that this mask is the simplest versatile solution that will keep you covered, safe and healthy. Another beautiful thing is the fact that this mask does not only keep you safe by preventing you from inhaling air pollutants or germs that can damage your lungs, it also keeps persons around you safe as well.

The importance of putting on a non-surgical mask while leaving the confides of your home, office or agency cannot be overemphasized especially in areas where there’s a significant community based transmission of the current pandemic.

What are the Specifications of the better than zero facemask?

No review will be complete without letting you know about the specs of this mask. Kindly look at the table below to see it

Mask TypeNon Surgical breathable
Material3D super elastic polyester
ColorsGrey, Green or Black
Wearing StylesBandanna
Half mask
better than zero face mask review
better than zero face mask review

What are the Top Features of better than zero mask?

In this section of the review, we will take a great look at some of the standout features of this mask.

Multi-functional Design

Here’s really a top one from the manufacturers of the Better Than Zero masks. In other to ensure that this mask is really suitable for everyone, the manufacturers of this mask decided to add never seen style to their product.

This exclusive design allows the Better Than Zero masks to be used as a head band, wrist band, neckerchief, hairband and even hood. In fact you can make use of it in whatever way you desire. All you need do is have a good imagination and artistry [winks]. Simple!


The CDC in various countries have really been advocating the use of masks. Research from field experts have shown that face masks prevent and reduce the spread of infections from one person to another.

The Better Than Zero masks will also stop potentially infected droplets emitted by other people’s mouths and noses from gaining access to your own body. All in all, wearing a Better Than Zero masks gives you that confidence and true security of contributing to the general health of your community during the pandemic and any regular flu season.

Also, unlike other masks that are susceptible to infections and contamination, the Better Than Zero mask is always safe. It is not susceptible to infections, meaning that people cannot get infected through it unlike what is obtainable in some other masks.


Unlike some other masks that may not fit you well, hurt your nose, irritate your skin or even prevent you from breathing well, the Better Than Zero mask is really a high flier in these areas. It fits you well whenever you wear it, perfect for wicking sweat and keeps you cool even in the hottest environments.

Also, it gives you enough breathing space whilst ensuring you stay protected at all times. It is light-weight, never irritates your skin and ensures you enjoy an additional comfort.

Attractive Look

It’s really easy on the eyes. It’s attractive look is something I also fancy so much about the Better Than Zero mask. It comes in three different colors. Purchasing all three will mean different color for different moods. Nevertheless, I believe one will be more than enough for you.


If I’m dolling out some bucks for a face mask I would make sure that it is reusable. For Better Than Zero mask, this is really another top feature about it. You can always wash and use it whenever and however you decide.

Premium Dust and Windproof Fabric

This mask is made of super soft fabric that provides an excellent hold. This makes it more comfortable, providing in addition a much needed windproof effect; ensuring you need not worry about any extreme of weather. Be it cold or the hot summer.

better than zero face mask

What are the benefits of using this Face Mask

Here are some of the benefits of this mask.

  • It reduces dust and debris inhalation
  • It has zero tolerance for germs
  • It’s multi-functional design can be worn as a hoodie, bandanna, face shield and a lot more
  • This device is perfect for all activities
  • Also, it is washable; meaning that you can always use, wash and use again. Most importantly, its strength doesn’t wear down with washing
  • It has a good cooling effect and wicks moisture off easily. It simply means that you need not bother about sweating
  • It is made with a 3D Super elastic polyester material.

Who needs to make use of this mask?

The better than Zero mask is for anyone who wants a more reliable way of staying protected especially during and after this pandemic. If you leave your home every single day, then it is really important that you get yourself one of these masks.

Are you an elderly person or you have an elderly woman at home, then this mask is really a no brainier for you or the person involved considering the fact that old age is really a risk factor for some of the deadly respiratory infections that can be prevented by putting on a mask today.

But most importantly, anyone that is interested in his or her health and protection should pick this product. With the issues of viruses growing, every sphere of life is making owning and using a mask obligatory. Everything from boarding planes, walking on the street, to purchasing in grocery stores now needs a face mask. Masks are seen being worn by all of us.  

I for once never thought that a day like this will arise when we all we be scared of the unknown without having a face mask on. Unpredictable situations can show up out of nowhere and its always better to be secure and prepared. Even if you feel you don’t need it now because you don’t leave the four corners of your living room, believe me an emergency may come up and you will eventually need on. It causes no harm to get one and be certain of safety.

Owning the Better Than Zero mask can be the difference between catching a small cold or a lifestyle-threatening infection

better than zero mask

How to wear this mask?

These face masks should be worn in public settings where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, such as in grocery stores, especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.

Here are a few pointers for putting on and taking off the Better Than Zero mask:

  • Place your mask over your mouth and nose.
  • Tie it behind your head or use ear loops and make sure it’s snug.
  • Try not to touch your mask while wearing it.
  • If you accidentally touch your mask, wash or sanitize your hands.
  • Remove the mask by untying it or lifting off the ear loops without touching the front of the mask or your face.
  • Wash your hands immediately after removing your mask.
  • Regularly wash your mask with soap and water in the washing machine. It’s fine to launder it with other clothes.

Though the main goal is to wear the BTZ mask on the face, it is able to be worn in many other approaches.

Bandanna, Scarf, Headband, Half masks, Hoodie, Wristband, Scrunchies, Blindfold. Being able to use the Better Than Zero mask in different styles, makes it the suitable accessory to be used all year long.

Better than Zero Face Mask Review: Pros and Cons

In this section of this better than zone mask review, we will be taking a look at the pros and cons of this mask

Protects against dust and debrisCan only be purchased online. I guess this is due to the covid-19 pandemic
High performance
Comes in different colors
One size fits most
Appropriate for any activity
Suits any weather conditions
Decreases chance of passing germs
Modern design

Who manufactures this mask?

I decided to add this information in this review because I do believe that it is very important for persons to know where the mask they purchase is made from

You can contact the company via the following:

  • Official site:
  • Email:
  • Phone (United States & Canada): 609-414-7087
  • Phone (UK & Ireland): 08708 200084
  • Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02)8607 8316
  • Mailing Address: 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

What is the Price of the Better than Zero Mask?

Here’s another question that I feel needs to answered. When we first researched, we were sure one would cost at least $70 or even $100.

However, there’s an ongoing 50% discount off fire sale promo. This promo gives you the opportunity of the making your purchase at the following rate:

  • Two BTZ masks for $49.99
  • Four BTZ masks for $99.98
  • Six BTZ masks for $112.48
  • Eight BTZero masks for $137.47

The Better Than Zero mask is currently available on the manufacturer’s official website. I strongly advise that you make your purchase from their official site in other to avoid falling prey to some companies masquerading as the owners of the Better Than Zero mask.

Also, you get to enjoy some benefits offered by the company to its customers.

What do you stand to gain as a customer?

1. 30-day money-back guarantee to unsatisfied customers.

So much faith has been put in the efficacy and efficiency of this product by its manufacturer. Upon purchase from them, you are entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee. Yes, this is for all customers who may not be satisfied. It simply means that when you purchase this product, make use of it and is not satisfied or happy with the way it works, you can send it back to the company and you will be refunded instantly.

2. There’s also a limited 50% off fire sale discount currently going on. This is really a good gesture if you ask me. But one thing is certain, offers like this never last long at all. The earlier you purchase a BTZ mask, the better for you.

better than zero mask

Is this mask a scam?

Patrick Clayton will never write a review on any shitty product. Obviously No! This mask works perfectly fine.

If you stay in a community where masks have become an essential part of your daily life, you will really know that putting on any kind of protection over your mouth and nostrils is really beneficial to your health. But one thing is certain, not all masks serve the same purpose. Persons other that health officials need a non-surgical mask like the Zero mask to stay fully protected.

This masks does an incredibly good job of keeping unwanted dirt, debris and germs out of your body system. Compared to other masks, this one is the most comfortable, effective, versatile and modern mask you can ask for.

Unlike some other masks that must be worn once and discarded, the quality of material used to make the better than zero mask is really top-notch. It gives you that liberty of reusing it by just washing with soap and water. Also, washing the mask does not in anyway affect its efficiency at protecting you from germs. The material does not wear down and does not cause any irritations.

Having a reusable mask that does its job exceedingly well and at the same time is really cost effective, is really a good get if you ask me.

Customer Reviews about this mask

Here are some reviews from persons who made purchases

“This mask can do so much. It’s a headband, or a wristband, or a neckerchief, or whatever! So many ways to use this. I’m very happy with my purchase and will buy from this company again.” Judy M. – Tampa Bay, FL

“I like going off road with my friends and sometimes, the guys out front kick up so much dirt and dust, it gets unbearable. But with this mask, I can breathe easy, even in the most extreme situations” Carter H. – Seattle, WA

Wrapping Up

For your safety, and for the safety of others, the best thing you can possibly do during the ongoing pandemic is to stay home. Obviously, for people with essential jobs, staying home isn’t an option, and society can’t thank them enough for their service.

We have been advised to go about using face masks if it is really necessary to leave. Considering the price, discount and money back guarantee offered by the producers of the better than zero mask, it is really a no brainier for anyone who wants to purchase a mask for added protection.

As always, stay safe.

Thank you for reading

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