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[Hot article] Blaux heater review 2021: Is this a good personal heater?

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Blaux heater review also known as blaux heatcore

We all know the series of challenges we face when winter and extreme cold weather meet up with us. If we decide to take out some time to learn things like how to drive in snow, how to react when you fall through ice and the best way to create shelter in and outside your home if you lose heat, you will surely save your life and that of your loved ones when the cold snowy winter season comes.

Complaining about the weather during the winter seasons sounds like a national past time. But in places that get extremely cold, this is much more than a complaint. In reality, its a threat to life and good health. Extreme cold isn’t only uncomfortable, it is equally dangerous as it can lead to numerous life challenging illness like pneumonia and common cold.

If this winter is somewhat like the last one, you will need all you can lay your hands on to keep yourself warm. If you don’t, then you will have to keep up with the frigid cold that can make your bone hurt or even the freezing wind that can leave your face feeling like it was kissed by a sandpaper.

As we know one of the antidote (if not the only) to cold during the winter season is heat. In the past people have resorted to the use of central heating systems that cost so much to buy and to equally maintain. These central heating systems are actually good but to a reasonable extent have a huge chunk of short comings that make it quite unattractive to some persons.

These heating systems can cost so much, consume so much energy and dissipate heat at a very slow rate. You wouldn’t want to get home cold and start waiting for hours for your central heating system to heat up the room. Due to some of these limitations, there was a need for a rapid system that gives off heat fast, costs very little and consumes very little energy.

This article is about one of such personal heaters. The one to be reviewed is called the Blaux Heater, a product that can keep you very warm as we approach the cold winter season. When compared to other heaters around, it costs only a fraction of their price. But is it really what you need to scale through this year’s winter season?

This blaux heater is currently one of the highest selling personal heaters in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Israel and even Germany. It has gotten an outrageous amount of attention but as always we are here to lead you to the truth.

Most importantly, at the end of this blaux heater review you will be able to make that bold decision to buy or not to buy.

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Blaux heater review

blaux heater review
blaux heater

This is a new personal heater unit that was designed to produce hot air needed to keep you and your room warm. It comes with an antimicrobial filter that kills off germs that may be present in the room. This heater eliminates with ruthless efficiency the need to purchase the huge power consuming and costly heaters.

This ultimate chill killer uses a procedure known as the ceramic heating technology to give speedy, targeted and instant heat wherever you need it the most.

This product is energy efficient, saves cost and is a one time solution for this winter season. It is one of the best personal heaters that do not dig a hole in your pocket when you want to purchase them.

While providing the necessary heat needed to kill off any chills, this heater also possesses an antimicrobial filtration system that kills germs with ease. It also has the ability to remove any malodorous smell that may be present in a room.

Unlike other heaters that may disappoint you in the coldest of days, this particular heater will always serve so far it is maintained appropriately. It has been noted to turn cold to hot in only a matter of seconds.

Even if this heater gets damaged, your purchase is well covered as this product comes with a 30 day money refund policy that allows you to send the product back and get your money in full!

blaux heater

What are the features? (blaux heater review)

Compact and efficient heating

This to us is one of the selling points of this device. It tops our list because it is the feature loved my most customers. It has an exclusive design that makes it very easy to be carried around in the office, home, living room and even kitchen. This means it can be easily carried with your luggage when you’re going for a long journey.

Talking about its efficiency, it get a normal sized room warm in only a matter of seconds. You don’t have to wait for hours to feel warm anymore moreover you can equally keep it by your side and face it in front of you if need be.

Antimicrobial Air filter:

This product comes with an antimicrobial filter that completely eliminates germs that are around. This is done so that you can have a cleaner fresher air around devoid of contaminants especially those that thrive during the winter season


I personally expected this to be a feature because it is important that the heating levels have some control. If you’re warm or cold already, with a touch of button, you can adjust the heat level of this product so you don’t get uncomfortable. If the weather inside is cold, you can increase the heat level. If the weather is warm already and you feel good, you can reduce the heating level.

All these are done to ensure that you feel comfortable with this product every time

Low energy consumption

This is another talking about this product. When compared to other heating methods like the central heating system, fire places and so on, the blaux heater wins the game here. It was built to be energy efficient so you don’t have to pay bills all because you want to keep yourself and room warm. You have no reason to bother about your electricity bill even if you have 10 of these in different rooms as it uses very little electricity.


Unlike the oil radiant heaters that can be very dangerous to use especially in homes with children, the blaux heater is safe for everyone. It is child friendly but should not be used for the wrong purposes. Also unlike heaters that make use of hot oil, the blaux makes use of little electricity so you will have no reason to bother about spilling hot oil or even gas leakages.

As part of a safety checklist, this product comes with a timer that allows you set it to be in use for a particular time. It switches off automatically once that time reaches.

Safety kill switch

You can easily turn off this device with an instant switch immediately you feel like its getting too warm or that you want to leave for work. With the same switch, you can equally turn it on.

Noiseless technology

This is another top from the manufacturers. This heater never makes a noise that is louder than 40 decibels. This means that while it is functioning, it can never disturb you with any form of noise. With this, you can concentrate at work, sleep well without disturbance to you or your sleeping baby.

Blaux heater review: How does it work

how does blauc heater work

Looking at how compact or small sized this device is, you may be thinking, “how will this product warm up my room?” Well, there is no need to worry about that as your concerns where taking into account during the design and production of this heater.

Basically, this heater works using a convection ceramic heating that blows out hot air very fast so it can spread to other parts of the room.

The device blows out air that is thin. This is because they want air particles to be in contact with one another every single time. This air warms up the surrounding air through conduction and causes it to expand.

As this air is released at very high speeds, it gets to the corners of the whole room in a matter of seconds and makes the room warmer. There is a ceramic plate located inside this device that heats the air to be released up. This plate is located inside the device and is well protected by a plastic casing that is resistant to heat. That way you don’t have to worry about touching the device or shifting it from one location to another whilst it is releasing this hot air.

Benefits of using this blaux heater

  • You don’t need any special skill or qualities to make use of this device.
  • It saves you money, space and ensure you get the warm as fast as possible
  • With this product, there is no need for a high maintenance like other heating systems
  • It comes with an antimicrobial filter that destroys bacteria, viruses especially the ones that thrive during the winter season
  • It comes with adjustable heat levels that allow you select the level suitable for you at a point in time
  • You can direct the heat to any direction of your choice as it comes with adjustable louvers.
blaux heater review

Pros and cons (Blaux heater reviews)


Compact: The blaux heatcore like somecall it is very compact. Unlike other heating methods that are quite fixed, it’s small size allow it to be carried to any location of your choice with great ease. You can drop it on a desk beside you so you can feel warm faster or even focus on a particular area whilst working or doing your thing

Efficiency: Searching through the market, we found that there is really no other product in the same price range that does what the blaux heater does. Of course there are products similar to it but when it comes to efficiency none comes close to this heater. It is on another level.

Simple to use: No one want to purchase a product that will be very difficult to manage or use. The simpler is it to control and use the better. That way kids, adults and even the old aged can make use of this product. You don’t need to have any special skills to know how to make use of it. All you need do is click buttons and off you go.


Not everyone is accustomed to making purchase online. Some persons are usually skeptical when it comes to making such purchases. Blaux can only be gotten online based on orders. However, you can be rest assured that once you make your purchase from the manufacturer’s website there is nothing to worry about as you will get what you ordered.

How to use blaux heater?

It is very easy to make use of this device. But before we get to that, ensure that you charge up your device very well before you start making use of it. Immediately you’re done charging, your device will now be ready for use.

Outlined below is a simple three way step on how to make use of this personal heater. You do not need to be an expert. Anyone can operate this blaux heater well. Simply follow the instructions below:

1. Set the blaux heater on top of any surface where you want it to stand. It could be on your desk, computer stand, kitchen cabinet. Just place it in any good area of your choice

blaux heater 5

2. Ensure that the safety switch of the blaux heatcore located at the back is switched “ON”

blaux heater 3

3. Once you’re sure that the switch is on, use the buttons on the top of the device to choose the heating level and timer that best suits your needs. The buttons for the heating level and timer are well labelled so there will be no confusion as with regards that.

>>I want my own heater now<<

What makes this heater a better option that the others?

Like we all know, some of other methods have been used in the past to get rid of cold during the winter season. However, you can agree with me that some of these methods have issues.

The commonly used methods are; central heating, fireplaces and oil filled radiant heater. I will take each of these methods one after the other and give good reasons this blaux heater seems to be a better option.

1. Central heating system: This system of heating is now an essential part of any home. It is quite rare to find a house without an inbuilt central heating system today. This system own a furnace and give off very hot air around the home. This is quite good if you live in a big house but there’s usually a problem.

It takes a whole lot of time to spread this heat around the house. This makes it not fit for emergencies and instant heating. No one would want to wait for 1 hour before getting themselves heated up when returning from a chilled outside. Also, this means that some parts of the room may remain untouched for longer periods before finally heating up. Worst still, they are very expensive to own and maintain.

2. Fireplaces: This is one of the most common heating method available. A home without a central heating system will most likely a fireplace. Yes, they have been some innovations to fireplaces as there’s now an electric and wooden fireplace. We agree they increase heat but this is confined to just the room where they are stationed.

What are the challenges with fireplaces? The electric fireplaces they are costly to maintain while the wooden fireplace make use of wood which burns and produces soot which may not be great for some persons especially people with asthma.

3. Oil radiant heater: These type of heaters make use of heated hot oil to increase heat. This may be less costly that the central system heaters but is more dangerous. It is a type of heating system that you will not want to use close to children, pets or the extremely old. It is super dangerous.

Where does the blaux heater come in? First, it is affordable. It is reliable. It has antimicrobial filter system that eliminates germs, has an anti-odor system that ensures you have clean fresh air to breathe around you.

Details of the manufacturer (Blaux heater review)

When it comes to this game, blaux is the real deal. They are the original owners of this product. This company use simple is best method to approach whatever they want to do.

They focus on how best to make the lives of average homeowners better when it comes to products like this. All their products come with 30 day money back policy and 100% guarantee of total satisfaction.

As a fast growing brand they try as much as possible to satisfy their customers since they have future plans of expanding into other niche by 2022. Their customer support is very friendly and respond promptly. You can use this to get to them in case of enquiries. They will guide you well.

Where can you get your blaux heater

The best place to make your purchase is from the official website of the manufacturer. In their website you will gain access to any ongoing discounts, the 30-day money back guarantee and the original product that you ordered. Making purchases from retailers may not be the best thing to do as you will not enjoy all the benefits offered by the manufacturer.

Do not settle for other cheap useless toys that disguise as heaters. They heat up, work for a while and then fall out leaving you stranded and open to common cold. Your best bet is to make an order of the blaux heater from the manufacturer.

What is the price? (Blaux Heater Review)

Just like we made you to understand earlier, this product does not dig a hole in your pocket. It is very affordable to any and everyone. It costs three to five times less than its competition and works very well. A unit of the blaux heater is sold for $89.99 after a 35% discount was made on one unit.

Two units costs $179.98 instead of the earlier stipulated 276.86. Three units currently goes for $202.48 instead of $415.34. 4units goes for $247.47 instead of $553.78.

All these latest price are as a result of discounts being offered by blaux. Original price may go up very soon. We will keep you posted.

Blaux heater review (Customer thoughts)

We do not have a central heating in my apartment so i decided to go for one of these after I had seen some ads on Facebook. To my greatest surprise it worked really well. Initially I got just one unit since I wasn’t sure about the product but right now I have placed orders for 4 as I would want to have them in my other rooms too – Clinton M.

I’ve made use of other heaters but none comes close to this one. It’s my favorite. It is smaller than the rest. All I do is set it on top of my desk and switch it on. I have two. One that is in my workplace and the other in my room at my apartment. It works far better than the others. Highly recommended. Manuel K.

It can be quite cold in my house. I got this product at a time when my central heating system was faulty and my fireplace kept on producing sooth that was starting to affect my baby girl. Giving this product a shot was one of the best decisions I ever took. It works very fine, very easy to maintain and manage. Nice product. Kudos Blaux- Celestine Agnes

People also ask this (Blaux heater review)

What is blaux heater?

Blaux heater is a heating unit that uses ceramic heating convection method to release warm air that heats up you and your room. It is known as the ultimate chill killer that costs little to nothing

How often do you need to change the filter

Everything depends on your environment. If the filter has become clogged with dust particles, it is expected that you change it if you want to still enjoy wonderful results

Is blaux personal heater safe?

Yes, the blaux heatcore is 100% safe. It comes with a timer that allows it switch off automatically if you’re not around at the moment. Also, it comes with a one time kill switch that allows you off the device with just a tap on a button. And lastly, the body of the heater does not heat up too

Is blaux heater legit?

Yes of course, blaux has distinguished themselves as a reputable company. This heater is no different. It was built to deliver and also be reliable. Besides there is a 30 day money back guarantee incase you are not satisfied.

(Blaux Heater Review) Conclusion

blaux heater review

Peradventure you were able to read this blaux heater review up to this moment, a huge big ups. We can now say with some confidence that you below to either class A or class B.

Class B are the persons who are yet to make up their mind about this blaux heater. For such persons, the key to that decision lies in your hands. Just take your time and think through it.

Class A stands for those who have gone through this blaux heater review and have made up their mind to get the heater. To this class, I’d say go ahead, take advantage of the sweet bargains made available to you before things switches up to normal. With a 30 day complete money refund policy should anything go wrong, the deal is solely in your favor.

Our thoughts are this, with its low price, discount, 30 day money back policy and even guarantee, giving this heater a try is not a bad idea at all.

Thank you for reading our blaux heater review.

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