Caresole Knee Sleeves Review 2021: Is this the best solution to your pain?

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Caresole knee sleeves review; what do you need to know about this product? does it help with pains at all?

Good Health and physical fitness are codependent and prerequisite to the total wellbeing of an individual. Physical fitness is not necessarily limited to having a toned body with a nice shape or the absence of very prominent fat rolls. It also definitely doesn’t refer to the presence or lack of body fat, hence you can be very slim and still be unfit. It entails way more than just looks and includes the absence of physical pains, ease of movement and flexibility.

caresole knee sleeves

What is Caresole Knee Sleeve?

The Caresole Alpha Knee Sleeve is a knee brace produced by the American based company, Caresole. This knee sleeve is quite unique because the creator of the Caresole Alpha Knee sleeve  previously created a knee sleeve to combat his own knee problems before deciding to make it available for commercial purposes. On this grounds, it is safe to assume that this particular knee sleeve has your best interests at heart because the makers know what is required to make someone suffering from knee pains more comfortable.

These Caresole Knee Sleeves feature shock absorption, joint support and advanced stabilization technology to relieve and protect your knees from discomfort and inflammation resulting in the elimination of knee pains. The Knee sleeve has its material made from the lightweight, breathable and elastic Bauerfeind fabric and provides a high level of comfort.

How does the Caresole Alpha Knee Sleeves work?

The Caresole knee sleeves have a spiral stay on both sides of the sleeve, this shapes it to make a right fit for its users irrespective of leg sizes. The Bauerfeind fabric is elastic enough to adjust to accommodate the size of a swollen knee but also go back to its original outline as the knee heals and becomes less swollen. The fabric is soft, breathable and wicks moisture which is extremely useful, especially in a hot and humid climate. The Bauerfeind fabric used in this Caresole Circa knee brace absorbs sweat and quickly transfers it to the outer surface of the sleeve to evaporate quicker, consequently, keeping it dry under the wraps.

caresole knee sleeves

The Caresole Alpha Knee Sleeve also features a Viscoelastic Omega Pad. This pad is positioned to sit directly on top of your knee to provide pain relief and also protect from bumps while not putting direct pressure on your knee cap, It surrounds and cushions the kneecap to relieve pain in the knee and connective tissue.

To further provide comfort, this premium knee brace is cushioned in the front and the back to provide a soft padding around the joint area. While the Meniscus wings attached to the sides of the pad additionally cover the meniscus which always needs special support in the case of knee pain in order to recover as quickly as possible. They also provide effective pain relief when walking. The Hoffa pads function mainly to reduce pressure from the general area of discomfort.

Top Quality features of the Caresole Knee Sleeves.

  • They are skin friendly: The material used in the Caresole Alpha products are smooth and do not cause rashes or skin reactions. They are also sweat absorbent and dries quickly  making it suitable for daily use. It also comes with a not-so-flashy sophisticated design that blends easily with all outfits and doesn’t attract too much attention to itself which makes it a body wear product with both elegance, comfort and efficacy, all we really need in our wears.
  • One Size fits all:  The Caresole Alpha Knee sleeve is available for both men, women and children alike in just one size! It doesn’t matter your shape of height or size, and you definitely do not have to worry about ordering the right size or fit, which admittedly can be such a huge bother. The sleeve slides right in and sits directly on your knee cap and as promised by the manufacturing company, it fits anyone no matter the size and the effects do not vary according to size.
  • Durability: This product is very sturdy and retains its elasticity and compression after multiple washes. The components inside the material has a high tolerance for tension and water rinsing, enabling it to maintain its composure after intense cleaning. Thus, you can just put it in your washing machine along with the rest of your laundry.
  • High Comfort: Caresole Alpha Knee Sleeves makes for easy wearing  and extreme comfort. As it is designed with materials that offer safety, comfort and efficacy, and there are no fears of a skin reaction to it. The knee brace doesn’t slide up and down, unlike some other knee sleeves, hence you do not need to worry about constant readjustment and fitting. This sleeve is perfectly structured with pads for both the anterior and posterior parts of the knee to keep the knee comfortable and fitted in, eliminating pain and discomfort.
  • Best and Advanced Technology: No other knee sleeve offers as much technology as the Caresole Alpha Knee Sleeve. The viscoelastic Omega pads and the meniscus sleeves sets it apart from every other knee sleeves in the market. Added to the resilience of the fabric in withstanding and maintaining its elasticity despite daily and continued use. The pressure points do not lose their strengths at all.
  • Suitable for Daily Use: The knee sleeves can be worn for all daily activities and exercise such  as yoga, Pilates, jogging, running, walking, cycling, soccer, basketball, volley ball, swimming and whatever else motions that require knee movements and still maintain your peak performance. Wearing the knee sleeve provides all day relief, limiting joint pain and preventing joint injury because the knee protector with tight and breathable compression fabric maintains joint stability while giving you a smooth and soft feel all day long, no scratchy itchiness anywhere!
caresole alpha knee sleeves

Who can use the Caresole Knee Sleeve?

Everyone can. A simple straight answer, no matter what category you fall into, the Caresole Alpha  Knee Sleeve is safe enough to be used by all who suffer from chronic or temporary knee pain, athletes or people who want to avoid knee joint injury during their activities.

  • Osteoarthritis, Tendinitis, Rheumatoid Arthritics and Bursitis sufferers: Osteoarthritis is a generic condition caused by gradual water buildup in the cartilages. The water content disrupts the protein composition of the cartilage that glues the bones together. As a result, the knee weakens, swells up and starts aching.  It is common in geriatrics but constant and frequent stress on the knees or a severe injury to the knee can weaken it and result in an early development. The Caresole Alpha knee sleeve can combat the effects of this condition and early usage reduces your chances of getting your knees worn out.
  • For Athletes: Athletes who have had knee injuries will find this product extremely useful as knee injuries can come back even after been healed. The padding on the Caresole Alpha is designed to target pain spots and provide an outer structural strength.
  • General Users: When you don’t have knee pains, you do not need to wear the Caresole Knee Sleeves all the time but there are benefits for wearing them during work out sessions. Doing exercises like squats, dead lifts or knee-centric weightlifting, a knee sleeve can help you perform longer and safer and also banish the old familiar post work out soreness.
  • Pre and Post Surgical Knee Support: Orthopedic doctors suggest wearing therapeutic products like the Caresole Alpha Knee Sleeves pre and post surgery to reduce swelling around the injury.

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How can I get the Caresole Knee Sleeve?

The Caresole Knee Sleeves are currently only sold on the manufacturer’s website. The company offers discounts at regular intervals and starting from around thirty five percent off the regular price to around an astonishing fifty five percent price discount.

Another really attractive benefit of buying straight from the manufacturer’s website is the free shipping involved and the option higher discount rates with bulk purchases. For five pieces of the Caresole Alpha Knee Sleeve product, you get an amazing fifty five percent discount. You’d be saving up to fifteen dollars ($15) on your purchase. Smaller packages are also available for individual purchases.

You can buy your authentic knee sleeves directly from the manufacturers and pay with your credit card or any acceptable debit card. This is the only acceptable payment method at the moment, but you can be assured of the authenticity of the product irregardless.

The current price of the Caresole Alpha Knee Sleeve is $59.99 and delivery takes about three weeks depending on your location and availability. This product is worth the waiting time so I’d advise you to exercise a little patience to get quality for your money.

Who are the manufacturers of Caresole Alpha Knee Sleeves?

The manufacturing company is GMT Assets LLC and is based in the United States of America.

Location: 11 Broadway, Suite 615, NY 10004, USA.


The company maintains transparency and has revealed every bit of information that a buyer needs for clarity and reassurance as seen in this review article. They are also offering a money back scheme and the whole process of returning the product and getting your money back is simple. Since the company is US based and the product is manufactured there, you may have to pay taxes and custom fees to receive it.

Finally, The Caresole Knee sleeve is definitely a great buy and comes highly recommended.

How much does this knee sleeve cost?

First it will be very nice to know that there are caresole knee sleeves for women and there are those for men. Do well to pick the correct one you stand for in the check out page. Two knee sleeve costs about 59.99 dollars, Four sleeves costs 89.99 dollars, four costs 103.99 dollars, five is sold at 119.99 dollars.

These are prices are discounted amounts for this knee sleeves. All activities on the official website are well protected using the highest international standard as with regards security.

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Customer Review (Caresole Knee Sleeves Review)

I once hurt my knee after I had a terrible car accident. After this accident, my knee never looked the way it was. Had so much difficulty moving around until I was advised by professionals to get a knee sleeve. I had no choice. I just wanted to get my life back. My husband purchased this care sole knee sleeve for me and guess what? ever since then pain reduced and my knee has gradually been taking shape. At the moment i can now move around in my back yard garden, play with my lovely grand children and have a better life. If you have the money, get it. You won’t regret it at all.- Margret Tacha

caresole knee sleeves

When you see somethings online, you become skeptical to give them a try at first. Who could blame me? We have lots of scams in the world today. Same feeling occurred when i came across this knee sleeve but because of the excruciating knee pain I had, I had no choice but to give this a try. If it works fine, If it didn’t still fine.

After a week of making use of this care sole knee sleeve, I notice a drastic change in the way my knee pain was. The pain had began to subside gradually. In fact it made me reduce the frequency of taking some of the pain killer medications that I was on. Honestly, go for this sleeve if you still have that knee pain. It’s a saver. –Johnathan G

caresole knee sleeves

I work a job where I spend more than 9 hours working the floor everyday. Because of this, I started having knee pains. At first, I reduced my timing on the job and started taking some pain killers thinking that it was going to help reduce the pain. Well, the pain killers only worked when I took them but after a period of time, the pain grows back again. The first set of knee sleeve I got was given to me by a friend who works in my office. I tried it out and since then my knees have returned to normal. No pains, no heaviness. I’m now free from the shackles of my knee pain. Thanks care sole. Michael E

Conclusion (Caresole knee sleeves review)

At this point, I believe that you have successfully gone through this caresole knee sleeve review. My final thoughts are simple. This is a knee sleeve that works to reduce your pain in the knee, helps you get back your life, your job and your joy.

Spending a few bucks on what works will only be in your best interest. Besides if you’re skeptical, there’s a return policy for the product once you don’t like it. So there is really no fear about getting this product for yourself.

What is Physical Fitness?

Physical fitness has to do with the possession of a healthy physique and proper functioning limbs and joints. Your guess is as good as mine, Joint pains are a sign of being physically unfit and it can come in different forms with the most common joint pain being the knee aches or ‘bad knees’ as they are otherwise called.

Our knees are no doubt one of the most used parts of our bodies. We employ this part of our lower limbs in almost all activities that require us to move our legs because the knee is an essential leg joint. From enjoying some of our hobbies requiring movement to certain exercise motions down to daily routines such as walking and sitting, the knees have proven to be very indispensable. Knee aches can not only be painful and frustrating but also a deterring factor in accomplishing purposes, because they hinder your movements when you try to tread carefully and avoid the pain.

What causes Knee pains?

Due to the nature of the roles our knees play and the fact that they are almost always used in movements, knee aches occur as a result of wear and tear and tend to affect a majority of people who are constantly involved in sporting activities like jogging, running and weightlifting, indeed generally most athletes and people who are over the age of fifty. Surprisingly, (or not so surprisingly, adds wink) a lot of people who are not members of the above mentioned demographic experience these pains.

I’m talking about those who are not athletes and engage only in minimal sporting activities, who are not older than fifty years and are quite young. In fact, there are about over a hundred million sufferers of knee pains per year.

Most of the time, bad knees are caused by not only what is being done but also more by what is not being done or the absence of activities. Even though degenerative diseases of joints, in this case our knee joints, such as Osteoarthritis, Tendinitis , Bursitis, Rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments can be genetical, there is a way of reducing the probability of developing them, if not preventing the occurrence of these joint diseases.

How can I reduce the probability of developing bad knees?

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Diets rich in calcium and other supplements are very effective in combatting bad knees until they no longer do the work they are needed to and a more effective and direct treatment method is required. From our discussion earlier, it can be seen that even though we might not have “bad knees” in our genetics, precautions we don’t take either by negligence or ignorance can actually increase our risk of developing them.

A lot of the activities we carry out in reality are not hazardous in themselves but if adequate safety measures are not put in place, these activities could be a potential hazard to our bodies especially the joints. You can count yourself as a lucky person for getting to read this article because you will get to learn a bit more about the knees and its care. If you already have bad knees, there is no need to panic or feel left out as there is an easier way to cope with them, you’ll see so as you read on in this article.

Also, if you have had knee reconstructive surgery and you are having a hard time dealing with post operation pains or are planning to get one soon you can start preparing to bid your pains farewell, after consulting with your doctor of course.

How can I stop my knee aches?

While support does not totally take away pains, it reduces it to a very negligible degree and allows you some level of comfort to carry out your daily activities. Support equipments like crutches and others are very bulky, prominent and can be a bother to constantly use if there isn’t another option. For knee pains, you’d be needing something that concentrates on bolstering just your knees and in such a way that it doesn’t draw unnecessary attention to you, in other words, something inconspicuous.

This need brought forth the creation of the knee sleeves. These contraptions come in varying but somewhat similar shapes and sizes according to brand and manufacturers. They have a wide spectrum of functions ranging from providing padding and support to athlete’s knees in order  to prevent knee pains during their sporting activities to pre and post knee construction surgery patients who need an additional support other than the traditional cast.

Knee sleeves are also recommended by doctors for different types of knee joint healing processes. I’ve seen knee sleeves being recommended for a friend who had an unprovoked hairline fracture in her patella (knee cap). She wore the knee sleeves with little intrusion to her daily activities and was better in no time. Then I’d had little idea on what a knee sleeve does and had to ask a lot of questions, when I was done being enlightened, I had to order my own pair of knee sleeves, to stop the little pains I feel when working out and performing squats.

So, Yes! Knee sleeves are a great option for stopping temporary knee aches. Other than providing support, Knee sleeves provide stability and increase blood flow so as to alleviate pains.

Now you might be sold on knee sleeves already, or you know all about it’s therapeutic functions and you are just looking for the best brands to buy. One that will have all the benefits mentioned but you don’t have to break a piggy bank for, or perhaps a knee sleeve that is of a better quality than others you have used, one that gives comfort as well as an aesthetic appeal. You’d be very much interested in reading further in this caresole knee sleeves review to know more about this product.

Thanks for reading this caresole knee sleeves review

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