Clearview glasses review

ClearView glasses review [2022]- does it really help you see at night?

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Clearview Glasses Review. Currently with a 50% Discount on purchase

We know that our roads are not 100% safe, research shows that there’s an increase in the amount of accidents that occur every year. Having a poor vision can be very challenging. It too has also contributed to the increasing incidence of preventable accidents on our roads.

But all in all there are things that you can do to ensure that you go home in the safest way possible.

Driving at night can be quite difficult especially with inconsiderate drivers glaring their headlights at you. The lack of streetlights in some areas can also become a problem due to low visibility. Squinting the eyes never solves the problem. In fact it increases the likelihood of a car crash

As we both know, glare can reduce a driver’s vision to point zero putting the driver at an all time risk of an accident. What then can we do about this? ClearView is the solution to driving in these challenging situations. It makes driving 10 times safer. This modern vision night glasses can be that slim difference between an accident and getting home safely.

clearview glasses review
Clearview glasses Review

Before I carefully wrote this ClearView glasses review, I took out time to test this piece of awesomeness and here’s what I found out!

These glasses are the driving aid that may people have been looking for. It is without mincing words a must-have for everyone especially the night drivers.


Research from experts have shown that 40% of fatal accidents that occur on the road happen in the night. Consequently, I urge you to read this information because it can save your life, that of your freinds and importantly too your family. Get yourself this clear view glass here now.

By reducing glare from inconsiderate drivers and enhancing contrast, Clear View glasses makes it easier for you to see. Therefore, making it safe to drive at night again!

Due to bright reflections, lights, contamination and glare, driving at night is getting more and more risky. The sight is heavily reduced which makes it dangerous to navigate while driving.

Poor vision been shown to get drivers very tired and therefore more dangerous in traffic. However, recent research on how to improve safety on our hands birthed this eyeglass technology that makes driving at night safer.

A yellow-tinted glasses that make it seem as if one is putting on night vision goggles. With this new technology you can drive at night, see all manner of things before you; ranging from animals to approaching vehicles and kids close to the road.

clearview glasses review
CLearview glasses review

I have had friends who suffered from some vision problems. I actually got to know about this glasses first hand from them.

Make your night trip safer — Order ClearView Night Glasses today and change the way you drive at night with FREE SHIPPING TO ANY PART OF THE WORLD!

In this review, I will discuss what this

  • night driving glasses is
  • its features
  • benefits
  • persons that need it (not everyone does)
  • and a lot more.
clearview glasses review
Clearview glasses review

Table of contents

ClearView Glasses Review: What is this night vision glass?

Clearview is a pair of glasses that were designed to help you see clearly in the night while driving in harsh weather conditions and in the night. This pair of glasses is one that every single driver must have no matter the no of years or experience you have in driving. It is a device that has been proven to help reduce the rates of preventable accidents on the road. It will help you see clearly and prevent accidents. Your safety matters to your family, your friends and to you too.

With CView glasses, you will feel safer, more alert and you will be able to avoid any possible obstacle while driving, no matter the weather conditions.

What are the Top Features of ClearView Glasses?

This section of the clearview glasses review aims to tell you about the features of this night vision glasses. They include:

Usable with any type of glasses: Are you suffering from short sighthedness? far sighted? You don’t need to worry as the company put you into consideration before finally finishing the product. You can still use clear view over any spectacle you’re currently using. i told you earlier that i wear glasses and making use if this nice piece of glass gives me no distress at all.

Anti-glare technology: As mentioned earlier in this clearview glasses review, these glasses are made with the latest anti-glare technology that blocks the dangerous blue light emitted from headlamps. You don’t have to squint whenever oncoming drivers forget to reduce the brigtness of their headlights.

Lightweight: Since i started putting it on, i have never known it to be heavy or bulky on the nose. They are very light depite the series of technologies put into it to combat glare from headlights and dark conditons.

Fashionable: It comes in a beautiful lemon yellow colour which is very fashionable. It can be worn by both make and female drivers.

Photochromic lenses: The photochromic lens reduce glare so it’s easier to see despite poor visibility. The polarized lenses also change the way light is reflected and removes unnecessary reflections on your eyes.

clearview glasses

What are the benefits of using the ClearView Glasses

These are some of the benefits you need to know:

  • It Blocks Bright Lights It provides an instant reduction in glare from oncoming traffic, bright street lights and people who leave their high beams on.
  • Easy to See in the Dark The special yellow lens tint helps increase contrast at night. While wearing your Clear View glasses, you’ll immediately be able to see more clearly even if it’s almost pitch dark.
  • You and your family will be safer and you won’t have to fear driving at night anymore.
  • It helps to protect your eyes against blinding glare from high beam lights. 
  • They have anti-reflective lenses on the inner and outer coating.
  • The lens is polarised and has a yellow filter.
  • They reduce eye fatigue.
  • There lenses are W 60mm, H 50mm, the bridge is 15mm and the temple: 135mm.
  • Their frames are heavy duty.
  • They are unisex and have four unique frame style that are modern and unique.
  • They offer night vision, durable, have an adjustable nose pad, and lightweight.
  • They have 2x scratch guard coating on both the inner and outer lens.

Who needs this night vision glasses?

clearview glasses
Clearview glasses review

The c-view glasses were designed to help persons that drive in the night. For such persons, investing in these new glass technology may go down in history as one of the best investments they’ve ever done towards safeguarding yourself.

Limited vision has caused a lot of fatal accidents in the night, accidents that have made people lose their loved ones, lose costly properties and incurred debt. Reflections, lack of street lights, contaminations and glare can all cause fatal accidents even when traffic is relatively low on the road.

Experts in the field of road safety encourage everyone who drives a car, truck or lorry at night to get the ClearView night glasses. This they say will help reduce road traffic accidents in the night and of course eliminate loss of life. My experience too taught me this.

How does it work the clear view glasses work?

From this, you can see that these high-tech yellow lenses provides not only blocks from glare, reflections, they also give a 100% UV Protection, enhance contrast and make clarity a 100%. This new night glasses recently passed the global traffic light standard for safer and sharper vision at night.

The glasses are very simple to use. They can stand alone as glasses or can be put in top of your normal glassse if it’s the case. The prdoucers really gave an around thought towards making sure that everyone benefits from this glasses. For people like myself that put on glasses, we don’t have to take them off so that we can put on the clearview glasses.

Built with the latest technology as far as protection is concerned, it is covered with anti-blue rays layers which filters the intense blue light emitted by the headlights of modern cars. By filtering this strong blue light, the light of the cars travelling in the opposite direction become less dazzling, which considerably reduces tiredness of the eyes.

These glasses are also polarized, meaning that the way that the light is reflected will be changed and you won’t be distracted by bright sudden lights.

And finally, with a transition lens technology, these glasses will quickly adapt to every light situation. At no point will you ever feel a change in the intensity, dimness or brightness of light. With all these great outstanding clearfully thought out features, I must say that Clear-VIew glasses make your driving experience 90% more safe.

Comparison With and without C-View glasses

I cannot write this clearview glasses review without giving you a glimpse of what it means to make use of the clear view glasses. See the difference!

clearview glasses review
Clearview glasses reviews compares the eye with and without the glasses

How does this night vision glass work? (Clearview glasses review)

It may seem complicated but I tell you my experience with it shows that it is very easy to make use of this. As i noted earlier in the section before this, the clearview glasses can be worn on their own if you don’t need glasses nor wear contact lenses. It can also be worn over the top of your prescription glasses. It depends on your needs.

The lenses are coated with anti-blue ray that that helps block out the harsh blue light from modern car headlights. Because it removes the blue light, the lights from the oncoming traffic appear sharper and put less strain on the eyes.

In addition to this, the polarized lenses change the way light is reflected in the eyes. As a result, your vision is cleared from unnecessary distractions and reflections from objects that are too bright. And as if that’s not enough, this night vision glasses also use the technology from transition lenses. It automatically adapts depending on light conditions. It won’t be too dark or too light since it will adjust the amount of light depending on the condition of the environment.

All these have been explained before in the section above!!!

Blocking Reflections And Bright Lights

Most night drivers know that reflections and bright lights pose the greatest risks as far as night driving is concerned. Clear view glasses were developed to make sure that you drive safely to any destination, no matter the weather condition.

See Better In The Dark

ClearView does not only block distracting and blinding lights, it also helps you see more clearly in the dark. By increasing contrast, you will actually see better even while driving in complete darkness.

These glasses are also polarized, meaning that they change the way that the light is reflected in the eyes. Therefore your vision will be cleared from every reflection and distraction from objects that are too bright.

More so, with the latest transition technology that we mentioned above, these glasses will quickly adapt to every light situation. At no point will you ever feel a change in the intensity, dimness or brightness of light. It won’t be too dark or too bright since it adjusts the amount of light depending on the condition of the environment. With all these great outstanding carefully thought out features, I must say that ClearVIew glasses make your driving experience 90% safer.

What did I find amazing about the clear view?

clearview glasses

Headaches: I used to suffer from massive headaches when driving at night, and I kinda knew those headaches were caused by my sight struggle. I am specially happy these vision-enhancing glasses eliminated 80% to 90% of my headaches. Such a relief!

Comfortable: The design of the ClearView is one-size-fits-all. I feel very comfortable when using it, and the glasses are contoured to fit my ears nicely. I can’t say for sure if these glasses will fit someone with an larger head, but I am sure that they fit the average-sized head just fine.

Full Vision: The protective frame offers full vision coverage, so I have my entire field of vision clear when I’m driving. The coverage is perfect and  encompasses all blind spots.

Anti-glare: I can see the road confidently at night without worrying that even the smallest glare will cause me to struggle seeing the road.The yellow tint makes everything around me to be more vibrant.

Next Up: How do I use the C-View Glasses

clearview glasses review
  1. If you don’t need to wear prescription glasses to drive, simply put on Clear View glasses just as you would a pair of sunglasses. Otherwise, wear your glasses or contact lenses first, then put on the night vision glasses.
  2. Adjust your prescription glasses so it fits comfortably on your nose. Ensure that it’s not blocking any part of your vision.
  3. Drive around with better visibility even during rainy or foggy conditions. It also blocks the glare from headlights so you won’t have any difficulty navigating.

It’s also very important that you wipe it’s lenses occasionally with the microfiber wipe to avoid smudging and blurring your vision

How much does it cost?

For such a useful and effective pair of glasses, the first impression that readers have is that it’s expensive. Which is totally wrong! Our special deals will help you save more. Why keep this gadget to yourself? Get a few pairs for your family and friends so you can all try it and experience better night driving with ClearView.

Kindly click the button below to see the full list of prices for this amazing piece of device. Let me share a little secret with you; you can purchase individual glasses for its normal price but then you’d get bigger discounts if you purchase more. Also the best seller package comes with 1 free clearview whenever you buy 2 pairs. If you buy 3 clearview glasses, you’d get 2 more for free! Just make use of the button below.

Update on clearview glasses review: This device is currently on a 50% Discount at the official site of the promoter. Check the button below to see how to make your purchase only if you’re interested in getting one. It’s strictly on first come first serve basis and countdowns are seen on each page.

Is it really worth my hard earned money?

Finally, No clearview glasses review will ever be complete without leaving some final thoughts with you. I’m certain that at the end of this review, you fall into either of the two categories. Those who have made up their mind to get this glasses and those who are yet to do so.

Night driving has never been fun for me till I got my own clear view glasses. I found it really difficult to move around when winter season came; it was as if there was a battle going on between my eyes, snow and the fog. On normal days, annoying drivers who don’t switch off their glaring headlights piss me off full time.

So after testing the ClearView glasses and seeing for myself that it works, I added it to my list of everyday must-haves. It has made my life better because I’m nearsighted and unable to see clearly in the dark.

I like the modern lemon yellow color because it suits today’s fashion trend and can be worn with any outfit. It doesn’t look bulky or tacky.

Overall, I highly recommend it and it’s having a permanent spot in my glove compartment.

Honestly, if you really care about your family’s safety and yours too, then this should obviously be a no brainer to you. Your safety and that of your family should not be taken for granted. Get this today and thank me later.

thank you for reading my clearview glasses review

As always take care!!


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