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Coillighter reviews 2021: does this electric lighter really worth it?

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Coillighter reviews; how good is this coil lighter rechargeable USB lighter?

Whether its lightning candles, firing up the grills to smoke some meat or starting a good camp fire, lighters are a very handy tool. In the market today, there are lots of disposable lighters but as their name entails, they are not recyclable and must be bought over and over again as needed. In fact there’s a recent study in the United States of America that suggests that one billion disposable lighters are sold every year. It is also speculated that these lighters contribute to the current global warming going on, necessitating a need to make do away with them.

As a result, electric lighters, also known better as rechargeable lighters are a small bold step towards keep these non-recyclable disposable products out of our landfills. Unlike the traditional lighters, these USB charged are flameless and do not make use of any butane like product. They come with a highly powered Lithium-ion battery that creates a high intensity electric arc between the two tiny electrodes at the tip…

Well, there’s so much to discuss today, I feel its best we dive into the main topic of today. Just like you know, we will be discussing one of these electric lighters; the popular coillighter. Here we will take an in-depth look into the make up of this lighter, its working mechanism, pros and cons, reasons you should purchase or not purchase this lighter.

What is coillighter?

coillighter reviews

Coillighter is a newly produced rechargeable self contained lightening generator that produces a 1800 degree centigrade flame. This flame stays up even under the worst weather conditions, running water inclusive. This lighter is waterproof and windproof, allowing it to be used without so much restrictions or resentments.

Who is the brain behind the invention of coil lighter?

Many years ago, a genuis inventor called Nikola Tesla after series of intense research and practice, figured out how to harness the strength of lightening in a bottle. His invention went on to be called the Tesla coil. The Tesla coil was an invention that produces plasma arcs of electric energy.

This technology, called the tesla coil was subsequently employed by military scientist in some countries and used to develop a lot of top-level secret government and security equipment. One of these equipment was the fully rechargeable, windproof, waterproof and fuel-free lighter suitable for the harshest conditions.

Lately, the tesla coil technology was made open to the public. A good team of engineers, came together and developed the coil lighter using this T. coil technology but this time combined it with a Lithium-ion battery user friendly version.

Features of this rechargeable coil lighter?

Water proof: The feeling of having a lighter that works even under the wettest of conditions gives off a good feeling. Tests conducted on the coil lighter shows that it has the ability to stay lit in rain and even under running water. This is a feature that is obviously not available in the traditional lighters. The coillighter also comes in with an in-build water resistant flashlight that also aids you to see in the dark when you don’t want to turn on the lighter.

Rechargeability: This is another beautiful feature of the coil rechargeable lighter. It comes with a rechargeable Lithium ion battery that has the capacity to allow you make use of the lighter for up to 500 times/uses before needing to recharge. This 500 sparks is equal to 1 week of use. You are expected to charge the device with the USB Cable that comes with the product. Power outlets in cars, laptops, homes etc are all good sources of power for this lighter.

Design: Design is one important component of every product in the market. A good design can dictate how good a product is or how bad a product is. Besides, every person wants to handle a product that looks fine and nice. Straight to the point though, the coil lighter comes in a sleek and elegant design. This design gives it the ability to create an electric arc with the push of a single button.

Built in power indicator: It is designed and powered with four LED battery lights that shows the currently battery level or the state of charge of the coil rechargeable lighter. That way you are easily notified when there’s a need to charge up the battery against its next use.

A detailed analysis of coil lighter and other lighters in the market shows that indeed it is no match for any of those lighters. It is simply of a better quality to its competition.

No butane gas: The coil lighter does not need butane gas for it to work. It makes use of electricity to discharge its duty. It makes use of a plasma technology that totally removes the need to make use of any form of chemicals for its operation. It is very user friendly for camping, travelling, hiking, summer outings and a lot. It’s use cannot be restricted to any particular weather as it is windproof and even water proof. All in all, the coil rechargeable lighter is very eco-friendly.

Powerful flame: The coilLighter is a self sustaining lightening generator that produces a 1800 degree flame that stays lit even under the most extreme of conditions. In fact tests under raining water, came out tops. The flame did not go off at any point. Amazing, isn’t it?

Why is coil lighter recommended: why should interested persons buy it?


  • The lighter has a built-in safety feature and will not light up when the lid is closed.
  • Comes with a powerful self sustaining lightening generator that produces a 1800 degree flame
  • It comes with an LED display that allows you know the level of battery power remaining. All four LED lights on means that the lighter is now fully charged.
  • It does not work with butane games, thus making it eco-friendly.
  • It comes with a rechargeable Lithium battery that allows use for up to 500 times.
  • There is currently a 50% discount off fire sale on this offer.
  • It comes with a 15 inches Lanyard and a micro USB charging cable


  • This lighter is quite small in size. For larger use, we will recommend that you go for a bigger option like the one found here.
  • It is not intended for smokers.
  • All lighters are currently sold on their official website.
  • Quantity available on store may be small or limited

How does coillighter USB rechargeable lighter work?

coil lighter reviews

This rechargeable lighter makes use of tesla’s coil technology. This technology is a radio frequency oscillator that drives an air core double-tuned resonant tansfotmer to produce high voltages at low currents.

The coil lighter rechargeable lamp mimics tesla’s original circuits as well as the most modern coils which use a simple spark gap to excite oscillations in the tuned transformer. This technology allows the coil rechargeable lighter to generate low-current, high voltage electricity that provide the light that you use.

This tesla’s technology was also combine with a Lithium ion battery allowing it to save more power for reuse later on.

So basically, the coil teslas lighter is really a combination of tesla’s arc technology and the power of a good lithium battery. That is simply phenomenal.

Is the coil lighter made for any special persons: Who needs the coillighter the most?

Each time you think of a lighter, frequent lighter uses usually think of products from companies such as BIC or even zippo. While these make use of a liquid fuel that either needs to be refilled or even an outright buying of a new lighter. It would be nice if we could just plug our lighter in an electric socket, charge it up and make good use of it. However, if we are not comfortable with the electric lamp, we may go back to the same old chain that we are used to.

So back to the topic, who needs this coil lighter? Was it made for some special persons? Well, let’s get to that.

Well talking about special, this lighter was at first made for persons who were in the military. It helped them since they were always on the move, carried weapons and would really not need any more burden of carry gases for lighters around. Necessity really was the mother of invention with this lighter.

However, this hand of innovation was extended to every other person. The coillighter light is meant just for everyone. It is even particular for persons who want to save some money off purchasing all those non-electric lighters that make use of butane gases. It is also meant for anyone and everyone who wants an economical and eco-friendly way of lighting up things can make use of this lighter.

Campers, military and paramilitary men can make use of this. In fact this lighter can be used by anyone who needs a good source of reliable light for any activity. It is pure class. It is however not intended for smokers.

coil lighter electric lighters

How much does it cost? (coillighter reviews)

Ever since this lighter came onboard, it’s sale has been making major waves in different parts of the world. The media frenzy attached to it has been something else but this is expected, considering its unique abilities and features. Statistics released by the company shows that it has skyrocketed in popularity and has been selling out especially with the ongoing 50% off fire discount sale.

The price or cost of the coil lighter depends entirely on the quantity or number of rechargeable lighters you want to get. Worthy of note on the official manufacturer’s website is the fact that when you buy more than one coil lighter, you get more discounts for the offer.

As at the time of checking the website, we found out that there was an ongoing promo by the makers of this product. As a result, prices attached below are the current prices for which each of these lighters are sold as at today.

One coil lighter is sold for $29.99. two CoilLighter™ units costs $24.9 each while three Coillighter units can be bought for $23.32 each

For persons who may want to get across to the customer services of the manufacturer’s of this lighter, below are the details with which you could get to them.

Customer service:

Attached below are some of the verified benefits that can be gotten when you purchase from the manufacturer

  1. Money refund policy: For those of you who may be hearing this for the very first time, it simply means that you can ask for a full money refund after you must’ve purchased this product. Once the product is still within their terms and conditions, your money will be returned in full to you.
  2. Discount: Well, this has been mentioned earlier in this review. However, for the benefit of persons who may have missed out on it, I will do a minor recap. As at today, there is a slash in the price of the coil lighter from what it used to be. This slash is due to an ongoing promo that is organized by the Coil lighter manufacturers.
  3. Safe transactions: This is another strong reason we advice our readers to go through the manufacturer’s online store whenever they want to purchase products. In addition to the money refund policy, discount and special benefits that accrue to customers, they also provide a safe setting for all transactions to be made. The security is encrypted with the latest technology that allows your transaction to be safe and not vulnerable to any attacks.

Here’s what different customers who have purchased this product said about it

Coil lighter rechargeable lighter is indeed a brand new innovation. However, immediately introduced into the market, customers with the eyes of an eagle made purchased and have returned to drop their views on this lighter. Below are a few of the verified customer purchase reviews.

This is truly an amazing fire lighter. There is no fluid leaks, smell, flints or even liquid fuel. It is charged using the USB cable that comes with the product. I also noticed that is can come up even under the rain and is to a very great extent windproof. It an amazing device. –Jeff, Georgia

I got one of this coil lighters when the product was launched by the manufacturer. After my first use, I was impressed with the way it worked and decided that I got more. It has a nice design, works very well and most importantly makes use of a rechargeable battery. It has saved me the cost of buying traditional lighters. – Claire Jordan

If only I knew, I would’ve saved myself so much stress along time ago. It would have save me time, effort, money and even energy if I had been making use of this coil-lighter since. Nevertheless, I’m happy that I have been able to get this efficient and ecologically friendly piece of rechargeable lighter. It is not just an innovative invention, it is also a fantastic one. I’m impressed. -George M

Frequently asked questions

Can I use this lighter plugged to the socket?

Yes, this lighter can be used even while plugged to the socket. It still functions properly.

my coillighter has stopped working. is it possible to get a new one?

First, we think its best to know the reason it has stopped working. It could be that it is not charged or you are charging using a bad cable. However, if you have tried all of these and still want a new one, well you can get it. It can be gotten from their online store.

can i be shocked by the flame of coillighter?

Shocked? Well, the current of the coil electric lighter is too small to cause any form of shock. The lighter comes in a low-current, high voltage combo making it completely safe for use. However, we advocate that proper care be taken while making use of this lighter.

is coil lighter safe to be used?

Yes, it is safe to be used. It was made in conjunction with international standards. There have been no reported incidents so far. We will always keep this page update should there be any incident as with regards the use of this lighter.

coillighter reviews

Final Note: Coil lighter reviews

Necessity is the mother of inventions and very few things have increased human progress more than harnessing the power of fire. Whether you’re setting up a bonfire at the beach, starting up your fireplace, or keeping warm in the great outdoors, a lighter is an essential part of your everyday carry. There’s no need wasting time with lighters that make use of butane or fiddling with spark or waiting for a flame to come on. The game has changed.

Save your matchbooks or butane as souvenirs. If you really want a reliable spark you’ll want to pick up one of this coil lighters before sales stop on it.

So take that leap of faith by going for the tesla coil engineered lighter, the modern alternative to conventional lighters.


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