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Dangobuds review 2021

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Dangobuds review

Ever had to untangle a pair of earbuds with cables? Or experienced the discomfort when it’s all over your body and in your clothes like an extra contraption, ugh! These things are like extra clothing with an annoying dangling habit. We went through these issues and even more like having one ear just die off for no reason and you would have to listen to music or a voice note with just one ear, how inconveniencing! Earpieces with cables are so last season, so we went searching for the new, hot and trending  thing. Earbuds.

Face it, they look really cool and are very convenient too. There is a whole new wave of advancement in technology and these small and portable Bluetooth devices have come to reign. There are a lot of producers of wireless earpieces out there, but the major deterring factors are the designs, product specs and of course, pricing. We don’t want to break the bank to enjoy our music, you know. And we know a certain manufacturer whose prices are straight through the roof, we don’t want to mention names but did someone just mention a fruit? Hush.

After some research, endless scouring of online stores and tech shops, test trials and the occasional disappointment we faced when trying to find the perfect earbuds to put out here just for you to check out, we came upon the Dangobuds! Trendy name, great piece, portable, affordable and efficient. It had everything we were looking for and more just in one product. You will get to read all about this amazing discovery in this article and we bet you would want to get yours right away. Don’t mention it, we’ve got you covered.

dangobuds review
dangobuds review

What are Dangobuds?

Dangobuds are a pair of wireless earbuds. Emphasis on the wireless, which means you can use them on the go, while doing just about anything, isn’t that amazing? They come in a portable accompanying storage case which also doubles as a charger, talk about efficiency!

Of course we would tell you all about the advantages and disadvantages (not surprisingly almost none) as you read on this review article but know this now; These buds can be charged in their case, so you can store them as well as charge them at the same time. They are very easy to use, you almost don’t need a manual and you definitely do not have to be tech savvy to just fix one to your ears and listen to whatever you need to. Most importantly, and this comes without saying since we already mentioned that they are wireless earbuds, there is absolutely no wired disturbance, cables where? Not Dangobuds.

These Dangobuds produce great sound, we can definitely tell you that. They also have an in built microphone to transmit your voice during telephone conversations. This is so much more better than the regular cable earpieces because the Dangobuds picks up your voice efficiently as you speak, so you do not have to worry about adjusting mouth pieces or straining your voice or even getting your microphone muffled by hair or clothing, again the Dangobuds aim to make you live that stress free life you deserve to live.

To further afford you privacy, these buds are to be put in ears, this way people in your surroundings cannot guess what you are listening to, so your conversations are totally private and of course, unmonitored.

Since it’s a Bluetooth device, the Dangobuds can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled audio output device, you name it. You can use the Dangobuds with your laptop, tablets, computer, cellphone, radio etc. You can even connect to more than one device simultaneously. Want to know what’s mind blowing? These Dangobuds have all the top specs of the popular AirPods Pro and Sony WF-1000XM3.

Comparing the AirPods pro to the Dangobuds reveal that they both have the same Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Sweat and water resistance, 4.5 hours or more battery life (listening) Bluetooth 5., wireless charging case and  coverage of 10m (33ft). Here comes the shocker, the Dangobuds price  is only less than a quarter of the price quotation for AirPods Pro. Talk about quality on a budget.

We know you would love to know even more yet about the Dangobuds, so we have compiled a comprehensive list of features these earbuds possess, we’re loving it already but this tops the icing.

dangobuds review

Features of the Dangobuds wireless earbuds.

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Technology Functionality: While we are not always in a very serene environment but we would also love to experience great music unadulterated by environmental sounds, earpieces with cables just can’t cut it for us. Dangobuds feature top notch active noise cancelling, by activating ANC, you easily cut off incoming sounds and get an uninterrupted listening experience. You can have in ear entertainment while also having a peaceful rest on your flight or whatever else you might be doing.

Dual HD Microphone Technology: Easily connect to calls on your device, use SIRI or Google Assistant to complete a handsfree task while still on the move. The manufacturer also refers to the built-in HD microphone several times in the product description on the website. The transmission of your voice should therefore reach your conversation partners just as clearly and distinctly.

Wireless Charging Case: Cool isn’t it? The 65mAh Li-polymer battery setup comes with a wireless charging case. The case delivers enough charge to the 5V/550mAh Li-polymer battery for 77-hours of further standby power. With 33-foot connectivity, you will have total control over your entertainment and communication, wherever you may choose to go. For the energy supply, like earlier mentioned, the earbuds use the storage/ charging station. In addition, a USB charging cable type C is included in the scope of delivery, so that the batteries in both in-ear headphones can be recharged quickly.

Bluetooth 5.0: The Bluetooth 5.0 in Dango Buds features a 5-second drop. Therefore, you never have to worry about losing the connection to your buds again. With the drop, your Dango Buds reconnect automatically, providing a seamless transmission.

Customizable ear tips: Even if you have the biggest ear in the world or the smallest ear ever to be made, this earbud will still fit in perfectly. Theses buds come in three-silicon ear tips for small, medium or large ear sizes. You will always get the perfect size that will fit your ears properly.

dangobuds reviews

Quick Technical facts (dangobuds review)

In this section of this dangobuds review, we will look at some of the facts about this product

Connection: Wireless Bluetooth 5.0, stable connection up to 10 meters away from your device.

Design: Ergonomic

Color: It comes in two colors. It could be either in white or in black.

Weight: just 4 grams

Charging: Recharge throughout 50 hours of playtime up to 8 times through the 800mAh portable charger (one charge gives 8 hours of play time).

Usage modes: Water resistant due to IPX7 water protection class; protection against rain, sweat and water.

Applications: As earbuds for listening to music and as a headset for calling.

Dangobuds have three silicone in ear tips, in sizes small, medium and big so they are definitely not difficult to wear and anyone of any ear size can wear them without worrying about them dropping out and getting lost. In other words, they are very form fitting.

dangobuds reviews
parts of dangobuds and casing

Does it really work? (Dangobuds review)

We cannot skip this important question in this dangobuds review. Yes, it has been proven to work very well. As we highlighted previously, it is very simple to use. Once you have a Bluetooth enabled device, connect these headphone. Once your Bluetooth enable device discovers the dango earbuds, click on connect and allow both devices to pair up. Once there is no loss in connection, you can listen to music for several hours.

Also, it is very simple and easy to charge this product. There is a case that comes with this earbud. Charging occurs automatically through it. How is this possible? The casing comes with an in-built wireless charging feature that allows you charge your buds once you place them inside this casing. However, it is important you understand that this feature works only when the casing is charged.

This casing makes use of a type-c charging port which most of the modern android phones now make use. Insert the charger to any power outlet, connect the type c USB to the casing and charging starts. We recorded that it takes about 2 hours for the casing to charge to full capacity if it is drained completely.

One of the greatest talking point about this product aside from its sound is its casing and battery technology. It is one of the highest that can be gotten anywhere in the earbuds market worldwide. They make use of Li-polymer batteries, or lithium-ion batteries. These are rechargeable batteries that were built using lithium technology. They have a very strong life span of more than 3 years before you begin to notice any major change in their capacity.

Also, with its latest Bluetooth version, connecting to any device will be very easy and hassle-free. Plus it also comes with a large connectivity range (1O meters). You do not need to carry your host device with you every time you move from one part of your hose to the other. As long as you remain within its range of connectivity, it will still be working.

I believe that this device functions well and ensures top notch user experience.

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dangobuds reviews

Pros (dangobuds review)

  • It has high  quality sounds.
  • They are made of high grade durable materials.
  • Water, sweat and rain resistant, hence can be used in all conditions and will not be affected by body humidity.
  • It is lightweight, portable, compact and possesses a sleek design that is both attractive and enables you to carry it about easily and wear it anywhere.
  • Convenient recharging even on the go.
  • Easy to use and user friendly.
  • Does not contain any parts that can cause external electrical shocks
  • It doesn’t have sharp edges or external features that can cause physical pain while using the wireless Dango buds.
  • Affordable price tag for great quality.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of devices.
  • Noise blockage using the Active Noise Cancelling Technology (ANC).
  • Excellent form factor for comfortable in ear fit.
  • Extensive standby battery life for up to 77 hours.
  • Wireless Charging Capability.
  • Effortless control with finger touch easy operation.
  • Smart HD calls featuring restored life like sounds.
  • Complete accessory kit included with your purchase.


  • They are currently only available for purchase online.
  • Stock for this product is limited
  • Comes only in two colors; white and black. This is not really a con per say. However, if more color were added to the production it would’ve been better.

Who can use the Dangobuds?

Everyone and just about anyone. It comes in handy and a great accessory if you are doing household chores and do not want to play the music out loud on speakers. You can bust away without having to get worried about getting your wires caught on some furniture and without worrying about your earbuds falling off either because of the awesome fit the Dangobuds give.

dangobuds review

Cyclists and gym enthusiasts are also not left out and can now enjoy cycling and working out in a unique way. These buds are very lightweight and will not add any noticeable weight to your body while providing quality sounds while also preventing the sounds from your immediate environment to interfere with your quality time.

Where can I buy DangoBuds?

Writing this dangobuds review without telling you the safest place to make your purchase wont be fair.

DangoBuds are currently only sold through the official website created by the manufacturer. On the website you have the opportunity to inform yourself about the product and then with just one click you can get to the order form for the ear buds. If you decide to buy the earbuds at the moment, you can benefit from discounts between 50 and 66%.

The earbuds are available for listening to music or making phone calls with one pair as well as a set of two, three or four of the DangoBuds in one delivery. If you would like to keep a pair in reserve or give them to your partner or friends, the purchase of the sets is the perfect opportunity to do so.

As a means of payment you can use credit cards like:

– Visa

– American Express or

– Mastercard.

If you have your own Paypal account, you can also use it to complete the payment. For the delivery to Germany you have to expect higher shipping costs. From the time of the successful delivery the 30-day right of return begins, which the merchant grants you. This also applies to small packages that were left with a neighbor. If you are out of town at this time, you may want to ask a friend to pick up the package so that you don’t exceed the exchange deadline if necessary.

Price of dangobuds

One of the sweet things about this product is the fact that they are very affordable. You do not need to break your bank for one. There is an ongoing promo on this product and for this reason there is a discount price for it. There are lots of packages when it comes to the sale of this product. You can buy one, two, three and four sets of this at once. All four packages come with great discount price.

One set of the dango costs about $79.99, two costs about $122.48, three costs about $179.98 and four sets cost $219.97. All these prices are discounted prices. We cannot say for sure when prices for this product will go back to normal.

So, if you want to buy, now would be a great time to buy that.


Who is the supplier of the product?

To equip you with more information we decided to let you know of the supplier of this product. Quality perfromance limited is the name of the company that produced this product. They have been in this game for a long time known and are known for producing top quality products. All things being equal the dango buds is not an exception as they have employed the use of the latest technology and fine materials to produce this bud.

Below are the details of their address and even mobile numbers in case you want to get in touch with them.

Name: Quality Performance Limited

377 Valley Road # 1123

Clifton, 07013 New Jersey


Support E-Mail: support@buydangobuds.com


United States and Canada (Toll Free): 866 206 0629

United Kingdom: 033 0818 0883

Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5689

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Frequently Asked Questions (Dangobuds review)

How does Dangobuds work?

They are wireless earbuds so you have to set up the Bluetooth function on your smartphone, PC, tablet, computer or whatever gadget you’re listening from and connect or sync the earbuds to it. Whenever it has been connected, it uses its one touch functionality to accept calls, tune into music and perform hand free tasks.

Can earbuds harm your hearing and your ears?

Listening to extremely loud music (more than 60% volume) ceaselessly is not recommendable and can cause harm to your ears and hearing ability, however when you listen to music at a normal and moderate level, it will not harm your ears. As it stands, there is no authoritative information or studies that proves that moderate usage of earbuds causes harm to ears. You can use this product here to improve your hearing if you have hearing difficulties

Do these need recharging frequently?

This depends on your usage. With heavy and continuous usage, you expend more power and will need to recharge the earbuds. The Dangobuds have a long and healthy battery life so you’ll surely use it well before you need to recharge it.

How long does a full charge take?

Only about 40-50 minutes and you are good to go again!

How will I know if my device is compatible?

As long as your devices are Bluetooth enabled, the Dangobuds will work easily on them.

What is included in the Package?

Along with your Dangobuds comes the previously mentioned charging case, and a Type C USB charging cord which can be attached through USB or mains plug.

Do the Dangobuds drop out while in use?

They fit well in the other area because of their ergonomic shape and varying sized silicone earbuds which permits you to pick the one that suits you best because of three distinctive hearing connections. In this manner they adjust to your ear and withstand even while exercising, so they are definitely not dropping out of your ears.

Does usage drain my phone’s battery?

No, Bluetooth uses little or no battery power. In the event that you find your smartphone battery power reducing abnormally during use, this might show that there is a problem with your smartphone battery.


Reviews from other  Dangobuds users.

Rachel O. – Denver, CO Been looking for a decent pair of earbuds I could actually afford and stumbled on DangoBuds. They’re perfect for me! They fit great, they’re comfortable, the quality is awesome, and the battery lasts a lot longer than I expected it to. All in all, a great little pair of earbuds. I’m impressed, and I’m hard to impress!

Kris B. – Tulsa, OK My friend wouldn’t stop talking about his DangoBuds and I guess I wasn’t listening hard enough because he bought a pair for me, out of the blue! Didn’t realize how much I needed wireless earbuds before now! These are fantastic. I listen to music and podcasts and take all my calls with them. Just so convenient and they sound really good, too.

 Kate A. – Nashville, TN My favorite little gadget! I love gardening and these earbuds make my time outside so much better. I’ve lost a couple of pairs of expensive earbuds out in my garden this season, so these were a more affordable option. Honestly though, I like these better. They connect to my phone so easily, the sound is perfect to me, and they are so much more comfortable. If you’re looking for new earbuds, Dangobuds are awesome.

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Final Statements and Summary (Dangobuds review)

The Dangobuds are; easy to use, affordable, efficient and high quality, which are all the necessary features for a great buy. They are also currently available for purchase on the manufacturer’s official website at mind blowing discount prices with up to and more than 50 percent off the unit prices.

These Dangobuds give you a value for your money and will appeal to many great savers who love to take good advantage of sales while the easy going gang who are tired of using the stressful wired earpieces will absolutely love to use the Dangobuds wireless earbuds.

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