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[Latest] Drone extreme review 2021: is this another crap?

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You are here because you are probably searching for the best drone in the market that costs less than a hundred bucks but have been bombarded with very cheap imitation toys, and products from shady brands that may get broken while flying in the sky.

It is always best to run from high risk purchases, poor review sites and trust reliable drone reviews before you spend that your hard earned money.

And this is exactly where we come in, to lead your to the correct path with out ever trusted product reviews.

Are you interested? Let’s get started.

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Drone extreme review

Drones extreme is a 21st century unmanned air machine that comes with foldable propellers, takes high definition pictures and images, increased flight time and improved speed. It is a light weight drone that was built to give you top notch precision while making use of it.

It has a very good high end flight performance and has been touted to be the best of the dronex series. It is a drone that performs very well when it comes to adventures. They are a beauty to watch and equally use.

This drone comes with two lovely inbuilt pre-programmed camera shots, namely boomerang and asteroid. These pre-programmed software gives even persons who are not professional photographers the ability to take crystal clear, sharp shots with great ease.

It comes with a lot of features that will certify the pros and even the beginners very well. It is super easy to fly and control. You do not need to have all the knowledge in the world to be able to fly this drone.

drone extreme reviews

Features of the drone extreme

  • Foldable propellers: This is one beautiful feature that makes this drone really cool. It comes with foldable propellers that can be bent in. This makes it very easy to be carried from one location to another and also very portable. With this feature, your drone can fit in perfectly into your hiking, picnic bags without you thinking about losing its wings.
  • High Definition Pictures and Images: For a drone that comes in such affordable price, we were thinking that first there would be no cameras and secondly, even if there was one, it was going to be bad. However, to our utmost surprise this drone actually comes with a good camera that records video in HD at 120 frames per second and takes clear sharp photos of up to 12MPs.
  • Increased flying time: Unlike what may be obtainable in drones that cost the same price, this drone extreme actually has an increased flying time. It’s flying time even competes well with drones that cost a thousand bucks and above. This drone can be used to fly, film and take great photos for up to 12 minutes at a stretch without touching the ground for a battery change or rest.
  • Gravity sensor: This is indeed a good feature. This drone comes with gravity and obstacle sensors. They work to keep your drone protected at all times. For instance, in the sky once your drone senses a flying obstacle, say a bird, it automatically changes path in order to avoid collision with the bird. This features helps to keep your drone safe against most accidents. Also, its gravity sensors work to make sure that landing is very easy and without any problems.
  • Slow-mode engineering: This drone has the power to all you relay all films taken in high definition slow mode. That way your videos get more interesting and well worked out
  • Panorama mode: It comes with a panoramic mode that allows you to take a 360 degrees picture from the sky with great ease. All you need to do is to click a single button meant for it and boom, you get a panoramic masterpiece.
  • Improved speed: For drones that cost so low, you will expect them to have a very bad speed. However for the drone extreme it comes with a flying speed of up to 12 meters per second with a top notch transmission of 2 kilometers.

What are the specifications? [Drone extreme review]

No drone extreme review will ever be complete without letting you know about the specifications of this flying unmanned aerial machine

Quadcopter size12.5 cm by 7.5 cm by 5cm (This is the size when the propellers are folded)
Quadcopter size27cm by 19.5cm by 5cm( size when the propellers are unfolded)
Is there an external memory slot?Yes, there is a slot for putting in a microSD card
Does it use gyroscope?Yeah, it does. 6-axis
Battery capacity3.7 V 500mAh
LED Lightening?Makes use of the international standard
Camera12MP 720P HD wide angle photos
Mobile compatibilitySupports the use of android or iOS devices. JY UFO application
Charging speed and timeComes with a fast charge features. 1 hour for a full charge
Distance for clear FPV50 metres
Radio frequencycomes with a radio frequency of 2.4Hz
UsabilityCan be used both indoor and outdoors.
Weight360 grams
drone extreme

How do I make use of this drone?

There are some things you need to have in mind before you attempt to fly any drone. Most times no two drones may have the same manner of flying, control and even landing. So I will always advise you go through your user manual to see things more in detail. That way you will be able to know how to fly this drone and to use it to see things that are very far from the ground However, for the sake of this section in this drone extreme review, I will tell you how to fly this particular drone.

Now, it is important to note that you will have to remove any form of distraction when you want to fly this drone. This is simply because you do not want to injure your self while flying this drone. Distractions can lead to an accident especially when you’re still a newbie in the game of drones. So below are the steps that will help you launch your drone.

  1. After you have successfully unpacked your drone from its box, gently place your drone is a flat surface or any good surface that is good for proper take off and landing. If you intend to make use of the auto-return mode on your drone, you will have to make sure you fly your drone in an open space. It’s been observed that with the auto-return mode, drones may not be able to avoid some certain obstacles on the way to landing
  2. Before you fly your drone make sure that you flip open the lid that covers the camera. set your camera to the desired mode that you want before taking off.
  3. Make sure that your drone transmitter is off and the throttle is at zero gear before you put on the battery. I’m not saying that your drone may just take off instantly if these things are on but then prevention is always better than cure
  4. Connect your drone extreme battery and power up your device.
  5. Calibrate your drone controls to the way you want it. This will allow you control your drone very well while it is flying high up. You would not want to push your controller right and the drone moves left. Calibrate it well
  6. You will have to establish a GPS lock or better still a home location
  7. Arm your drone well. This simply means it is ready for a good flight.
  8. You can use the automatic take off mode to fly the drone or you can make use of the manual mode. Whatever method you choose, just do it properly. Things will be very fine.

Who needs to make use of this drone?

Well whatever you’re going to get from this section is just my mere opinion about this drone. Some other reviews may not agree with this but like I said it is my mere opinion.

First, if you’re going to use this drone for photography purposes, I will suggest that you go and purchase the bigger drones that cost from a thousand bucks and above. This is because they will give you a better picture quality needed to attract your customers. The old saying goes; “your services are as good as the equipment you use to work, all other things being equal”

It is my humble opinion that any other person outside the group I mentioned earlier can actually own this drone. Beginners, pros in some other fields can all make use of it as it gives a wonderful performance. It can be a perfect gift to your partner, children, friend, crush and family.

Drone xtreme is very good for adventures too. You will definitely enjoy it in such cases.

What are the Pros and cons of this drone?

Like you should know by now, there’s no single product in the market that is 100% perfect. Every product no matter how good they claim it to be always have a scar. It may not be from the product itself but can come from the service rendered to getting it. Here’s what we found out


  • It comes with foldable propeller that make them very compact and small in size
  • They have a dual 1080p camera that takes pictures in high definition.
  • They are very affordable. Almost any and everyone can buy it.
  • They can take a 360 panoramic shot on air.
  • They have gravity sensors that help them detect obstacles and dodge from them. These sensors also help them land well without any problems
  • It can take pictures of up to 12Mega pixels
  • It comes with a storage bag that allows you keep your drone safely when not in use
  • It is very light in weight and this is good since it has a good impact on the drone’s speed.


  • There is very limited stock to this product at the moment
  • For some countries that have very stringent shipping laws due to the pandemic, there may be a slight delay in the delivery of this product.
drone extreme controller

Manufacturer (Drone extreme review)

Drone extreme is the name of the company behind this drone. This drone has equally been endorsed by Paul Archer, founder of drone-gator ( World leading drone software developers). This company promises to always give the best to its customers. They did not come to the drone market to play games. They are here for serious business and to satisfy their customers very well.

You will find in the following texts below, further information about the drone extreme support center. They have an award winning customer advisory team that will always attend to your needs

Their team phone number is this : +18556969088. You can get in touch with them from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 17:00 hrs (EST). You can equally send an email to their team: support@awesomegadgethub.com

drone extreme with transmitter

Drone extreme price

With all the features that comes with this drone, it is still sold at a very affordable price. There are different drone packages and they cost differently. For instance there is the first package that is made up of 1 single drone. It costs about $99 and comes with free shipping.

Package two comes with two drones. It costs about $197 and equally comes with free shipping. Package three comes with 3 drones and costs $297 with free shipping too. All these prices are actually discounted prices. We cant say for sure when prices will come up.

What does drone extreme company offer customers?

Money refund policy: The company that produced this drone, offers all customers who make purchases from the company website a 30-day money refund policy. What does this mean? It simply means that once you buy this drone, use it and do not like the way it works, you are free to return it to the company. You will be refunded in FULL. This is to show you the amount of trust that the manufacturers have on this product.

Special discount offers: There are special discount offers that comes with the purchase on one, two, three and even four units of this drone. All these special discount offers are because of the current holiday that is on. Prices may return back to normal in a time that no one is certain off. This is the best time to get one before prices spike back up.

Drone extreme customer reviews

This drone is actually one of the best drone you can get at such a price range. I’m not sure that there is any drone that can compare to it especially when it comes to value for money. I got the drone extreme and till date, I have had no regrets for getting it.

Drones are a beauty to watch. This drone extreme is actually the second drone I’m taking to the skies and to be honest, it is really a great piece. It is a drone that I will recommend as a Christmas gift, birthday present or one that you can just fly in picnics, hiking and for fun

The most amazing thing I love about this piece is how it balances quite well under the wind. Unlike some other products I have used, this drone actually does well in the wind. It’s anti-gravity sensor is also good as it makes landing very easy even for first timers

For a drone that comes at such a cheap price, I was expecting to see something bad but to my greatest surprise it was actually a good piece. I love the camera quality that comes with it. I equally like the sensors that protect this drone from obstacles both on land and air. The company behind this drone extreme have done well. Great job

drone extreme review

FAQs on Drone extreme review

Can drones kill you?

This question is quite tricky because if handled carelessly, its blades are very sharp to cause significant damage. The extent of the injury it conflicts can either lead to death or not. You just to be careful with the way you make use of it. Anything is absolutely possible

Can a drone hover over your house?

Different countries have different laws that govern the use of drones. In some countries you can hover around your house without any authorization. However, in some other countries you will need to take permission from the appropriate flying authorities before you make a flight

What is the best drone for your money?

To be honest there are thousands of great drones out there. However, research has shown that most people who really have the money to spend go for the DJI Mavic Air 2. There are a lot of great drones out there too. It all depends on the feature you want and the amount of money you can release for one

How do you charge an drone extreme?

Are drones worth buying?

Yes, drones are really worth buying. They give you a bird’s eye view of the things happening. You get to appreciate how the ground level appears from the sky

Can drone hurt you?

Like ew stated previously, drones can hurt you when you handle them without appropriate care. When used for the wrong purposes, you also stand a risk of coming down with an injury. Good care should be taken while handling drones

Can drones be dangerous?

When used wrongly or carelessly, they can be dangerous.

What do you do if a drone lands in your yard?

If you do not know who owns it, it is best you report to the relevant agencies in your area. You may contact your local police. They can get help you get it back to the owner.

drone extreme

Drone extreme review conclusion

Well at this point, I will like to say a big congratulations to you for reading through this drone xtreme review very well. However, I believe that we are left with two different groups of people.

The first are those who are still skeptical about getting this drone. Unfortunately, I can’t help you make that decision. It is all in your hands. But considering the fact that the company gives out a 30 day money back policy and discount sale, i feel this is your best shot to get it. Afterall you can return it if you don’t like what you got.

The second group are those who have made up their mind to get this drone. To this set of people, I will tell you to go ahead. All is in your favor. Don’t forget to give us some extra customer reviews by dropping a comment in the comment section below.

Thank you and stay safe.

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