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Easy waxoff review [2021]: Does this really remove ear wax?

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Easy waxoff review

The feeling of ear pain, dizziness, decreased hearing ability and plugged or fullness sensation are some signs and symptoms of earwax impaction (earwax buildup).

What is Earwax ?

Earwax is a brown ,orange or gray waxy substance made partially of dead skin cells secreted in the ear canal of both humans and other mammals. Medically earwax is known as Cerumen. Cerumen helps to keep the ear canal clean by sweeping up dead cells and tiny particles like dirt and dust ,it also protects the skin in the ear canal and helps in lubricating and protecting the ear drum against bacterias ,fungi and water. But when cerumen builds up it is called ear wax and it is harmful to the ear therefore should be gotten rid off when it accumulates .

Some symptoms of wax buildup

  • Dizziness
  • Itching
  • Decreased hearing ability
  • Fever or lightheadedness
  • Bad smell from the ear

Now ,you maybe wondering what Earwax impaction is. This is the buildup of dead cells ,debris and dust trapped by the earwax to a level where if not removed could cause harm to the ear and possibly lead to health issues like fever and Otitis.

Normally, the wax dries up and falls out of the ear canal along with all the dust and tiny particles trapped by the wax. All humans produces ear wax but amount and type is genetically determined therefore some small shaped ear canals make it tough for the wax to naturally fall out of the ear and this leads to ear wax impactions

So a person that can’t get rid of their ear wax naturally maybe worried on how to get off this wax in his or her ear. You may have even tried different ways like using an ear candle but many researchers have demonstrated that the use of ear candles are not effective and may also worsen the problem


You may have tried cotton swabs also known as q-tips but l want to let you know that doctors have also cautioned us on how dangerous the use of cotton swabs are, so l advise you quit the use of the cotton swabs and ear candle too .

I know you feel a lot of ear pain due to the accumulation of this wax in your ear . Hopefully ,there is an alternative to both cotton swabs and ear candle that can actually get rid of the wax in your ear without causing you pain or problems . Sounds relieving right ? Yes! So let’s go through the review below and find out more about this wax remover and finally decide whether to buy one or not to buy .

Easy waxoff review

easy waxoff review

Easy waxoff is a handy device designed to extract the accumulated ear wax from your ear canal through a soft spiral silicon tip. Unlike cotton swabs or ear candle this device follows a safe, pain free and efficient working mechanism and it is also very simply to handle.

Easy wax off has 16 replaceable tips and each of this tip can be cleaned with the help of a detergent and water therefore making it safe and hygienic for repeated usage. This device is not a selector of age this simply means that this device can be used by anybody irrespective of his or her age.

This device does not need a hard or rough touch for it to work very well. All you need do is touch gently, put into your ear, turn slowly to gather the wax in your ear and then pull out with ease. The beauty of this product is the fact that it allows you pull out the wax that are close to your fragile ear drums. This in turn means that your drums will be sharper and more responsive to sound which will make you hear better.

Another talking point is that it is reusable. So you don’t have to stuck up on numerous easy wax remover. Just wash with soap and rinse properly with clean water, that way your wax remover will be free from bacteria and any infections.

What are the features of easy waxoff ?

  • Spinning cleaner

Easy wax off follows the spinning mechanism to get rid of ear wax in your ear . Its tip follows a spin motion and gets rid of wax in your ear effectively without causing pain or discomfort of any sort .

  • Spiral tip

This device has a spiral tip which cleans the ear well. It reaches where a cotton swab or cotton bud can’t reach. It doesn’t push wax back into the ear and cause injury rather its spiral tip makes wax removal a comfortable and pain free occurrence.

How does easy waxoff work?

Easy wax off is an easy to use device.You don’t need any sort of skill or talent to use this device because the working process is very simple. It functions manually so you only need your hands for its operation.

It has a spiral end that is soft and safe and does not need to get to the ear canal. All you need do is to stick it gently into your ear, roll or turn gently to pick up the wax inside the canal and beyond, then gently pull out.

When the soft spiral tip of this wax remover is inserted into the ear its soft soothing tip attracts the wax and gives you that freedom for you to spin the device to get the wax off your ear.

The ergonomic design of this device has made it impossible for this device to go deep into the ear thus causing no harm to your ear drums.

What are the specifications of easy waxoff

The specification of this device are as follows:

  • The portability of this device makes it easy for anyone to carry and make use of it anywhere.
  • It features a soft spiral silicon tip that does not cause any form of harm to the inner ear.
  • It is easily held and used because of its rubber coated handle .
  • The spiral silicon tip of this device can be changed therefore you are provided with extra silicon tips in the pack of the device m.
  • It gets rid of 99.9% of the wax in the inner ear .
  • This device has a weight of 28gram and has a product dimension of 12.5*1.5*1.5 centimeter. Its spiral tip is 2.5 centimeter long .
  • It is manually operated and this is done with the help of the hands only .
  • This device comes in a blue and white color mixture .
  • It follows an easy and simple cleaning process .
easy wax remover

What makes easy wax off different from other products?

Doctors and researchers as earlier stated above has cautioned us on how dangerous the use of cotton swab is and how ineffective the use of ear candle is too. The use of all these devices worsens the problem that occur at times but easy waxoff is designed to guarantee you a secure , simple and hygienic mechanism for the removal of wax from the ear . This device unlike others gives you a light massage in your ear that keeps you relaxed.

This device has a tough lengthy handle which evicts every risk of getting the device into your ear. The use of this device does not cause any kind of irritation in the ear of its user. The tips of this device can be cleaned and used repeatedly unlike some other wax cleaners that can be used only once .

You may be thinking that this device would be expensive because of the high features it has buh fortunately this device is very affordable. So anyone one that needs it can purchase his or her own. Since this device is used repeatedly there is no reason for a littered and unhealthy environment.

Who can use this product?

    Easy wax off is designed in a way that anyone can make use of it . Like we mentioned earlier this device is not a selector of age which means people of all age grade can use it . This device is produced in various sizes so as to fit into different ear holes .Anyone of any age can use this device perfectly.

How to make use of this easywax remover?

Follow the steps below and remove the wax in your ear safely :

  1. Hold it on its rubber coated handle
  2. Insert the device in your ears and spin it in the direction of the arrow .
  3. In goes into your ear at a safe distance so that you wont sustain any injury in your ear .
  4. Push the button and it will spin
  5. Then the wax sticks on the tip and is easily extracted without inflicting injury on your internal ear.
  6. It has a flexible cleaning head and is 2.5cm long and this is absolutely safe for a human ear .
  7. You can dispose the tip after use.
  8. This device can be used once or twice a week .

What do you enjoy when you use this ear wax remover?

  • Simple to use philosophy

  Some cotton or metallic ear wax cleaners features the spinning design but they can’t give you a safe and pain free mechanism for removing debris ,dirts and wax from your ear. This product is designed in such a way that all you do is insert this wax cleaner in your ear and then you spin it to attract all the wax in your ear then get rid of them.

  • Money conserving

    Unlike the cotton swabs and other wax cleaners Easy wax off is very economical. Easy wax off can be used by a family because this device contains 16 extra soft spiral tip and each of this tip can be washed and disinfected for repeated use. Cotton swabs ,cotton buds are all disposed after use but this device can be used so many times hence, this device is more money conserving .

  • Flexibility

  Easy wax off is manufactured in various sizes and this enables anyone to make use of it . Hence ,it does not matter if your ear hole is big or small or your age. This device would work effectively for you .

  • Safe and secure

   Some ear wax are made of metal or cotton tips which inflicts pain and injury in your ear while using them but Easy wax off is designed with a soft spiral soothing silicon tip which guarantees tour safety and causes no pain or injury to your ear. The ergonomic design of Easy wax of has made it impossible for this device to enter deep into your ear thereby causing no harm to your ear drum.

  • Healthy surrounding

  The littering of the environment can be highly managed with the use of Easy wax off . Most wax cleaners like cotton bud ,cotton swabs are been disposed after use and can be littered everywhere.Am sure no one likes an unhealthy and dirty environment .


 According to the manufacturers of this product and based on carried out experiments this device has no deficiency but if any deficiency is to be noticed l will not hesitate to update it here .

How much is easy waxoff sold?

The official website for Easy wax off is currently offering a 50% discount on every purchase you make. Normally one Easy waxoff is sold at the price of $98 but because of this ongoing offer you can get one at the price of $49. For Consumers who wants to buy more than one of this device there is also a three-pack for $98 and five pack for $135.

In addition , every order is granted a free shipping offer . The only problem  is that we don’t know how long this offer would last and how long a user would wait for his or her package to arrive.

So go now and benefit from this ongoing offer by purchasing your own Easy wax off .

Where can I purchase easy wax remover?

I strongly advice that you purchase your Easy wax off at the company’s website so as to avoid getting into the hands of internet scammers or fraudster posing as distributors.

Buying from the company’s website also comes with amazing offers like a 50% discount and free shipping. So l really advice that you rush now and benefit from this current offers because offers like this don’t last for a long time. Click on the green button below to activate your discount now.

 If this device would be of good use to you,kindly click the button below and get yours now .

Easy wax is currently trending in different parts of the world like the UK ,Canada and Australia . The demand for this device is high and there is limited stock so l advice that you rush now and purchase yours .

easy wax off

Customers’ thoughts

Calvin G. –The wax remover does what it should. I will definitely keep using and buying this device if needed.

Graeme Thomson – I have tried dozens of various wax removers and l still felt pains in my ear. This device cleans the ear effectively and has relived the pains in my ear.

Max Locksmith – We have a cleaner for the whole family . My children get plugs after swimming and before they had Otitis almost every week in summer .Since we used this device those issues are over .

Support Team contacts

Email at support @hyperstech.com or by telephone under international: +442038089234 , available 24th Brazil: +552135003992 , available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time,GMT)

What are the things that should never be used to remove wax from the ear?

  • Pen or Pencil
  • Cotton swabs or q-tips
  • Metal
  • Sticks
  • Ear candle
  • Paper clips
  • Bobby drums
  • Keys and other

These objects mentioned above can damage the eardrum, which would eventually lead to many other problems.

Evaluations and recommendations

It’d really interest you to know that wax produced in the ear is completely natural. There’s no cause for alarm whatsoever. Some persons produce large quantities of it, while some produce little or nothing. Ear wax is actually important because it helps to protect your ear from debris, germs and various bacteria that may want to get access into your auditory canal and cause problems.

Lots of people prefer to clean up this wax to prevent it from being so bulky and making them uncomfortable. Cotton swabs are used by most people but truth is, despite the fact that they are good, reports have it that they don’t eliminate all the wax in the ear and that they push wax further into the deeper parts of the ear. This in most cases leads to ear infections.

Easy waxoff however features a spiral soft tip with a futuristic design that simply allows customers control everything completely. This soft tip causes no irritations, scars or scratches. It provides comfort to the fullest.


 According to experiments and analysis carried out Easy wax off has been ascertained to be one of the best device for removing ear wax. This device has a soft spiral and soothing tip which cleans the ear safely and inflicts no pain or injury in the ear. This device also has an ergonomic design that helps to keep the device from going deep into your ear to damage your ear drums . Although Easy wax off has very effective features it is very affordable.

We all should remember that Doctors have warned us on the use of cotton swabs and ear candles and other materials we insert into our ear . I have told and explained all you need to know about Easy wax off in my review .Hence getting an Easy wax off is not a bad idea because this device offers you the comfort ,safety and relaxation you desire.

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