(Updated) Ergostand review: is this stand really worth $50 ?

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Ergostand review

The recent coronavirus pandemic has left over 2 billion humans under isolation. Before now, you probably used to work away from home. But by now you’re probably working from home-or maybe planning to do so. What started as an epidemic was now becoming a pandemic. What seemed impossible just a few months ago is now real: A large part of the world is on lock down. There’s a chance that you’ll work from home for the time being, that’s if you’re lucky enough to have your job secured. Medical Experts are expecting that this long quarantine periods will continue if we have any good shot at controlling the pandemic.

This comes with a good benefit as you’d have to work from the comfort of your couch and most importantly be close to your loved ones. However, despite this nice side there’s a dark side at the moment. Recent research has shown that working from home could have devastating effects on your health. You may wonder, how is that possible?

The reason is not far-fetched; very few persons have adequate equipment for consistent remote work at home. That’s why may experts have forecast a “back pain pandemic” to hit some major places in the world.

It is estimated that 80% of people who spend their time in front of a computer are at a high risk of developing chronic back pain. It’s not all hope lost though as there are lots of other ways to protect yourself. Keep reading!!!

Ergostand Review: Working From Home 8hrs a Day? Chances Are, You’ll Develop Chronic Back Pain Symptoms

ergostand review

When working with a computer, we tend to naturally into a bad posture. Bad computer work posture puts a lot of tension on the neck and back.

  • For example, the body tends to slouch. It either leans towards the screen, or droops downwards from the chair. This weakens the muscles which keep good posture, and puts huge pressure on the lower back.
  • The arms over-extend to reach the keyboard and mouse, resulting in heavy strain on the back and shoulders.
  • The head leans towards the computer screen, or downwards to the mobile phone. Because it weighs 4.5-5kg (10-11lbs), it puts a lot of additional pressure on the neck and upper back.

All these movements (and many more) happen unconsciously. Most of them aren’t even noticed. But their results accumulate over time, because they affect the body nearly 40 hours every week.

The negative effect of this natural slouching and bad posture only gets worse when working from home. Many of us just don’t have the required and proper equipment to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week from home. That’s why constant sitting is devastating anyone working from home.

The scary part is that it can start mildly and seem unimportant at first, then progress into unbearable pain overnight. Such conditions leave the person completely paralyzed until doctors can help.

To make things worse, nearly 20% who don’t seek treatment on time develop chronic conditions and many even require surgery to recover properly.

In all this, you may be asking where does the ergostand come in? We would see all that in a jiffy!

Ergostand review

There are a few ways to go about the issue. We’ve asked Dr. Simmons, NY-based chiropractor with 40 years of experience to suggest solutions. But first, here are a couple of things you could try:

  1. Monitor your posture and try to keep it straight. Don’t let your body slouch or droop. If you catch yourself leaning too much towards the monitor, get back into a proper position.
  2. Sit closer to your desk. Keep your elbows next to your body. Move your keyboard and mouse within closer reach.
  3. Exercise regularly. If you can’t go out, exercise at home every week. Put your back and abdominal muscles to work. Also, make sure to get up from your chair every couple of hours or so and stretch your entire body.

The issue with these exercises, though, is that they may or may not work for you. As Dr. Simmons says, “they all require you to consciously take action against an unconscious problem. Most patients forget the advice in less than a week, and then keep on with their habits. There is something else I always recommend to my patients and that is the ergostand”

What does the Ergostand do?

First we would like you to meet ErgoStand – it eliminates the need for your body to droop, slouch or lean. It provides a stable and comfortable way to work from home and avoid problematic back issues. Additionally, it can accommodate devices of up to 17 inch screen size. The rubber pads keep your laptop locked in place and prevent it from sliding, moving or falling.

ergostand reviews

The device’s frame features 7 different viewing angles so you can place your laptop the way you find most comfortable. It’s produced out of light and strong ABS that keeps it stable, so you can use it on your desk, on the couch or even in bed. The the frame is fully adjustable and can be adapted to any laptop width.

ergostand review

This device has another fantastic feature as well. You can easily fold it and take it anywhere you need. It compresses into a tiny slate the size of a sketch pad, and weighs only 200g (0.5lbs). You can easily pack it into a laptop bag, backpack or even a purse

Ergostand the No 1 way to keep you protected from back pain

ergostand reviews

ErgoStand is the best way to keep good posture when working from home on your laptop. It’s the only solution that doesn’t require any effort from you, and efficiently eliminates the problem.

Exercising requires you to make extra time every week (that you probably don’t have), work hard and keep consistent to see results. And correcting your posture while you work over and over again will distract you from important things.


These means of prevention certainly work, but ErgoStand is the only device that will help you without the need for you to put in your time, attention or effort. Just place your device on ErgoStand and your body will naturally feel more comfortable working with it.

Pros and cons of ergostand

As we know every product that has an advantage should also have a disadvantage no matter how small it may be. With that in mind, we would be taking a look into the pros and cons of the ergostand tool.

  1. It has an ergonomic design that gives you the leverage to place your laptop in 6 different heights and angles of your choice. That way you are comfortable in the way you make use of your laptop.
  2. It allows you to keep your posture in the best way while making use of your laptop in other to avoid future back pains. In case you already have back pains, you could solve it by using the device reviewed here
  3. It is light in weight
  4. It is very compact and does not occupy space
  5. It is very suitable for laptops of various sizes and can be adjusted to any size of your choice.
  6. It does not rust and is very stable when setup properly.
  7. Durable design and build


  1. It comes in only one color. We wish there could be more color options to allow people have more options to choose from. However, since it is white, it should be able to go with every laptop size.
  2. Due to the rush and high demand for this product, stock is currently limited. If you want to get it, you will have to make up your mind for that. The longer you wait, the lesser your chances of owning one.
  3. Also, because of the current pandemic, it may be take an extra week for deliveries to get to you. But this strictly depends on your country’s law about it.

Where can you purchase your own?

Like we have advised people in the past and still do, we always insist that you make your purchases from the official manufacturer’s website. First this is to save you from the risk of giving your money to the wrong people and second, to allow you enjoy every benefit that the manufacturer gives persons who purchase their product.

So what do you stand to gain?

Discount offers: The manufacturer’s are currently dishing our a 50 percent discount on this product. The more units you buy, the higher the discount. You cannot get this 50% discount offer from vendors who equally sell online. Also, your transaction on the official website is well protected and encrypted so you will have very little to worry about.

1 year guarantee: That’s another good thing that comes with this product. The company has given you a one year guarantee that it is going to last you. If anything happens to it within this period, you will be given a new one free of charge. However, you need to understand that before happens, the breakdown of the stand must not be through your misuse. It is very important. Also, do not remove the label that comes with the carton in this product. If you do, there’s high chance that you cannot enjoy this guarantee.

Money back policy: Here’s another interesting package for person who want to make a purchase but are scared. This policy simply means that you just have to get your order, make use of it and if you’re not satisfied, you return your order to the company and you will be fully refunded. However for it to work, you must retrun it within the first 30 days that the order arrived. Failure to do so, you will not be refunded. 30 days is 30 days. Buyer beware.

Secure transactions: This is another awesome thing about this company. Unlike what you may get from online vendors of this product, the billing site from the manufacturer is highly secured for payments. The payment platforms are highly secure to international standards. You do not have to worry because your credit card, debit card and PayPal details are protected with so much alacrity.

Frequently Asked Questions (Ergostand review)

In this section of the ergostand review, we will take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about this product.

Is it durable?

Yes, built with premium materials that are very strong, the ergostand is very durable and reliable.

How many angles can i change the ergostand to?

You can switch it to as much as 6 different angles per time. That way you get the angle that suits you best.

What is its cost?

It is very affordable when compared to a host of other products. It is sold for about $40 only

Where is the safest place to buy the ergostand?

The best place to purchase this product like we tell our readers, is the producer’s main website. This is because we do not want anyone to become a victim of agents who are out there to scam innocent people like you.

Conclusion: What is our verdict?

ErgoStand is a great investment. This high-quality product will protect your health and doesn’t require any effort on your side. Today it’s available with a 50% discount (limited stock). Check the official site by clicking on the link below to get this offer today.

Before we tell you where you can get ErgoStand at half the regular cost, you should know of another great benefit this device will give you.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, ErgoStand will also make you focus far better while working. You’ll be less distracted by kids’ noise and other discomforts in your “home office”. Because your body will feel more comfortable, your attention span will prolonge and you’ll be able to perform better than expected.

We recommend you to buy your ErgoStand today. By now there are only a few left, so better make the purchase as soon as possible—or you could miss out on the huge discount. 

Click here to buy your ErgoStand today, at 50% OFF and with FREE shipping anywhere in the world.

Remember, the discount lasts only while the product is in stock (about 5 units left).


So better purchase your ErgoStand today, or you could lose out on its benefits and the one-off discount

Thank you for reading this ergostand review.

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