explore air drone review

Explore Air Drone Review [2021 Update]: Is it worth your money ?

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Explore Air Drone Review [June Update]

Finding a very good drone isn’t easy especially if you’re a complete beginner or a professional photographer who needs flying machines to deliver a masterpiece while taking stills or videos.

I’m certain you don’t want to buy a piece of plastic that will be useless to you after spending so much money and with 2 weeks of use. Unfortunately for you, most drones fall into either of those two categories. It can be a tough choice to make but…

…it doesn’t have to be, not anymore.

Today I am here to review a new drone in the market that claims to provide just as much value as today’s best drones at less than a quarter of the price. 

This new product is an interesting hybrid of high-end features in a cheaply made chassis. Sounds intriguing right?

Well it’s an interesting concept but does it measure up? Does it hit that sweet spot in both price and features that you are looking for? The answer might be a bit surprising to you

Interested? Dive on in. I promise you will enjoy this article.

explore air drone review

Explore Air Drone Review

The Explore Air is a drone that was designed to be the “costly drone killer”, its manufacturer’s tried to combine all the expensive high tech features into a budget-friendly drone. Were they able to pull it off? I don’t know, read on and you tell me.

It is a state of the art recreational quadcopter equipped with a 720p camera that provides convenient operations, stable flight specially for beginners and a headless mode(completely solving pilot loss of orientation problems).

The E.A drone is one of the most recent wave of very high-end drones fitted with incredible features at a very affordable price. Like we will see in this review as you read on, this drone supports most of the well-sought after features of all those other high tech drones.

It is really a good get for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle enthusiasts, photographers, Topographical land surveyors and anyone who would love to fly drones less than $100.00

Is that really all? Not at all. There’s a whole lot to this drone than you can ever imagine. Just read on.

What features does it have? (Explore Air Drone Review)

Let’s start from the bullet points and go way down to more detail.

Waypoints: set a flight path on the APP interface for the drone
Headless Mode: no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying
3D flip for a cool flight
Easy Operation: one key return, one key takeoff, one key landing
Coreless motor: durable and powerful
● Foldable roters design, easy to control
● 2.4GHz technology for a good anti-interference performance
● APP download: A key feature of the Explore Air with its corresponding mobile APP is Trajectory Flight. This allows this drone follow the flight path drawn for a predicted video recording. Plus you can always get the QR code on the manual

explore air drone review


This is one of the physical features we liked about this product. It is the smallest and lightest smart drone yet. That means it’s not as big as the Mavic Pro but it’s still a bit larger than the positively micro toy that is the Spark.

One reason this is a class above the Spark is thanks to a 3-axis all-mechanical gimbal that means the camera pictures and videos are super sharp even when flying at speed or hovering in wind.

Moreso, this device is really portable and folds down into one of the smallest drones on the market so you can take it anywhere.

Remote Control

explore air drone review
explore air drone review

Unlike the Spark ($630.00 at Amazon), a remote with a 2.4GHz wireless control is included in the base package. But you may not need to use it—the explore air can be flown with your smartphone. As with any drone, you’ll get smoother, more pleasant manual control when flying with the remote, as well as extended operating range.

Explore says that this drone has a 100-150m control range with the remote, but just 262 feet when flying with a smartphone. I didn’t fly it that far away, but had no problems with the video feed or control at an 1,800-foot distance in testing.

The remote is similar to the one you get with the X Pro, but like the X Pro, it’s smaller. The control sticks detach for storage and there’s no information LCD. It has clips to hold a smartphone at the bottom, so you can fly with the sticks and enjoy a first-person view from the drone’s nose-mounted camera.

The housing for the phone is well spaced to allow you place your smartphones with even their cases on.

Video and Imaging

Despite its size, the Explore air has a 720P wide angle/ 480P WiFi camera, mounted in the nose. More amazing is the fact that this drone makes use of a 2.0MP camera that rotates. Yes, you read that right. It has the power to completely undertake a 120-degree rotation despite its affordable price.

The only downside to this that the camera can’t be rotated automatically. Which means you will have to adjust it manually. It is expected at such an affordable price tag. But for a flexible and rotatable camera, it does say a lot about this adorable foldable drone

Also, its video quality is good and get transmitted in real-time for a FPV flight. Coupled with its altitude hold mode, you will have no reason whatsoever to have any instability with this device as this new innovation makes flight more stable and help you to shoot clear photos.

Flight Time and Range

Its flight time and range is quite impressive for a drone that does not dig a hole in the pocket. On a full charge “Explore” will keep flying for around 14 minutes. This seemed about right from the use we had with this drone. However that was in very good flying conditions.

If it’s windy, you will end up chewing through power faster. It’s been speculated to last for about 10 minutes under this extreme conditions. Spare batteries are definitely advisable. Also, it has a detailed control distance of about 100-150 metres which is also good for such an affordable device.

What are the Specifications of the Explore Air ?

No EXPLORE AIR DRONE REVIEW will be complete without letting you know about the specifications of this drone.

FeaturesWiFi APP Control,WiFi FPV
Functions3D stunt,Air Press Altitude Hold,Camera,Forward/backward,FPV,Headless Mode, Hotpoint Following,Turn left/right,Up/down,Waypoints,WiFi Connection
Built-in Gyro6 Axis Gyro
Kit Types:RTF
LevelBeginner Level
Remote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control
Radio Mode:Mode 2 (Left-hand Throttle),WiFi APP
Compatible with Additional Gimbal:No
Transmitter Power:3 x AAA battery(not included)
Detailed Control Distance:100-150m
Flying Time: 10-13mins
Battery: 3.7V 1000mAh LiPo
Product weight:0.4000 kg
Package weight: 0.4860 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 20.00 x 22.00 x 5.00 cm / 7.87 x 8.66 x 1.97 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 20.60 x 18.00 x 9.00 cm / 8.11 x 7.09 x 3.54 inches

What is the performance of this device (Explore Air Drone Review)

explore air drone review
explore air drone review

I really enjoy flying drones especially when it comes to taking it out for a good spin. If I’m releasing some bucks for a drone, I will definitely want to know how well a drone performs.

Luckily, explore air is one of the several drones in the market that is capable of performing outdoor with relative ease. All you need do is to crank up its speed mode to its highest settings to maximize performance.

Also, I was impressed with how fast and response the device was with and without the wind. From another perspective, it looks like you are flying a high-end drone that is quite expensive.

Look at the performance, the comes with a wide range of high end features. The 360-degree flips worked like a charm, but you really to remember that the battery gets lower with more spins. I also observed that the effectiveness of the 360 flip gets weaker until the battery power is no longer enough to perform the manoeuver. This is perfectly normal and is very true for all the drones in the market.

The device also possesses an app built specifically for it. With this app you can easily gain access to more features like the waypoint mode

There’s just so much arsenal at your disposal with this drone

What should you expect upon unboxing ?(Explore Air Drone Review)

Once your order arrives, be sure to see the following;

explore air drone review
  • 1 x EA Drone (Battery included)
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 4 x Propeller
  • 1 x screwdriver
  • 1 x English manual
  • 4 x propeller guard
  • 1 x phone clip

How do I setup my drone (Explore air drone review)

Quite as cheap as ABCD (a user’s manual is always there to help you out) but as with all Drone flying, please keep the following in mind:

1. Safety First

  • First it is very important you register with the Federal Aviation Administration
  • It also necessary to have flying permission from the person or group that owns the property you will be flying over.
  • In situations where you’re flying close to an airport, ensure you have access to the control tower
  • Be careful of obstacles such as power lines, trees or traffic lights aboove your flight are that may cause problems
  • Flying in good weather is highly advised
  • Don’t fly your drone beyond its flying limit. Ensure its in your sight at all times
  • Ensure your flying does not impinge on any government property.

2. Charge batteries for one hour

  • Plug one end of the charging cable into the battery.
  • If you have more than one battery, plug them all into the charging hub.
  • Attach the Micro USB adapter to the provided USB cable.
  • Plug the small connector of the USB cable into the left side of the remote control.
  • Connect everything to the charging adapter and plug the adapter into a power outlet.
  • You will see the lights on the batteries and remote control scrolling until they will turn off meaning they are fully charged.

3. OS Choice

The drone is compatible with android and iOS operating systems. All you need do is scan the QR code in the device’s manual. This gives you automatic authorization to this drone’s application. Once installation is complete you may freely make use of your device.

Who doesn’t need this drone?

Time to come back to earth. This part of the article is just my opinion and shouldn’t be taken as some stone cold facts. I don’t think this flying piece is suitable for everyone. There’s no doubt whatsoever that its an incredible drone and I personally know they’ve done a great job making all these cool features available for such a low price, but..

…I still think some category of persons should avoid this. What do I mean?

If you’re using a drone for something more than a recreation or hobby, maybe you’re a professional videographer or photographer, then you’ll probably need to put your money is some other high-end drones so that you can do your job perfectly. This is simply because it is not the best and won’t catapult you into the professional field. But at the quality that the camera has to offer, it is a serious contender against the drones under $200.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying that if you happen to be using drones as a means to provide professional services where you get paid, then its only wiser to invest the money is some other high end drones so that you can deliver a much more perfect job.

There’s an exception to this rule of mine though;

If you’re just getting started in the world of drone videography/still-imaging and you probably want to probe things before getting committed, this is really a good entry level for you to check things out.

I’m certain you wouldn’t want to chunk out a thousand dollars only to find out that drone videography/photography isn’t your passion.

A little investment of less than a hundred dollars is a wiser way to test things out.

Who is the Explore Air for?

Like I stated earlier, for anyone who wants to venture into drone imaging but wants to test out things first before spending on the more expensive ones, the explore is really a no brainer.

Also, if you’re an unmanned aerial machine enthusiast and you just want something for fun, then this is really a great option for you. It is also a great gift if you’re searching for a device that is inexpensive but provides a lot of high end features.

What is it’s pricing, return policy and warranty? (Explore air drone review)

At this stage of the explore air drone review, I can gladly say that you now know lots of things about this flying piece. Have you attained the level of an E.A.D expert? Just a few more notes and your there.


The drone costs about $200 but due to the current ongoing promo it is sold for $99.00. This rather surprising to me as its initial price of was already great for an UAM that performs exceedingly well. In my opinion now is the best time to make a purchase since it comes with a 50% discount and a 30-day return policy.

Return Policy

So much faith has been put into this product by its manufacturers that they decided to place a 30 day return policy to it. What does this mean? It simply means that after you make a purchase and your order arrives, if you use the drone and observe that you don’t like it, you are 100% free to return the product within 30 days and get a full refund.

I guess this is to show you that this device can just not fail if used properly

Update on Explore Air Drone Review: This device is currently on a 50% Discount from the official manufacturing site. Click the link if you really want to make a purchase using the button below. This is because once you click, your 50% code sets in and you may not be able to get it anymore if not used. Promo will end on the 30th of May, 2020

Explore Air Drone Review: Next Steps

If you’ve successfully read everything up to this point, a big congratulations to you as you’re now an explore air expert. However, you may still belong to either of these two groups.

You may be in the group of persons who still have doubts. You’re not certain if its something you should purchase. Unfortunately, for these set of persons, I’ve done the best you can ever get. The decision to make is solely in your hands now. Just think and make a decision. For me, I think you have every single thing to be in your favour at the moment. Low price, guarantee and return policy; with these there’s really no risk in trying out this incredible drone

The second category of persons are those who are interested in getting the explore air flying piece and taking good advantage of this low risk sweet bargain price and policy. For this group, I’d say you should do that quickly and secure your drone before prices go back up.

You can make a purchase by simply clicking on the button below

 What are the frequently asked questions on Explore Air Drone Reviews?

Are drones hard to fly?

With GPS position hold (like in your Sat-Nav) standard on most consumer drones these days, multirotors are becoming a lot easier to fly than days gone by. The learning curve for lightweight drones is around two weeks for someone to feel confident flying and filming, This would obviously depend on if the Pilot has previous experience with model aircrafts.

First time drone pilots should practise in large open fields, keeping the drone in the right orientation and at a safe height. That being said with better technology coming out every year, drones are beginning to become smarter and thus much easier to fly. As a general rule of thumb, Ready-To-Fly drones are generally aimed towards everyone, be they beginner or advanced.

What does “aerial photography” mean?

Anything shot from the air, whether it be video or photos can be called aerial photography, In the past the most common Aerial photography was done in helicopters, now with powerful battery powered multi-rotors on the market, aerial photography is more accessible than ever before.

Why are there drones (UAVs) with 4, 6 or even 8 motors?

A drone needs a minimum of 4 motors to be able to fly without any additional mechanical systems (angle of approach adjustments for the motors). Two of those motors rotate clockwise, two counter-clockwise. This cancels out the torsional moment, eliminating the need for an inefficient tail rotor as on a helicopter.

The disadvantage of a drone with 4 motors is the lack of back-up in the event of motor failure. If a motor fails on this so-called quadrocopter, as unlikely as this may be, the drone will crash. In order to compensate a motor failure, more than 4 motors are used, so 6 or 8. In a drone with 6 motors, a so-called hexacopter, a motor can fail and an emergency landing undertaken. However, if the motor fails in an adverse flight state or on a heavily loaded drone, a crash will also occur here. This is why for our most powerful system we chose eight propulsions (octocopter). This system offers maximum failure back-up with excellent efficiency.

Can drone operate under the rain?

Drones are generally not weatherproof however DJM Aerial Solutions recently invested in a drone that can operate in inclement weather with an IP43 the Matrice M210 and Zenmuse Z30 and Zenmuse XT was a heavy investment but we are one of the few UAV service providers that are able to operate in the rain.

The disadvantage of a drone with 4 motors is the lack of back-up in the event of motor failure. If a motor fails on this so-called quadrocopter, as unlikely as this may be, the drone will crash. In order to compensate a motor failure, more than 4 motors are used, so 6 or 8. In a drone with 6 motors, a so-called hexacopter, a motor can fail and an emergency landing undertaken. However, if the motor fails in an adverse flight state or on a heavily loaded drone, a crash will also occur here. This is why for our most powerful system we chose eight propulsions (octocopter). This system offers maximum failure back-up with excellent efficiency.

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