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Fever Patrol Review 2021: Is it really a good thermometer?

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Fever Patrol Review

Taking care of a child from the time of birth, through childhood, to adolescence requires keen attention to all aspects of life, especially as it has to do with health.

The setting in of disease is always characterized by some mild symptoms which usually progress in severity unless therapeutic intervention in instituted.

One of the most important initial symptoms in a sick child or adult is fever of varying presentations and intensities, hence the detection of fever, even the slightest, is key to the early detection of disease and swift intervention to prevent avoidable complications.

Before now, temperature measurement is a very discomforting procedure, especially in babies, most of whom are usually noncooperative. But modern technologies have aimed to reduce the discomfort to the barest minimum which is the subject matter in this article.

A device known as Fever Patrol has come to overcome all the shortcoming of all previous devices.

Was it able to pull it off successfully? I wouldn’t know. Read on to find out

fever patrol

What is Fever Patrol?

Fever Patrol is a digital thermometer which is designed to measure one’s temperature without coming in direct contact with the person. One would ask how this is possible, but the mechanism is easily understandable.

It uses infrared phenomenon, which, being a type of radiation, does not require physical contact in order to take the reading. This gives it an advantage over its predecessors, because the management of a patient should be in such a way that it does not compound the inconvenience the patient already faces as a result of the disease.

Furthermore, most times temperature needs to be measured when the patient is asleep, and this device enables one take the measurement without having to wake the patient up. This convenience of use has also made it possible for this thermometer to be used routinely and for point of care testing.

Also because of the contact-free feature, one doesn’t go through the stress of sanitizing the thermometer if it is to be used to measure the temperatures of different patients.

Its portability and relatively cheap cost have made it available for use at all points of care, including homes, daycare centers, schools, private clinics etc.

Plus it has the advantage of producing fast results and can store sixty-four (64) results, thus enabling documentation of a child’s temperature over time and for comparative analysis of the temperatures of different patients.

It is simply held some inches in front of the child’s forehead, and in a sluice of seconds, the value appears on the screen with an accuracy of 0.2’C.

What are the features

  • Portability: can be moved with tremendous ease from place to place.
  • It can be operated with one hand.
  • Colour-coded screen (red, yellow, green)
  • Display of a wide array of values, ranging from high to low, across several strata of intermediate values.
  • A mode button.
  • A sturdy handle to enable firm grip.

The features in detail….

The size and light weight of this thermometer gives it the advantage of easy carriage, which is not the case with the primitive thermometers which are usually very cumbersome. This also enables it to be used with one hand, while the other could be put into other use simultaneously.

fever patrol review

The colour-coded display feature makes the result easy to interpret even in people who cannot understand the values. Green colour indicates normal temperature, yellow is for mild fever while red indicates that the fever is severe and should be controlled as it may result in convulsion especially in babies.

It also displays all values no matter how high or low it is, this broad spectrum of display makes it possible for all temperature values to be documented which is important in the assessment of response to treatment, especially in cases of relapsing or intermittent fever.

The mode button is also situated in place so it can be operated with the forefinger without compromising the grip. The mode button is for switching between body and object modes.

Other worthy notes

ACCURATE READINGS – Place the thermometer anywhere near your child’s body and you’ll still get the same precise interpretations like that of a traditional one, but faster this time.

The digitally-designed reader measures can measure both internally (to detect fevers) or externally (to test objects).

DIFFERENT MODE SETTINGS – Set the device to display your preferred scale of measurement between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Make the adjustments by pressing the buttons found on the right side of the head piece.

NO TOUCH FEATURE – Daddies, mommies, nurses, and doctors need not to worry anymore about taking your little one’s temperature. This thermometer uses infrared waves to detect the body’s heat and get results in just a second.

A sleeping infant can move along with her dreams without being disturbed. It’s also a perfect health tool for hygiene purposes.

ONE HAND OPERATION – With just a squeeze of the handle, it automatically works its magic. Anybody can operate this user-friendly no-touch thermometer. Encourage your little ones to be your adorable assistants as you take care of your sick loved ones.

What are the Specifications of this thermometer?

Below is a table that clearly shows the specifications of this infrared thermometer.

Dimensions85 x 160 x 45mm
Measuring distance5-15 cm
Accuracy[Body]+/-0.2 degrees celsius or +/- 0.4 degree fahrenheit
Accuracy[Object]+/- 1.0 degree celsius or +/-1.8 degree fahrenheit
Batteries2 AAA

Who needs to make use of this non-contact infrared thermometer?

fever patrol review

Generally, anybody can benefit from this device, but it is mostly used to assess the temperatures of babies, with the aim of detecting the early symptoms of common cold, influenza virus and even the corona virus.

It is also used in adolescents and adults, when checking temperatures through the oral, anal or armpit routes are inconveniencing or contraindicated.

Why do I need this thermometer?

Now, this is an essential instrument which should not in any case be absent in any hospital, nursing home, day care center, clinic, household etc.

It is needed because it has a way of making the measurement of temperature available even when this is impossible for other conventional devices. For example, if a person has just eaten a cold food or drunk cold water, temperature check per oral becomes useless, because the actual result will be markedly lowered, or raised in the case of hot food. This is not the case with FeverPatrol, as it can be used even in such situations.

Also, unlike the contact thermometers, it cannot serve as a vehicle transmitting infections from one patient to another, this is simply because of the contact-free feature, therefore there’s no need for intermittent sterilization, which may in turn be irritating to the next patient.

Thus it can be used to measure the temperatures of hundreds of patients without any fear of infection transmission. It can also be used for outpatient management.

What are the Pros and Cons Fever Patrol


  • It uses AAA battery which conserves energy, thus one doesn’t need to frequently change the batteries.
  • The unit of measurement can be switched between the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales, as the user likes it.
  • It can be ordered from anywhere in the world.
  • Fifteen days of trial of the is granted, and it can be returned within thirty days of purchase if the buyer is dissatisfied with the product.
  • There is 50% DISCOUNT in the price of the product now.
  • It can be used safely on babies as well as on other materials like food, water, milk, etc.


  • The import tax is borne by the buyer.
  • Delivery  takes about a week from the time of order.
  • There are limited products available, so individuals should hurry up while offer lasts.

What do I benefit from using Fever Patrol?

This will serve as a summary of all the points already highlighted above;

-By way of infrared technology, this thermometer conveniently measures a child’s temperature without actual contact, thus preventing the child from infections in case the device is to be used with other children.

– Also courtesy of the non-touch feature it can be used to assess fever in sleeping or unconscious or traumatized patients without having to jostle them vigorously, hence aggravating their state of rest.

– This device stores 64 results, enabling documentation of a child’s temperature over time (sometimes doctors requite that this be done)  and for comparative analysis of the temperatures of different patients in different locations at the same time.

– The relatively cheap cost makes it readily available in every nook and cranny.

– It can also be used to measure the temperatures of inanimate objects like bathing water, food, drugs etc, to ensure these materials are used in the right temperatures.

– It provides result in a matter of seconds, unlike the primitive thermometers which need to be placed for minutes on the patient before they come up with a reading.

– It is almost absolutely accurate with a correction value of 0.2’C, which is by far more accurate than the cumbersome liquid-in-glass clinical thermometers.

What did we find out on testing and Quality Features

This device hasn’t been in the market for long, hence hasn’t been tested by Stiftung Warentest or Ökotest. Yet, customers have been dropping their praises for the product online.

These customers are mostly patients who are impressed with the way the device enables them measure their babies’ temperatures with ease, unlike what they experienced using other products.

Furthermore, a warranty is given to each customer upon purchase  and they are allowed to return the product within a stipulated time, if they are in any way dissatisfied with the product. It was manufactured by a group of technologists from around the world.

How does Fever Patrol work?

fever patrol review

The mode of function of this device will be elucidated in steps below.

Step 1: Depending on what you want to measure, you can switch between object mode and body mode, using the mode button, accordingly. Then you place the device a few inches above the individual or object.

Step 2: After a few seconds, the result displays with the matching colour code.

Step 3: the same or different results can be stored up to 64 times for documentation or comparative analysis.

or in more detail:

How do I make use of Fever Patrol

Once you unbox your product, take the following steps below to get started

  • Insert the AAA batteries into their appropriate slot in the device to power it up.
  • Ensure you close the battery cap well after inserting the batteries
  • To turn on the device, pull the measurement trigger.
  • It’s screen gives off a red light and then turns green. This signifies that its ready to be used
  • To measure the temperature of the body, switch the Body/object toggle button to body mode
  • To equally know the temperature of an object on inanimate being, switch the body/toggle button to object mode
  • There’s a trigger[just like what you have in guns] that in your device, pull it to measure the temperature of the object or person you’re pointing your device to
  • If the measurement is below 32°C (Body)/0°C (Object), the device will display a ‘LO’ alphabet signifying a low temperature
  • If the measurement happens to be above 43°C (Body)/100°C (Object), a “HI” will be displayed, meaning the temperature is high.
  • Once it’s not in use, it automatically shuts off in 20 seconds

What are our evaluation and recommendation

Clinical thermometers like feverpatrol provide ease of application that parents find it very convenient to handle, coupled with the ability to provide swift results within seconds, unlike the classical clinical thermometers.

This thermometer is held close to the forehead of the sick person. Once the button is pressed, the temperature can be measured to find out if the person is running inordinate temperatures. . Accordingly, if high fever is present, measures to improve health can be instituted immediately.

With touchless thermometers, one doesn’t need to worry about imprecise or inaccurate readings.

Even if the baby is constantly moving, this thermometer makes it possible for accurate readings to be taken.

This non contact thermometer is very easy, swift and convenient to use.

Just hold the thermometer near your baby’s forehead and press the button, then the result appears in a few seconds.

Where Can I Buy Fever Patrol?

In order to ensure you are getting the right product, it can be ordered online directly from the manufacturer’s official website

Ordering online saves one the stress of going to look for the product all over the place besides at such a time like this, it is practically impossible to get it in places like pharmacies, supermarkets etc.

Furthermore, the website provides you with myriad of information [bonuses, discounts and 30-day money buy back guarantee] and free customer service.

The order can be conveniently placed from home and processed using a variety of payment methods (PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover. The product will then be sent to the stipulated delivery address in a few days.

What is the price of fever patrol?

Buying one thermometer currently grants you a discount of 40%. Making you save 39.99 Euro.

If you buy two thermometers you will get a discount of 45% and save 73.99. You get a discount of 50% if you buy 3 thermometers, saving you 127.99 Euro.

If you order 5 devices, you save 55%. If your order is promptly placed, the manufacturer also offers you a lifetime replacement and protection guarantee for a fee of 10 Euros.

This extends your warranty and you can use it for a lifetime. If it breaks down, the manufacturer will send you a new device free of charge.

You Need Help?

Fever Patrol as a company has a Friendly Customer Service Team willing to always help you out at every point in time.

Contact fever patrol. Details are below:

  • By Email: Support@feverpatrol.com
  • By Phone:
  • -United States (Toll Free): 6094147087
  • -Canada (Toll Free): 778 300 0854
  • -United Kingdom & Ireland: 08708200084
  • -Australia & New Zealand: (02) 86078316

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fever Patrol?

Fever patrol is a contact-free thermometer, with a head-turning name. It gives you accurate and precise readings and is especially recommended for newborns, infants and toddlers, who usually don’t keep still enough to be measured with the classical

What is the range of temperature Fever Patrol can measure?

It has a working range between 0°C and 100°C (32°F – 212°F).

How do I know if a fever is serious or not?

It uses a straightforward color-coding system on its LCD screen: green (normal body temperature), yellow (mild fever), and red (medical treatment required). You can program the device to alert you to the predefined temperature of your choosing.

What is the most effective area to take a body temperature reading from?

When using a non-contact infrared thermometer, people typically measure body temperature by aiming at the forehead or temple, which gives the most accurate readings.

fever patrol review


If you want to get the best non-contact thermometer on the market that costs very little and you are short on time, then you have come to the right place. 

We’ve been able to see that this non-contact thermometer is easy to use, fast and accurate. Not only can human body temperature be measured, it has the ability to measure that of your food as well as environment.

The best part is the simplicity with which it can be operated. It’s operation involves no complicated steps as all you need do is place it according to instructions provided; press and release the measure button.

The readings are delivered instantly, and thanks to the large LCD screen, you can see the results even if the light is low or your eyesight is no longer that strong.

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