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(Update) Fotialamp review 2021: how good is this flashlight?

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Fotialamp review

Flashlights are very simple devices, so most times, we do not put in much research when we want to purchase a piece or two of them. However, as time goes on some of us begin to regret the choice we made when we bought them since some of them are produced by shady brands, some are disguised as good flashlights but in the real sense are toys and do not last very well.

This necessitates the need to carry out a good research on flashlight before settling with one. I believe we all don’t have money to be throwing around here and there and even if you do, you will always want to purchase a good, reliable, superior product that will last you once and for all.

It’s worth knowing what goes into these handy torchlights especially when you consider that you’re counting on whichever one you buy to be reliable during power outages, dark locations and camping trips for years to come.

For those of us who live in areas with power outages or need a source of light to carry out our day to day activities, a reliable flashlight is a very important part of everyone’s survival kit. While poor materials, poor beam of light, bad handles seem to be a problem with a lot of flashlights, the downside of most flashlights is that their batteries seem to go off just when you really need them to work.

This led the flashlight industry to go into more research to produce better torches. In this article, we are not here to review the top 10 flashlights of 2020. We are here to review one of the best flashlights currently trending in the United States of America(US) and Canada.

It is called the Fotialamp. In this fotialamp review, we will discuss all there is to know about this lamp. Is it good?, does it really work? what makes this lamp exceptional when compared to the others and how durable is it. These are many other questions will be answered here.

So if you’re interested, I suggest you read up this review cos we’re about to tell you what other reviews will never tell you about the fotialamp.

fotialamp review

What is fotialamp

Fotialamp is a tactical flashlight that comes with special tools. It has a high-resolution and a 2000x optical zoom. It comes with three different flashlight modes to help project beams, illuminate dense and dark areas. It is a special flashlight that can be used for several purposes.

It is built with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. While aluminum on its own is a durable material, the aircraft grade aluminum is even better. It keeps this flashlight protected, durable, light in weight and resistant to a lot of harsh weather conditions. It comes with a metallic finish that makes it very suitable to break through glass in emergency situations.

It has 2 different flashlight. One serves as a normal torch light while the other serves more like a lantern. With the torch light has a reflector that throws a beam of light for you and illuminate farther areas in the distance. This is particular good when you’re using this flashlight while walking, running or doing anything that keeps you in constant motion. The 2nd flashlight works more like a lantern. It comes with no reflector and can be used to even read at night in areas with power outages. It releases so much light that illuminates the surrounding area.

The fotialamp flashlight makes use of 3 AAA batteries and one 18650 battery. It produces about 200 lumens of brightness from this flashlight. We observed that this flashlight makes use of a COB technology, it is better known as the Chip on board technology. It has a lower brightness of about 80 lumens.

Here’s a quick run down on its features (Fotialamp review)

Aluminum-alloy aircraft grade: Like we noted in the introduction, this flashlight comes in an aircraft graded aluminum alloy. This was used because this grade of metal not only makes this flashlight durable, it also makes it to be very light in weight, resistant to harsh weather conditions and also reliable. With this alloy you do not need to bother about rust, cracks or wear downs.

3 light modes: We observed that the fotialamp comes with three different light modes. They are the low, high and strobe mode. All you need to do is to tap a button and you can switch smoothly between these different modes.

2000x optical zoom: This simply means that is has a telescopic zoom function. This feature allows the beam of light produced to either spread out to cover larger areas or become pin pointed to stay more focused (super-narrow spotlight). You can use this feature by pulling in or out the shaft of this flashlight.

in built lantern: This is one of the standout points of this torchlight. It comes with a super bright 180 degree LED light panel. This light is hidden under the head of the flashlight in case you ever find it hard to locate (you should not find it hard anyways). You can hang the lamp while using this inbuilt lantern, it automatically illuminated the surrounding area very well.

storage compartment: Another talking point about this torchlight is the storage compartment located at the base of this device. To be honest, you cannot get the whole world in there as it was made to put very small objects into it. It is really a cool feature.

Glass breaker: We noticed that it also has a glass breaker located on its head. This means that you can use that part of this flashlight to break glasses when you’re in an emergency situation and you need to escape as fast as possible. Using the glass breaker does not affect your flashlight at all as it was built to withstand such impacts.

Magnetic base: It comes with a metallic base that is magnetic. Yes, you can attach your fotialamp onto the surface of any metal and it holds comfortably. This magnetic base allows you to even use this torchlight to hold onto very loose metallic pieces or objects.

cordless: This torch light gets a thumbs up in this area as it is completely cordless.

Beam settings: It comes with two beam settings; the low and high beam settings

Strobe mode: This mode allows you to make use of this flashlight as an emergency beacon or a self defense weapon

What are its parts?

folialamp review

The fotialamp flashlight has about 5 parts with different functions. They include the glass breaker located at the head of the flashlight, the telescopic expansion that exposes the Chip on board lantern, a belt clip, a small hidden storage and a magnetic clip located at the based of the flashlight. Take a look at the image below for a better representation of these parts

How do I make use of this lamp (fotialamp review)

You will have no difficulty at all make use of this flashlight. Below is a little list on how to make use of the fotialamp flashlight

  1. Use a triple mode button for low, medium or high power consumption and illumination
  2. You can make use of it for 10-12 hours without needing a charge
  3. It has a belt clip that allows you attach it to any position you wish to on your belt
  4. You can equally make use of its magnetic base. Just attach it to a metallic surface and boom, it holds.
  5. It is important to now that you do not need to overcharge this flashlight more than expected.
  6. It has a small storage compartment that allows you store small objects inside. You can also attach loose metallic objects on the magnetic base of this flashlight.
  7. Finally there is a survival kit that comes with this flashlight. This kit allows you to even have larger areas of storage for this device.
fotialamp flashlight

Pros and Cons (Fotialamp review)

In this section of this review, here are some of the good things we noticed and cons most fotialamp reviews will never tell you.


  1. It can be used as either a normal torch light or a lantern.
  2. It does not generate heat.
  3. Because of the aircraft grade aluminum alloy used to produce this flashlight, it is durable, strong and light in weight.
  4. It comes with a super telescopic zoom function that allows you to spread light very wide or to even pin point it to a particular place
  5. It comes with a strobe mode that allows you to make use of it as an emergency beacon or even a weapon for self defense
  6. It comes with a glass breaker located on its head.
  7. It lasts for between 10 to 12 hours at a stretch before needing to be another full charge
  8. It makes use of 3AAA batteries and a 18650 battery. It uses very low energy to release high LED power making it very efficient
  9. It is very affordable.
  10. It comes with a money-back guarantee policy that allows you return the product once you purchase from the manufacturer and did not like what you got. This is really a measure of the faith placed on this product by its producers.


  1. Despite what other fotialamp reviews say, we observed that this product is not completely water proof pre say. If you’re gonna get it, you will have to be careful with around water.
  2. It is not sold in physical stores at the moment. Purchases can be made online from the verified manufacturer’s website.
  3. There is little stock in store for this product
  4. For some countries that are currently facing a lockdown, there may be a week delay in the arrival of your flashlight when you order.
fotialamp reviews

Where can i use it?

Road, car, around the house, plumbing work, carpentry and all worksites

Where can I buy one?

They are currently not available in hardware stores at the moment. This is quite understandable owing to the pandemic currently going on in the world. However, is all hope lost? Certainly not. There are lots of vendors online for this product but we strictly advise that you purchase from the manufacturer’s website.

When you purchase from there you will enjoy the following;

Discounted sales: When you purchase from the manufacturer you will be able to buy your products at discounted prices. The more fotialamp flashlight you purchase the higher the discount. You will not get such offers from vendors online

30- day money back guarantee: If at any point in time you are not happy with what you got, you have 30 days from the day your order landed to retun the flashlight and you will be refunded in full.

How much does it cost?

The fotialamp is very affordable. The price of this fotialamp flashlight depends on the no of units you purchase at a time. The higher the no of units, the better the discount.

One unit goes for about $64.99, Two costs about $120.00 while three goes for about $162.99 These prices are discounted prices. Prices may go up as soon as promo ends. If you want to get it, the best time was yesterday. Another best time is today.

Folialamp customer reviews

We camp a lot. This flashlight is compact and very easy to use. In fact the additional lantern is ideal for us, especially as the flashlight comes at a very affordable price. For such a great flashlight and 3 AAA batteries, these put off a good amount of light. Perhaps this may be due to the LED bulbs that are used in them. The magnetic hanging feature is great as well.

We could place it on top our metallic table or even hang from the interior hook that is built into the roof our our tent. It provided us with more than enough light for all we needed to do inside the tent. These are a great addition to our camping survival tools. Few hours after we arrived home in one occasion, we had a power outage.

We just got hold of one of these and we were sited in bright light until we were able to turn on our generator. I will definitely buy more of these. They work really well. It’s a good money well spent

Maria Sharapova

Small, light in weight and bright. It gives off the perfect EDC light. There isn’t really an excuse not to own one of these if you do the type of job that I do. The fotialamp is a great flashlight and I think it will end up passing a host of other flashlights in popularity.  With the impending apocalypse I needed to add to my flashlight collection just in case.

I ordered this tactical flashlight because it was smaller than the typical sized tactical light. This one is hand sized as you can see in the picture. It is good quality. Is has a zoom capability. It is easy to turn on and switch between dim, medium, bright, flashing and SOS modes. This is a really good backup flashlight that will be convenient to take on hikes and camping.

Peter Fen

Dude! This flashlight is amazing. It has earned a permanent spot not only in my EDC gear but also in the diaphragmatic surface of my heart. The light is very well made as you would come to expect. It disappears in your pocket and is very light in weight. Also, it is true to its spec apart from the fact that it not completely waterproof.

It survives water to some extent but outrageous amounts of water may not go so well with it. It lasts for about 12 hours without needing any form of charge. I’m quite impressed. Purchase this light. You will have no cause to regret your actions. What a wonderful product at such a great price. Thank you Fotialamps

Chadwick James

/It is really a sturdy flashlight that is way better than even the Maglite that I’ve used in the past. After I got the fotialamp, I began to wonder why I spent so much on some of those heft flashlights when I can get a few for what one mag costs. The fotia flashlight has a special zoom function that allows your spread the light wide or focus on a particular spot.

It makes use of very good LED lights, so it won’t be a pain to change the bulbs when they happen to go bad. I think the coolest feature for me is its battery life and the magnetic base that it comes with. I really love this lamp. I feel so happy to have gotten it

Charles Martins

I particularly like the fact that not only does it come with a torch light and a lantern, it also has a glass breaker located at its head. Also, unlike what I got in one of the flashlights I purchased back then, the glass breaker attached to this flashlight does not interfere with the beam of light that comes from the fotialamp. It is a good buy for me. I really like this fotia flashlight

Viktor J
fotialamp flashlight

Frequently Asked Questions (Fotialamp reviews)

How bright is fotialamp?

Well, its LED flashlight beam has a brightness of 200 lumens and its chip on board lantern has a brightness of 80 lumens.

How long does the fotialamp last?

On a full charge, it lasts between 10 to 12 hours. This in part depends on the intensity of the light that you make use of.

What material was used to make the fotialamp flashlight?

The folia flashlight was made using the aircraft grade aluminum alloy. These have been known to confer strength, reliability and durability to any product that they are used to finish. Most importantly, they make this flashlight to be light in weight. Once you put it in your pocket, it disappears completely.

How long does it take the fotialamp to charge to full?

It takes between 1 to 2 hours to charge the fotia lamp from start to finish.

How is fotialamp powered?

Fotialamp flashlight makes use of 3 AAA batteries and one 18650 Li-ON rechargeable battery. They last for about 10 to 12 hours before needing a recharge. It is important to note that when your order arrives, there are usually no batteries inside the package. You will have to buy that yourself.

Does the fotialamp rust?

Because it was made using aluminum, it does not rust. Even when it is bitten by water or rain, it does not rust at all.

Is fotialamp water resistant?

Well, it has an IPX4 water resistance rating. It is readily resistant to splashes and spills but does not do well once submerged inside water.

Does the fotia flashlight have a glass breaker?

Yes, there is a glass breaker that you can use to break glasses in emergency situations instead of using your hand. The glass breaker is located at the head of this lamp and it is very strong.

What is the longest lasting flashlight?

The longest lasting flashlight is the FENIX LD41. It offers the longest runtime of 200 hours before needing a single charge and is powered by four AA batteries. It is very light in weight but the major downside to this flashlight is it’s exorbitant price.

What brand of flashlights do the police use?

It all depends on the region of the police you’re referring to. Some police departments make use of the Fotia lamp while some others make use streamlight stinger.

Conclusion on Folialamp review

The importance of owning a flashlight cannot be overemphasized especially when you work in places where you will be needing them or may you live in places with power outage. You may not even be in any of these categories but will still need one for emergency purposes. It is one tool that every individual if not family should own.

After checking out this lamp very well, we have come to the conclusion that purchasing this lamp is a money well spent. Not only will it last, it also has amazing features that we saw earlier which give you more options when faced with any form of dark environment.

Even if you are skeptical about owning one of these, a discounted price and even the 30 day money back guarantee are all in your favor. If you do not like what you got, you can ask for a refund and that will be done completely.

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