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[Latest June] Healthwatch review: 2020 best buying guide

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Healthwatch Review: Is the device really worth all the hype?

Today we are currently in a world where technology is leading and the great things that accompany it has been making life a bit more enjoyable. The company that produces the Health Watch is one of those companies that has really brought a lot of impacts in the world of technology by the quality filled products they have been producing.

They have produced many smart watches and just from the wake of producing a tactical smartwatch earlier this year, they’ve launched another smartwatch but now with more unique features.

Apart from being cool and trendy, wearing a fitness tracker watch comes with many advantages, especially those that have to do with your health. A good quality fitness watch will not only help you to become more fitness conscious but the data it gives you can also lead you into making critical fitness decisions to improve your health.

However, with so many fitness watches available on the market today, choosing a quality fitness tracker watch with the most helpful features can be quite tasking. This review will basically be about another life-changing product, the Health smartwatch. We would discuss a whole lot of things about this product. Interested? Read on

HealthWatch Review

First unlike what is obtainable in a host of other companies, the health smartwatch which was developed to help track your health records whilst also giving you that trendy, cool and comfortable feel of a smartwatch was designed by a group of health and lifestyle experts. It simply means that a lot of detailed planning, work and action was done before the production of this masterpiece.

Health Watch is an exclusively designed fitness tracker smartwatch that will give you important information about how the various body systems function in real-time. It was practically designed to help people with fitness issues regain their fitness vibes whilst also taking the best decision as with regards their health.

what can this stunning smartwatch actually do?? We’re headed there already. This healthwatch review explains everything you need to know. Just read on.

Healthwatch Review: Specifications

No article will be complete without giving you a piece on the specifications of this smartwatch. Here are the specs of this smartwatch below;

Health WatchSpecifications
Product typeSmartwatch fitness/health tracker
ChargingSupport USB Charging
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0 and above Supports Bluetooth calling
StrapFuturistic Silicon design
Android and iOS CompatibilitySupported International Standard
Waterproof systemIP68 dust proof, waterproof standard design
Battery110mAH 5 – 7 days with 15 days standby
Screen Display1.0 inch large screen HD display; OLED touch screen. OLED low Power consumption and eye protection. 128*96 HD resolution
CasingAlloy delivered
Personal Alarm FunctionHighly supported, International Standard


What are the features of this smartwatch?

Enough with technical speech. Let’s look out the features of this smartwatch and see how it can improve your life.

Design and feel of this smartwatch

healthwatch review
health watch smartwatch

This smart watch is made primarily from high quality materials that make sure it is extremely long lasting. Comes with a futuristic and fashionable design, very extraordinary from what is obtainable in other watches. It is embellished with a silicon strap and alloy casing that feels great when worn, making it perfect for exercise and casual use. It has sleek smooth curves that give it a luxurious feel. It is indeed an elegant classy smartwatch.

IP68 Dust and Water resistant

healthwatch review

It’s ready for virtually everything. The health watch is water and dust resistant. Meaning that it can accompany you to any location of your choice without getting you worried about its safety. Wanna go swimming? You can with your smartwatch. It’s raining and you don’t have an umbrella on you? No need to bother as your smartwatch is IP68 rated water resistant. You accidentaly drop it inside the pool? No need to worry you smartwatch is …. I’m sure you get the point.

Most smartwatches are good with interesting features and all but one area where almost all smartwatches fail is the area where the health watch excels. You need not worry about losing your device to water or dust. It’s all safe.

Equipped With Latest Health Monitor Functions

healthwatch review

This smartwatch can serve as your personal health official. It comes with some cool features that make sure your health is always in check. No room for laziness here. With this really smart watch you have free access to a pedometer (As a side note – Always try to aim for at least 5000 steps, it’s good for you), heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen monitoring technology. With this device you may not need to keep bothering your doctor for minor measurements that can be comfortably carried out by you in the most stressless way ever.

All in all, it ensures that you get the best out of your routine workouts and health too.

Excellent Battery Life With Fast Charge

healthwatch review
healthwatch review

All smartwatches need to be charged at some point in time. It is quite sad that a lot of smartwatches in the marketplace nowadays take all the time in the world to charge. It can be frustrating. How can one buy a smartwatch, spend 80% of the time charging it, 10% of the time worrying about the battery life and just 10% actually wearing and enjoying the experience. It’s ridiculous to me and to any sane mind.

Luckily, with this smart watch that isn’t the case. In fact, it comes with a “fast charge feature” where just a single hour of charging means that the health watch lasts you 5-7 days with 15 days standby time.

Sounds great right? Finally, you can spend less time charging your watch and more time using it

Android and IOS Compatibility

This smartwatch is android and iOS compatible, that means it can easily connect with your everyday mobile devices, allowing you to take phone calls and receive notifications all from the convenience of your wrist. It gives you that extra freedom of controlling your mobile device all from your wrist. Being able to access your phone is important, as is the ability to find it when lost. With this device you can put a call through to your mobile phone in case you misplace it and BOOM you’d locate it.

Multi-Sport Mode

The multi-sport mode in the watch helps in detecting several physical activities such as cycling, running, walking, swimming, and even some of the sports.

In-built Speaker and microphones

health watch

This huge timepiece pairs all its amazing features together with excellent speakers for audio functionality and microphones for clear speech recognition. Not only can these speakers play good music; coupled with its standard microphone, they avail you the opportunity of answering your calls with your smartwatch.

You may begin to wonder, why would I want to use my health watch to answer a call when I have a phone? It’s quite easy if you ask me. In scenarios when you are exercising or your phone isn’t just with you (maybe you are charging in your room), it can be a bother to start scuffling for your phone when you could just pick up the call directly from your smartwatch.

Aside from answering and making calls, this smartwatch can also do a lot of the crucial features a smartphone can do. It can check messages, check your call logs, set alarms and even speak to your calendar to set reminders.

It’s like having the power of a smartphone all in your wrist.



It is also compatible with most smartphones including Android 4.3 and Apple iOS 7.0. And it doesn’t take much time to set up. And it supports Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

Sample Video on healthwatch review

healthwatch review video

What are the top Functions?

Built to be basically a fitness tracker, this smartwatch comes with a lot of killer functions. With this device there’s a lot you can gain access to by mere looking at your wrist. Why don’t we take a look at some of its mind-blowing functions. Join up..

  • Step counter
  • Calorie counter
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Blood Pressure measurement
  • Sleep monitor
  • Personal Alarms
  • Pedometer
  • Message and Notifications
  • Android and iOS compatibility
  • and others

Step Counter

An important feature all smartwatches should have these days is the step counter. A smartwatch without this features isn’t a smartwatch, simple. The watch uses an inbuilt pedometer to track the steps you take during the day, you can then view the data on the dedicated smartphone app.

So if you are the active type ( or trying to be one) you can track your steps for the day, track your steps during a run or track your steps when hiking. You can learn more about how a smartwatch track steps taken by reading this article on

Calorie Counter

Think of this as the older brother of the step counter. It functions by firstly tracking the steps you take and how fast you take those steps, distance traveled and other factors.

This data is then sent to the dedicated smartphone app that runs it through an algorithm that spits out the number of calories burned. It is important to note that the algorithm depends on certain data like your current weight and height in order to give accurate results. If this information isn’t provided via the smartphone app, data based on the weight and height of the average man will be used.

Note, the watch doesn’t actually burn calories for you, it basically tells you the number of calories you are burning, so that you can adjust your food intake for specific weight goals. Any claims stating otherwise is false (Important disclaimer).

Heart Rate Monitor:

This is really a health-minded smartwatch. It can serve as your personal medical officer. It comes with some cool features that make sure your health is always in check. No room for laziness here. To gain that great body frame, you need to perform optimal exercising that includes a stability among period, frequency, intensity and mode.

Furthermore, heart rate is a critical indicator that you can use to measure the extremity of effort and the physiological adaptation of the body. Because of this, tracking your heart rate may be very essential, most importantly in scenarios where you want to pay attention on cardiovascular fitness training and develop a terrific endurance power to hold up with the stressful tempo of an stressful life.

Blood Pressure Measurement

Another unique feature of this smartwatch is the brilliant fact that this watch goes beyond measuring your heart rate and walking steps to even checking your blood pressure and measuring your oxygen levels.

Persons who are currently hypertensive or have risk factors pointing towards hypertension will definitely find this watch to be a gem since they can always know their blood pressure without carrying around the conventional cumbersome sphygmomanometer.

This is really one of the mind-blowing features that gave the device so much hype. Recording something so important as this is unique in that extremely few competitor watches can do it. It achieves this feat through its in-built advanced sensors

Sleep Monitor

According to the  national sleep foundation, the average adult should have an average of 8 hours of sleep daily.   Billionaire investor and founder of Felicis Ventures, Aydin Senkut, wholly agrees (tweet). Anyone that is into making changes to improve their lifestyle for better, should take the advice of such people.

This smart watch has a microchip that tracks body movement during your sleep. This data is analyzed by monitoring applications you can download on your smartphone or tablet. The two will work as a team to unveil vital information about how much you sleep, how many times you woke up during your sleep, daily averages, and more.    

These sleep trackers are great for detecting and improving bedtime habits but it is also important to go to a professional if you find things to be affecting your health. There are great things this smartwatch app can do for the average person but also many things it can’t do for the sleep of people with serious issues.

Personalized Alarms

Here’s one feature that you may not find in other healthwatch review. Unlike some other smartwatches or your conventional alarm devices or clocks, it also has a personal alarm that is discreet, but effective. It wakes only the person who is putting it on up making sure that your partner never gets disturbed while sleeping. This is really a rare to find feature and I do commend the company for that.


It also has a pedometer that tracks your steps making it easy for you to determine how active you were that day. (As a side note – Always try to aim for at least 5000 steps, it’s good for you).

The pedometer also stores your personal high score (number of steps) so you can even turn it into a fun game where you wake up each day with the goal of beating your previous high score. All these are particularly useful when you exercise.

Message Notification and Alerts

 This is a pretty neat feature. You can connect this smart watch to your mobile device, this essentially allows you to sync your notifications such that you get notified from your watch when you have a message or phone call. No more missed phone calls.

Who is this watch for?

healthwatch review

This is an interesting question in this healthwatch review.

But I will do my best to answer it

To maintain the neutrality of this healthwatch review, it is important to note that this device is for anyone who really wants to improve his or her health condition. If you want a smartwatch that would be your fitness companion, helping you gain more from your work out and keeping tabs on your health, the healthwatch is definitely a no brainer for you.

Do you have some underlying health conditions? or you have some fitness goals you would want to keep an eye on? the health smartdevice is really the best option. With this device, you will be able to keep an eye out for a heart attack.

Unlike what is obtainable in some tactical watches, this high end smartwatch has a contemporary looking making it fit for anyone who would want to make use of it daily. With the health watch, you have the rare opportunity of choosing from a variety of colours to match your personality.

It is also a very thoughtful gift for anyone.

Unboxing: What to expect

healthwatch review
healthwatch review

Once your order arrives and you unpack it, you will be receive the following things;

  • The smartwatch itself
  • 110mAh battery
  • A USB charger for charging the battery
  • An instruction manual written in proper English and other languages, including how to download and set up the watch’s application on an iOS or Android device

What are the pros and cons of this device

  • Health Monitoring sensors for heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level
  • Excellent battery life
  • Primarily made from high quality materials that are long-lasting
  • IP68 dust and water resistant
  • Receive weather information to the watch from your smartphone
  • Bluetooth technology that connects to iOS and Android devices
  • Pedometer sensor
  • In-built speaker and microphone for calls and music
  • Push technology for SMS, phone calls, and social media notification
  • Good price to feature ratio in the health and fitness tracker wearables market.
  • Can only be gotten from online stores
  • Repeatedly getting sold out due to demand surge

Is it affordable & Where Can I Get This Health Watch?

An important part of this healthwatch review

Whenever you decide to purchase a product online, the safest and most secure option will always be the product’s official website. Here, you can guarantee that you’ll receive a product that lives up to all your expectations, as well as learn about special offers and promotions attached to these product

The price is a lot cheaper than other smartwatches which are loaded with the same features as the health watch. If you’re interested, click on the button below to navigate to the manufacturer’s page.

Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. and your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

 Update on healthwatch review: The Health smartdevice is currently on a 50% discount, which means you can get this watch for half its original price. The discount has been ongoing and expires on 26th May, 2020. Click the button below to purchase this smart watch at this bargain price, before prices go back up soon.

What are my last words in this healthwatch review

It would be quite bad if I finish this healthwatch review without lending in my thoughts on the master piece with a killer performance.

First, if you successfully read everything up to this point, kudos to you. But more importantly, that means you belong to either of two camps.

Either you’re still on the fence with this smartwatch and you’re not too sure if it’s something you should buy. For these people, unfortunately only you can make that decision for yourself. So just think about and make a decision. My opinion is that the price is low enough, the guarantee and the return policy is in your favor so there is really no risk to you trying out this amazing drone.

The 2nd group of people is those who are interested in getting the and taking advantage of their sweet bargain prices. For this group, I’d say you should act quickly and secure your drone before prices go back up. You can purchase by clicking on the button below.Update – The 50% discount is set to expire on 26 May, 2020.

If you’re keen on achieving a better health and fitness routine, this smartwatch would be one of the best companions you can ever think off.

If you are interested in getting this smartwatch you should click the button below to see if the discount

As always, stay safe

Thank you for reading this healthwatch review

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