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Hearing hero review 2021. does this really amplify sound?

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Hearing hero reviews – does this really amplify sound?

Hearing loss is a normal event that occurs as one ages. However some form of hearing loss can occur at a time that they are not supposed to(premature hearing loss). Many persons do not understand what it means to allow deafness go untrSeated.

Not being able to partake in your daily activities like taking in a music or movie, speaking with friends, hearing your alarm appliances beep essentially cuts one off from his own life. Medical studies carried out on hearing loss have all noted that failure to solve the problem can give rise to some mental and physical illness, the commonest being depression.

On the other hand, some persons who have not tried to treat their hearing loss problems do so because they believe that hearing aids cost a fortune. Well for some aids this is the case while for others it really isn’t. Some senior citizens may equally feel overtaken by technology and therefore see no need to get one.

With this guide, our aim is to discuss a new high-quality hearing aid called hearing hero. We would be reviewing hearing hero because it is good for both people on a budget and those who aren’t. By handling hearing loss when it occurs, senior citizens and persons who have hearing issues can become better equipped to get their hearing back and delay the backlog of issues that come from not hearing well.

If you’re interested to know more about this hearing aid, I’d suggest you read up this hearing hero review.

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Hearing hero reviews

hearing hero

Hearing hero is a hearing aid that helps you amplify the sounds you hear in your ear making them clearer and louder. Saying that the hearing hero is the best hearing aid in the market will not be the truth. However, it is definitely amongst the best hearing aids you can get.

It is an adjustable hearing aid that does not cost a fortune. This aid helps reduce the unnecessary and incessant visits to an ENT doctor. It’s popularity and use by so many people in the world today makes it a good hearing aid to get even before seeing a doctor.

There are two different models of hearing hero aid. Namely, the Clear 107H and the Gio402BT. The major difference between the two is the fact that the Gio402 BT comes with its own app that is compatible with iOS and android operating systems. All you need do is connects to the APP on your smartphone using Bluetooth. The app gives you access to control this hearing aid without touching any buttons on its physical body.

You can reduce or increase volume by mere using the application. Best is the fact they they use size 13 zinc-air batteries that last very long.

Technical Facts of Hearing hero

In this section of the hearing hero review, we would be looking at the tech facts. Below are the technical capabilities of this hearing aid that makes it quite unique and different from the regular hearing aids that patrol the hearing loss market as savers. Perhaps the following facts will make you understand what separates this aid from the others

Peak gain30dB minimum
Frequencyit is about 300Hz to 5800Hz
Equivalent input level of noiseIt is less than 35dB SPL
Battery capacityWhen charged fully, its size 13 zinc-air battery can last for 1-2 weeks before needing a recharge.
Max OSPL90113dB minimum
TDH at 500, 800 and 1600HzIt is less than 3% (nice stuff)
HF averageOSPL90 105-114dB
What comes with the package1 x premium analogue hearing tech
6 x silicon ear buds
1 x left and right sound tube
1 x cleaning brush, carry case and instruction manual
hearing hero review

Generally for persons who may not understand these terms, here is a little summary of what they mean or explain to you.

  • High quality audio amplifier
  • Extensive battery life
  • zero noise production
  • Noise reduction
  • Built with high quality electronic chips
  • Mobile phones do not interfere with the aid
  • Complies with the standards set by FDA
hearing hero reviews

What are the features of this hearing aid (hearing hero review)

Ear compatibility and comfortability

Imagine putting on an ear device and it falls off without you knowing. That is the case with a lot of hearing aids, ear buds and even ear piece. A person with a hearing loss will always want to go for a device that fits perfectly into the ears. You cannot stand

Loud and clear

From the instant that you wear this device on your ear you will begin to hear things clearer and louder without straining your ear. You will no longer need to ask people to repeat themselves. No more “pardon”, “can you repeat”, “eh”, “what did you just say?”. All these things will be forgotten experiences once you use it properly.

Adjustable, multi-level ASP

This hearing hero piece has an Analog signal processor. Sound waves are smooth and always continuous. The amplifies present amplify these sounds and transmit them intelligibly to the ears and then brain for correct and precise interpretation

Extensive battery life

This is one good thing about the hearing hero hearing aid. It makes use of a size 13 zinc-air battery lasts for a very long time. One battery of this product can last for as long as two weeks with active usage. It also has a soft indicator life that comes on whenever the battery power is weak. That way you remain aware of the amount of battery power remaining.

Customizable settings

This hearing aid comes with four different hearing amplifier volumes that you can choose from. All you need do is switch between the four levels to get the one that suits you best. It also comes with a noise reduction mode that helps to reduce background noise to the barest minimum

High quality electronic chips

This product is made with airplane-quality microchips that amplify sound and produce sound waves for optimal hearing. It’s micro-speaker also ensure that sound is crystal clear and pitch perfect. The micro-amplifier inside the device reduces or increases sounds well in other to prevent a strong feedback to your ear drums

How does hearing hero pro work?

This is another important aspect of this hearing hero review. In this section we will explain the working mechanism of this device. The things that make it efficient and one of the best aids in the market

However, before we kick off, it is strongly advised that you go through your hearing hero manual if you happen to have any major challenge as with its usage

There isn’t really a huge difference in the way the hearing hero aid works when compared to some of the best aids out there. The unit works by perceiving sound and amplifying them using its inbuilt micro-amplifier unit to make things clear and pitch perfect to you with regards to the amplification level that was set.

There are two settings for this hearing aid. They are the T and N settings. I will go on to explain these two settings and the setting that is best for a particular group.

When set at the T level settings, hearing hero increases the treble and reduces the bass. This is particularly important and helpful when the person who is suffering from the hearing loss wants to talk to another person and would need the background noise reduced or removed totally. In this setting, this hearing support focuses more on the sounds being made by the individual speaking, shutting out all surrounding noise to an extent but not completely.

You can always increase or reduce the sound you’re hearing using the dial for volume in your hearing hero hearing aid.

The second setting is the N (Normal functioning) setting that allows you hear all background noise crystal clear. That way you can still hear all the sounds that occur naturally in real life as though you hadn’t any hearing aid on.

As we know, loss of hearing could present as a conductive or sensorineural issue. When one suffers hearing loss as a result of poor conduction of sounds through the ear, it could be that the ear canal is blocked by wax, an ear infection, foreign bodies, an ear trauma or a even a structural anomaly.

However, persons who present with sensorineural deafness may have been as a result of aging, genetics and constant “vibing”/ listening to very loud songs.

To make things quite easy for you, hearing hear aid was designed particularly for those with sensorineural deafness but can sometimes work for persons with conductive deafness. It is important to note that there are extreme situations where the device may not be able to bring back hearing. Cases like that are quite rare and most often than not require surgical intervention.

If the battery goes low, there is a beep sound that comes. It simply means that you will need to recharge the batteries.

Does everyone need this hearing aid? [Hearing hero review]

In this section of the hearing hero review, I will give my fact on who needs to own this device. Apparently, not everyone needs to go for it. I will explain my reasons and point out the particular group that should go for one.

This hearing aid is particularly suitable for persons who suffer from sensorineural deafness. There are lots of factors responsible for sensorineural deafness and one of such is aging. As one gets older, there’s a tendency that the systems of the body begin to get weaker and weaker due to the reduction in activity of the neurons that work to coordinate these activities well.

If you’re in such category, it will be good to try these aids on. They go a long way to improve your sense of hearing.

However, if you have a conductive type of hearing loss, my humble advise is that you treat the underlying problem first before making use of this hearing aid.

If you have excess wax inside your ear canal, clear them up. There are product meant for that. If you have any ear infection, visit a doctor to prescribe drugs that can heal them. If you a foreign object mistakenly found its way into your ear, visit a doctor to remove it. Hearing aids will never solve your hearing loss problem if you fall into any of these categories that I have mentioned here.

One last advise, these wonderful hearing aids should not replace your visit to a qualified health professional.

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Things needed to be considered before putting on this hearing aid (Hearing hero reviews)

It is very important to take note of this section of the hearing loss review if you don’t want any problems trying to make good use of this aid.

You need to understand that the settings must be made before inserting it into the ears. This aid supports the amplification of sound and total noise elimination. It has in-built microphone, amplifier, receiver and batteries. These help listening crystal clear and understanding very easy. With it, you can simply hear sounds better and also get your life back.

You do not need any special skills to operate or maintain this aid. If at any point you feel that it is beginning to deteriorate in function after some time, kindly recharge the batteries or in worse case scenario change them. That is all you need to do.

hearing hero reviews

Hearing hero review – Are there Pros and Cons of this amplifier?


  • It has very long lasting batteries
  • It fits very well to the ears
  • Sound can be amplified to whatever volume you desire
  • Care was taken to give you control over noise. You can reduce background noise to the barest minimum just with a tap. That way you can even sleep with them on as they block out any form of noise in the background
  • You can switch between two modes, T-and-N modes depending on the way you want to hear your sound
  • It is suitable for all age groups
  • It costs a fraction of what other hearing aids cost and is still in the league of the very best hearing aids.


  • It is only available online
  • For some countries with restrictions due to the current global pandemic, orders may get to them in about three weeks. However, countries that have relaxed their restrictions will get their orders with the shortest possible time.
  • There are no colors to choose from. They come in just one color.
hearing hero price
hearing hero reviews

What is the price of hearing hero?

Hearing hero currently comes with a super special offer. When you purchase 1 of this hearing aid, you get a 35% discount off its regular price. So you get to own one for about $199.9. If you purchase 2 hearing hero pros, you get it at 184.50 instead of $369.00. Three is sold $153.50 as a result of a 50% discount.

However, if you decide to purchase 100 of this piece for the first time, you will get a 40% discount sale from its regular price and will be gifted a second hearing device all for free.

Offer lasts while stock lasts.

Manufacturer’s details (Hearing hero review)

Hearing hero pro is the name of the company behind this reputable product. They say the work hard to provide you with the most reputable product in the market that improves your communication. Aside from listening to sounds, your ears are also there to help you enjoy movies, music, courses, lectures, comedy and a host of other great things.

Combining technology with human sense has indeed being the driving force towards this innovation. Produce by experienced engineers, their products are there to ease of any tensions that comes with reduced hearing.

To show the faith reposed in their product, there is a 45 day money refund policy on this hearing aid. You will be allowed to use the product for 45 days. If you do not like what you have, you can return it in good shape and your money will be refunded completely.

When you purchase this hearing aid from the manufacturer’s website, you will also get some special bonuses like a free premium storage case, free ear-buds pack for the perfect fit and a priority shipping that does not cost you money.

You can contact the manufacturer’s customer service using this main mailto:customerservice@livehealthierjournal.com, custsupport@buyhearinghero.com or you can dial the phone no +1-800-405-8934. You will be attended to very well.

Where can you make your purchase? (Hearing hero reviews)

It is best to purchase products from the manufacturer when you have direct access to them. This cuts off any activities of middle men. It not only makes things cheaper, it equally guarantees that you get the product you are searching for and also enjoy special discounts, money refund policies and bonuses attached to the product

(Hearing hero review) Customer thoughts

While putting out this hearing hero review, in addition to our own analysis we had to equally search for customer reviews from verified purchases. Below is what we found

I’m really grateful for these wonderful hearing aids that are not expensive. I initially never wanted to key into this particular hearing aid since I had bought my first hearing aid for about $4300 and it didn’t work. On a second thought, I just had to test this one since it was quite cheap and to my utmost surprise it became my luck charm. I’m so happy. I now have my hearing back and better now. Highly recommended – Angelica T

I got 4 of this hearing hero pro aid and so far they have been doing a great job on my hearing. The sounds and voices I hear are clear. Now, I can hear people speaking normally. I don’t have to strain my ears or plead that words be spoke again. I now enjoy my conferences better because I can now hear and equally contribute well to any discussion on ground. Michael S.

If you have no hearing loss issue you may not understand the type of life you have. I have suffered hearing loss for 5 years now. It all started as a joke till it became quite serious. I had been to the clinic on several occasions and my listening got better. However, from time to time I still had hearing setbacks. I needed a one time solution and stumbled upon hearing hero pro. After purchasing and using it, I’m grateful I bought it. My hearing has now improved by 90% to what it used to be. – Soma C.

Aside the fact that I now hear better, the thing I like best about this hearing aid is that fact that it fits on my ears perfectly. I do not have to bother about them falling off. Also, I can also increase the volume of sound transmitted and also reduce noise to the barest minimum. I love it. – Dympha Y.

Finally got to get this ear aid and I’m glad. It is the best $150 I’ve spent in a while now. Quality product. – Mark A.

Question people also ask (Hearing hero reviews)

Does hearing hero really work or scam?

To be honest, hearing hero works well. It is a small but high quality sound amplifying product. It works best for persons with sensorineural deafness. If you have conductive deafness as a result of too much ear wax, structural anomalies, tiny ear canal, this product may not be the best for you. I suggest you see a medical practitioner

What makes hearing hero pro so popular?

The truth is, its popularity is attributed to two things: its size and effectiveness. It comes super close to listening with the human ear and you can have great control over it.

Can hearing hero reduce noise

Yes of course, the device comes with two settings. One the T setting and the other the N setting. The T setting when used reduced background noise to the barest minimum if you so desire. Noise reduction in addition to volume suppression is one of the great things about this hearing aid. It’s a 5 star over there.

Is hearing hero suitable for a layman

Of course, you don’t need any special skills, powers or technical know-how to be able to control or operate this device. It was made super easy for you to use. Whether you are old or young, you will have no difficulty trying to make use of this device. All you need to know are contained in its manual. You can also check YouTube for more information if you still don’t understand. But trust me, you should!

Conclusion (Hearing hero review)

Hearing loss is really a common problem in the world today. It not only affects the elderly. The younger ones are starting to get involved. There are lots of explainable and unexplainable reasons for this. However, one thing is certain, we need to get our hearing back and as fast as possible.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. With a satisfaction guarantee, discount sale and a 100% 45 day money refund policy I feel that all the odds are in your favor.

Thank you for reading our hearing hero review.

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