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Herculian Spring Review: [Don’t Spend your money till you’ve read this 2021]

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An average adult human weighs above 50kg, and understandably, most of this weight is borne by the lower limb when the individual stands, and by the tuberosity of the ischium ( one of the hip bones) when the person sits.

It is expected that over time, these weight bearing centers will start to wear and tear, making some postures quite discomforting or altogether impossible. These degenerations are usually age-related,  but they can still be witnessed in young people, mostly among those who carry out hard labour as part of their daily routine. Also, certain disease states target these weight bearing centers too.

In such cases, the knee joint is mostly implicated. Think of which joint you feel the most pain after having to stand or walk about for very long hours or after strenuous physical activities like hiking, jogging, running, golfing, playing soccer etc.

Your guess is as good as mine — the knee joint. This article will be reviewing a product that is claimed to large relieve the knee joints of their weight-bearing function, thereby prolonging their activity by reducing strain, wear and tear of the knee joint components, either proactively or when one or two joint diseases like arthritis, tendinitis, torn meniscus etc have set in.

The product is known as Herculian Spring.

Read on this herculian spring review to know more..

herculian spring review

What is Herculian Spring?

Herculian Spring Knee Joint Support is a revolutionary product that grips your thighs and calves, and dramatically reduces the amount of noxious pressure exerted on the knee joints. Getting rid of this much pressure from the knee joints can increase one’s endurance, protect one against  inadvertent injuries, and can help one lift heavy objects without much ado!

It is especially important for people who work out, go hiking, cycling, jogging, skipping, golfing, etc.  It is also extraordinarily useful to those who do a lot of weight lifting at work.

These Power Knee Stabilizer Pads are revolutionary products that permit you to raise your knee easily when you squat or bend on both legs.

It is made from specially manufactured spring bound to a support pad made of an alloy of aluminum. It actually adds a spring to your step! You know what that means? By simply wearing a pair of Herculian Spring, a total weight pressure of about 40 kg bypasses your knees! bringing about an utter stress relief, preventing joint fatigue and soreness, swelling up, or even traumatic joint injuries!

It is excellent for those who do aerobic workouts like squatting and skipping, workers who crouch all day, delivery agents who carry packages every day, or hikers walking up and down rocky and hilly mountains.

This product from our experience offers strong support, and general protection and cushioning, superior to  aIl other existing products designed to serve similar functions. The pad is made from breathable fabric which drains sweat quickly and keeps the knees moisture-free and odour-free, allowing the user to function for long hours of uninterrupted use, providing premium support to bones and other joint components, allowing for a perfect  balance, shock absorbance and joint protection in general!

What are the features of Herculian Spring Knee Bracing Device

herculian spring review

Knee Brace

The mesh is made of breathable non-slip materials which can be worn either directly on the bare skin or over the trousers. Because of the compressibility, it doesn’t irritate the skin at all even during vigorous physical activities.

Powerful Spring

This is a pair of Knee Protection Boosters with improved thickened strong spring, it can lighten up to 50kg in total from your own weight! It works to support your thighs and calves, effectively reducing the pressure on your knees.

It is available to support your thighs and calves, and enable you lift each knee easily while walking and doing other exercises in order to effectively reduce the pressure on your knees.

Newest Design

2020 Ultramodern Knee Protection Booster: Compression knee sleeve provides all dimensional protection to give you high ceiling support. It is perfect for people with injuries of the knee and tendons, providing pain relief and accelerated healing. This knee brace is suitable for adult men and women, especially the elderly.

It is effective  in providing relief for knee pains, arthritis(rheumatoid or osteo-), Gonitis, Meniscus Tears, etc.

This Joint Support Knee Pads do not limit your movement at all, allowing you to carry out entirely any physical activity easily.

One Size Fits All

This knee pad has adjustable straps which  make it suitable for most body sizes. Herculian spring™ is designed with a sticker which is easily adjustable and close-fitting. These knee pads work to support the thighs and calves, thereby effectively reducing the weight or pressure on the knees.

Upgraded metal springs, breathable mesh, comfy non-slip fabric which can be worn directly around the bare knees or over the pants with equal ease.

There is no restriction of movement whatsoever with Herculian Spring. The paddings are perfect for walking either up or down a staircase or an incline. The bendability of the knees is generally minimized during any form of mobility so the effect is very good.

It is therefore suitable for all sporting activities that involve great stress on the joints: eg, running, soccer, golfing, skipping, hiking, volleyball, skiing etc.


Herculian-spring knee pads use breathable/compressible mesh and a non-slip fabric. This makes it very comfortable so it can be worn either  directly around the bare knees or over the pants/trousers. It helps restore lightness to your steps and enables  you complete your scheduled tasks more efficiently.

Reliable and safe

Herculian-spring is made of super hard materials, thus eliminating the fear that it might break during strenuous activity and hurt the wearer. This doesn’t happen because of the high tensile strength of the materials.

What is actually Special about this knee brace?

  • Herculian spring warms, lubricates and cushions your joints against injuries.
  • It is perfect for people who walk on hard surfaces almost throughout the day.
  • It is built in a contoured fit which allows for premium comfort and never allows slippage.
  • It allows full range of stability in motion without spraining or twisting.
  • It comes in flattened profile & sleek design in such a way that no one will know you’re wearing it underneath long trousers.
  • It can be worn either on bare skin  or over your trousers without compromising the efficiency.
  • It is made from lightweight and durable  aluminum alloy.
  • Breathable or compressible  lightweight material permits air flow and easy movement
  • It has adjustable straps which can be altered to suit any body size, thus it is equally suitable and fashionable for men and women alike.

Herculian Spring Review: Why do I need this?

herculian spring

Oftentimes, even though we don’t pay much attention to the pain on our knees when we walk or do vigorous or reckless exercise, it doesn’t rule out the fact that it affects our joints adversely, and if we continue to ignore, the damage will keep expanding silently.

Measures to improve knee function and protect the knee joint against injuries will include minimizing the amount of pressure transmitted by the joint. One of the earliest indications of deteriorating knee joint function is the feeling of steps getting heavy and burdensome.   

Therefore, knee joint swelling, soreness, stiffness, etc can be curtailed and skeletal tissue recovery can be enhanced by the use of Herculian Spring.

Knee pain or knee joint stiffness needs to be attended to, instead of neglecting it or leaving it to heal on its own.

This is where Herculian Spring knee support pad comes in. By transmitting weight straight from the thigh to the calf, bypassing the knee, it sets the stage for healing and repair of whatsoever injury the knee has sustained, while at the same time allowing proper and uncompromised use of the lower limb(s).

So people who fall in the above category are advised to get knee braces.

Who is the product suitable for?

The product is fashioned especially for individuals with deteriorating knee joint functions, as in those who now find it increasingly difficult to do normal activities like climbing stairs and steep roads, walking long distances, skipping, weight lifting and other gymnastics.

Also those who have undergone knee surgeries and need to be mobilized immediately, probably because their job doesn’t allow prolonged bed rest, will find the product especially useful. Because with the product worn around the knee, about 40 to 50 kilograms of pressure is passed from the thigh to the calf, bypassing the knee completely. This allows the knee joint to heal completely from any form of fatigue or articular malady.

The product is especially perfect for people who have knee-joint and/or tendon injuries, providing relief of pain  and quick wound healing, it also relieves pain due to arthritis, torn meniscus, tendinitis, chondromalacia, osteoarthritis, guards against hyperextension, et cetera.

This Herculian Spring knee booster is fashioned with a powerfully rebounding spring, which functions as shock absorber offering premium knee protection. Each of the tibial protection booster braces can withstand up to a weight of 20 kg. Each provides effective support for the thighs and calves, thereby reducing the pressure to the knee joint.

The product has adjustable straps which make this knee pad very suitable for almost all human sizes. Upper strap is 700mm; Lower strap is 600mm.

Herculian spring knee pads have very strong lifting power and  work to support the thighs and calves, effectively minimizing the pressure on the knees. It also possesses upgraded metal springs, breathable mesh material and comfy non-slip fabric. It can be worn either directly around the bare knee or on the outside of the  pants.

What do we LIKE about this product?


Very few people will like to purchase a product that has the power to dig huge holes in their pocket. Not to worry as the herculian spring knee braces are very affordable. One pair of Herculian Spring is sold at $59.99 but this is due to the current 50% discount promo offer currently going on in the manufacturer’s website.

If you want to buy two pairs, you can get them at $54/pair. The price is further slashed to $50/pair if you want to buy three pairs. Meanwhile, it’s good to understand that these are highly discounted prices and could go back to the original prices any time soon.

 Breathable Material

This innovative knee pads is fashioned with a breathable mesh and a non-slip fabric, making it absolutely comfortable whether worn directly around the bare knees or over pants.

A Solution to Relieve Knee Pain

Herculianspring is needed by both males and females especially elderly ones who have begun to experience knee joint pain. Even without taking any drugs again, knee braces alone facilitate healing and pain relief, and still allows the wearer to engage in their normal activities like taking a walk, hiking, cycling etc.

Reducing the Pressure on your Knees

Even those who haven’t started experiencing degeneration on the knee joint, but who have a family history of age-related knee joint pathologies are advised to wear these braces prophylactically as they reduce the tendencies of developing the disease by reducing the pressure that passes through the knee joint.

Premium Material

The product is made of breathable non-slip mesh which makes it possible to be worn without any discomfort, even during vigorous physical activities like hiking, soccer, running and so on. The fabric is also hardy and doesn’t fall apart during use. It doesn’t irritate the skin or draw tension lines on the skin.


This product has three functions

  • it functions as a knee booster
  • it also functions as a knee fixation support
  • and as a patella band.

Its main function is to take pressure off your knees, making your steps lighter. They therefore prevent excessive flexion of the knee, foster relief to knee pain due to arthritis, tendinitis, meniscus tears etc. Initially, the user might find the use of Herculian Spring a little weird, but adaptation to it occurs shortly after.

The amiable customer service should be contacted if the user has any difficulty using the braces.

Strong boost for your exercise

The knee braces do not limit physical activity, rather they boost every form of physical activity, making you last longer without getting tired.

eco-friendly material

The product is made from environmentally friendly materials which pose no threat to the environment even when they have been disposed.

100% Satisfaction guarantee

The manufacturer guarantees satisfaction while using this product, but in case of any dissatisfaction, the user should contact customer service. If the problem is severe, the product may be returned and a new one issued altogether.

(Herculian Spring Review): What don’t we like about this product?

First, we wished it comes in tonnes of colours but at the moment, we can only say it comes in black. Should any new colours be added, we will update this review immediately.

Due to the surge in demand, product availability is quite limited.

How to wear Herculian Spring

Care should be taken in putting on this knee braces. This is because you can only get the support that this product gives only when worn correctly.

Putting the herculian spring on is one of the easiest things to ever do. It does not need any technicalities. The pad is put on behind the knee as the wearer connects its support straps on the front of the leg, but above the knee.

Immediately after successfully fastening the support straps, the wearer can now adjust the height and connect the lower support strap.

Once you’ve succeeded [even a baby should] in putting on these support braces on, you can simply start making use of it. It does not require anything to be activated, neither does it require any button.

Once you start moving, the pressure of the spring does all of the work perfectly.

What have customers said? Legit or Scam?

Here’s what persons who have made a purchase about this product have said.

herculian spring review

Where can I buy it?

Our audience are usually advised to buy products directly from the manufacturer’s official website in order to avoid being scammed by cyber hoodlums. This will also ensure the customers access any discount offered by the manufacturer.

You can click the link below to be directed to the manufacturer’s official website.

Herculian Spring Review: Final Recommendations

People living with arthritis or other articular defects of the knee who are searching for a knee bracing device which provides full support are advised to check out herculian spring knee brace.

It offers comfort and stable support during exercising or even at rest, and the open kneecap design allows your kneecap to shift around normally without going out of its range of proper alignment.

It has adjustable multi velcro closures, alongside non-slip silicone strips such help you achieve a perfect fit. It also has coil stabilizers located inside the brace which help align and maintain the knee joint in proper position without bringing about stiffness and discomfort.

Living with arthritis can be quite burdensome and expensive. The patient and relatives are faced with never ending visits to hospitals, purchase of medications, physiotherapy, and a host of other treatment regimens.

All theses are very expensive as you can find yourself paying a huge amount of money just in order to feel comfortable. This knee brace is a pocket-friendly option for people living  with arthritis and related articular dysfunctions, although they do not completely exclude other treatment procedures, they reduce the frequency at which those services are needed.

The twin hinges on this brace allow for full flexion and extension of your knee without the occurrence of hyperextension or loss of support. It is  self-adjusting, so you won’t have to fumble with it especially in public trying to adjust it to a comfortable fit.

Herculian Spring possess crisscrossing adjustable straps just above & below the knee joint whose function is provision of additional support. Also the brace’s fabric has an antimicrobial effect, completely excluding germs and odours.

Finally, it is important that the customer understands that herculian spring is not to serve as a substitute for the normal treatments received on account of the above-mentioned joint conditions, but to provide complementary relief, thereby improving the quality of life and hastening recovery and tissue repair.

Thank you for reading our herculian spring review.

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