huusk handmade knife reviews

Huusk handmade knife review 2021; what makes this knife unique?

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Huusk handmade knife review

Are you a chef, a butcher, a kitchen lover? Or you want to upgrade your kitchen utensils? If yes, then you need to read through this because I am about to offer you a lifetime and easy-to-use utensil to help you prepare your meals skillfully and excellently and beautify your kitchen. There are so many utensils and appliances you can find in the kitchen, and all these utensils and appliances have their specific work in the kitchen. Some are used for whisking, frying, slicing, cutting, mincing, blending, pureeing, and chopping.

Lately, Technological innovation has made it possible for better versions of some of these handy kitchen utensils to be available. From grinding stones to blenders, from using forks to beat eggs to whiskers, and so on. But one thing has always been there from the old times till now and that is knives. Yes knives, this utensil is needed in the kitchen for different purposes like pureeing, cutting, slicing, shredding, and chopping different food materials or items.

But as a chef or kitchen lover, you know that not every knife can do all these mentioned above, some knives are specifically designed for cutting, shredding, or maybe slicing and you will spend a lot of money trying to get each knife for its specific function.

Some of these knives sold in the market are not so sharp, making cutting, chopping, and slicing difficult for its user. Well, there is a handmade knife sold in the market which has sharp and long-lasting blades, is affordable, lasts for a long time, and can also do perform a lot of activities in the kitchen.

Have you heard of the all-purpose chef’s knife? You may have not or maybe you have, well if you have you shouldn’t leave because there are so many features of this knife that you do not know. If you want to know the features, pros, cons, and why this knife is in high demand in so many countries like Australia, Japan, and the United States, read the review below. This review is structured to give you all the information you need to know if this knife fits into your kitchen or not.

huusk handmade knife review

Huusk Handmade Knife review

What is a Huusk handmade knife? This is a handmade, lightweight, and all-purpose Japanese knife. This knife looks like the katanas for legendary Samurai by the Japanese warriors. It has a very sharp stainless and noncorrosive curved blade, this feature makes it easy and fast for you to chop, cut or slice your vegetables, fruits, or meat.

The Japanese word Huusk means masterpiece and I can tell you that this knife is a masterpiece put together for the art of cooking.

It is lightweight and portable hence using it won’t be stressful. It has a handle made with an oak wood or carbon onyx material for efficient gripping and control of the knife. There is also a hole on the blade where you can put your fingers for a better grip when slicing or chopping vegetables, onions, or any food item.

Huusk handmade knife is built traditionally using the hand shaping and forging technique. This is a Japanese style. It can be called a three-in-one utensil because it can serve as a kitchen knife, utility knife, and outdoor knife. Instead of purchasing a knife per function, purchase Huusk handmade knife and get it all in one knife.

It is very easy and simple to use this knife. As a chef, a butcher, or kitchen lover all you need for fast, easy, and effective cooking is this handmade knife. If you are on the look for a knife of high quality, reliability, flexibility, and efficiency, Huusk handmade knife is what you need.

huusk handmade knives review

Whar are the specifications of huusk handmade knife?

Here are the unique specifications of this highly demanded Japanese knife.

1. The full length of this knife which is the length of the handle and the length of the blade is 28cm/11inches.

2. The full width of the knife which is the width of the blade and that of the handle is 5cm/ 5 inches.

3. The length of the blade is 15.5cm/6inches.

4. It weighs 252g/0.5 pound.

5. It has an angle curve of 38 degrees.

6. It is made with a non-corrosive and stainless steel (18/10 electroplated).

7. The handle is made with an oak wood or carbon onyx material.

Benefits of making use of the huusk hand made knife

 1. Non-corrosive and rust-free:

Huusk handmade knife is designed using a formulated high carbon 7CR17MOV stainless steel. This stainless steel keeps this knife from rusting or getting stained. So you can enjoy your knife without the worries that it will get rusty.

2. It is easy to sharpen and has a well-designed handle:

If this knife becomes blunt which rarely happens, sharpening it is so easy and doesn’t need much since it was made traditionally. The handle is made of oak wood or carbon onyx which makes it resistant to heat, cold, and moisture. The design of the handle makes it comfortable, strong, and easy to grip and use.

3. It is built with a sharp and strong blade:

Random kitchen knives cannot be as sharp as the Huusk handmade knife. The sharpness of this knife makes it easy for you to chop and cut whatever food item you want. If you have used a blunt knife you will know hard and bad it makes what you are cutting look. Use a Huusk knife and get the exact shape and size you want when cutting your vegetables, fruits or meat.

4. It comes in a classy package:

This knife comes in a very attractive and classy package. Do you know that you can gift your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, daddy, or anyone who enjoys cooking this amazing knife? Yes, you can, and guess what, they will love it. You can’t be a chef without this knife and your kitchen is not complete until you purchase this Huusk knife.

5. It is lightweight:

Huusk is not heavy at all. It weighs 0.5 pounds. Wow, this knife is kind of weightless. You can use this knife easily because it has close to no weight. No stress and muscle pain while using it to chop your carrots, cucumber, or fruits.

6. Convenient and comfortable for use:

This huusk knife is designed to give its users comfort while in the kitchen. There is an extra hole on the knife’s blade for putting your finger for extra comfort while using the knife to do whatever in the kitchen or anywhere. It has a curved and sharp blade, which makes it fast in chopping food items.

7. Lifetime guarantee:

The makers of this knife have given anyone that purchases from the official site a 100% lifetime guarantee if this knife should develop a fault that is from the makers. This doesn’t mean that the makers of this knife do not put in the max effort to build the best for you.

huusk handmade knife

Who is this huusk knife made for?

   It is made for you, the chef, the butcher, kitchen lover, and everyone. If you are a chef, then this knife is a must-have. It simplifies your job, gives you exactly the kind of shape you want without stress.

Cost? I know that with the unique features of this knife you will expect the price to be high but there is no need to be worried because this knife is sold at a very affordable price. Huusk is a piece of work designed to satisfy the art of cooking and the kitchen.

This knife is for you, your friends and anyone that loves the kitchen. Get yours now that there is still a discount offer.

How To Take Care Of Your Huusk Handmade Knife.

If you want anything you have to last the test of time, you must take care of it and your knife is no exception. When you take good care of your Huusk handmade knife it will serve you for a longer time.

 Now how do you take care of your Huusk handmade knife? Remember if you do not take care of your knife it becomes bad and won’t give you the desired result. Unlike other knives, Huusk handmade knife is very easy and cheap to maintain and care for.

  Follow the outlined and keep your Huusk functioning properly all the time.

1. After using your husk handmade knife, you wash it and dry it and return it to its classy box or a rack. This helps sustain its sharpness.

2. To maintain the cutting, chopping, and slicing ability of the Huusk handmade knife, you should sharpen the knife regularly. The traditional whetstone which is the safest can be used but you can also use some pull-through sharpen tools with honing steels. But remember, you need to sharpen the scissors properly before using them.

3. When slicing, cutting, or chopping fruits, vegetables or anything in the kitchen use a board that is smoother than the blade. Do not use plastic or wood to avoid getting your knife blunt.

4. After using the knife, you should wash and dry it because if you leave the food particle on it there may be a reaction on the knife leading to corrosion or rust.

5. Avoid washing your Hussk handmade knife with detergents or dishwashers. The manufacturers of this knife advise that you should wash it with water, just water to avoid bluntness and rust.

If you follow this outlined way of taking care of your Huusk knife, your knife will last for as long as you want.

image 3

Pros (huusk handmade knife review)

The pros are:

1. They are made with good handles to give you the comfort and balance you need when cutting with the knife.

2. The blade is made with highly formulated carbon stainless steel. This stainless steel keeps it from rusting.

3. The blade is curved and sharp making cutting very easy and fast.

4. It is very light and portable. So light to cut vegetables easily and heavy to cut meat.

5. It is sold at a good rate allowing every chef to add a great utensil to the one they already have.

6. It has a 100% lifetime guarantee once you take care if it properly.

Cons (huusk knife review)

1. Due to the high demand and popularity of this handmade knife, it is always limited in stock or not in stock.

2. You can only purchase it online. And purchase from the official site to get the best quality.

Where can I buy huusk handmade knife?

 At this point, you should have decided if you want this knife to be a part of your kitchen utensils or not.

  Buy from the official site, that is click the link below. There may be other sellers of this knife but to ensure that you get the original Huusk handmade knife, buy it from the official site.

Reasons you should buy your huusk handmade knife from the official site are:

-To ensure what you got is the original version.

-You don’t get scammed by internet fraudsters.

And lastly, to be eligible for the 100% lifetime guarantee.

So, click the button below and get your classy packaged handmade knife delivered to you at your doorstep.

How much is huusk hand made knife

When you check all the features of this hand made knife, you will know that it is very affordable. Unlike those knives that are so expensive yet get blunt fast, are not resistant to rust, and are made with fancy handles that can fall out at any point. Husk handmade knife is resistant to rust, the handles are made with good materials and lastly, the blades are so sharp.

The price of the Huusk handmade knife are:

One Huusk knife is sold at $29.95 instead of $59.95

Two Husk hand-made knives are sold at $49.95 instead of $99.88

Three Huusk hand made knives are sold at $65.94 instead of $131.88

Four Huusk knives are sold at $79.92 instead of $159.84

Note that all these above are the discounted price. And you purchase this now that the discount offer is still available because when it ends all the knives goes back to their normal prices. Discount offers and special offers do not last for a long time. It may end today, tomorrow or even next year but to be safer purchase yours now.

“CLICK HERE” to get yours now

Customers feedback (huusk handmade knives review)

Below are a few review and feedbacks got from customers that have purchased and used this knife.

David B.C

I am Chef, this knife is a well-designed piece of work. I love the handle; it allows for easy grip and control. It is so light that handling it doesn’t cause me any pain. Since I got this huusk handmade knife, I have fallen in love with my job more.

Alex E.O

It is a high-quality knife. It’s chopping ability is so good that I enjoy chopping food items now. The blades are also very sharp and can cut anything just on a touch. I like the extra hole created it helps me have a better grip when cutting vegetables.

Justin B. A

This knife is one of the best kitchen utensils I have gotten. It is very effective and affordable. In addition to its affordability, it is delivered in time. Everything about husk hand-made knife gives me joy. I am satisfied with this product.

Frequently asked questions about huusk hand made knife

Can I use Huusk hand-made knife although I am not a chef?

  Yes, you can. Huusk handmade knife is designed for anyone who loves the kitchen, whether you are a chef or not. It is designed with a good handle for easy grip and control. It also had a hole for extra grip and control whenever you want. It is curved and sharp for easy cutting of anything. You can use the Huusk handmade knife.

What kind of material is used to make the Huusk handmade knife

   Huusk handmade knife is made with high-quality materials which are 18/10 electroplated stainless steel and the handle is made of carbon onyx material.

Can I return the product if the one I get is faulty?

  Yes, you can return it so long as the fault is a company fault and not yours. Contact our customer support at You will provide detailed info about the fault and if warranty conditions apply, we will change it.

Final verdict

For persons who really want to reduce the amount of risks, stress and pressure they face while cooking, I feel that the huusk hand made knife is just for you. We painstakingly talked explained all that pertains to this knife and we know that the ball in now comfortably in your court to make a decision.

At this point, you should have decided on whether you want this unique and all-in-one knife or not. As a chef, a cook, or kitchen lover how can you cook without a Huusk handmade knife.

Huusk hand-made knife is designed to give everything other kitchen knives will offer and even more. It is affordable, effective, and long-lasting. It is also resistant to corrosion and rust.

If you want a reliable, efficient, and unique knife for your cutting, chopping, slicing, and pureeing affairs in the kitchen then getting this knife will be the best move to make now.

Why did I say now? I did because there is a current special offer discount that will allow buying this knife at a lower price. Special offers do not last.

“CLICK HERE” and get your own knife at the Official Selling website today.

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