InfinitiKloud Review [2020]: Is this a great backup device?

InfinitiKloud Reviews

What could be more worrisome than the thought of waking up to lost data, having to choose amongst your data which is of great importance just to free up some space or even the risk of unauthorized access to your private data.

You will agree with us that there are tonnes of reasons to backup your personal data, and because it is personal, you need to have total control and access to these backups.

External drives can be a great solution to that problem, as well as a good backup source to keep your most precious data protected and readily available. You want one that’s fast, easy to use, and won’t break the bank or dig a hole in your pocket.

You can always count on the best storage drives to safely and securely store your most essential files, and keep them portable. In fact, a reliable and durable USB backup stick is one of the most vital purchases you’ll ever make if you need to carry around your files with you.

We would like to introduce to you a backup USB stick called Infinitikloud. A device that stores all manner of data and is impressively compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and PC operating systems. Most importantly, it comes at a very affordable price and is currently on a 50% off fire sale discount.

It is currently one of the best sellers in a host of countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany. Currently there’s an outrageous amount of attention on this product but as always, we’re here to put you in the right direction

Here we will cover a lot of things about this device. We encourage you to fasten your seatbelt as we are going on a good ride into this new device called Infiniti-Kloud

At the end of this review, you will be able to make that bold decision; to buy or not to buy?

Interested? Let’s rock and roll [cheers]

infinitikloud reviews

InfinitiKloud Reviews

Infinitikloud is a storage device that helps you store data in the safest, fastest and easiest manner possible. It is a USB backup stick that stores pictures, videos and other important files from a variety of source.

It super easy to use, just plug and play [winks]. With its inbuilt software, you will have no problem whatsoever as with regards installation. This software removes the need to download, log into or install any software. Everything has been taken care of for you.

This USB stick comes in a variety of large storage capacities from 32 giga byte, 64 gigabyte, 128 giga byte meaning more space for your data, files and photos. This device also finds your files automatically and even does more by protecting them from viruses.

What are the features of infintikloud?

So let’s see some of the features that make this device peculiar and better than your conventional flash drives.

  • compatibility: it is highly compatible with windows, android and IOS and other USB devices.
  • Ultra fast speed: it transfers files in an ultra fast speed reaching a rate of 100MB/S and does not require internet for cloud backup.
  • Storage capacity: it provides a variety of storage space ranging from 32GB, 64GB, 128GB that can save up to 25,000+, 50,000+ and 100,000+, photos respectively.
  • Easy to use: it has an already pre-installed software which makes it easy and effortless for anyone to use, with a “one click away” backup process and also makes it readily available when needed.
  • Supports many languages: No matter your location and language, this device has got your back. Currently it supports the following languages; English, Portuguese, German, French to mention a few.
  • Protective casing: It is enclosed in a slider that can be slide down when we use it. This slider can be slide back to cover this device and protect it from the hazards of water and dirt

The following file extensions can be backed up:

  • Photos/ Images: jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, gif, apng, ico, icns, svg, wmf
  • Music: mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac Videos: mp4, mpeg, mov, wmv, avi
  • Documents: txt, pages, doc, docx, rtf, odt, wpd, pdf, xls, xlsx, xlr, numbers, ppt, pptx, pps, psd

What are the specification of infinitikloud?

Product Dimensions4.92 x 3.07 x 1.46 inches
Item Weight3.17 ounces
ManufacturerInfiniti Kloud
Memory Storage Capacity32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB
Hardware InterfaceUSB 3.0, USB 2.0, USB Type C
Operating systemCross-compatible with 64-bit Windows and Mac OS, so you can back up instantly on either platform. Comes with a USB Type-C adapter so you can use it on any laptop or desktop.

What are the storage options for Infinit kloud?

The manufacturers of this USB stick made sure that everyone who really wants to have this drive will surely get hold of one. As such they made this device to come in four different storage capacities. These four different storage options enable you to make your choice according to your requirements and pocket.

The device comes in 32GB which allows you store more than 25,000 photos, 64GB which allows you store 50,000 photos, 128 GB allows you store 100,000 photos and the incredible 512 GB which gives you the capacity to store more than 400,000 photos.

infinitikloud reviews

Pros of this product [InfinitiKloud Reviews]

Easy usability and small size

It has a simple interface that is very easy to understand and use. You don’t need to be a computer guru to know how to get it working. Also, it is compact and very small, meaning that you can take it to any location of your choice hassle free.

Various Storage capacities

This is another awesome thing about this storage device. It has 4 different storage options for you. This allows you to choose the capacity that best suits you and also get one at an affordable price. These capacities are 32 gigabyte, 64 gigabyte, 128 gigabyte and 512 gigabyte. As you can see, you can decide how much storage you need and how much you want to pay.

Detects Duplicate Files

It automatically scans your data; it detects duplicates files and give you the option to pick between deleting them or keeping them. That way you can still save more storage space.

Lighting Transfer Speed

Aside its low price and wide range of storage capacity, this is another thing that most customers find amazing about this device. It transfers and receives files at a lightening speed. It has a whopping transfer speed of approximately 5 gigabyte per second. If you’re into storage drives, you will know that this transfer feat is very rare to find.

No need of internet connection

Unlike some other devices that need you to gain access to an internet connection, the infiniti-kloud does not need a wifi connection or internet to backup your files. It backs up your device instantly without any hassle.

Direct access

There are lots of cloud storage and pen drives systems out there that will require you to download first a particular app for it to be used. Aside from that, there are some cloud storage systems that will ask you to have some cables attached to it before using it. But when it comes to the Infiniti Kloud, be rest assured that they will not require you to use anything extra. Your computer or phone and USB stick is all you need to backup your files.

Uses less power

InfinitiKloud uses less power in the sense that it does not drain your laptop battery in the process of backing up your files, no matter the number of files you need to back up.

Highly compatible

It is a very compatible tool as it can work in any device you desire to use.

It can function with a Windows OS laptop and an iPhone. It works with Mac Mini, HP, Notebooks, Android phones, iMac, Acer, Surface, Samsung, Dell, Asus, MS, and Lenovo. Odds are that it works with what you have in your hand as well.

Safe and secure

You can be sure that whatever you have have backed in InfinitiKloud is  100 percent safe and secure because your data is bound to last for at least 10 years with InfinitiKloud and its cloud storage provider is trustworthy and reliable.

Are there any drawbacks to Infiniti Kloud?

Despite the overwhelming features and abilities of this versatile USB stick, there are still some things I feel the manufacturers should improve on. The table below outlines them.

Why should I buy InfinitiKloud?

Infiniti kloud is the solution we have all been waiting for. It protects your file against viruses, hard drive failures, corruption, gives a detailed description of every single file and it’s statistics, quick auto-detection and also gives you a varying range of storage. It is also affordable and gives very reasonable discounts . It also provides you a 30 days guarantee on the USB drive. If unsatisfied with the product, you can quickly return it to the company in it’s original packaging and get a refund minus the shipping fee.

Though I strongly doubt you not getting full satisfaction with this wonderful product.

infinitikloud review

What is special about this USB stick?

This amazing new device protects the important files on your computer! You never have to worry about losing data to viruses, file corruption, or hard drive failure.

You don’t have to be a computer whiz to use Infiniti Kloud! The backup program runs automatically with a single click! There’s nothing to install, no cables to connect and no subscription fees to pay.

It plugs directly into your computer and stores a complete backup of your photos, music, videos, and documents. You don’t have to waste time digging through every folder on your computer, Infinite Kloud scans your hard drive and saves everything on its own.

Infinitikloud has a built-in backup software, which most drives don’t have, it also guarantees a 100 percent security as it detects virus and does not copy it into storage and also provides privacy, unlike most big cloud providers and most uniquely, once you load your files on the stick they get stored in the cloud of the provider.

Therefore it is neither a complete USB nor a complete conventional cloud, it is rather, a combination of both.

infintikloud reviews

Thoughts of customers on infintikloud reviews

Great to use backup data on your computer. Easy to automatically transfer data from your computer’s hard drive to your Infiniti Kloud. Awesome to me is the perfect word.- Wendell Mayes

I got the 128 Gigabyte USB stick since I needed to backup data from my iPhone and PC. I’m into photography and so I need top notch storage device to work efficiently. It worked super fast. It took very few minutes to get things back on track.- SquiresAR

What is the cost of infinitikloud ?

In addition to the efficiency of this device, this has also been one of the reasons this device has continued to sell out over the years. Unlike other devices that will need you to break the bank in order to break the bank, this device is very affordable.

Infiniti comes in various storage capacities and as such will have varying cost for these different capacities. Its 32 giga byte capacity goes for around $39.99 for one. There are however some other price packages available as seen on the official site.

A storage capacity of 64 giga byte will cost $49.99 for one. And a purchase of four of this device at once, cost $129.95 giving you a whopping 35% discount.

One with a 128 gigabyte capacity will cost around $69.99. To this particular capacity, there are also some other price packages attached to it. All of which can be see on the manufacturer’s official site.

If you’re interested in backing up your device on google drive, you have to pay extra for 100GB of storage space for a cost of $1.99 a month and $11.88 a year.

I believe you agree with me from the above features that infinitikloud is definitely worth the price. Personally, I feel it would wise to even take hold of the discount sale that is currently going on, as just like every other off fire sale, it won’t last long.

infiniti kloud

How to order it?

This is easily and best done on it’s official website. You can also order from Amazon too. Also confirm the authenticity of the website and then quickly run through the variety of specifications and make the desired purchase of your choice.

Who is the company behind the infiniti kloud?

Just like we do in all our reviews, we have also put up the manufacturers of this device in case you will need to make further enquiries. Infinitikloud is the brand behind this product. They specialise in the production of various storage hardware device. They are devoted to giving you the best, most secure, and easiest method of storing your files and ensuring your privacy.

Need Help? If you have any questions about your order or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact them

Contact the Infiniti-Kloud Team:

By Phone:

  • United States (Toll Free): 855 622 2097
  • Canada (Toll Free): 833 687 8679
  • United Kingdom: 03308 180456
  • Australia: (02) 7202 0293 
  • By Email:
  • COMPANY ADDRESS: Think Tech Sales Limited 62544, G/F Bamboos Centre, 52 Hung To Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong


Infinitikloud has an 89% 5 stars rating and an average 4.6stars rating from customers. With so many happy testimonies from photographers, videographers and many more professionals regarding infiniti kloud after purchase and use.

Hence it is highly recommended, effective, efficient, secured, time saving and easy to use USB stick and cloud storage provider. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up now and make your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section of the infinitikloud reviews we will cover some frequently asked questions. Perhaps one of these questions may have been bothering you.

How good is infiniti usb stick?

Most of the individuals who are working with their computers usually experience problems, such as losing their files. If this also happened to you, it is time for you to purchase a cloud storage device. In connection with this, we highly recommend you purchase the InfinitiKloud. According to the InfinitiKloud reviews, it is a good item in terms of storing the important files and data of yours.

What is Infiniti-Kloud?

Most of the InfinitiKloud reviews that you might read on the internet define the InfinitiKloud as a cloud storage USB flash drive-like device. It is an item that you can use in storing the important data and files that you have on your laptops, computers, and other mobile devices. One of the good things that you will surely love about this product is that it is capable of scanning your hard drive and will save the files that you want to store.

Is Infiniti Kloud a cloud device?

No, InfinitiKloud is a combination of both USB and cloud storage

Does the Infiniticloud remove duplicates?

One of the things that you will surely love about this InfinitiKloud storage device is that it can organize the entire files that you store in it. The said device is capable of scanning, discovering, and removing the duplicates. This only means that it can help you to save more storage space.

Does the Infiniti work with iPhone Operating System?

The said backup USB stick can also work with the different operating systems properly. This only means that it can be used by those individuals who are using iOS and Android devices. It is also recommended to those individuals who are using Windows as their operating system.

What are the compatibilities of Infiniti USB stick?

The InfinitiKloud is compatible with most of the devices that are being used nowadays. These include Android phones, Asus, MS, Surface, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, HP, iMac, Mac Mini, and Notebooks. The InfinitiKloud is perfect to be used with most of the devices out there. Even those devices that use the old or latest operating systems, you can ensure that this InfinitiKloud will work compatibly.

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