Karben wallet 2022; can this really keep your money secure?

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Karben wallet

For most people, especially men, the wallet is a very important part of their dressing. It is almost impossible for some to leave without it. A wallet is basically any flat piece of case or pouch that is used to store and carry around small, flat and portable items which include but not limited to money in form of sleek paper, all kinds of smooth slim cards such as credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, business cards and other paper or laminated cards. They can be made up of only a few things like leather or fabric with the former being more common.

They also come in various forms being produced as money clips or a coin purse and come attached with straps, reins or a zipper. Funny enough, some can be worn on the wrist or shoe, yes shoe usually tagged as. This fashionable piece of accessory can be used to showcase wealth, class or status of the owner. With this, you understand that wallets go beyond just storing your very important items but also go a long at to displaying the class and status of the person.

This makes it classify as a piece of clothing just like any other one put on the body by being able to confer on others besides the individual using it, the other value which it serves. The wallet over times starts to mean a lot to people who use them. You can automatically feel when it is gone or no longer in place. To make things interesting, once placed in a different pocket or location from the one it’s used to, you begin to feel like its missing even when it’s not.

Other times, on the contrary, it could actually get missing and you begin to wonder when it left our body and how easily it left really. When this happens, it feels like almost everything is lost and the question becomes, how did such a small piece of material hold things so important to us, enough to grow an emotional attachment with it. This shows that the concept of wallets and how important it has gotten to us as individuals from pre-historical times. We can’t do away with them. We can only change them to get new and better ones.

I’d answer the question as to why we have strong attachments to this particular piece of leather or fabric that we should supposedly be able to do without.

It has evolved from being used as a small piece used by poor people to store food and other provisions with which they eat out of into very diverse pieces of leather. These leather materials can be designated breast, bi-fold, tri-fold or front pocket all depending which one you choose. They have even further evolved into virtual wallets like digital/electronic wallets and cryptocurrency wallets. The basic concept is that whatever you want stored in it from paper currency to all types of flat paper cards, the wallet got you covered.

KARBEN WALLET, pronounced somehow like carbon, is not your regular leather or fibre wallet. According to the manufacturers, it is coolest carbon fibre ever made and known to the history of man. The word, extraordinary, sometimes seems like an understatement, for something this sleek and highly admirable. It has the ability to stand out from every other crowd of wallets you have. That’s why it’s called karben wallet, the coolest carbon wallet on the planet.

What is Karben wallet?

Karben wallet is a carbon fiber wallet. It is the coolest, sleekest and the best you would ever find out there, has the dual characteristics of being able to combine giving the user style together with the function of serving as a storage pad for your items from money to cards of all sorts and doing that really comfortably for its user. It has gained really high ratings with its built and designed nature made to be super-strong carbon fiber set to last as long as you want to use it. Be rest assured that you’ve got just the perfect wallet for whatever you need.

This high quality piece of fibre is practically indestructible no matter what comes at it. And of course for a material that sturdy and solid, it is protective enough to safeguard it from water, thereby making it waterproof.

Integrated within this combination of carbon fiber and aluminum is a Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) which is a piece of technology that emits radio waves in order to identify any object its tagged with. As sophisticated and complicated as that may sound, it functions like a tag and a reader that could serve as a means for tracking the wallet. This is technology applied to the regular piece of wallet you once knew, can you even imagine that? Incredible right?

This piece of integrated technology helps to keep your information safe and secure within the wallet and especially from digital thieves or hackers who may try to gain access to your debit or credit cards. This is beyond internal mechanisms of firewall installed in your phone to keep it safe but your cards cannot be accessed by external individuals unless you want them to.

A special mechanism of protection against identity theft as this is becoming a crime within the 21st century. This is the time where you have to be alert and make protective attempts to prevent fraudulent activities against your bank account and hard earned cash, which are on the rise presently.

It has incredible characteristics built for ultimate and premium convenience. It has a way of easily fitting into the breast pocket of your shirt or suit and without any discomfort, with easy access to it whenever you’re in need of it.

How is karben wallet packaged?

The wallet is carefully packaged into four key things;

1. The wallet itself: This is the wallet itself where you can store your money all your cards inside.

3. NFC Tag: This is basically used for sharing info very easily within multiple people without stress. It allows individuals to easily pass across information and data to people you wish to share them to.

4. Warranty and Sales card: It comes with warranty to allow you return the wallet should you experience any unnecessary difficulty or any other stress.

5. Link: The link is attached to the package to help download the karben app. The application helps you to control and keep track of the wallet should it leave your pocket at any point in time.

What are the features of karben wallet?

The wallet has several features that keep it very admirable and wanted amongst a lot of people who get to see and know about it. But here’s what makes this wallet the coolest and best ever made and known in the history of man.

1. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking layer: One of the best features of this wallet which allows you to keep your card safe and secure from digital thieves and fraudulent activities that try to steal your money. It forms a protective layer similar to a firewall application that prevents external individuals from gaining access to any information or money within your credit or debit cards. This way, you need not worry about external factors and be sure that your money is kept safe both within the bank and outside.

2. Strong/Temperature Resistant: This particular brand of carbon fiver is the definition of the word strong. It is five times stronger than steel and twice the stiffness of the material while still able to maintain a very lightweight, so do not be scared that it would weigh you down in anyway, just strength. Alongside that, it can withstand temperatures as high as 500-degrees Fahrenheit or 260-degree Celsius which means that it cannot be easily melted away or affected by heat.

 It also means that it can protect whatever is kept within from external damage by heat or fire. This is particular just in case your wallet should fall into boiling hot water or be mistakenly caught in fire, you need not worry because all your cards and paper currency will be kept safe and cool for whenever you’re ready to have them out, without a scratch or blemish.

To have a very clear picture of its strength, the manufacturer states that it is prepared from materials similar to that used to make Indy race cars, Boeing 787 passenger jets and even military grade jet fighters like the Lockheed Martin F-35

3. Tap to share function: This happens to be another peculiar function that makes the karben wallet really desirable and admired for what it can do beyond just the storage function every other traditional wallet has. This is something you don’t get anywhere else. All you need to do is tap on the wallet and have it share whatever required information you need it to share. As easy as that and you are set to go. This makes sharing of information really discrete to the point that only those you want to share the information with have it given to the next individual without worry that someone else may have it.

4. Compact/Lightweight: Despite all the features displayed under its strength, the karben is pretty lightweight and compact enough to bear any impact. It is a solid combination of style and function, arts and design, at this point I’m tempted to say Romeo and Juliet because it is a beauty combo you just can afford to pass.

5. Durable/Portable: owing to its lightweight design, the wallet can be carried wherever the user wants to take it to and its too sleek to even be noticed. You don’t have to worry that you are carry something prominent and noticed by everyone else just like the traditional wallet. With this, you would feel really comfortable to sit and stand without experiencing back pain or waist pain due to the nature of the wallet. It confers that comfortable and easy going build that no other wallet offers.

karben protection

How does the karben wallet work?

This is more of a question of how the Rapid Frequency Identification (RFID) works to help protect you from data theft and invasion of privacy from external persons you have no control of what they do. There is something called RFID skimming which is sort of a form of digital theft that allows and enables information or data from RFID-equipped credit, debit or any other type of card with such technology to be read and duplicated. It basically forms part of wireless identity theft or credit card theft.

Just so you start becoming more careful, some if not most credit cards are made from RFID enabled chips that allow for such skimming to happen. All it takes is for that certain individual or hacker to get within a distance of 4m or less from your credit or debit card. What then happens is that a duplicate card is present on the hacker’s side and all they have to do is copy information on to that blank card which should operate in the same manner as the original and legitimate card which is contained within your pocket. This happens and you are not even aware that anything has happened till possibly all your money is gone.

Alternatively, it can be used to make hidden transactions without your knowledge. This is not to scare you or cause you to panic at the slightest thought of this, but to know about this and be encouraged to get protection from such means. This not only happens to debit and credit cards but also international passports which can be accessed wirelessly and remotely.

But here’s how the RFID within the wallet works. They basically block RFID signals using electromagnetic enclosure technology called Faraday cage. This form of technology works by making credit and debit cards electromagnetically opaque and unable to be detected by external remote signals.

It does this by distributing uniquely electrostatic charges or radiation around the exterior part of the cage thereby forming something like a true shield and protecting the inner contents from electric charges. This allows information within these cards to be sealed within and prevented from leaving no matter what.

What is the near field communication and how does it work?

You must also be wondering how the Near Field Communication (NFC) works exactly to allow for the tap to share function of the KARBEN WALLET. Let’s educate you a little more so read further.

NFC is basically or should I say technically a set of communication protocols for communication between two electronic devices over a 4cm (1.5 inches) distance or less. It simply just helps to establish a low connection through an easy setup that stabilizes and allows for more capable and enhanced wireless or remote connections between devices. This piece of technology can be applied to any device which allows it to be used as electronic identity documents and key cards. They can be further extended to allow for contactless payment systems but the key technique is that you don’t have to touch it to share information, just tap!

Sharing here can range from large files like music and contacts or make stable larger connections for transfer of bigger files like photos and videos. All the user needs to do is gesture their phone towards the enabled device and share information without necessarily establishing a connection. It is just like an extension of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

The basic principles as explained earlier in the previous section are almost the same. You have to be within close proximity. The advantage of having the RFID technology and that of the NFC is that you can both share and have your information protected from external agents or hackers. This way you can give your information to only those who wish should have it and with easy fashion.

They both operate using electromagnetic fields. But just to quell your worries properly, yes there may exist security concern for which you use the NFC for fear of who else may have access to your information but the point is that there is increased difficulty to intercept these signals as the individual trying to gain access has to be really close to you (say 4cm or less) to gain access.

Moreover, when a secure connection has been established between any two devices, the data is thoroughly encrypted and only an authorized device can decrypt it. But more importantly, it is only active and enabled when you want to use it therefore it has to take serious timing for any external individual to gain access or capture information from you.

karben carbon

What’s the spectacular about karben wallet and why is it miles ahead the traditional wallets?

1. The traditional wallet may be durable, tough and resilient but it is most definitely not waterproof. So, for the times your wallet may be exposed to water, it would begin to experience wearing and tearing after some time. This doesn’t basically mean that you may have left your wallet in the rain, it may come from sweat during prolonged sitting periods. This is not applicable to the K-wallet as it is completely protected from water and does not experience any wear or tear in any form. This way, you are assured of use for as long as you want to.

2. Traditional wallets are not made to be thin and fitting in any way. Most times you would have it stuffed with cash or cards and they would protrude through your pockets. That way it is easier for other people to notice that you are carrying something and know exactly where it is. This is the kind of discretion that you cannot afford with traditional wallets but you get that with the karben-wallet.

The wallet is shaped to be very slim and allow for easy slotting into your pocket. This way, no one even knows where your wallet thereby making it easier to be stolen by others. You have got to be secured in every way because this is a truly personalized item and carries really important items.

3. For you to be able to comfortably care for this wallet, you would have to wash it and keep it neat at all times, maybe even treat them to special products to allow it stay shiny. The K-wallet comes with class and style itself without all these requirements. You just need to make a purchase and enjoy elegance that has been made there by the manufacturer. Taking the wallet out is very easy and enjoyable, and more importantly elevates your self-esteem. You don’t have to be ashamed of it at any point in time

4. Finally, with the traditional wallet and its ability to be stuffed out, it can occasionally cause discomfort through back pain or waist pain depending where it is usually placed. Usually the sleek and slim nature of the karben wallet does not allow it to get stuffed out and can fit right into the pocket of the individual no matter how big or small and without discomfort whatsoever to the user. You must be amazed already.

Where is the safest place to buy a karben wallet?

You can buy this wallet straight from the manufacturer through their official website. There you can input your details and have the product delivered to you. It is only available online and on their site so don’t bother trying to buy it anywhere else or don’t fall for people who offer this outside the website.

It will also require you to input your details and make payments through debit card, credit card or PayPal. Your details will not be revealed to any third party whatsoever.

How much does each karben wallet cost?

Within each package purchased, they all contain the same materials as stated above within its packaging

1 Karben costs $49.99 and saving 35% for yourself

2 Karbens cost $99.99 with each costing $49.99 and saving 35% for yourself

3 karben wallets cost $111.99 with each costing $37.33 and saving 50% for yourself

4 costs $136.99 with each costing $34.25 and saving 55% for yourself

The most recommended deal is usually for three KARBEN WALLETS

In addition, there is also a 30-day guarantee on the karben wallet but this only applies once purchased which allows you to return the wallet if you are not satisfied or completely thrilled by what you see. This guarantee is placed on all purchases irrespective of the number of wallets purchased and you can simply send the wallet back to them and get a full refund or replacement depending on what you want.

However, it is important to understand that terms and conditions apply to the 30-day money back guarantee. All these are explained in the manufacturer’s website.

Wallet karben reviews by verified customers

“Easy to use, durable and beautiful to look at too” I am a professional photographer and I love using the karben data sharing feature. With just a tap, I can give new clients a link to my online portfolio. The ability to share your data with just a tap is incredible. Why didn’t anyone think of this before?”

Rutger T. – Concorde, NH

“Who says something pretty has to be dumb? Karben-wallet may be cool to look at but it has some amazing features, too. It is so easy to take your credit cards in and out, and it’s incredibly durable too. Combine that with the sharing function and KARBEN WALLET is the best wallet I have ever used”

Richard K. – Queens, NY

“I was so done with cheap wallets made out of low quality leather that falls apart the first chance it gets. That’s why I switchedto the KARBEN WALLET. It is built to last a lifetime and it looks cool and stylish at the same time. It looks so good several cashiers have already asked me where I got it”

Marco R. Oakland, CA

“It might sound stupid but since I replaced my old super awkward wallet with the karben wallet, I feel like James Bond or something. It is compact, lightweight, discreet and looks like it came from 20 years in the future. But my favorite part is how secure it is. Digital thieves can’t get my sensitive info with this awesome carbon fiber wallet”

Gideon J. – Los Angeles, CA

“I used to use a ‘dad’ wallet. I kept it in the back right pocket of my pants and it eventually wore a hole through them. And it was uncomfortable. I developed back pain because of years of sitting on a bulky, uneven wallet. Not surprisingly, my pain went away when I started using a carbon fibre wallet. Last wallet I will ever buy”

Mike R. – Boston, MA

Most Frequently asked questions about karben wallet

How durable is the karben wallet?

The karben wallet is basically built to last and stand the test of time. It is made up of quality and durable aluminium together with genuine carbon fibre which allows the wallet to keep going steady and strong when other kinds of wallets would have fallen to pieces. It is designed with military grade materials and can withstand possibly just any condition you can think of.

Nothing makes a substance more durable than the material from which it is made. These help to keep it intact and safe from external factors that render other wallets prone to easy spoilage and constant repair by the users.

Do my friends need to be using the karben app for me to share my info?

Absolutely not! The people which you wish to share your information with do not need to have the KARBEN app installed on their phones. Though the app can be easily downloaded from the play store of your phone, they do not necessarily need it to make the tap-to-share functional. Just a tap on their phone is required and whatever information you want to have shared will be sent to the other individual’s phone.

Does karben wallet really protect me from Data Theft?

This is without question, an express yes. The Karben wallet is designed to block Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers that can hack into your credit cards, debit cards, international passport or other RFID enabled devices that you may frequently keep in your wallet. This wallet really offers you a way of protecting yourself from identity theft especially within this generation when hackers are becoming more rampant. It is better to be safe than sorry as people usually say. Stay protected with karben wallet and at a very affordable cost. 

How large is karben wallet? How Heavy?

I am sure that with all the materials which the manufacturer says are used to build or design the KARBEN WALLET, you must be worried as to the weight of this wallet but not to worry yourself, the wallet only measures 8 x 61 x 86mm and is just a hair larger than the weight of a standard credit card. To show you in detail how easy it is to carry, it weighs in at an easy to carry 60g which is just a little over 2 ounces. Imagine that!

What’s the editors final say on karben wallet?

The Karben wallet is the 21st century wallet set to make waves and is already pulling a lot of crowd to itself, a period you cannot afford to miss. The wallet is a compact, lightweight and ultraportable piece that fits basically into your pockets without you noticing it. Alongside that, it has identity theft protection technology which makes use of radio waves to prevent access from fraudsters or hackers seeking to gain access to your debit or credit cards.

More importantly, it has a tag to share function that allows it tag people and share your personal information without stress or worry. This doesn’t have the exposure of a third party but just between you and the individual in question. The KARBEN WALLET is just the collect carbon fiber out there and you should definitely add it to your collection and have a change of your old traditional wallet.

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