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LiveTemp Pro Review [Latest 2020]. Is this the Best infrared Body Thermometer?

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LiveTemp Pro Review (2020)

As everyone knows, today we all are suffering from a big issue and that is the coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of people have lost their lives in different countries due to this dangerous disease. Nowadays, the same question is coming up in everyone’s mind, how do we protect ourselves? We’ve been asked to wash our hands, wear face masks and use sanitizers. All these are great but not enough.

Knowing fully well that fever is a key symptom of this disease, the next question that usually follows is this, “How do you track your body temperature?”

You are here because you’re probably searching for the best infrared thermometer but have been bombarded with cheap imitation knock-offs, useless toys, and products from shady brands that will be broken in a matter of days – if not sooner. It is better to avoid the stress and pain associated with high-risk choices and Trust reliable infrared temperature gun reviews before you spend your money.

That’s where we come in, to point you in the right direction with our trusted recommendations, the Live-Temp Pro non-contact thermometer .

Livetemp pro review
LiveTemp Pro Review

This LiveTemp Pro review is on a popular product called Live Temp Pro Thermometer, the best no touch infrared thermometer in the world right now.

This non-contact thermometer uses infrared technology to measure and record your body temperatire before the blink of an eye. With an exclusive design, it was built to be super fast, ultra-accurate and effective. Not just subjected to take body temperatures, it can also be used to check the temperature of different things like gadgets, liquids escetera.

What is LiveTemp Pro

The Live-Temp pro is a hand-held no contact infrared thermometer that is used to measure temperature. It is very simple to use. All you need to do is point the thermometer to whatever you want to check it’s temperature (you need not touch the thermometer to the object you want to record its temperature) and tap its measuring switch(see features below) and it instantly records the temperature.

Livetemp pro review
Livetemp pro review

It is currently being used by health officials worldwide in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic due to it’s speed in recording body temperature accurately. It gets the job done within one second. With a digital LCD screen, you can read and record the temperature you measured with ease.

Most importantly, this device can be used in humans, animals and even inanimate objects. It always gets the job done. Honestly, if you’re looking to buy a thermometer, this live temp pro non-contact thermometer is a no brainer.

LiveTemp Pro Review: What Features does this no-contact thermometer have

The LiveTemp thermometer is the best non-contact infrared thermometer in the world today. It is the first line of defence to protect your family, your patients, military facilities; just name it. This LiveTemp Pro review cannot just go on without letting you know some of the features this device possess:

Infrared Body Thermometer: This device makes use of infrared to obtain its result. Unlike the other contaminable technologies employed by other types of thermometers, the live temp pro makes use of a contamination free infrared system; making is safe for use without worrying about contamination.

Universal Suitability: Unlike some other thermometer that are strictly for use in a selected age group, the livetemp thermometer is suitable for use in everyone. Children and adults can make use of it. Also, this device is not limited to checking temperature in humans, it can be used to measure temperature on any object. Isn’t that special? Sure, it is

Fever Alarm: With an in-built alarm technology, this thermometer never fails to give you heads up immediately it detects a high temperature. That way it also helps to keep you safe from whatever this high temperature may signify. Look at the specs of this device for more!

Livetemp pro review
The Non-contact thermometer

Instant Body Temperature Result: Another beautiful feature of this infrared livetemp thermometer, it reads temperature almost instantly. It’s been proved that temperature reading results come up within the first second of use. With this thermometer, you don’t have to wait for ages to get your result. This also means that you can screen large number of persons very fast too.

Storage Capacity: The Live Temp Pro thermometer can not only read temperatures, it can equally keep records of previously taken temperatures in case you need them for reference purposes.

Best Scan Time: Like this livetemp pro review said earlier, it gives results within one second. Moreso, it has the best scan time in the world. One second per scan. This device is really a must have for you especially with this pandemic

Frequent use is not contraindicated: Another standout feature, the live-temp pro is not contraindicated to use frequently. Meaning that you can use it as often as you want without having any reason to doubt its readings. Honestly, the brain behind the manufacture of this thermometer did a great job, I must confess.

Battery Indicator: It’s battery indicator feature informs about the status of the battery when the power is low. That way you won’t have to doubt the results shown to you.

What are the Specifications of the Live Temp Pro thermometer

No livetemp pro review will be complete without letting you know about the sepcs of the livetemp pro thermometer. Kindly look at the table below to see it

Product NameLiveTemp Pro Non-contact Electronic Thermometer
Product modelGXGO1
Measuring Distance3-5cm
Accuracy+- 0.2
Measuring time0.5 secs
BatteryRO 3AAA 1.5V * 2
Dimension95 * 42.5 * 156mm
Human Body Model32-42.9 degree celsius
Object Model0-60 degree celsius
Fever AlarmAutomatci alarm at >38 degrees celsius
Large Screen DisplayBacklight clear reading
LiveTemp Pro Review

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What are the parts of this thermometer ?

The clearly labelled diagram below shows you the different parts of this thermometer. In it’s pack also, you will have your guide that will equally help you in using it.

Livetemp pro review

What are the benefits of using the Live Temp Pro thermometer

Non-Invasive: Another great benefit of this non contact hand held device. You don’t have to make any puncture or even have any contact with who or what you want to check it’s temperature. Mothers would really appreaciate this feature since they can easily check their babies temperature while they are at sleep.

User-friendly: Designed with simple is best approach, this thermometer is very user friendly. Meaning that anyone can make use of this product. It does not require a special skill to handle properly. It comes with three physical buttons by which you can easily control this device. It has three different lights that tell you about your condition that you need a doctor or you are normal. Therefore, you can easily record your body temperature from the comfort of your home.

Universal Useability: Like we mentioned earlier in this livetemp pro review, you can make use of this device on anyone. Be it adult, children, liquids, objects; just name it. It gets the job done with inch perfect accuracy.

Storage Capacity: The Live Temp Pro thermometer can not only read temperatures, it can equally keep records of previously taken temperatures in case you need them for reference purposes. This is indeed a handheld life saving machine

livetemp pro review

Useable in Dark Environments: With this device you don’t have to bother if its day or night. Owing to its unique infrared technology, it can read temperatures in the night or dark corners. With its large displays, you will easily read its readings without looking for a source of light.

100% Safety: Unlike other thermometers that are susceptible to infections and contamination, this best non contact thermometer is always safe. It is not susceptible to infections. This means that people cannot get infected through it unlike what is obtainable in other types of thermometers.

Affordability: You may have started wondering, “is this device really affordable owing to it’s great features”. The answer is YES. It is quite affordable. You don’t need to break your bank to get one. Besides, it is currently in a 50% OFF Fire Sale Special Discount.

LiveTemp Pro Review: How do I make use of this thermometer

Here, this livetemp pro review will take you on a beautiful ride on how to make use of this device. It can be used in two different ways – by hovering and by contact. We have provided step-by-step process of each way below.

Hovering Method:

  • Switch on the non-contact thermometer
  • Place it about 1 to 2 inches away from the forehead
  • Press and hold the button on the thermometer in order to display two red circles on the forehead
  • Move the device closer or farther from the forehead until the red circles merge into one. For this step to work properly, patient has to remain still until the process is complete
  • Now, you can release the button and wait until the thermometer beeps indicating temperature
  • Check the temperature reading.
  • You can add 1 degree to the recorded temperature result to get the temperature of core body (that is temperature inside the body)

Contact Method

  • Switch on the thermometer
  • Make sure forehead of the patient is completely dry
  • Place the thermometer on patient’s forehead
  • Once the temperature is recorder, it will notify through a beep or any other noise. Usually, this process takes 3 seconds or up to minute based on the thermometer you are using
  • Now remove it and check out the temperature
  • For actual internal body temperature, we recommend to add one degree to the recorded reading.

How does this device Work?

livetemp pro review

Live-Temp Pro Infrared light works like visible light — it can be focused, reflected or absorbed. Infrared thermometers usually use a lens to focus infrared light from one object onto a detector called a thermopile. The thermopile absorbs the infrared radiation and turns it into heat. The more infrared energy, the hotter the thermopile gets. This heat is turned into electricity. The electricity is sent to a detector, which uses it to determine the temperature of whatever the thermometer is pointed at. The more electricity, the hotter the object is.

Why is it so important? [LiveTemp Pro Review]

This thermometer is extremely useful when it is dangerous to approach the person at a close distance, whose body temperature needs to be measured. This is really needed in cases of contagious viral infections, when the infecting virus can be spread from the infected person to a distance of more than one meter by various means. So, it becomes mandatory for the medical attendant to remain at a safe distance while measuring the body temperature of the suspected infected person.

livetemp pro thermometer

Also, parents can know at a glance that their child has a fever. It also makes it easy to monitor a child’s development on sick days, with a recall of up to 32 temperature records.

Who needs to make use of this infrared Thermometer?

The Temp pro thermometer is for everyone who needs a reliable way of measuring of temperature. Parents with children, senior citizens in need of care will also benefit so much from this device. Not relegated to just these sets of persons, anyone who wants to be measuring their partner or won temperature can get it. It does not segregate between young and old, man or woman. Any age group and gender is free to use it.

It is also important in places like hospitals, military facilities, factories where a precise measurement without any physical contact is required. Coupled with the fact that it is 100% hygieinic, it’s really an easy pick for anyone who wants to get a thermometer.

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Our PROs and CONs

You can take a look at some of the PROs and CONs of our device. For better explantion, take great look at the features and benefits sections of this review.

  • It is superfast.
  • Very safe.
  • It has a memory function that keeps track of previously taken temperatures
  • It has a LED backlight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be used with either the hovering or contact method
  • Can be used on humans, liquids, animals, metals and so on
  • It can be used on all age groups
  • It can be used in dark environments
  • Non-Invasive
  • Money back guarantee for all customers
  • It can only be procured from its official site
  • Stock on the special offer is limited

Who supplies this product?

As a side note, we think it‘s important you know who produces this device. The manufacturer and retailer of the LiveTemp is Hyper SLS LTD, which is also known in Europe as Novads OU (Estonia). The base of the company is in Hong Kong, the European base is in Estonia.

International Office:Hyper Ltd7/F,
The Grande Building
398-402 Kwun Tong Road, HK.

LiveTemp Pro Review: Price

This thermometer is quite affordable. In fact it is currently on a Discount Offer though the stock for this offer is limited. It also comes with a free shipping with this special discount offer. The earlier to make your purchase the better as this offer will end very soon.

Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. and your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

Also, it is available worldwide and you can order it across the world. Hey dear, remember life is precious. Don’t gamble with it!

What are the frequently Asked Questions about this Thermometer

Does it come with a money back guarantee:

Of course it does. Once you buy the product, use it and figure out that you don’t like it, you are free to return it back to the company and get a complete refund. This is to show you the trust that was put on this product. It also shows the importance of buying the product from their Official Site.

What are the symptoms of Fever:

A fever can show up in different ways. Sometimes, you feel your body heating up, and you began sweating or feeling flush. Other times, it could be the opposite, with your body experiencing chills or shivering. Other common symptoms include prolong body aches and headaches, or trouble breathing. Occasionally, increased fatigue and lethargy could be a sign of fever as well.

Why is it important to monitor body temperatures:

It is always important to have a device near you that can effectively monitor body temp, especially considering that many illnesses are first noticeable by a spike in body temperature. But with the spread of global virus COVID-19, it has never been more important to check the temperature of yourself and your children each day. Fever is one of the first signs of this virus, and catching the illness early is key.

Who should use Live Temp Pro?

Live-Temp Pro was originally made to be used by parents on their children. Because traditional thermometers can scare children, L-Temp Pro offers an effective and happy alternative for parents who need to measure the temperature of their children. However, the devices can be used to measure temperatures in anyone.

How do infrared thermometers work?

Infrared thermometers work to detect and measure the amount of infrared light being emitted at the thing they are measuring. When molecules heat up, they begin to move faster and create more infrared light. Infrared thermometers easily measure temperature with extreme accuracy by measuring the amount of light present in the target.

Final Thoughts on LiveTemp Pro Review

livetemp pro review
Livetemp pro review

The importance of thermometers today cannot be overempahsied most especially with the emergence of this pandemic that has fever as one of its main core symptoms.

I ordered for one of these thermometers and got mine late last week. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have written this review. But i noticed that we all need to have this device that was why I took my time to explain everything about this device. If you have funds, do get this device.

You need to buy this particular device especially if you are looking for a thermometer to purchase. The Live Temp Pro is the real deal. It’s obviously a no-brainer.

It’s best to get this device at their official website. Not to worry I added the link here to make things easy for you. Click the green button below.

Remember life is Precious. Stay safe.

Universal Informations about non-contact thermometers

A non-contact thermometer is a contactless thermometer is a reliable method to measure fever in yourself or other people. Everyone who has children at home or is caring for a carer can benefit from this device. However, every user can also quickly and easily take their own temperature or determine the temperature of their partner.

The age of the user is irrelevant. ThIS infrared thermometer is suitable for children and adults to measure fever. A contactless thermometer ensures a precise measurement.

No physical contact is necessary. For this reason, a contactless thermometer offers many advantages compared to a conventional device. The easy handling is also easy to understand by older people.

Children can have their temperature measured without disturbing them when sleeping. A contactless thermometer is also a good choice if you attach great importance to hygiene.

The LiveTemp manufacturer states that the target group for the thermometer is very broad as stated above.

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