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Maxphone reviews 2023; should you buy this Max phone?

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Maxphone reviews

It’s likely you’re reading this maxphone review cos of the amount of noise that this device has garnered these few months.

Before we take a deep dive into the contents of the max phone, i feel it will be great to really understand what smartphones are especially if you’ve made poor decisions in the past with them or you’ve decided to get your first smartphone this year.

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Smartphones are one of the hottest gadgets in the world right now. I mean it is quite difficult to see someone who does not have access to one or worse, is yet to see one. Even children now have access to them more than ever. This is of no surprise since it has numerous needs it serves.

Smartphones come in different sizes, quality, models and features. Some are up there while some others are struggling to get recognition in the market place. Some are outrageously expensive, while some others are affordable.

One thing is certain, there’s a smartphone for every individual no matter what you prefer.

Lots of factors affect an individual’s will to get a smartphone but the most important is PRICE, I mean, COST followed by features that can serve the purpose for which the phone was purchased.

The cost of getting a quality smartphone has been on the rise and this has affected most individuals in several ways.

Well if you’re someone who wants to get a smartphone that will serve you well at an affordable place, then you’re in the right place.

The Maxphone is a newly invented smartphone which is of top quality. This smartphone has several features and even some others that cannot be commonly seen in other smartphones.

In a nutshell, this device is capable of carrying out some of the functions that other expensive smartphones can do.

One of the interesting things about this device is its affordability when compared to other smartphones in the market today. Could a good price be all that it offers? Well let’s see.

This review is not here to compel you to get this device. Rather, its here to help you make a better choice. At the end, the final decision all lies in your hands.

All that is required and should be known about the Max phone device will fully be explained in this product review. 

Table of contents

Describing the Maxphone

I am sure by now you must have been wondering what this phone is all about. Well, the max smartphone is an affordable mobile device with an integrated computer and other features not initially associated with the other telephone. Some of these features include an operating system, web browser and ability to run software applications like the computers.

maxphone reviews

What you need to know about the Maxphone

The Max smartphone is a new smartphone that offers quite significant features when compared to other smart phones of its kind. For starters, its not the best or even amongst the top 10 best phones in the world right now but when compared to phones within its bracket, its a KING in the game.

Outlines below are the features of this mobile device

  1. Triple back camera system: Just like the iphone 13 pro max, the max smartphone comes with a triple back camera system capable of taking crystal clear photos and videos with great detail.

They have the ability to take photos with an MP of about 16. This is definitely not the best but for a phone of its pedigree its a great feature. It also has a front camera with an 8MP for taking selfies and videos of any kind.

2. Duarble battery capactiy: The phone comes with a 3350mAH battery that lasts for 3 days on full charge when used moderately. Charging this battery is also easy as the phone has a fast-charge feature that allows the phone to get full within an hour and half.

3. Storage Capacity: This device comes with an internal storage capacity of about 16 gigabyte while also having an inbuilt slot for an external memory card if you need more space. This External space can take up memory cards with a capacity of 128 giga byte.

4. Enhanced Random Access Memory (RAM): This phone comes with a well developed random access memory. Unlike phones within its bracket that come with a 1 gigabyte RAM, the max phone smartphone comes with a 2 gigabyte RAM.

This amount of RAM makes it possible for this device to operate multiple applications and undergo numerous functions at the same time without affecting its speed. This RAM gives max a great amount of speed.

5. SIM Card Slot: Nowadays, the use of two Sims by an individual is very common due to different reasons. One good feature is that it has double slots where you can insert two of your sims. There is no form of interference or issue that can arise when you have both sims connected in your device. 

This allows you to switch SIMS when you decide without physically swapping them, keep your two SIMs active and also deactivate any of the SIMs on your own accord. It accepts NANO SIM cards.

6. Quality Processor: The max smartphone has an inbuilt quality processor. The processor is known as the central or main hub. The importance of this processor is that it enables the device to receive, process and execute all commands and this can be up to billions of calculations in just a second. 

7. Quality-designed screen:  It comes in a specially designed 5.7 inch 720HD+ screen that makes its use optimal. This screen size is enough for you to read or see things on the screen clearly.

The screen is designed in the right space and proportion. It makes everything legible. You can also zoom in or out things on the screen to get any view of your choice. Perfect screen size for playing mobile games and chilling on Netflix.

8. 2G/3G Network Compatibility: Sadly, this is a feature we’re not so proud of about this mobile phone. It has a dual network compatibility. The device is very compatible with 2G or 3G kind of network. For places like Israel, Spain, Argentina, United States, this phone is ideal as there’s still a good chunk of the 2G and 3G network over there.

9. Quality Multimedia Speaker: It has a quality multimedia speaker. The speaker produces a quality sound and can be used to listen aloud to music, FM radio, phone calls, podcasts, play a music video or listen to a movie. It’s speaker is audible and clear enough.

10. Security : It comes with a fingerprint, pattern, PIN or password option when it comes to protecting your privacy. Any of these security feature could be used on this phone to keep your data and files safe at all times. It’s fingerprint impressively has a response speed of less than 0.1 seconds.

In addition to the above, there are also other functions like your Bluetooth connectivity, alarm clock, calendar, signing into your social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, WhatsApp, skype, telegram, twitter to mention but a few.


Maxfone Specifications (Maxphone reviews)

When you want to purchase a new phone, it’s very important to always take a look at the specs of the phone you intend to get. This specifications can tell how good a phone can be. Below are the specs for the max smartphone

  • CPU: MTK6580P Quad Core
  • Sensor: G-sensor
  • Battery Capacity: 3350mAh
  • Sim Types: Nano dual-SIMs
  • Bluetooth feature: Enabled
  • Display: 5.7 inch 720HD+; Screen Type: IPS, Capacitive; Resolution: 1560 x 720 pixels; Multi-Touch: Multi-point
  • Maxphone Network Compatibility: 2G/3G
  • RAM of Maxphone: 2G
  • Internal Storage (ROM): 16GB
  • Operating System: Android
  • Security: Fingerprint, Face Unlock
  • Fingerprint Sensor: 0.1s
  • Camera Resolution: The device has 16 megapixel (front) and 8 megapixel (rear)

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Benefits -Maxphone Review

For starters, this phone is not a bad try. There are numerous benefits which you enjoy when you purchase and make use of it. These include the following outlined below

  • Top Quality Pictures & Videos: Usually, the Max is a highly rated device which has been tested and trusted globally. It has a high resolution and clear camera quality when it comes to taking pictures and making videos. This is one benefit that cannot be taken away from it
  • Great Security: Privacy is something that every individual craves. No one wants to get a device that can be easily accessed by anyone at any point in time. When you purchase your own max mobile device, you can set up its security yourself. As pointed out earlier, it comes with a fingerprint option with a response speed of about 0.1secs, PIN, Password or pattern security feature. It gives you the freedom to make use of any feature you decide is best.
  • Updated Android Version: It comes with the latest android version, Android 12. This system makes it very fast and reliable in carrying out modern functions. This version can also be updated to the latest version once a new one is released. That way you get to enjoy your phone and the latest version at the time pending when you decide to get a higher phone.
  • Easy Operation: The max mobile device is very simple and easy to use. You can learn everything about the device without the need of a computer engineer or a professional to guide you. You do not need to have operated a smartphone in the past for you to know how to operate this device.

There’s a user guide or manual that comes along the packaging of this phone. This guide was designed to help you operate the phone with great ease and is written in English, French and Chinese.

  • Price-Friendly: When compared to some other smartphones, its a no brainer that max is a very affordable smartphone. Its price can be afforded by any individual. It’s likely that this price is due to the ongoing 50% New year discount sale currently going on. If you intend to get any smartphone, particularly this one, this here would be the best opportuinity to do so.

Currently, there’s no official date for when this new year sales will end but we know stuff like this do not last till the end of time.

  • Enormous Space for Storage: It may not have the biggest storage capacity when compared to the iPhones or Samsung but for a phone it’s price, it has done well. With an internal storage of 16GB and External MicroSD card space of 128GB, this device has performed impressively well.
  • Reliable Operation: This smartphone is very reliable when it comes to carrying out numerous tasks. The device is capable of a 24/7 operation so far the battery has enough power. There’s also an ultra power saving option that comes with this device. This allows your device to remain on for so many hours even when its battery is at 1%. This feature allows you make phone calls and text messages. It will be very helpful in emergency situations 

What’s in the packaging of the maxphone?

This is a quality kind of smartphone device. There are accessories to look out for when you purchase a brand new one include the following:

  • 1x device
  • 1x Lithium ion durable battery
  • 1x EU power adapter for charging 
  • 1x USB cable for charging
  • 1x user’s manual guide
  • 1x warranty card 

Pros and Cons

No matter how perfect a device may have been built to be, just like everything man created or produced, there are bound to be flaws.


  • Dual SIM slots for insertion and usage.
  • Quality multimedia speaker.
  • Large and quality-designed touch screen. 
  • Headphone connector.
  • Fingerprint sensor.
  • You can buy a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer at a very cheap price.
  • FM radio.
  • Long-Lasting and durable rechargeable lithium Ion battery.
  • Triple back camera with quality megapixel.
  • Single view front camera.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • External memory card slot. 
  • Top-notch processor.
  • 16GB internal memory.
  • Enhanced RAM for speed and swiftness. 
  • USB cable for charge.
  • Splashing discounts are attached to every online purchase you make on the phone. The discount increases as the quantity of the device you buy increases.  


  • The phone is limited in stock and cannot be purchased in local or retail device stores. 
  • It comes in just 2 colors; black and blue
  • The 2G/3G network feature is something we feel should have been upgraded to a 4G at least. This will make the phone flourish in more countries that now have access to the 4G/5G network connectivity. Nevertheless, we believe it will worked on during their next release.
  • The next biggest drawback of the phone is that its online availability has made it an easy target for scams. These so-called scams have conned so many people, and the people who got a low-quality phone as a result of being a  fraud victim have made many people angry and disappointed.  

Max phone review: Perfect gift?

As earlier said, the phone has a good quality and was made to be very easy to use. It’s a device that is suitable for use by anyone. Here are some of the ways in which you can make use of this device

  • You can get the phone as a gift for your loved one.  
  • It can be used as your main device for calls, internet browsing, games and so on.
  • For persons looking to own a back up device, this can be a very good option.
  • It can be a good phone for places with strong 2G/3G network connectivity as some modern phones find it difficult to function with a 3G much more 2G network.
  • Considering its price it’s also good for starters; persons who may have not used a smartphone before
  • A good one for senior citizens due to its ease of use.


Maxfone price /Maxphone price

If you’ve carefully gone through this review from top to this point, we’ve been very consistent in our writing that this device is affordable.

Yes, it is very affordable. Unlike some other smartphones that will want to rip out the little you have, price is something that this phone has over them

The prices are clearly stated on the manufacturer’s website. The prices are also dependent on the number of units you intend to buy. I observed that the more phones you buy, the more the discounts you get.

Below are the pricing for the different packages available

A unit of the phone costs about $139, two will cost you $249 @$125/each while four units go for about $399 at $100/each

Above are the standard pricing for this phone at the moment. However, there are some other offers going on right now on the manufacturer’s site. They include;

Buy two and get one free; this offer allows you get 3 max phones at a discounted price of about $329, meaning each phone was sold at about $110

Buy three and get two free: this particular offer allows you buy this phone for about $449 meaning each phone costs about $90.

These offers are due to an ongoing promo by the manufacturer and is also a bid to get customers to purchase directly from them before falling victims to any of the online scammers that are online.

With these, you can clearly see the reason the demand on this phone has been increasing by the day and also the reason scammers have decided to take advantage of this.

You’d agree with me that these are very affordable. Its in your best interest to take advantage of this opportunity now if you’ve decided to get this phone.

This is a good opportunity to save money and also enjoy some luxury offered by those high end brands. It’s simple, these discounts give you an edge to get so many phones for your loved ones at a very affordable cost.

Where can I place my order?

As earlier said in this product review, there’s only one place to get this phone. Sadly, it’s not found in the local stores and we’re yet to see any retailers at the moment. This is because the company does not want their product to fall into the wrong hands. Scammers may take advantage of its popularity to scam unsuspecting individuals like you.

The device is therefore sold strictly and only on the manufacturer’s website. Asides from the reason pointed out above, there are so many other things you get to enjoy by buying strictly from the manufacturer. These are discussed in full further down this review.

  • Discounts are given for every purchase you make via the original buy link of the producer. The discount increases as the quantity of the device you want to purchase increases. 
  • The original make of the device can only be purchased online. This can prevent you from being cheated with a substandard or duplicated brand of the product from scammers that want to take advantage of the customer rush on this phone
  • Scams are very prevalent these days and anyone can be a victim of that. If you want to avoid every form of scam, then the right place for you to carry out every transaction via the manufacturer’s site
  • There’s also a 30-day money back policy offer on this product. This is a testament to the amount of believe that the owners of this phone have in it. If at any point you are not satisfied with the product, you are free to return the device within 30-days you’re order arrived.
  • However, for this 30-day money back guarantee policy to hold, there are terms and conditions that must be strictly adhered to. You can find these at the manufacturer’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) -Maxphone review

Q1 – How clear is the camera of the maxphone?

Ans: The max phone smartphone comes with an 8MP front camera while the back comes with rear triple camera system of 16MP. These allow the camera take crystal clear picture with great detail.

Q2 – How affordable is the device?

Ans: The phone is very affordable and with the ongoing discounts, words fail me to describe what it is. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of all the special offers going on. 

Q3 – How can I enjoy the discounts attached to the prices of this phone?

Ans: These special discounts or offers can only be gotten in one place. That place is on the manufacturer’s website. All persons who get it from there will see these discount offers and make use of the ones they do so desire

Q4 – Is the battery of the maxphone durable?

Ans: Yes, the battery capacity of max is about 3350mAh and this is more than reliable to run your day to day operations. There’s also an ultra-battery save mode that allows you save more power when the phone is not in use or has a low battery. This feature is particularly helpful in emergency situations.

Q5 – How long does the maxphone battery last ?

Ans: The length of time is dependent on the way it used. On moderate use, the phone can last for 2 days before needing a new charge. On heavy use, you may have to get your charging cable and adapter ready as it means more power is being consumed. 

Q6 – How many megapixels does the camera have?

Ans: The phone has two cameras; a front and rear one. The front camera is 8megapixel while the rear camera has 16MP. These are great to take crystal clear photos and videos.

Q7 – What is the value of the Random Access Memory (RAM) of maxphone ?

Ans: The phone comes with a 2GB Random Access Memory making the phone fast even while taking up numerous tasks at a particular time.

Q8 – How big is the internal memory of the Maxphone?

Ans: The Maxphone has an internal memory of up to 16GB. The memory can further be increased to about 128GB with the use of an external memory card. 

Maxphone reviews: Conclusion

Every information you need to know about the Maxphone has fully been explained in this product review. To add to this, the android version of this smartphone can be updated whenever there is a newer android version.

The device is very durable as it is made from several quality materials which add to the physical appearance of the device.

Every detail you need on how to easily operate the device can be accessed when you go through the user’s manual guide which is always in every packaging of the new Maxphone device.

Considering all the ongoing discount sales on this product, we believe that every advantage currently lies in your hands. We may not be the manufacturers but we know that specials offers like this do not last long.

Take action while you still can.


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