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Memory safex review –

Everything is in one form of data or another, and storage drives are their keepers. If you’re still bringing a legal pad to meets to show off your ideas, or you think for a minute that your documents, pictures or video are safer on paper, you better think again. To be honest you are really off from the current reality of tech.

Images and videos are often taken to assist seize unique moments and memories in our lives. The concept at the back of these recollections is to have them forever –but whilst those documents are not backed up, they’re at threat. Software problems, viruses and hardware errors can affect these data or documents in out smartphones and even computer. These problems can really put our data in complete jeopardy hence the need for external storage systems to safeguard our data.

Having a storage drive opens up every realm of possibilities to you. The world identifies USB ports as a technology that likely won’t ever become obsolete and we’re going to explain why using one of the latest drives to made, the memory safex review.

The product was designed specifically for people who want to keep a local backup of memories, photographs, video files, music, and related media with them at all times. 

From one end to the other, we’ve covered everything you need to know before purchasing this drive that currently comes with a 50% Discount off fire sale from the manufacturing company.

Interested? Dive in and enjoy the memory safex review.

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Memory SafeX Review

Memory SafeX Review

The memory safe x when looked at for the first time, may appear to be just a mere flash drive but a closer and better look reveals a whole lot more. This device is a small powerful storage device that has high tech underlying features that will blow your mind. It is a thousand and one times better that what you will ever get on a conventional USB drive.

This device is the fastest and newest backup device for any data you have, be it videos, pictures, software and so on. Whatever it is, this device is impressively capable to store up all you have.

Unlike what is obtainable in your conventional USB flash drives, this device has a 1 Terabyte (TB) storage capacity which is really impressive for such a small and portable device. It comes with a unique built-in firmware that allows it to automatically go to work once connected to a supported product, such as your computer, laptop, or smartphone. 

Once connected, the memory Safe X drive will without delay automatically look for media documents or files on your device. After identifying these documents, the stick will routinely download them onto its integrated storage – this guarantees you have a full backup of all of your precious recollections that you don’t want to lose. Getting those reminiscences again on any of your devices is just as clean and easy – without a doubt simply connect the memory safe x to the proper product and skim for the files you want to restore.

Memory safeX Review
Memory SafeX Review

How does this Storage Device work (Memory SafeX Review)

This device was designed with an in-built firmware that was developed from the very beginning to be an automatic backup device. This storage device comes with an accompanying app that can be installed from the manufacturer’s official site or better still from the device itself.

Once you install the memory safe X’s app in your mobile phone or pc, the app’s interface allows you to navigate the various features that this stick offers. In this app, you can browse through the files that have been backed up to the memory safe X drive. You even have the freedom to customise the specific or particular files you wish the drive to backup, thus ensuring the storage space that is available to keep your memories secure is not wasted on unnecessary videos, photos and other media files.

or to make things a bit easier for you.

  • Install the MemorySafeX App and launch it
  • Plug in the MemorySafeX device
  • Click on the “Backup Now” Button

That’s it! Memory Safe will not scan your entire phone but will map your documents, photos and videos in order to perform the backup.

It will skip any duplicates to ensure it doesn’t eat up your storage space. Once your files are all backed up into the Safe X device, you can go ahead and delete the ones on your phone to free up more space.

Benefits (Memory SafeX Review)

There are lots of benefits that one anyone who purchases the memory safe x drive should anticipate to enjoy. The conventional benefit that may have struck your mind when reading this review may be that this device is that drive that offers you the ability to keep a local back up of your most previous memories, including audio files, images and video files.

Fortunately, there’s more to this device that just the above stated. Let us consider a few of these benefits in this section of the memory safex review.

memory safex review

For Massive Storage +cheap price, use Memory SafeX

For such a portable device, the memory safe x come with a 1 terabyte storage capacity which is really impressive. The storage capacity is adequate for storing hundreds of thousands of files. 


This is another incredible thing about this storage drive. The security of our documents or data is really important to each and everyone of us. No one would ever want to get a device that easily exposes ones data with reckless abandon.

When saving anything onto an external device, it provides 100% security. There are too many ways for files to be lost and stolen when on a device and the risk can be devastating when losing thousands of images forever.

Most people think they are protected from hackers or online theft but there is also the added risk of the device itself being stolen. Phones are a common target for thieves when the opportunity arises, whereas external devices like MemorySafe X are convenient to hide at home.

BackUp Files:

This is one of the reasons I’m sure you want to get an external storage drive. You can backup a large variety of media files with the Memory Safe X stick – including photos and videos, as well as audio files.

Simple is best approach

Using the memory safe x storage drive is a walk in the park. To make you use this device even while your eyes are shut, the manufacturer’s of this drive adopted the simple is best strategy in producing this masterpiece. It also has an accompanying app that helps you to manage your backups easily.

Super Fast backup

When saving large documents on storage drives, the wait to get your documents all uploaded can be really annoying and tiring. It may sometimes take minutes, and even in some worse scenarios hours.

Luckily, this is not the case with the memory safe x as this device takes this frustrating pain away. It saves High Definition movies in a matter of seconds saving time (time is really precious) on having to keep checking on its progress. The transfer speed for a single file is 30MB/s making quick work incredibly large number of photos, videos or any type of file you define

The connector is longer than the most meaning there is no need to remove the phone or tablet cover.

Universal Compatibility

The Memory Safe X is compatible with a large variety of devices, including Android smartphones, iOS smartphones, and computers.  There are multiple ports that can be used to connect the Memory SafeX drive to devices – including USB, Micro USB, and a lightning port for Apple devices.

Memory SafeX, Convenient Printing

Most people have experienced the dreaded photo printing service, having to plug in a device then scroll through every image. For 1000’s of images, this can take a long time.

With Memory Safe X it is easy to collate folders that are ready to be printed at the click of a button when arriving at the printers. No need to download hardware or software, just click and go.

Does not require an internet connection

You don’t need an internet connection to backup your files. You can be in the middle of the sea, in your basement, trekking in the mountains or even in outer space. The MemorySafeX will work perfectly with any Android, iOS or Windows device.

Automatically skip duplicates

Sometimes we mistakenly duplicate a file while backing it up, which can get so irritating when viewing it, more importantly when you want to sort every file out. But the MemorySafeX skips any duplicated file that you’ve saved on it, helping you free up more space.

Other benefits in addy to the above include

  • The device can automatically scan the connected device for media files that should be backed up. 
  • Saves you a lot of money since the product comes with a single price tag – no need to pay a monthly subscription fee as expected when deciding to make use of a cloud storage service to back up media files.
  • With this device you don’t have to bother about losing the quality of the file you sent to it as this device retains data or saves photos as they are taken. 
Memory safex

Memory SafeX Review- What are the flaws of this storage drive

Despite the impressive benefits of the Memory Safe X drive, sadly there are some drawbacks to this device and that is what this section of the memory safex review will discuss about.

The main drawback from the reviews that we have seen on this product in the past is the fact that the app that accompanies this storage drive may be somehow difficult for some persons to navigate. Yes, this device was made to be simple to use but the confusion impose by the UI of the app can make it somewhat less convenient for some persons.

Another thing I also didn’t like was the fact that the device comes in only a 1 terabyte option. The truth is this, this 1TB option might be a very large investment for some people. I think it would’ve been more beneficial if they actually had a smaller alternative at a reduced price too.

Who Can Use Memory SafeX?

MemorysafeX is for all those people who love taking photos and need a lot of backup space. If you have a lot of videos and photographs on your phone but do not have enough space to store them, then MemorySafeX is the right gadget for you. It is for those people who have lost data due to failure of disc and are looking for a safe option to store their precious memories.

Sudden disk failure is the reason why most techies will tell you to always have a backup. With MemorySafe X, you can backup up thousands of photographs and, if by any chance, your mobile or computer crashes, you will not have lost data.

What is the cost of the Memory SafeX

For a product that comes with a 1 terabyte storage capacity, I think it is surprisingly affordable. With the experience I have in the world of storage drives, I can categorically tell you that 1TB storage device would come attached with a much large price tag.

You can also save a significant amount of money if you decide to buy right now. The Memory SafeX is currently selling at a discount price.

If you choose to buy just a single stick now, you will pay $59 for the product. 

Also, there are packages available that offer each unit at a more affordable price:

  • Buy 2 Memory SafeX sticks for $89 (pay $45 per device)
  • Buy 4 Memory SafeX sticks for $129 (pay $32 per device)

If you buy three drives, you get two additional ones for free. You can also choose a lower bulk package – pay for two Memory SafeX drives and get the third one for free. 

Purchase today at a 50% discount off fire sale from the manufacturing company

Memory SafeX Review- Where can I buy it

Surprisingly, the memory safex drive is not available in local stores. I guess that this should be a way to ensure that it’s price does not increase since retailers would have to add some money to the initial company price to make some profit.

If you are interested in getting your hands on this device, you will have to visit the brand’s official website and complete a checkout process. Once payment is confirmed for the drive, the manufacturer will ship it to the delivery address entered during the checkout process. 

Exceptional Money back guarantee

Customers are always afraid of the unknown. What if the product does not work correctly? What if it is not efficient as it has been advertised or it becomes faulty?

For this reason, manufacturers will always offer a money-back guarantee for any manufacturing faults. This includes if the device didn’t work at all or if it worked for a short time and then broke. The guarantee will not cover defects out of your mishandling. It will also not include if you buy the product and later feel you are not happy having it and you want to take it back.

The MemorySafe X backup device comes with a three year guarantee. This is supposed to give you the ultimate confidence that the product you are buying is high-quality. You should not have a problem investing your money on the product. You will get a product that will help you to back up your photos and videos instantly. You can back up directly from your phone or your computer. The device is easy to use, and it is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, among others.

memory safex review

What are customers saying about this device?

I have lost my pictures once before using a traditional hard drive. It was so time consuming to store everything and it didn’t even guarantee the safety of my pictures. I’ve been using MemorySafeX for a while now and it was so easy to store everything and so far, nothing was lost!Nina

I was able to stop my cloud subscriptions because with MemorySafeX I stored everything I needed in one single drive! I use it on multiple computers, and it stores everything perfectly.Charles

Conclusion on

When buying the best external hard drive for your needs, you need to make sure you get a device that can safely and securely store your important files. Reliability is of the utmost importance here, as you do not want to buy an external hard drive that fails on you – making you lose all your important backups.

The best external hard drives will also be quick – either because they use SSD (Solid State Drive) technology, or because they use the latest connectivity technology, such as USB-C.

You’ll also need to think about how much storage space you need. The best external hard drives offer a range of storage space. We’d recommend 500GB to start, as that gives you plenty of space to store your files without costing too much money.

However, if you’re dealing with large files – such as high-resolution photos and videos – in your typical workload, you should consider buying one with a bigger storage space. A 1TB device will go along way

The product is generally very easy to use, even for those people who are not too familiar with computers and other technologies. There is no need to install special software, and the device instantly does what it is supposed to do – search through a computer or smartphone to conveniently back up appropriate media files.  

If you are interested in taking advantage of the current Memory SafeX Discount, Click the Button Below.

Thank you for reading this memory safex review

Frequently Asked Questions on Memory SafeX Review

Which computers can I use the MemorySafeX for?

Like I stated earlier in this memory safex review, this drive works with most computer systems, including Windows and Mac. The compatibility of the Memorysafex device to most computer systems enables you to use it on any computer with the following systems.
Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
Mac: From Mac OS X Version 10.7 and newer versions.

Does MemorySafex work with iPhone?

It’s called the MemorySafex Mobile. After buying the device at, all you need to download the free app. You plug the gadget directly into your iPhone, iPad or Android to save your images.

Does MemorySafeX work with iPad?

Yes, it works fine with any device be it android, iOS, Laptop or desktop. Forget about clouds and paid spaces, this flash drive removes need to get monthly paid cloud space for safekeeping memories.Does the MemorySafeX work on iPhones?

MemorySafeX simply an iOS flash USB drive for iPhones as well as android phones and tablets. So forget about having to connect to a Wi-Fi first before you can back up. Just plug it and go.

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