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Miracle sheets Review 2021; does it work?

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Quality sheets are really a key to enjoying a good night sleep. You will agree with me that it is practically impossible to get any form of good sleep if you’re wrapped around some scratchy, itchy, sweating material or cloth. Worst still is if they make you hot. No one wants all of these as they deprive one of great sleep. And since nothing is more dangerous than investing in beddings that

And since nothing’s worse than investing in  material or fabric that constantly needs to be replaced, you’ll also want ones that are long-lasting. The good news: We’ve tested dozens of sheet sets. But for the purpose of this work. We will be reviewing the miracle sheets that have come to become quite popular lately.

Basically sheets are elevated for the fabric strength, stability, wash able nature, fitness, safety and a whole lot more. For these miracle sheets review, we called in consumer tester to equally test these sheets and give us feedback in other to give you the best recommendation.

You really want to know a lot about these sheets, then dive on it lets take a beautiful walk through this review together

What are miracle sheets?

miracle sheets review

Miracle sheets are actually bed sheets that have anti-bacterial properties that make them a real danger zone for bacteria that gets clogged up on them whilst we sleep. They kill 99.9% of bacteria that comes close even before they have the ability to reproduce. These sheets remain very clean for extended periods of time when compared to the regular bed sheets that we make use of. Miracle sheets and even pillows were all made with an antibacterial silver technology that works to destroy bacteria by a natural stress-free chemical process known as ionization (chemistry students should be very conversant with this term).

Like you know, our traditional sheets do not have this antibacterial capacity and therefore hold onto different types of bacteria for long periods when we do not wash them. These bacteria therefore make these traditional sheets smell poorly, look very dirty and most importantly not fit for use if you really care about your health.

Health practitioners have always advised that persons who makes use of traditional sheets should make sure they wash them for a least once a week. If you dont want to keep battling with the various skin conditions that comes with the use of dirty bed spread then you will have to follow their advice. However, as we know, some of us can be so busy that we may not be able to do the laundry. Some of us despite being busy may not have the fund to acquire a cleaner. In such case, what do we do? do we leave our sheets stinking and smelling, with the risk of contracting one deadly skin infection? certainly, NO!

This is where this miracle sheet comes in.

miracle sheets review

How does Miracle sheets work?

The science behind the way the miracle sheets work is very simple and easy. We may not go into the details of the series of ionic reactions that occur to avoid getting you confused. That being said, written below is what you need to know.

These shits make use of silver lined with anti-bacterial agents that eliminate with ruthlessness the growth of bacteria. How does this make sense? well, these silver contain positive ions that get attracted to the bacteria like magnets. Once attached, a series of ionic oxidizing reactions take place that destroy 99.9% of bacteria from inside out before they even have the change to reproduce or think of reproducing

Antibacterial silver has been known for ages now as an excellent bacterial killer that is equally safe for humans to make use of. Therefore there’s no fear to be attached while using this sheets. They are completely safe.

Comparing Miracle sheets with the traditional sheets

Miracle SheetsTraditional sheets
Less frequent visit to the laundry You will have to visit the laundry regularly
Temperature regulatingYou will have to put up with sticky sweats and stains
Allows you grow a healthier skinAcnes, blemishes and skin diseases
Keeps you fresh, hygienic and healthyKeeps lots of dirt that are unhealthy. Makes you dirty
Anti-odorous agentBad odors are are a regular thing with this
Aims to kill bacteria even before they reproduceProvides the best breathing grounds for bacteria

What benefits arise in the use of miracle sheets?

  1. Less laundry: The miracle towel in particular drives your body two times better and faster than regular towels and due to its antibacterial property, it gives you the liberty to do the laundry three times less that what is obtainable in trad sheets
  2. Healthy skin: These sheets keep your skin healthy at all times, giving you the necessary confidence to move around during the day and face whatever work you do. There’s nothing that comes close to a healthy skin
  3. Anti-odor property: Unlike you have in some other brands, these sheets have an anti-odorous property which prevents your sheets from smelling from excessive usage. There is no bad odor to be perceived while using this product.
  4. Safety: Aside the fact that it feels really soft on the skin, there has been no known adverse effect of this product on the skin. It is smooth, very soft when felt and most importantly remains very fresh even after weeks. No wonder its termed the “miracle” sheet.
  5. Product comes with a 30 day free trial. This avails you the opportunity of making use of this product and returning it if you feel that it is in no way what you need.
  6. Regulates temperature: These sheets regulate the body temperature very well as the are made of natural woven silver. Its that kind of sheet that can be used during and even after summer.

Cons of this product at the moment? (Miracle Sheets Review)

Just like every other product in the world today, these sheets also have their shortfalls.

  1. These sheets can only be gotten online from the manufacturer.
  2. Stock for these sheets are currently limited
  3. Yes, we said that these sheets do not needed to be laundered as much as the traditional sheets. However, they still needed to be laundered from time to time. Don’t form the habit of still being dirty even when things have been made easier for you
  4. The natural woven silver that comes with this product protect against 99.9% of the bacteria and not all of it. It simply means that if not handled properly, bacteria could still find their way into it though not compared to the traditional ones
  5. For some countries, shipping may take some extra days due to the now relaxing global pandemic.

Why should you buy the miracle sheets?

Speaking from experience, no one likes waking up in a sticky, sweaty, smelling sheet on the bed. That’s one of the worst ways to wake in the morning.

We all know the importance of practicing a good hygiene. Even if you never did, Im certain the current pandemic thought you that. Basically, now you know.

Despite the fact that we know so much about neatness, we do very little about it when it comes to the sheets, pillows and even towels. Truth is, we use this products everyday and it is very important that we keep them clean at all times no matter what. I can agree with you that we tend to put in so much effort in washing these things clean and some of us may not have the whole time in the world for that. What then do we do? Leave them dirty?

Definitely, No. This is where these miracle sheets come in. These sheets where made with 100% antibacterial silver that has the abilirty to elminiate 99.9% of bacteria even before they dream of reproducing. It does this using a process known as ionization. All the sheets, towels and pillows produced by this brand have these antibacterial feature.

Not only does it keep you safe from germs, it also keeps you clean and cools your body. This is particular good for persons who have a sweaty skin and may not be able to afford a good fan or air conditioner. Whether you get the 480 thread count version or the extra luxe sateen 620 thread count version, air will keep flowing very well round these breathable sheets.

Does it all stop there? Of course not! Bacteria for some of these traditional sheets increase astronomically over time causing you to come down with various preventable skin infections and diseases. These miracle sheets stay fresh for longer periods of time. When it comes to their towels, they dry the skin better and faster. They also have that anti-bacterial quality too

You can get the sheets and towels as sets or singly. They are also available in different sizes. All products are 100% safe for humans as there have been no reported side or adverse effect as at the time of making this review.

miracle sheets

What other product come with this miracle brand?

  1. Miracle Sheets (Signature package): If you’re the type of person who is more concerned with making use of a cleaner towel than a bed sheet, then you need to go for this package. This signature package is the basic package for persons who persons like this. They also have the antimicrobial antibacterial property. They have a thread count of 480. These sheets are very cool, breathable, last very long before needed to be washed and always keep you and your skin safe.
  2. Miracle Sheets (Extra Luxe): If you’re the type of person who loves comfort a whole lot then this package maybe just what you need. They come in sets of bed sheets and cases for your pillow. They meet with utmost satisfaction even the most demanding of persons when it comes to comfort. Just like the others, these sheets are made with natural woven antibacterial silver which are a signature of this brand. In addition to this, they are also made with the prestigious American grown Supima cotton and have a thread count of 620. These particular sheets were made to give that special luxurious, silky and smooth feeling. The cotton used in making these sheets make them perfect for use during any season of the year, be it spring or summer. The bags are breathable and guarantee a sweat free night while you are sleeping with them. The best part of this package is the fact that they stay clean for longer periods of time when compared to other sheets. This package comes with a queen sized set of pillow cases, a fitted sheet and a flat sheet
  3. Miracle home bundle: This package is called the home bundle because they come with two pillow cases, two bed sheets and a complete set of towel that inclused two bath towels, two hand towels and two wash towels. This package is a great bargain since on purchase you get 25% off fire discount sale from the manufacturer. It save you much money and is a better bet as opposed to buying these other items singly. No matter the mattress size, you get the same bundle discount!

If you feel there’s a need to rid your bed of all dangerous organisms, why not head over to Miracle’s website and do the needful while stock lasts.

Where to buy? (Miracle Sheets Review)

Like I said earlier this product is only purchased online. But where exactly? We always advise our readers to purchase their products from the manufacturers official website. This is because you will get genuine products, there will be available space for you to make any selection of your choice as with regards size, no of sets, packages and so on.

There are so special offers available in the website. Making it easier for you to purchase more of these sheets at even subsidized rates. And most importantly, you get to enjoy the 30 day free trial attached to the product.

On the website, payment is encrypted from end to end, some discounts apply as there is an ongoing promo and there are various available payment platform that you can pay with. You credit, Payonner or PayPal card details are all protected in keeping with international standards.

Information about site

Here’s what we have about them

Address: Cargo cove fulfillment c/o miracle brands – 1501 Haines St. Jacksonville, FL 32206

Phone number: 1 888 683 4875

Mail: hello@miraclebrand.com

Miracle Sheets Price

The prices of these sheets are very friendly.

There are different packages for these sheets and these packages come in different sizes. However, the regular cost of these signature thread miracle sheets is $159 but there’s an ongoing 20% discount sale on it. This means that you will actually get these sheets for 129$ only.

The regular cost of the extra luxe sheets is 209$ but is currently going for 179$ at a 20% discount sale. You can choose the size, color and quantity on the official page.

Customer Review (Miracle Sheets Review)

miracle sheets

High quality super soft sheets. I love them. I have only washed/dried a couple times very carefully. I noticed some reviews complained of shrinking but I’m yet to notice this problem at all.

I saw these sheets come up in a lightning deal and figured why not try them. Loved their packaging, the last time I ordered sheets they didn’t come like these did lol. They were soft, I washed them prior to using them and they were even softer after the dryer. They are light and comfortable to sleep on.

It is as advertised. Extremely smooth – so smooth that the slightest of dry skin on feet or hands will catch the fabric. Super resilient sheets. Our cat climbs on the bed using his claws up the side of the sheet and the sheets haven’t torn or shown any signs of ripping or degrading.

These are my new favorite sheets! They are so soft and I never want to leave bed. I have a very thick mattress and these fit over it but sometimes do roll up as the mattress is soft/medium. A much better fit than standard sheets from most retailers. Very impressed and great value for money.

I love how they fit my monster of a mattress. It is an Ashley Furniture memory foam mattress, and 2/3 of the sheets I buy will not cover the whole thing. These fit around all corners without me pulling a muscle stretching them, and it stays in place! I plan on buying another set of these soon.

I was initially impressed by the cute packaging and then was really impressed by how soft they were out of the box. I immediately washed them, knowing I wanted to try them ASAP. You know it’s a good sign when the lint that collects from drying them looks and feels like a cloud! They came out of the dryer even softer than when they came out of the package.

The fitted sheet is really deep pocketed, I didn’t have to use the sheet clips I usually have to use with our mattress. The flat sheet also seems larger than any other queen sheets we own, which I love since it covers our box spring if left untucked. Very few wrinkles with minimal effort while making the bed.

My ONLY complaint is that the white set I purchased are a tad see through, which wouldn’t be an issue for me, except we have gray borders on our pillows that you can see through the shams. My husband will only sleep on flannel sheets, and I’m really hoping these convert him since flannel doesn’t go with Oklahoma summers! Five stars, definitely ordering more!

I remember each time when I see a neat bed sheet on my bed. I feel so good lying on one. However once it gets a bit dirty it begins to irritate me to an extent. I’m the type of person that is always busy. I’m single and currently work in NBL. I spend a lot of time there that once I get home, I just take my bath, eat and sleep in anticipation of the next day. A colleague invited me talked me into getting these miracle sheets by aloft. I was skeptical at first but after trying it, I will recommend it a 100 percent times. It is a must have guys.

When I heard of the silver lining that was used in producing this, I was a bit skeptical. I hadn’t understood how it worked. After reading some quality reviews online, I decided to give it a try and boom, I was not disappointed. If you’re the type of person who doe not have strength to keep doing the laundry I suggest this for you. It does not smell, does not lose color and is not allergic to the skin(at least I have noticed any allergy on my skin and that of my husband).

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Miracle Sheets Review – FAQS

Below are some of the questions that some people equally ask about this miracle aloft sheets. You may see one or two questions on what you have in mind here.

Are miracle sheets worth it?

Yes, miracle sheets are 100% worth it. These sheets are durable, soft and gentle on the skin and most importantly, keep you safe from various diseases.

What are miracle sheets made from

Miracle sheets are made of soft cotton materials that are have antibacterial silver that eliminates 99.9% bacteria by preventing them from reproducing through a method called ionization

How do you wash miracle sheets?

You wash miracle sheets with the normal detergents you have. Avoid making use of corrosive substances while washing as they can harm these sheets. You can dry or wash them. Whatever method you choose is fine

Is antibacterial silver safe for me?

Antibacterial silver has long been known for eliminating germs with ease. Over the years they have been used in lots of other products and there is no known adverse effect on man. It is 100% safe by all standards as at the time of writing this miracle sheets review

What sheet material is best

Well choice varies from person to person but then the most popular choice go for 100% cotton. This is because it feels very soft, is natural and can be very durable when combined with poly.

Conclusion (Miracle Sheets Review)

Finally, these miracle sheets are a set of soft sheets that won’t make you sweat on a hot summer day. You may have been through countless sheets that are rough, crispy or too small for your pillows, these sheets are just perfect. They have this special soft like feeling without any form of heaviness. These sets can last for ages when handled properly.

If you want to always enjoy the moments on your bed without bothering about catching some sort of skin infection, then these sheets are for you. These sheets do a great job at keep dirt at bay, destroy germs and allowing you enjoy a fresh feeling when they are used.

Please do not forget to share this miracle sheets review with your friends, family and any well meaning person who wants to know all that this sheet has to offer.

I will really appreciate this. Thanks you for reading this review.

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