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Novawave review 2022: is this latest antenna really a hit or a miss?

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Television antennas may seem like a technology of old or even a by gone era when the number of channels one received could be counted on ones hand. As consumers try to cut their ever increasing satellite and cable subscriptions bills, antennas are making a strong come back into many households, offices and digital market.

According to the latest research by Park Associates, it’s been noted that more than one-quarter of all households now make use of antenna. This is thanks to the every increasing bills that come with cable or satellite subscriptions.

As an added bonus, TV antennas tend to produce picture qualities that are unarguably better than the ones provided by the cable since the signals are less compressed. In addition to this, you tend to watch all your local

Lately, the gadget savvy finished testing a new group of indoor television antennas of all shapes and sizes in urban and rural homes and observed that most of these locations were able to receive so many free over the air channels. We also observed that outdoor antennas tend to perform slightly better than the indoors but they are too expensive to be purchased by everyone. That’s good news for the growing number of people who are running away from the traditional cable packages but keeping streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. An antenna can supply their live TV, including local news and other broadcasts.

The antennas we tested ranged from $10 to $100; and we found very little correlation between price and performance. The antenna that pulled in the highest number of station costs just $39.99. That being said, we will be focusing solely on this particular antenna called the novawave antenna.

In this novawave review, we will be explaining all we found out about this television antenna.

Novawave antenna reviews

The novawave is one of the latest technologies to come out of the world of antennas. It is a portable and indeed revolutionary masterpiece produced to rival cable TV that engulf so much money from you in the name of subscriptions. Just like other traditional antennas, the nova wave works with the same principle of converting all radio waves into strong electrical signals and help you enjoy your favorite broadcast channels.

It is indeed a sweet way of making sure that you get a lot of free to air channels without breaking a sweat or your purse to view them,

This anteanna is loaded with numerous features. It is compact and light in weight, very simple to set up and ultimately allows you save up so much money every month or year from those cable tvs. It has an ultra-modern technology that allows you get a super clear reception that sometimes have a better picture quality than your TV Cables.

The nova tv antenna is not an outdoor antenna. It is an indoor antenna that receives signals from about 30 miles out and also solves the huge problem of signal interruptions due to a harsh weather. it is a plug and play DIY tech. Installation is super easy. Requires no tech knowledge. We have also written a very short note on how to mount it here. In addition, it receives different wave ranges from VHF to FM and even the UHF.

Talk about product quality. It is built to be strong and durable as several high end materials were utilized to make sure that is lasts long.

With this antenna you can watch a whole lot of your favorite tv channels or shows all for free. It is a very cost effective product and is worth investing in especially with the ongoing discount sales and refund policy going on by the company at this moment.

novawave antenna

Advantage of using the Novawave Tv Antenna

Size: The nova tv antenna has a small and discreet size making it very portable. It does not come with cumbersome cables or even multiple cables neither does it require you to open any walls or hang any antenna outside. It’s small size makes it very easy to be transported to and fro any location of your choice.

One coxial cable plug in: This is otherwise called the simple one cable hookup. Unlike most of the outdoor antennas, this indoor nova antenna just makes use of one standard coxial cable to operate. This simply means that you do not need to hire any professional or get any technician to help you mount this device. Its as easy as saying, “Jack Robinson”.

Easy to mount on windows: Well, this particular antenna gives you the liberty to mount it in any location of your choice including on the windows where you get to receive more transmissions coming from different directions. It is generally encouraged to mount all indoor antennas close to the window in other to expose the receiver to a vast number of free to air channels and also have a better connections to the broadcast stations.

Mountable on walls: It can also be hung on walls. It will still generate a vast number of channels but for better performance, getting it to locations closer to a window or on a window will add even more channels to the ones that you already have. The fact that you can mount it on the windows makes it very good for homes with children since it can be hung out of their reach with relative ease and still perform well.

Get strong signals from miles away: The nova antenna has the ability to get signals that are about 30 miles out. The signal does not break neither. It also gives off high definition pictures from these broadcast stations.

Vast number of channels: This nova tv antenna brings your local news, international news, favourite drama, cartoons, music and movies, sports channels to your television all for free.

Simple to use: It is so simple that even a child can know how to operate it. All that needs to be done is to simply plug the single coaxial cable that comes with it to the correct port on your television and the rest becomes history.

Numerous signals: This antenna not only gives you access to other channels it also exposes you to receive FM, VHF and UHF digital signals once they are in range. Of course, all these are in the 1080p High Definition.

Energy-saver: This is another good component of this antenna. It does not consume energy at all.

Affordability: This is another thing that wins it for us when it comes to this antenna. First, it is very affordable and completely eliminates every form of wasting your hard-earned money for monthly television subscriptions that still denies you access to some television stations. This antenna costs about 39.99USD due to the ongoing discount sales by the manufacturer.

Novawave Antenna Package (Novawave USA Reviews)

Just in case you decide to get one of these, it is important that you read this novawave review all the way down. It is also important that you know what to expect from this product.

It is important that you know all that is supposed to come with it so that if anyone happens not to be included in the package you can contact the customer care and possibly get a new product or even a full refund as the case may be.

For this reason, here’s what to expect in a complete package of the novawave antenna irrespective of your location.

It comes with

  • 1 box
  • one novawave antenna, assuming you ordered for just a single piece
  • one standard coaxial cable that is connected to a port on your TV and
  • one users instruction manual written in English and Chinese
novawave tv antenna

How do I mount/install the novawave antenna

First , I think its best you understand that the fewer obstructions between your nova wave antenna and the broadcast towers or stations, the better. And make no mistake–thick walls and ceilings are certainly obstructions. That’s why placing your antenna in or near a window often yields the best results.

That being said, you do not need any technical expertise, knowledge or special tools to get your antenna all started up. Just follow the instructions that are found below and your antenna will be up and running

First, locate a position, if possible a window. The nova antenna can be placed in any location of your choice. It depends on your preference.

Step two connect your nova wave antenna to your television with the coaxial cable that comes with it. Locate the coaxial antenna input or port on your television to do this.

Connect the antenna to the antenna input on your tv.

turn on your television and locate the settings menu, locate the cable/antenna settings and choose antenna.

Once you find the antenna button and choose it, scan your television by choosing the auto program scan or channel scan option as this case may be to find and filter all the available channels within your range and start enjoying your new numerous channels.

Yes, it is as simple as this. No wall perforations. Just plug and use

In addition to this novawave TV antenna, all you need to watch your local stations is a TV equipped with a digital TV tuner, something included in almost all TVs since 2007.

Novawave antenna for TV- Pros and Cons

Pros of the nova tv antenna

  1. It can work on any modern television from as far back as 2005
  2. This comes with a sleek and beautiful design
  3. Nova tv antenna allows you watch your favorite broadcast shows, local and international news, cartoons, sports ectaras.
  4. Can pick up signals from as far as 30 miles out
  5. Makes use of the plug and play DIY technology, making it very simple and easy to use.
  6. Observed to support broadcasts in full HD 1080p
  7. Reduces the amount of money you spend on monthly subscriptions since you just buy it once and enjoy it
  8. As at the last time of updating this article, it comes at a discounted price on the company’s official website.
  9. It comes with a working refund policy that allows you to return the product within 30 days upon delivery if you want your money back.
  10. Can be delivered to any location of your choice.

Cons of the nova tv antenna

  1. Sadly, there are no physical stores where this antenna can be gotten. They can only be gotten online and we ‘suggest you get it from the official manufacturers website
  2. It comes in only one color as at the last time of updating this article.
  3. Stock on this offer is very limited.
  4. The discount sales may end any moment. No actually date has been given for it to end but one thing is certain, sooner than later it will come to an end.
novawave television antenna

Novawave Return Policy (Novawave UK Reviews)

This is another brilliant policy I like about this product. They operate a 100 percent stress-free return policy. This return policy means that you have the right to return the product within 30 days after it was delivered to you. Once you return it within the 30-day period, you are supposed to get a 100 percent refund for the purchase or exchange the product; whichever one you prefer.

However, it it exceeds 30 days counting from the day you received the product, then you will not be able to receive any form of refund.

Also, terms and conditions apply for this refund policy and one of them is that the product to be returned must not have been mutilated by you in any form and that it must be returned in its original packaging. Also, all products to be retuned must be done using the return facility address provided by novawave’s customer care.

For more detailed information, please visit the manufacturer’s official website.

What should you know about USA Novawave Antenna other novawave tv antenna reviews will never tell you

You may not find the details below in some other USA novawave reviews.

The nova antenna is a passive gain antenna meaning that it uses no extra amplification and relies completely on the directional of the anteanna for full increased RF energy in a desired directions.

Is an indoor TV antenna and comes with double sided tapes.

Its Plug and play tech allows it to be easy to set up and use.

Comes in black, is light in weight and compact

Works with a super cool frequency of 40-862MHz.

Receiving range: UHF

Has an impedance of 70 ohms

Its passive gain is in the range off 3-5dB

It’s coaxial port fitting makes it usable on all types of Television set

Do I Need Novawave Antenna In The USA?

When we interviewed Stella one of the confirmed buyers of this antenna, she had the following words for us. Read through to see what she had to say about this antenna.

I always owned a Cable TV that cost me so much to subscribe every year. Yes, I got to subscribe but I still didn’t enjoy a whole lot of channels that I would’ve loved to enjoy. I particulary noticed that Maryann my neighbour had suddenly stopped subscribing her own cable but she was able to get a whole lot of channels. I was confused and decided to ask her.

To be honest, I didn’t realize how much I need this nova antenna till the day I replace my cable with it. I was quite furious at myself that I didn’t discover this device early enough since I had subscribed my cable that month.

This is a product I recommend to everyone who wants to get good channels at virtually zero costs. I haven’t witnessed any form of signal interruptions since I started using it for the past 2 months even during the snowy weather. This is particularly cool to me as I don’t have to keep putting up with interruptions during my favorite shows.

To have relative peace of mind, I suggest that persons who dislike their fav TV shows from getting interrupted when their subscriptions finish or when there’s a poor weather condition should get the novawave TV antenna. The pictures produced are usually very clear and of very good quality. I noticed this was because the novawave antenna supported full HD broadcast 1080p signals.

If you are really interested in cutting down on your ever increasing cable subscription charges, then the novawave antenna is certainly for you. The patient dog eats the biggest bone does not come into play when you keep spending so much money on TV subs and still fail to be happy.

These were all we got from Stella.

In addition, there’s no guarantee that the product may still be available on the official store. The on going discount sale and money back policy for this product increased the demand to an astronomically high level. The policy makes sure that you can return the product within 30 days if it does not meet up to your expectations.

The features of the nova-wave antenna span from the fact that they are easy to set up, easy to use, light in weight, portable and discreet, make use of just one coaxial cable and not multiple running wires like some traditional anteannas that get entangled and even put homes with children at risk of injury or burns.

It is indeed an absolute peace with this new wavy antenna.

novawave antenna review

Customer review on novawave antenna

Ford Parker C, MA

With this antenna, I was able to have access to a lot of my favorite new broadcasts, and in full High Definition. It will be practically impossible for me to continue paying those overrate fees for cable subs. Same thing, I will tell any potential buyer. You’re literally throwing away your hard earned money if you haven’t gotten the novawave. Get it and save yourself so much.

John Bradley, CA

I used one poor antenna in 2021 and really lost fate in antennas. I’m still surprised I pushed myself to get this particular antenna. It has an amazing quality compared to my last antenna. I set it up myself. I just followed the users manual and that was it for me. Terific product!

Sheryl Stone, Texas

I was too scared to stop paying for my cable TV subs even though I knew I was spending so much for it. I learnt through a co-worker who recently got the novawave antenna how more than 90 of the top 100 television channels are all free on air. I had to give this a trial especially as the price was very affordable. I’m now happy. I got my favorite channel on it and in a great picture quality too.

Caleb M. James, Florida

I’m a fan of soccer, the MLS wasn’t available on TV in my location. I was stuck with streaming some of the games on my smart phone’s tiny screen. I only got novawave because I wanted to get a clearer picture of other channels but to my greatest surprise it also filtered in channels where I get to watch some of the games in the Major League Soccer. Instead of straining my eyes every damn time to watch soccer on my phone. I now do so with so much ease and happiness via my TV and for free too

Mathew West, Illinois

I was always upset with myself each time I paid so much for TV subs and still get to never watch some channels. It seemed like a total waste of money for me. After some after thought, I had to try out this novas antenna and boy, it was good. At least even if I don’t get to spend so much on some channels that I don’t watch, I get everything for free. This tv antenna has saved me a lot of money. I like it

John K. Texas

This antenna was very simple to set up. At first I was scared since I had no technical know how about the offer neither was I a gadget specialist. Despite all these setting up this device was really simple. I thought I had some hidden super powers on how to set up gadgets, lol after setting up mine. Easy to mount. Just look at the user manual. It contains every simple detail in simple English and I think Chinese. If I could do this, anyone can!

Wang Zhang Hills, California

I’m Chinese. I came into the USA 4 months ago. I had to put up with the cost of things here. I got ripped off regularly from paying for different things. I mean, I just got into this country and was yet to settle and was already loosing so much money. Well, I had to let go of a lot of things and one of them was the Cable subscription that I pay for every month. I saw this and decided to try it. Ever since its been fantastic. I even had to order one for my extended family that stay in China. They will also enjoy it. It is the way to go. Not scam or fake!

Novawave Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

This subsection of the novawave review is geared towards answering all of the most commonly aske questions about this device. Our team of writers have painstakingly sort out these questions and provided authentic answers to these questions.

Here’s what we found to be mostly asked.

How may TV channels can I watch from my location?

This is multifactorial. The first factor being the distance between you and the broadcast station. If your close to many broadcast stations, then you will receive all they broadcast. The second factor being the presence or absence of significant obstacles or blockades between your location and the broadcast station.

What is the Novawave?

Novawave is an electronic antennal made with tear-resistant materials. It allows you access to numerous TV channels at basically zero fee.

Where should I mount my Novawave antenna?

It works perfectly well in any part of the building that it is placed in. However, for better effectiveness and coverage we suggest that it be mounted close to a window.

Can I get the Novawave from my local store?

Well as the last update of this article, it is not possible to get the novawave antenna at any local store. To cut off the likelihood of customers getting poor or fake products, we suggest that all purchases be made from the manufacturer’s website. That way the authenticity of the product is assured and you will also have the opportunity of getting very good discount promos going on there.

How much can I get a Novawave for?

From the manufacturer’s website, there are different prices for the different packages of the novawave. They are found below

1 Novawave antenna for $39.99 (Instead of $61.52) – This price comes at at 65% discount price

2 Novawaves antenna for $79.99 ( Instead of $123.05 )

3 Novawaves for $89.99 ( Instead of $184.57)

4 Novawaves for $109.99 ( Instead of $246.09)

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, it comes with a refund guarantee of up to 30 days. Orders are delivered very fast too and at any part of the world.

Is the Novawave affordable?

To be honest, this antenna is very affordable considering all the package that you stand to gain when you own one. It also helps you save some bucks that you would have spent on weekly, monthly or yearly subscriptions. You get to enjoy a whole lot of channels for free.

Do I need a professional to help me mount the Novawave?

Unlike other forms of signal and network providers, you do not need an expertise to help you mount or use this. It comes with a manual that explains everything clearly. All you need is connect your nova antenna to your television, scan your TV and you will instantly have access to multiple broadcast TV channels. It does not need any poles, software, pans or masts. very simple to install.

Where can I buy a novawave antenna?

Like I wrote earlier, you cannot get the nova antenna in physical stores. There is a reason for this and I have explained it earlier. The novawave antenna can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s website. That is the safest place to make your buy. The website and payment platforms are encrypted with the latest 256-Bit SSL technologies that protects all your details and make you impervious to attacks.

There are also different payment methods on their website, ranging from Paypal, Credit cards and debit cards. All orders are delivered super fast as per our research and to any location of your choice. Wrong input of address can lead to delays and in some worse scenarios misplacement. So, please ensure you input the correct address.

Novawave reviews- It’s a wrap here

The novawave is a sleek flat antenna. Aside the fact that it gives you free access to your favorite channels. another great thing about it is it’s design. It’s a flat easily place able design. It’s designed to be indoors, but it’s two toned (one side is black, the other is white) design makes it easy to blend into most rooms.

It allows you to stream for free different Tv channels ranging from local and international news, to sporting events, to movies music and what a view. It has the ability to get channels within the range of about 30 miles in all directions. It also comes with a High definition pixel of up to 1080 pixels ensuring that you get brilliant resolutions while watching your TV.

Unlike some other antennas that may find it difficult to give good video and sound quality, the novawave antenna gives videos that are of high quality, crystal clear and with very good sound quality.

Also, you don’t need to hang your antenna on your roof or even bother about your signals being disrupted by harsh weather conditions.

This product is cheap and affordable. The manufacturers, despite producing a free energy-saving broadcast device, made it very affordable. You don’t need to go into debt to be able to afford this tool.

The process of procuring this antenna is super easy. All you need do is to click on the link here and get to the company’s official website and make your purchase. Delivery is fast and world wide.

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