pawsafe nail clipper review

Pawsafe nail clipper review 2021: Is this good enough?

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Pawsafe nail clipper review

Thanks to the world of technology, we now have one more innovation to celebrate about. Gone are the days when our pets; dogs and cats bleed through their nails and accommodate pain just because we want to give them the best claw trimming treatment. Gone are the days when we had to spend so much just to get our pets a nail trimmer to do the job. The days when we had to put up with sweeping the littre from the nails of our pets after cutting it.

Pawsafe nail clipper is the latest nail cutter in town built with special features, components and properties that are the best fit for cutting your pet’s nails. It is very compatible with dogs and cats, no matter their size.

This pet nail clipper make sure you have a safe, hygienic and easy way to cup the nails of any pets in your home. Ordinarily, you can agree with me that the traditional nail cutters or clippers are usually stressful to use. In most cases, the use of these traditional nail clippers lead to the unnecessary overflow of blood from your pet’s nail as there is no overwhelming showcase of the quick blood vessel found in your pets.

The question we need to now answer in this review is this: What makes Pawsafe’s pet nail clipper the best choice to the other known traditional clipper’s?

As always, we are here to ensure you know the answer to this in this pawsafe nail clipper review.

pawsafe nail clipper

Pawsafe Nail clipper review

Built with a futuristic design, this pet nail clipper an innovative product that was built to give your pet that pain and blood free nail cutting experience. It was also designed to give you a stress-free experience. How?

The product has a comfortable ergonomic handle, a very powerful LED light that brightens the “Quick sensitive blood vessel”, a mirror that magnifies things up to 5 times their normal size allowing you see and know where to uct. It also has an inbuolt nail catcher that makes sure the trimmer off nail particles do not litter your home.

Is that all? Definitely not! It is powered by a sharp precision blade that is more effective than even a normal razor blade, contains a perfect and gentle nail guide that helps you position the nails properly and finally has a good safety lock that makes you do away with the fear of storage.

There’s no pet nail cutter anywhere with these features mentioned above

What should we expect from pawsafe clipper for nails

Well, there’s a whole lot you should expect from this product. Pawsafe completely eliminates the need for you to spend so much or travel long distances just to get the nail of your pet off.

With paw safe, there’s no need to get a nail groomer whose actions may lead to some disturbing and poor behaviours like unnecessary barking in some pets. This pawsafe pet nail clipper is easy to use, eases you off any stress and most importantly helps you save your money, time and also protect your pet.

features of pawsafe nail clipper

What are the features of Pawsafe Nail clipper review

Let’s take a look at some of the features of this nail clipper


Why does the pet nail clipper come with an ergonomic handle? What is the size of this handle? Well, let’s dive into this and get heads cleared. A deeper look into the ergonomic handle of the paw safe shows that the handle is indeed one of the best seen in nail cutters. It is comfortable and very easy to use.

This handles makes it the perfect fit for the other features of this nail clipper. Even a person with parkinson’s disease known more as the shaky hands will make very good use of this nail cutter without problems at all.

It simply points to one thing. Good balance is what this handle provides


Why is the LED light in this product important? Well, here is the answer. There’s a sensitive and fragile blood vessel called the “QUICK” found in the claws of cats and dogs. While attempting to cut the claws of these pets, any wrong move can affect this delicate area and lead to bleeding.

This overflow of blood will definitely lead to pain and can even be an avenue for the spread of deadly infection. No one who truly loves their pet will ever want them get a feel of such excrutiating experience.

So what does the LED light do? This LED light enables you to locate the “QUICK” sensitive blood vessel. It makes this vessel bright and very clear to your naked eyes so that you do not puncture it while attempting to cut the nails of your pet.

Mirror Magnifier

A lot cannot be seen so easily with the naked eyes while trying to cut the nails of your pet. You will agree with me that things will be a whole lot more easier if you can clearly see what you’re cutting on your pet.

This is no doubt the added benefit of this 5 times mirror magnifier located in the paw safe nail is really needed to ensure the best cut is made. This 5x magnifier guides you to the best point where you make your perfect cut.

Nail Catcher

This is another feature that I like so much about this pet nail cutter. I’m sure that you agree with me that it can be quite disheartening to see the littre of your pet’s nails all over the floor after you have cut the nails.

I once had a friend who in one occasion luckily found a clipped off nail of his dog, Jimmy in his last son’s mouth. Boy was about 2 years old then. That was the height of it all for his father, my friend. They had to spend so much money doing the nails of their dog in the vet in our neighborhood till he came across pawsafe that two months.

With this nail catcher attached to this product, it ensures that you don’t have to bother about nail cuttings littering around your home anymore. This nail catcher is a little compartment that collects all nail trimmings. It guarantees no mess, no litres, no accidents(like the case of my friend) and zero worries.

Once you’re done using the nail clipper, kindly dispose of the collections in the inbuilt nail catchers.

pawsafe nail clipper review

Does Pawsafe nail clipper work?

Of course, from our findings the answer to that is a huge YES!. Pawsafe works incredibly fine. It’s grip fits so well to the hands. It is not slippery and thus very comfortable to use. This ergonomic grip together with the built in precision blade, helps you give your cuts at the best angle and allows you maintain a comfortable position.

The handle is super friendly to all sizes to hands or palms. It’s been tagged in some quarters the “all hands friendly handle”.

Its LED lightening allows you to differentiate successfully between the dark nails to be cut and the sensitive parts of your pets paws. This LED light exposes the delicate blood vessel called the QUICK which can easily be destroyed by poor traditional nail trimmers. I’m sure you don’t want your pet screaming in pain and discomfort!

In addition to the features above, this pawsafe clipper for pet nails also has a 5x mirro magnifier that enables you see things on your pet’s paw very well. It gives the power to see the parts you want to cut and the part you would want to leave out.

With this pet nail clipper, mistakes are practically off the table when used with the LED light and the Mirror magnifier. It’s nail catcher also ensures that the nails you trimmed off will not get scattered in your environment. Incredible right? This is why we suggest you don’t allow this opportunity pass you easily!

How to use Pawsafe nail clippers?

It does not require any special knowledge for its use. Anyone and everyone can make use of it. Outlined below is just a simple summary on how to use this pet nail clipper.

  1. Quietly hold on your pet’s paws and place its nail in the paw safe trimmer for nails
  2. Turn on the LED light and magnifier to line up the nail in the best position that you desire
  3. Hold on to the handle very well and start trimming the nail gently
  4. Once this is done, all nail particles collected in the nail catcher should be disposed off into the garbage.

Importance of cutting down your pet’s nails?

Trimming your pet’s nail is a very important grooming task that makes sure your pets remain very healthy and happy. It should be a part of your pet’s care routine.

Failure to groom their nails properly can make them grow too long and cause you a series of problems. Nails that are too long can break off easily and cause too much pain. When these long nails break off and are not attended to, they could be an avenue for the transfer and spread of infections to your pet

Longer nails also make it quite difficult for your pets to run or even walk properly. How does it happen? When your pet’s nail hits the ground while walking, this puts pressure on your pet’s nail bed. According to expert verts, this pressure causes a discomfort that forces your dog to spread her weight in a different way while walking. This in turn affect the way she aligns the joints of her toes and paws making it quite difficult to walk

Why is paw safe pet nail clipper the best choice for your pet’s nails?

Not only is pawsafe pet nail clipper the best choice for your pet’s nails, it is equally the most user and pet friendly, reliable and easy way. It practically removes every fear of puncturing a blood vessel, leaving your pet sour, unhappy and filled with pain once a trimming exercise is one.

The Pawsafe plug guarantees the health of your pet

Here are some of the things you don’t have to worry about while using this pet nail clipper

X- Presence of very poor lights leading to under or over cutting?

Y- The LED lights in this product allows you to see well and properly too

X- Failure to see nail properly?

Y- Its 5x mirror magnifier increases your ability to see even the tiniest of detail in your pet’s paws with so much accuracy

X- Slippery grip?

Y- Built with an ergonomic handle, you have nothing to worry about as its grip is tight and handle fits every size of palms

X- Scared of nail littering in your home?

Y- It has a nail catcher that stores up every nail that was cut off from your pet instantly.

X- Does it put my pet in bad position for a cut?

Y- Not at all, this nail guide gives you and your pet the freedom to choose whatever position suits you best.

What are the Pros?

  1. Ensures that the health of your pet is well preserved as you don’t have to puncture delicate parts of your pet’s paws and blood vessels that could be a medium for infection.
  2. It saves you money and time that would’ve be spent on a commercial nail trimmer
  3. Make sure your pet doesn’t go through any form of pain, during and after the trimming
  4. With it, your pet will always have a neatly cut, short and clean nail
  5. You will also have a clean environment free from trimmed off particles.
  6. Overall, this will strengthen the bond you share with your pet(s).
  7. It can even serve as a great gift to your friend who owns a pet or more

Are there any Cons?

The only problem is that fact that it can only be gotten online for now.

How much can I get pawsafe nail clipper?

This product is very afforadable. For as low as $19.99 USD, you can be an owner of one paw safe nail cutter. This price is a thousand times better that the amount of frequent or recurring payments you make to a commercial nail groomer for your pet.

This pet nail clipper saves you more!

What is the best place to buy pawsafe

It will be in your best interest to buy pawsafe from the official website of the manufacturer. This allows you report any issues or problems that may arise from this product. You may also enjoy some money back guarantee from them.

All you need do is to own a valid paypal account or a credit card in order to push your payment through.

If there are any discounts that come with this product, buying from the manufacturer will make you aware of this and will equally allow you to enjoy it.

Are there any refund policy attached?

Sure, to further boost the confidence the manufacturers have in this product, there is a 30 day refund policy that kicks off from the day of purchase. Once you’re not satisfied with the product, you are to return it to them and you will be either refunded in full or you get another product. The choice lies in your hands.

This also means that are no major risks in purchasing this product.

pawsafe nail clipper

Final Thoughts

Dogs are man’s best friend. Just like time spent with flying drones isn’t wasted, time spent with cats is never wasted. There’s no greater feeling that having your pets have full confidence in you. They can do and undo for you. They can even lay their life for you so you might live.

There’s this joy that comes when your pet see pawsafe trimmer and still has confidence in you because it knows that you cannot hurt it. It’s that faith and assurance that everything will go well.

Most of us have given thought about ways to improve the bonds we have with our pets. Have you ever considered reducing to the barest minimum the amount of time your pet spends with a nail groomer you know nothing about?

See this instance; imagine getting home happy but seeing your pet in a soar and moody position after visiting your nail groomer. If you really love your pet, trust me you wouldnt feel happy at all.

Let’s say you get pawsafe, make use of it and your pet suffers from no pain, soars or bleeding, you will be forever grateful. What do you think would be your pet’s reaction when the time for more trimming comes? They’d definitely come running to you with so much confidence because they know they have no chance of getting hurt.

After making use of other conventional nail clippers, I can confidently say that pawsafe is an incredible product with a futuristic design that has come to stay.

Pawsafe has really made things a whole lot easier for you and the life of your pet. It guarantees your confidence, love and most importantly helps to sternghten the bond you have with your pet

Are you so much interested in making the life of your pet better? Then pawsafe is the best choice you’re yet to make!

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