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Peace play review 2021 [Is this the best smart speaker]

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Peace play review

I’m yet to see someone who doesn’t like music. Yes, we may have the different types that we listen to but we love music. We all can do with more music and thankfully, manufacturers of sound systems couldn’t get more eager to sell you a good speaker set whether its a wireless Bluetooth option that connects with smartwatches or a smart speaker like the airpods, google home or even the alexa powered echo.

The best speakers of 2020 are must have speakers for persons who love music a lot. They are an outstanding solid choice all thanks to their durability, reliability and fantastic blazing sounds – most often in a well build, functional and portable design.

Also, great is the fact that they are wireless and therefore very easy to use, move around with and perfect for all sizes. It not really that difficult to see the reason they’ve ended up as the go-to sound solution for most music lovers who would want to tune with them wherever they are at.

Currently, there’s a whole lot of headset speakers to choose from in the world today, owning to the increasing number of manufacturers in the world of headset production. This is the great news, but does it mean there’s a challenge to make the right choice? Yes of course! There are two questions that always beg to be answered every single time. The first, What is the cost of this headset? and the second, Is the headset made from quality materials?

These two questions are really of great importance since we wouldn’t want to empty our accounts because of a headset and also because we wouldn’t want to waste our hard earned money on crap!

No one wants to spend their hard earned money on some crappy toy disguised as a speaker that shuts down few hours after purchase.

Luckily for you, we have done the research and testing and have written individual reviews on some of the most sort cost effective speakers in 2020. It simply means that we are in a very good position to direct you.

This work is for a product called Peace Play. We researched on it, tested it and here’s what we have to say about its effectiveness, flaws, costs, manufacturer and how legit the product is.

If you’re interested, keep reading this peace play review

Peace Play Review

peace play speaker

This is a hands free smart speaker that was designed to allow you enjoy the best music experience and at the same time making sure you stay present in the moment. It is a device that allows you to have both luxury and convenience at the same time since it does not completely eliminate background noise. That way you stay fully aware of the happenings in your surroundings. It simply means that it gives you that powerful sound quality you’ve always wanted and at the same time makes sure you stay connected to your environment [happenings around you].

This smart speaker comes with a neck piece that allows it to be worn on the neck when in use and not in use. It’s sleek streamlined modern design makes it very comfortable on the neck even for long periods of time. I at no point felt any form of discomfort or even strain while putting it on. The sound produced in this wireless smart Bluetooth speaker is incredible, precise and crystal clear, allowing you enjoy special listening experience.

As we both know, headsets have contributed so much to accidents in recent times. You can imagine a scenario where you’re crossing the street and you’re unable to hear the sound of cars honking at you. Some dangerous drivers may crush you down and drive off. Because of scenarios like this, the team had to put in some test in this aspect.

Charles, put on the device, increased the volume to the highest level and was asked to cross the Florida highway after taking some excuse from authorities road while we recorded his reactions during the action. To our utmost surprise, he was really in touch with his environment. Here’s what he said; “the road was too hot, I noticed that I could still listen to precise sounds from the music and was also very conscious and alert to the fact that cars were crossing the road, this device actually keeps on in touch with his surroundings”

What are the features of this peace play smart speaker?

Hands-free convenience: The simple and light weight design of this smart speaker makes it to be very comfortable when placed on the neck. You need not bother yourself about developing any type of strain, discomfort or neck pain at all. You simply place it on your neck when not in use and do all the other work that you want to do. It’s comfortable to put it on all day long

Detachable Neck piece: These smart speakers come with detachable neck piece that allows you set the speakers. It simply means that you can use the speakers to play music even while they are not attached to their neck piece

Wireless connectivity: I’m sure you do not want to purchase a smart speaker that makes use of cords or wires for connectivity. Peace smart speaker makes use of the latest version of Bluetooth that is compatible with android and iOS operated devices.

Quality Audio: This smart speaker produces sound that is crystal clear, precise with very good bass quality. It also keeps you in touch with your environment so you don’t have to get injured while attempting to cross the road.

Phone capabilities: You can conveniently answer calls through this smart speaker. It saves you the stress of pulling out your phone whilst in tight corners to answer a call. All you need do is to ensure your device is properly paired to this smart speaker via Bluetooth and it works the magic for you. It has inbuilt microphones that allows you answer calls that are crisp and clear with great ease.

Volume modes: You can increase or decrease the volume of this speaker by using either of the buttons attached to it.

Long performance: This is another beautiful thing about this speaker It has the ability to play sounds for straight 8 hours on a full charge. It also offers you a 72 hours worry-free standby time. With this device, you can keep blasting your songs till you get tired.

Specifications of this smart speaker

  • These speakers are completely wireless and super light in weight.
  • It has a good battery capacity that ensures your device has a standby time of 72 hours and playtime of more than 8 hours non-stop
  • It has a “fast super charge feature” that allows you charge your speakers within 2 hours
  • Pairing is very easy and this earbud works perfectly for up to 10 meters
  • It makes use of a V4.2+ EDR which ensure that your listen to rich quality sound
  • It has a Bluetooth for connecting or pairing with any smartphone, smartwatch or laptop

What are the benefits of using this device (Peace Play Review)

  • This speaker boasts of a standby time of 72 hours and an active playtime of about 8 hours
  • It is paired with great ease with phones, laptops and even tablets
  • It is very compatible with iOS and android operating systems.
  • It gives you incredible sound quality and ensures you keep in touch with the activities happening around your environment
  • The speakers can be detached from the neck piece and used to play songs also.
  • It has an inbuilt microphone that allows you answer calls with great ease.
  • It possesses vibrant and quality sound
  • It is splash proof
  • It is very light in weight and wireless
  • Once paired with a device, once its Bluetooth is turned on at a later time, it automatically connects to the paired device
  • It has a modern design that makes it very comfortable to worn on the neck via its neck piece
  • It works up to 33 feet or 10 meters before having a shake in signal
  • It is quite affordable and comes with a very good 30 day return policy

Pros and Cons of Peaceplay headset?

Like we promised earlier, we would tell you some of the flaws of this product so that you will know what you’re about to spend your money on.

It gives you incredible sound whilst making sure that you’re in touch with your environmentPeace Play is splash-proof and suitable for some water sports but are not recommended to be worn or submerged underwater. It simply means that you cannot use them to swim as water may sip into its core components and spoil it.
It’s very light in weight and does not in any way cause any discomfort no matter how long you put it onIt is currently sold only online due to the corona virus pandemic
It is hands-free and completely wireless (uses the latest Bluetooth version)Beware of online scammers. Make purchases only from the manufacturers site
It is compatible with android and apple phones. Your personal computer is also compatible with it
It allows you pick phone calls through it with great ease. You don’t have to miss any message while using it
High quality materials were used to produce this speaker
Detachable neck pieces

Powerful well balanced sounds

What makes peace play smart speaker different?

There’s a lot of reasons the peace smart speaker is a good ahead in the market today. Unlike all that is obtainable in other speakers in the market today, this play smart speaker actually invented an effective method of making sure you listen to clear powerful sound while keeping in touch with your environment. This new innovation simply means that with the P. play smart speaker all background noises are not completely removed, helping you stay safe, alert and aware of the happenings around you at all times.

Does this innovation not destroy the rhythm of my music? the answer is a NO. This latest innovation was built first to give you the best user experience like some of the best speakers and also to ensure that you know the happenings around you.

How do I use this smart speaker?

  1. First, turn on the Bluetooth on the device[phone, smartwatch, laptop] you want to pair to on.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth device of your peace play smart speaker
  3. Pair your device with the Bluetooth of this speaker
  4. Once it has paired successfully, you can now increase the volume to the level of your choice and start enjoying the balanced sound it emits.

Does this smart speaker really work?

Like we know there’s been a surge in the amount of speakers in the market today. A whole lot of them promise you heave on earth but fail to deliver in the smallest of promise. This is in no way the case with peaceplay as it has tried, tested and trusted.

Overall, we found no problems or issues whatsoever while using this speaker. It was easy to charge, easy to understand, functions very well and the quality of materials and workmanship put to is is super excellent. There is definitely nothing to worry about once purchases are made at the right place

Yes, it does.

peace play

What have other customers been saying?

Here’s what some verified purchasers have said about this smart speaker.

I was very skeptical at first. Didn’t want to spend my money on another crap that won’t work. Story short, I ordered one. The quality of this speaker is top notch. I won’t say that these speakers are the best for gym or office work but they are certainly the best for any outdoor activity.- Roland L

Very easy to connect. It also has a great phone function. I liked most the fact that once you receive a call, the music pauses and automatically continues from where you stopped before getting a call. Cool stuff I must admit.- Sancho J.

I never thought this peace smart speaker would be so comfortable at first. I literally wear these all day except when I want to sleep for the night. They’re very light in weight and fit perfectly. It causes no discomfort to me whenever I wear it under my hood. I’d give it a 5 star rating- Carmen G.

How much is the price of peace play?

Speakers come in a wide range of prices. Don’t assume, however, that the most money always buys the best overall product. Generally speaking, higher-end models do sound better, but sometimes they lack the features you might expect for the price.

When it comes to the peaceplay, there are lots of packages when it comes to the price of this smart speaker. One is sold for $107.68 but because of the ongoing promo on this product, you can get one piece for $69.99 meaning that you’ve saved about $37.99. Two via promo costs about $139.98, three for $157.48 while 4 costs only $192.47.

All these prices here are as a result of the ongoing off fire discount sale. We can’t say for sure when this sale will end but one thing is certain they never last so long.

All payments are secured and fully encrypted with the 256-SSL Encryption.

Where can I buy peaceplay speaker?

Honest reviews will always direct you to the manufacturers of this product. This is simply because you will get a genuine product [what you ordered for], enjoy discounts and be eligible for money back return policies. Most people usually make the mistake of purchasing from 3rd party vendors and come back screaming that they’ve been scammed. I wouldn’t want you to cry that way.

This is the reason we insist that if you must make purchases, do so with the main producers. We even go the extra mile of giving out the contact details of this manufacturers should you want to do business with them.

Also, this smart speaker comes with a 30-day money back policy. It simply means that you can return the product within 30 days of receiving it if you do not like the way it works and you will be refunded in full! However, do not scratch or return a product that you have kept and used carelessly as they will not refund for products that you damaged yourself.

Contact Details;

Backed by award winning customer service agents, you can contact them through


By mobile phone; United States (US) and Canada TF: 855 219 4892

Company address for persons in the US: Quality Performance Limited 377 Valley Rd #1123 Clifton, NJ 07013

Frequently Asked Questions on Peace Play Review

Do the speakers still work detached from the neck piece?

Yes. You can easily detach the speakers to use on their own and still expect the same sound quality and performance.

How is peace play recharged?

It comes with a micro USB that allows you charge your speakers fast and with great convenience

Is peace play smart speaker water resistant?

This product is splash-proof but it must be noted that it shouldn’t be submerged in water. So I advise, it shouldn’t be used to swim in pools and so on.

Is peaceplay smart speaker adjustable?

No, peace play is not adjustable, but it a single size that fits all. It was designed to curve the neck properly to prevent it from slipping or falling off

peace play review


There are tonnes of Bluetooth speakers in the market today with nice designs and latest techs making it very trick to figure that which will serve you effectively. The choice may seem endless but I believe that if you want a great detachable speaker that can serve you well, the peace play speaker is really a great choice for you.

This speaker has lots of selling points that would make you opt to go for it. It was built with ultimate durability in mind, making it very fit for outdoor activities and pretty inside your home too.

If you’re looking for that speaker that gives you balanced high quality sound and also extends a hand to your safety by allowing you know things about your surroundings, then this device is for you.

Currently sold at a discount off fire sale price and an attached 30 day refund policy for dissatisfied customers, there’s really no risk to purchasing this product if you have the money for it.

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