pixpilot drone review

PixPilot Drone Review 2021: Is this drone great for photography?

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Pixpilot drone review

Truth be told, even if you don’t have a good reason for buying a drone, you will agree with me that drones are really cool. As you know drones have recently formed an important aspect of photography.

Photographs are important parts of our live since they remind us of our best memories both as children and as adults. They form an integral part of our life experience. That’s why most people always give in to taking pictures once the opportunity arises.

There are tonnes of device out there that has been used to take photographs over the years. It’s not possible to talk about the history of photography and leave out the history of cameras. They both run alone. There’s has been lots of breakthrough in the world of photography and camera as we can now see we have 4k pictures today.

Late 2007, ushered in a convenient equipement called ‘selfie sticks’. They were widely accepted and used because they make taking picture without the help of other people super easy. With selfie sticks, there was no need to exclude a family member from a picture because there had to be a someone behind the camera or phone.

There came the introduction of drones. Drones as you know were formerly restricted to use in the military and grand hollywood movies. There was a need to introduce better view both at the war front and in movies. Just like cameras, music speakers and even smartwatches, drones have also evolved very sharply and fast from the very expensive types used by the military and movie producers.

Currently, people can now purchase drones that allow them shoot pictures in 4k mode, give aerial dynamism and track objects at costs less that $1000. Drones giving feelings that are closest to have a personal flight or cruising around in private jets.

Today, we’re reviewing a product called PixPilot drone. You may been one of those persons who has gotten tired of the outdated selfie sticks, someone who’s fed up of having pictures cut in half or you feel that technology has gone so far that you don’t need to exclude any members of your family or crew while taking pictures, this review is for you.

Here, we will go through all the important aspects of this drone like we do in all the products we review and see if its worth spending a few bucks on.

What is Pixpilot wifi drone?

pixpilot drone review

Pixpilot drone is a drone that has been properly equipped with a camera for the reason of taking high quality pictures. It’s a drone that takes the best selfies from any angle of your choice. It has the ability to capture photos from a distance of 50 meters or 150 feet in the air.

This pixpilot flying machine makes sure that you get the perfect group or solo selfie of your choice anytime anyday. The fact that this drone has an app that is very compatible with android or iOS users is another reason for a good thumbs up.

Equipped with an auto-fly or 360 modes feature, this drone can take pictures for you on its own while you’re busy working out some other thing to save some time.

There are tonnes of leading companies like the DJI and Parrot in the world of drones, however, the problem with these companies is the price of their drones. Drones from DJI, Parrot and even Yunnec costs a whopping 2000 to 20000 USD. There’s no surprise whatsoever why pix pilot drone happens to be the next big thing on stage. This is because it has the features that these high end drones have but this time is much more affordable to people like you and I.

Pix Pilot drone was designed by 2 German aerial engineers who loved drones alot. They operated quite a number of these drone but found out that these drones cost them a lot, were bulky and attimes could be difficult to travel with.

This inspired them to work out sth and that gave birth to Pix Pilot aerial vehicle. This drone is light in weight, small in size and gives one of the best user experience. You don’t have to be a techy to know how to operate this drone. You can carry it to any location of your choice; be it camps, parties, hiking and a whole lot more.

The Pix Pilot drone is equally equipped with cameras that help you capture those special and sweet moments through photos and HD video

PixPilot Review Technical Specifications

Below are the technical details and specs of pixpilot that make it not only an innovated project but an incredible one at that.

  1. Weight: 85g
  2. Color: Black, Turquoise
  3. Dimensions: 250 x 250 x 35mm
  4. Battery life: 6 to 8 minutes
  5. Charging time: 70 minutes
  6. Moto type: Coreless
  7. Main material: ABS and hardware
  8. Gyroscope: 6 Axis
  9. Controller: WiFi
  10. Supports cordless control
  11. Built in camera: Yes
  12. No of camera: One
  13. Function: Forward and backward flight, left and right sideways flight, ascending(up) and descending(down), hovering, 3D flip. headless mode, high and low speed, one-key landing, FPV image transmission, photo taking and video recording, altitude hold
  14. Operatign systems: It supports Android 4.2 and above, iOS 7.0 and above.

What are the Special features of PixPilot drone?

The drone is made with premium materials and modern technology which has equipped it with tonnes of great and innovative features. It’s use is not restricted to taking pictures alone. Infact it can be used for any purpose as a matter of fact. Below are the features

Range of Movement: This light weight drone has a vast range of movement which is about 50meters to 150 feet away in the air. This range assures that you get the bird’s eye view. It is also equipped with performing some good maneuovers like the 3D flips and rolls, agile movement and has a precise positioning.

HD quality: Like we stated before, this drone has a super fit in built camera that is attached to it, allowing you take pictures and record videos in HD. You will always get a very clear image that is sharp and free of any form of blurrings. This applies to the video recordings too. It’s app gives you the choice of saving your footage straight to your phone or to share the post for others to see on social media.

What its hovering capacity?: It’s altitude hold allows it remain very stable for hovering and allows you have a better control of your drone while practiving some flying drills. It’s throttle allows you control your drone with so much ease and as such ensures you get steady video and pictures.

Foldable: This quadcopter drone has blades that are designed to safely fold into the main body of the drone. This feature gives you the leverage to carry your drone in your pocket, or a small bag. It’s light weight also means you don’t have to struggle with any heavy object wighing down your pocket.

Dimension: It has a dimension of 250 x 250 x 35mm which equals the palm of your hands. So when we say this device is portable, it tru;y is

Connectivity: You can connect this drone to your smartphone using WiFi. This allows you monitor and also control your drone with great use using your smrtphone. You can also save videos and photos directly from your smartphone.

pixpilot wifi drone

How to set up pixpilot drone?

Setting up this drone is very easy. It shouldn’t take you up to 10 minutes if this is the first drone you’re getting. Here are step by step process on how to setup your drone

  1. Unbox your drone and remove it from its packaging
  2. Next thing is to put in the propellers. Each propeller should be installed by making sure it partners with its corresponding leg. There are diagrams on the manual to help you with it. When you fail to install these propellers appropriately, it will affect in a negative way the performance of your drone. Make sure you use the included screw to install the propellers properly
  3. It’s time to charge its lithium battery. Charge its lithium battery using the included USB cable in the package
  4. While its charging, download the pixpilot app on your phone.
  5. Once charging of the lithium battery is completer, scan the QR code on the manual for your android or iOS device.
  6. Install the already charged battery, drop the drone on a flat surface, turn on your WiFi and connect to the name Wi-Fi 720P-##
  7. After this your drone is now ready. You can now open the app and use it to fly, take pictures and record videos just as you wish.
  8. Cheers

How does PixPilot WiFi Drone work?

It is very easy to use this drone. This drone is equipped with so many innovative functions that makes it super easy to fly, take pictures and record HD quality videos.

This aerial machine can be controlled using your cell phone. All you need do is to set it up like we explained above. Through the pix pilot app you can easily control your drone. The main interface in the app allows you to fly, snap pictures and record videos.

pixpilot drone reviews

Important warnings about use of pix pilot drone?

Yes, this drone is really good but we believe there are some warnings and precautions you need to know about

  1. Make sure the propellers of your drone are fit in properly.
  2. To ensure that you and those around you are always safe, it’s my opinion that you avoid flying your drone in highly crowded places with very high obstacles or barriers
  3. Do not fly your drone in poor weather conditions. Flying your drone in a bad weather condition will most likely affect the performance of your drone and may even get it spoilt.
  4. Once you have the intention of storing your product, always remember to fold the front arms located near the camera first in order to keep your device safe
  5. Never forget to review any laws, rules and regulations for flying aerial device in your area. Don’t make assumptions when it comes to this. Every country has different flying regulations owing to the current security situation in the world today.

PixPilot Drone Review: What are Pros of owning this wifi drone?

There are lots of things you stand to gain when you purchase this new drone. They include:

It gives you the chance of witnessing an incredible bird eye’s view of photograph. It allows you use your skills and creativity to take nice, clear and blur free images

The pictures and video recordings made with this drone are of high quality.

This drone has the ability to reach heights as high as 50 meters.

It was designed to be foldable and as such can be carried around anywhere you go

It’s light in weight and is not bulky at all. This is in sharp contrast to some of its peers in the drone market today.

Sales are going on a 50% discount off fire sale and there are very good bulk offers available too.

There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee for persons who may feel disatisifed with the product

What are the Cons?

Purchases are made only online

Stock is quite limited

Why should you buy this pix pilot drone

So far, so good. I’m sure that you must’ve seen tonnes of reasons you should bid a good farewell to your selfie stick and cling on to this new innovative drone.

This drone takes photography to a whole new level, bringing on board that aerial dynamism that you crave for while taking photos. This device allows you take good stunning pictures, record videos from very many angles, heights and levels.

It works with a very good app compatible with android and iOS users that allows you share the images you just shut instantly to friends and family.

Practically, this drone is a very good fit for newbies in the world of drones or drone photography. It has a simple design, is easy to use and gives maximum user satisfaction for a drone its size. Persons who want to have a worry free approach to take pictures will surely enjoy this drone.

Pixpilot wi-fi drone can fit into any space, this is because of its foldable propellers. This is a drone designed to be equal in size to the palm of your hands. This makes you carry your drone to any location of your choice with great ease.

pixpilot drone

Who manufactures this device and where can you buy from?

For now, the pix pilot drone can be only gotten online. I highly recommend you make your purchase from the official store of the manufacturers. You can equally get in contact with them through the mobile number or email. Below is the information available on the manufacturer’s site

Company name: ECOM GLOBAL LLC.

Company Address: 3317 South Highley Drive Suit 11-415 Gilbert, AZ 85297

Email address: support@buypixpilo.com

Website: https://www.pixpilot.com

The manufacturers offer you a 30 refund policy for customers who may not be satisfied with the product. For persons who will ever want to return the product, you are expected to contact support@buypixpilot.com within 14 days of arrival of your package and receive a total refund of the products and return it to the company address.

It’s important for you to know that all products should be returned in new and unused conditions with the labels still attached and where possible sent back in its original packaging. Failure to comply with this, the refund policy becomes void.

You can make your payment using your credit card or paypal. All purchase are subject to shipping terms found in their website.

What is the price of pixpilot drone?

The price of one pixpilot drone is $33.99. This price however is due to the ongoing 50% off fire sale promo currently going on. There are also some bulk offer packages for person who may want to purchase more than one drone at a time.

Two (2) Pixpilot drones (DOUBLE DRONE PACK) cost around $59.99 + shipping fee

Three costs about $77.99 + shipping fee. This package is called the Friends and family pack.

Four popularly called MASTER THE SKIES PACK is sold at only $91.99 + shipping fee.

All these prices are discounted prices and just like you know promos like this usually have an end. Prices may go up any time soon as the manufacturers are yet to give a deadline date for that.

So if you’ve made up your mind to buy, I will advise you do that now that you have an on going 50% discount sale promo.

Customer Reviews on Pix Pilot Drone

There have been lots of positive reviews from customers that bought and use this drone. Here are what some of them have said

I tested out one of the pix drones my friend got last week. It was my first flight. It was so easy for me to learn, I was also able to manoeuver the drone with so much ease and comfort. The thing I like best is that my friend was able to share some of the pictures she took with the drone immediately the pictures were taken. I just ordered my own drone. Can’t wait for it to arrive -Tina Stella [Nov, 2019]

This pixpilot drone is very easy to use. I got it as a gift for my kids. My two daughters never allowed me rest about getting a drone since they saw some fly around in one of our park outings. I checked out some drones online but the price were very scary since my two children were to young to make use of some of them. I stumble on pixpilot online, saw it was affordable and gave it a try. Ever since I got it, I’ve had my share of peace and my two girls have been enjoying it too. -Tanya Moines [Oct, 2019]

I got this drone in July 2019 and used it to go for camping where myself and my family enjoyed ourselves. We used our preserving bags to preserve a lot of meat, veggies for our journey since we would stay long. It was a great outing but I believe the pictures we took using this pix drone made the memories even better. It is durable. It lasts long and is easy to use. We had no issues at all with the wind as this drone weather all forms of wind. I’m glad I got it. Just make sure you purchase from the manufacturer. – Mark Anthony

I take it to any location of my choice since I’m that person who takes tonnes of pictures everyday. This pix wifi drone added a new dimension to my photography experience. It take pictures that are crystal clear and sharp. I’m glad I got this drone- TenPenny Y [July 2019]

I’m not a tech person at all. I just happen to win this drone during a competition in one of my company’s picnic. There and then, my fellow workers who knew much about drones, unboxed it and gave it its first flight. It was a beauty to watch. We took random pictures from different angles and it took me just about 5 minutes to learn how to fly a drone. Honestly, if you’ve got the money go for this drone. Highly recommended. – Khan A

pix pilot drones

PixPilot Drone Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register my pixpilot drone with the local aviation authorities?

Well, different countries have different laws. Here in US and also Canada, any drone that weighs 0.55 pounds(250g) or more need to be registered. Pix Pilot wifi drone weight just 0.187 pounds(85g) so you may not need to register. However, it’d be god if you’re mindful of the rules concerning drone use within your community.

What does PixPilot come with?

You will receive one HD Drone, A carrying bag, a charging cable, mini screwdriver and of course a manual that teaches you all about this drone and how to make your first flight.

Is there an emergency switch in case I lose control on my drone?

Yes of course, this drone was produced to weather the storms of emergencies too. Pixpilot comes with an emergency stop in case a need arises for an emergency rescue. However, this drone was designed to build up confidence and skill in its new users. It features multiple speed levels and a good responsive fine tuning adjustments for added control.

What is the movement range?

This drone can fly as high as 50 meters or 150 feet away from the ground without losing connectivity or signal of any sort. This range of movement is more than enough to capture any moments in a large gathering of people.


As you can see this review has listed all there is to know about this drone. We strongly believe that this drone will give you a great user experience that drones that cost a thousand bucks and above will do.

It takes pictures that are crystal clear. It records videos in HQ quality. That way not only will you have these memories, you will have then in very wonderful forms. They will never look obsolete.

The selling point of this product can be attributed to the price of this device. Frankly, it is very affordable and even comes with a 50% discount sale and 30 day return policy. With all these I believe its a good bet if you really want to own a drone that does not cost a fortune.

Pixpilot drone is highly recommended!

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