powerpod review

Powerpod charger review (2021): did they tell you this?

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Powerpod charger review

Does your phone, laptop or tablet remain in its last legs before the day runs out? This review is for you!

Watching your phone hopelessly run out of juice when you need it the most can be very frustrating and energy sapping. Worst still is if it happens when you’re nowhere near a power outlet. I perfectly understand that feeling very well.

Our mobile phone is used for a wide range of activities like watching movies, chatting, playing games and business purposes and you would agree with me that having a low battery at this point is the most annoying and frustrating experience ever because you are aware that your mobile phone can die off in the middle of this activity and this can cost you a contract if you are having a business call and am sure no one wishes for this . So you need to keep your device charged up especially  when you are very far from your comfort zone.

When you are far from your comfort zone charging your mobile phone is a difficult task and even if you find a place to charge up your mobile phone with its original charger you would still have to wait for four or five hours to charge it up fully and trust me this experience is not wonderful. Do you want  your mobile phone charged up very fast ? Absolutely, this is everyone’s desire. I know that there are emergency chargers and power banks and l agree that they are good alternatives but Powerpod compact charger is the solution to your problem .

With Powerpod charger you can watch your favorite show, play games, make that emergency call or business call and many more with your mobile device without the worries that your mobile phone would die off. So amazing right ?,

Do you have questions like , “Is it scam ?,  How does it work ?” pondering your mind?. You can only find out by reading our review below . This review gives you the answers to your questions and even more information about this compact charger. So read on and decide whether you need this device or not .

Powerpod charger review

powerpod charger

Power pod is a rechargeable handy and lightweight compact charger used to charge our mobile phones and tablets. This compact charger can be attached to our key holders , knapsack and anywhere of our choice. This charger comes in two forms which makes is compatible for both android and iOS devices . Power pod is designed with a rubber external body which prevents it from damaging when accidentally dropped on the ground. It provides power for up to two hours once its plugged in correctly.

You don’t have to deal with any kind of messy cables or cords because this compact charger is connected directly to your device . Its designation with an in-built micro high velocity feature gives it the ability to energize your phone battery very fast. Powerpod is rechargeable hence is used repeatedly.

Power pod is that perfect compact charger that would keep you away from low battery worries. Watch that movie, play some games and even run all apps in your mobile phone with Powerpod compact charger.

Features of PowerPod Charger?

  1. Rubber coated : Accidents are not planned events; so can occur at any point . You may accidentally drop your compact charger on the floor or maybe hit it on a hard surface but not to worry Power pod compact charger is designed with a rubber coat to keep your compact charger safe .
  • Two versions available : Power pod can be used to charge both an android and an iOS device because It has two variants . All you need is to order the Power pod compact charger that is compatible with your device .

 3.Convenient size/compact : Honestly the portability and compactness of this Power pod is one of its  best features . There are other  emergency charges that also charges your mobile phone quickly but they are big and are not so comfortable to carry around but Power pod is small and can be attached to your key holder , zipper or backpack hence can be carried anywhere without stress. Powerpod is as small as a coin .

  • Battery powered : There is a USB cord in the pack of Powerpod compact charger. This USB cord is used to recharge your compact charger at any point by plugging it to a USB port of a PC or Computer.
  • Instant Power : This compact charger is equipped with an in-built micro high velocity feature that guarantees you a fast battery charge up. With this charger you can get your mobile phone charged up instantly.

Some special highlights of powerpod charger

powerpod charger

Firm Fitting: This device attaches firmly into the phone when plugged. You have no business carrying different types of USB cord all in the name of charging your phone. It fits with ease and perfection!

Strong rubber layered protective cover: The powerpod is a charging device that can be dropped on the floor or knocked into things mistakenly especially when you’re in a hurry. This prompted its manufacturers to ensure that it is protected with a durable material that can make it quite difficult to damage. It is protected with a high grade defensive layer of natural rubber giving it that elastic feel for goo d protection

Two custom choices available: Once you’re ready to get your own power pod, it’d be great that you know that this device comes in 2 renditions. The first is rubber specifically made for use in android devices, while the second was made for use in apple gadgets.

Compact size: Some charging device weigh so much while some others are too big that they distend the shape of your trousers, making you feel very uncomfortable while you walk or even do stuffs. In contrast to some of these heavy duty charging gadgets, the power pod is very light in weight and small in size. It occupies very little amount of space giving you more space. There’s also a small opening that comes with every power pod charger that makes it very possible for you to attach it to your key ring or even zipper.

Powered by batteries: Powered by by good batteries, you’re very free to charge your device as much as you want so far you still make use of it. In scenarios where you may want to store your powerpod charger since you wouldn’t be needing it that much, its advisable you charge it to full capacity and then store.

powerpod review

Which device are compatible with Powerpod charger?

 Powerpod compact charger comes in two forms

  • 1. USB-C which is for android device.
  • 2. Lightning for iOS device.

When you want to order one, you have to select which is compatible with your device

Androids with USB-C connections

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Google
  • Huawei
  • ZTE
  • Xiami

iOS with Lightning connections

  • iPhone 5, iphone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 to 11 pro max
  • Apple iPad lightning cable compatible devices.

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Powerpod Charger Review: Pros and Cons

Every product has its good and bad areas . So not telling you about the cons and pros of this product would make my review on this product incomplete . Below are the pros of this compact charger :

Pros of powerpod charger

  1. It is lightweight hence can be taken anywhere easily . You can attach it to your keychains , belt holds or keep it in your handbag.
  • In a situation where you need to message or call someone urgently and your phone battery is dead this compact charger is very useful , all you do is plug it in and it charges your phone battery fast , you can now call or message anyone.
  • Powerpod is also helpful for navigation tasks . If you are going to a place far from home (unknown place) and you lose your GPS app due to a low battery a Powerpod compact charger would be the help you need to regain access to the GSP app immediately.
  • Do you work far from home ? and you need to keep in touch with some one but your phone battery has died off. Simply insert your Powerpod compact charger and charge up your phone battery and contact whosoever you want to call.
  • Powerpod compact charger is of help to your kids . In a situation where your kids are far from you or are traveling the last thing to worry about is keeping in touch with them because with this compact charger your kids can charge up their phones anywhere and stay in touch with you.
  • This compact charger is not expensive.
  • You have a 60days guarantee for each pod you purchase.


1. It does not work with every device. Kindly take note of this!

2. Powerpod guarantees that your mobile phone is never out of intensity which may lead to phone addiction and this is not good at all especially for your kids because it can disrupt them in their education if not properly controlled

Special Benefits of PowerPod charger

Here are so of what we call special benefits that this devices serve

  1. It advances work efficiency
  2. It is very useful for navigation tasks since it ensures that the battery of your phone doesn’t go off when you’re on some exploration work with it.
  3. It’s very perfect for emergencies

How does powerpod compact charger work?

This device is very easy and simply to use . As stated before Powerpod is rechargeable therefore to begin using it you have to charge it up fully and whenever you have a low battery on your mobile phone , tablet or e-book all you do is plug it in and your device would be energized immediately and in a very short period of time so you can continue your activities .

 You do not need cables or cords to charge up your phone using this compact charger, you connect the compact charger directly to your phone or tablet . You can attach your Power pod charger to your knapsack , bag pack , key holders and even your belt holders.

Who should make use of this compact charger?

In my own view, anyone can make use of Powerpod compact charger. Old , young , male  and female can make use of it . It follows a very simple to use philosophy so your kids can make use of this charger easily .People who work far , travelers and anyone can make use of this compact charger.

Even you at home can make use of this device to keep the boredom away when your phone is about to die off.

How long does it take powerpod charger to charge up my phone?

This solely depends on how you use your device while its charging and also on the output of the compact charger.

Most advanced mobile phones batteries go in limit from 1800mAh to 3500mAh

-The summarized number of charges to an inert advanced mobile phone:

Air 3 : 1 *90% charge

Air 5 : 2*100% charge

Air 8 : 3*100% charge

Air 10 : 4*100% charge

Air 10 plus : 4*100% charge

Air 20 max : 8*100% charge

Multifunctional Power bank : 3*100% charge.

Beautique Starlight Mirror and Power bank :2*100% charge .

Van Buuren Speaker and Power bank :1*70% charge.

Van Buuren TWS Earphone and Power bank : 1*65% charge.

powerpod charger price

How much is Powerpod charger?

Powerpod compact charger is sold at $19.95 for one but you can get it at a cheaper rate if you are purchasing more than one.

For two pods you get it @ $18.95 each

For three @ $16.95 each plus free shipping

For four @ $15.95 each plus free shipping

And if your Powerpod compact charger develops any fault you can return it within 60days of purchase

Why don’t you click on the button below and enjoy this offer before it expires.

Where can I purchase this powerpod charger?

Powerpod is sold on different online platforms but we highly advise that you purchase yours from the official website to avoid falling into the hands of scammers or fraudsters .

Purchasing from the Official website also grants you a discount price especially when purchasing in bulk . Other websites sells this product at a higher price than the official site so click the green button below and make a purchase now .

(Powerpod charger review) customer review?

Below are some reviews of customers who have purchased and used Powerpod compact charger :

“Very compact and easy to array. I have only just got the device , but it is easy to use and has charged one phone and it took a while . Otherwise happy to be able to carry and not take up all the room in your handbag”

          Lynne Blazey , Peel ,WA

“Handy! Handy to recharge to 20 to 30 percent on my mobile , I don’t know about any other devices as l haven’t tried them yet . Fully charged it took  my mobile from 30% to 49% before running out of puff”.

               Greg Holden

“Brilliant little gadget . This little gadget is a life saver . It’s discreet size & is easy to hang my keyring . I don’t have to worry anymore about my phone “dying”. I also like the fact that it comes in various phone “charger” styles as I also bought one for my husband who has a samsung . Thank you for a great product.

               Reet Petite Sydney

“Great product to complement my device . Product is compact and easy to carry around . Not sure at this stage , have had if for a short time and have only used it to partially charge which was quick . Product is most reliable , l have used it for an iPhone devices , l don’t know how many charges as l have had the product for a short time”.


“Powerpod charger is a great product . It’s very light to carry in a handbag but not on your keychain and it doesn’t take long to charge . I didn’t count how many charges l forgot to count but l would recommend it to anyone”.

    Ann, Metropolitan Adelaide,SA

“This powerpod charger is handy to have for emergencies, it seems to be reliable, convenient for use , handy size and great to have in your pocket or your keyring. Charges reasonably quickly, reliable and probably does one full charge for an iPhone5”.    

  Bruce Wright,Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

FAQS- Powerpod charger review

Will my Powerpod charger work with my telephone or gadget ?

   Sure ! Powerpod compact chargers are perfect with every single mobile phone . You simply need to guarantee you have the essential link or connection for your gadget . Most force banks accompany a small scale USB charge link included which can be utilized to revive the force bank just as your micro USB gadget.

iPhone users must purchase or utilize your current lightning cable or connector. Powerpod compact charger can likewise be utilized to charge tablets. for example ; iPad. We can’t say for sure if this charges every type of smartwatch

USB Type-C users by and large should  purchase or utilize your current USB-C link (if it’s not too much trouble check the item you bought to affirm as certain items accompany a USB-C cable , for example the Air 10 plus and Air 20max)

The Air 20max can be utilized to charge perfect USB-C PC or laptops .

Would I be able to energize my Powerpod charger? How ?

  Truly , Each Powerpod is accompanied with a cable that associates with any USB wall charger , USB vehicle charger or PC USB port fit for charging .

Fitting the micro USB cable into the IN port of your Powerpod and the USB end into your PC or wall charger .

In the event that it’s the first occasion when you’ve charged it , or on the off chance that you have not utilized it for month or more , charge your Powerpod for up to 15hours in order to get the absolute best from it .

How often can my Powerpod charger be recharged?

About 500 . Sweet! From that point forward , its ability may debase (we as whole get drained).

Are the connectors and cables included with Powerpod?

Most Powerpod compact chargers accompany a short micro USB cable . Our Air 10 plus and Air 20Max likewise incorporates a USB to USB-C link . (**Please note the multifunctional compact charger isn’t accompanied with any cable as it is energized straight forwardly from a wall outlet.

Are my Powerpod charger and accessories secured by a guarantee ?

Indeed ! 12 months guarantee.

What’s your refund strategy?

14 day unconditional promise and a year guarantee. In other words, 14day money back guarantee and 12months warranty .

Are the lightning connectors and links Apple approved ?

 Truly , All Apple items sold by Powerpod are MFi guaranteed.

Is it perfect with unfamiliar connectors? Would l be able to utilize it in different nations ?

 Of course . Powerpod utilized USB principles which are all inclusive over the world . ( You may require a connector for your PC or USB wall charger )

Would I be able to utilize this on a plane ?

Truly , however on the off chance that anybody , objects send them our way.


Conclusion (Powerpod charger review)

Just think through this, panicking once you take a look at your phone and you see it edging towards 5% and you haven’t even started what you wanted to use it for can be a thing of the past if you actually invest in this product.

Aside its fast charging ability, this compact charger is of light weight hence can be carried anywhere without stress, it can be attached to your key holders, knapsack ,folder case or tote. So why not purchase one already.

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