Quietbuds Review 2022: Is this ear plug really legit ?

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Quietbuds Review 2020: Does this ear plug currently trending in US, UK, Canada and some other top countries really work?

When we say environmental pollution we all think of atmospheric, water pollution and the melting of icebergs. Pollution due to noise is usually NOT the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind, but it is actually the commonest and the most neglected form of environmental pollution.

Different people have different thresholds of frustration, but it’s almost universal that unnecessary noise pisses basically everyone off.

The noise may be that of loud music blaring from street speakers, the hustle and bustle of traffic, people chattering loudly, machines and heavy equipment etc.

There is actually no limit to the number of sounds that can constitute noise pollution. Even a sound otherwise gentle, example; the ringing of your mobile device, can act as a distraction when you’re not interested.

Many a time, people seek remedy for these unwanted noises by plugging in music-playing headphones, but this doesn’t usher serenity, rather it introduces another sound, which may itself serve as a distraction at any unpredictable point in time.

The most effective remedy should have been to completely stay away from noisy places, but how is that even possible? Sometimes, people bring noise to your doorstep, especially when there is little or nothing that can be done about it.

This article will be about a product that claims to provide remedy for this seemingly intractable problem.

The name of the product is quietbuds and it has been available in so many countries for quite a while: countries like the US, Australia, the UK, Germany etc.

Does it really work as its touted?

If interested, I’d suggest you read through this quietbuds review as we have opened all stone cold facts about this device.

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What is Quietbuds?

quietbuds review

It is a paired novel device in the form of wireless earplugs designed by a group of clinical specialists in audiology, and aimed at keeping unnecessary sounds at bay, thereby keeping the individual calm and focused, and protects against inadvertent hearing loss or any hearing malady due to exposure to inordinate intensities of sound.

It is a genuine product made with the intention of providing hearing convenience for people of all ages, across different circumstances. It has three graded sound quietening features, between which the device can be toggled, depending on what the situation requires. The three diverse centers or cores include—

  • (i) commuter core,
  • (ii) concert core,
  • (iii) and ocean-quiet core, and are explicitly intended for movement, live concerts/occasions, and miscellaneous surrounding sounds, respectively. These earplugs are flexible, premium-quality, and absolutely convenient to wear any place you go.

These are sound-filtering and noise-canceling aids which protects the person from all undesirable noises around them making them relax more. They have highly detective sensory cores that vary and keep the sound in check at all intensities or levels. They can be worn all day long, especially when the person wants to relax.

Furthermore, they are for effective hearing-protection, cheap, highly demanded, and also one of the most innovative acoustic protection earplugs in the market.

Irrespective of age, every individual who is capable of moving from place to place is exposed to unwanted sound and may want to protect their hearing using Quietbuds. Using any of the three different cores or centers, it is possible to protect oneself from all versions and intensities of unwanted sound, therefore one can relax and concentrate even in the midst of chaos, coupled with the advantage of securing the delicate hair cells of the inner ear which can be damaged by sounds of high intensities.

They come in three sizes — small, medium and large, therefore available for all ages and sizes.

These earbuds are perfect for any person who gets irritated, distracted or upset by the endless jarring sounds all over the world.

Specifications and technical details of quietbuds

QuietBuds consist of three exchangeable capsule centers or cores, which are fashioned to combat distinctive noisy circumstances.

They are produced with high quality CNC aluminum which is highly durable.  

The inserts are made of silicone and come in three sizes:  small, medium-sized, and large.

They arrive in a compact zippered case which makes them easily carried about.

These earplugs come with three distinct cores or centers, with each case center having its own capacity. The choice of a particular center is determined by the type of commotion you’re faced with at any instant. Each of the container centers has its own distinctive specifications which are outlined as follows:

1. Commuter Core: This first degree center is made of silicone and it decreases the commotion that are not within the perimeters of close-range eyesight, but it doesn’t stop you from hearing what people around you are saying.

2. Concert Core: The next level (after the commuter center) center forestalls hearing jeopardies that may have been brought about by rowdy clamor shows. It acts to filter the commotion in the background so you can focus on the sound you really need to hear.

3. Ocean Quiet Core: It is the elevated level of the Quietbuds and it shuts out virtually any and every sound. This core/center has a particular liquid component that helps it accomplish this. This center can be utilized while resting, reflecting soberly or studying.

Quietbuds Review: What are its features?

-Quietbuds has been designed to provide clients with the perfect wearing experience and security they’re looking for.

-It can be swapped among the three centers or cores depending on the intensity or type of commotion in your environment.

-There are three exchangeable fits to suit any ear size.

-Ear assurance protects the delicate hair cells of your inner ears from very jarry sounds to prevent noise-induced hearing disasters.

-The quietbuds are built with premium materials which are convenient, thereby making the devices easy to be worn throughout the day without any difficulty or strain.

-The earplugs are designed with aircraft-grade aluminum, which is capable of giving up to fifty per cent decrease of the sound intensity of noisy commotions.

-It comes with a zippered case for all your travel needs.

-It has a flashy appearance and is user-friendly.


What do we like about these Quietbuds earplug?

  • It intercepts all disconcerting noises like those from trains, airplanes and motorcars, disk jockeys, heavy equipment, noisy electricity generators .
  • It also preserves your ears against damage at loud music shows or outdoor games.
  • One can adopt it as a routine device which one uses anytime one wants to rest.  
  • They fit so perfectly in your ears, such that you may not even realize you’re wearing earplugs.
  • These earplugs are highly effective and made with premium materials.
  • Quietbuds are made with the intention of providing acoustic assurance.
  • These devices are fashioned  with aircraft grade aluminum which helps diminish the sound by about fifty percent.  
  • These earplugs can be worn all day long, especially in the evening when one wants to relax.
  • They are user-friendly, convenient and no complications are encountered during its use.
  • It comes with a case that makes it easy to be carried about.

What are its downside?

Purchases are currently being made online through the manufacturers official website. This to us is a disadvantage to persons who may not have internet access to make purchases. The only take home from this online purchase is the fact it comes at a 50% discount.

Why do I need this device?

As already pointed out, these earplugs were produced to help shut out excessive environmental noise from the person’s hearing. Those who reside in areas where noise is a major disturbance will find this product exceptionally useful.

Also, those who work in noisy conditions eg aviation industries, power plants, concert rooms, noisy markets etc will need Quietbuds™ in order to remain sane in such environments. This product is not limited to the above categories of people.

It is also for anybody who is likely to be exposed to inordinate sound intensities which are capable of shifting a person’s focus or generally distracting the person. Most importantly, these noises are capable of damaging a person’s hearing. This damage to hearing must not necessarily be instant, it may follow an insidious pattern, thus when a person has been exposed to sounds of loud intensity for long, the person is very likely to develop hearing misfortunes or  complete deafness later in life.

A study by the world health organization reveals that over 1.1b youths worldwide are in danger of developing commotion-induced hearing misfortune. This is because, following advancements in technology and the introduction of new heavy machines, virtually everybody is either directly or indirectly exposed to the noise pollution that arises from them.

So for each of the above described persons, a pair of Quietbuds earplugs are all they need for hearing assurance and better focus even in the midst of chaos.


Quietbuds Review: How does these noise shutters work?

The mechanism of action of these earplugs is related to the materials they’re made from. Recall when we talked about the three exchangeable cores or centers of the earplugs, each of which is selected to suit a given situation.

(i) the commuter core: this is made of silicone, and it is selected when you want to exclude the unnecessary sound around you, but outside your field of view. What this means is that the core shuts out relatively distant sound, but doesn’t stop you from following the things being said by the people around you.

(ii) concert core: this is also made of a type of material which tends to prevent loud noise within sight, but enables you focus on the important things. For example, in a concert or party if you’re wearing quietplug with concert core, the music won’t sound so jarry and boisterous, rather it will sound like normal music and won’t embarrass your hearing at all.

(iii) Ocean-quiet core: this one works with the help of a core liquid. It excludes almost entirely every form of noise. As the name implies, if you wear this core in a marketplace, it will give you the type of serenity you get when you relax at the foot of an ocean in the evening. This will make you concentrate on your thoughts, the close range rowdiness notwithstanding.

So how do I make use of this device?

There’s really no hard and fast rule to this. Even a toddler can make use of this product. But for the sake of necessity and assurance, do follow the easy guidelines on how to use this device typed below.

  • wash and/or sanitize your hands [This should be a common practice to you considering the current pandemic]
  • with clean fingers, roll or twist the earplug to an s-shaped figure in order to insert it into the ears without difficulty. With this shape it will enter with great ease without and stretching and stretching your ear canal.
  • Armed with the now s-shaped earplug in one hand, the other hand should be used over the head to reach the opposite ear and tug it open, in order to further enhance easy sliding of the device into the ears.
  • At this moment, you can now insert the device into the ear with a slight turn in order to have it fitted perfectly in the ear canal.
  • The module is then held for twenty five to thirty seconds, allowing time for the froth to get extended; it is through the work of this froth that sound is prevented from entering the ears.

Why are Quiet buds earplugs more popular than some other earplugs?

Quietbuds are more popular than other such device in the market because of many reasons. The first being that it is patented by professionals unlike the other devices in the market. Also this device is made of premium materials which foster convenience of use.

Other such products are usually troublesome especially when they are to be used for long. In addition, the quality of this device is commensurate to the price. It is not like other hearing devices whose costs are higher than the function.

How necessary is the use of these earplug? (Quietbuds Review)

In present times, because of technological advancements, the sense of hearing has become one of the most endangered senses. This is due to the noise generated by these high tech machines. The problem is that these machines are everywhere and come in different forms.

The organ of hearing, being very delicate is highly prone to destruction by the ultrahuman sounds. Hence the world health organization has put forward a study which concluded that more than one billion young people are at the danger of developing commotion-induced hearing loss.

Thus for any individual who is health conscious, a device like Quiet buds should be added to the list of essential materials for fundamental life support.

Quietbuds Price

Luckily, for consumers, the price of this product is quite affordable, and at the same time highly discounted at present.

At the moment, one pair goes for $39.99, while two pairs can be gotten at $54.99. Three and four pairs can also be gotten at $74.99 and $95.99 respectively. It should be noted that these are highly discounted prices and are liable to go up at any time.

Where can I buy mine?

These products, at present, can only be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s homepage. In addition to being the only means currently, this is also the recommended means, in order to avoid being pranked by cyber fraudsters, and to enjoy all the value added packages, discounts and warranties issued by the manufacturer only.

The payment is also to be made online, using PayPal or similar platforms. All payments are encrypted with the 256-Bilt SSL Encryption ensuring transactions follow international standards and are safe.

quietbuds review

What are the Frequently Asked Questions

How does this device function?

Through the use of three different cores – commuter, concert and ocean-quiet – at different times depending on what the situation requires, unnecessary sound can be shut off, leaving you with only the necessary sounds.

Why do Quiet buds have exchangeable cores while other noise-cancelling devices don’t?

This is because it would be quite injudicious to design a device which indiscriminately cancels out all forms of noise, leaving you as good as deaf. The availability of different cores for different situations was made with the intention of keeping off only the unnecessary sound, while the necessary ones are preserved.

How is it possible for the manufacturers to provide a lifetime warranty?

This is because the device is made with premium quality materials  which are extremely durable. The manufacturers have this assurance that the device can last a lifetime, so they go ahead to issue the lifetime warranty.

Why does it come in three sizes?

This is because human beings’ ears also come in different sizes, so to eliminate the chances of buying something bigger or smaller than your ear canal, you’re given all three sizes so you make the selection yourself.

Can it be cleaned?

Yes, with a piece of cloth and some warm water the device can be gently sanitized.

What comes with every set of Quiet-Buds?

Each set comes with a compact case, three exchangeable cores of three sizes, and a user manual.

Are more QuietBuds cores available?

There’s ongoing research to this effect. In the near future, the makers will come up with additional cores with distinct and fantastic features for better consumer satisfaction.

Finishing Quietbuds Review

Earplugs are really useful for protecting yourself from noise pollution, however, they can be used while taking a nap or night sleep.

Noise can interfere with sleep. Not only is this exhausting, it’s also detrimental to health.

As you should know what works best is determined by the fit. The size of your ear canal is really a significant factor to put into consideration. Too big for your ear, then be rest assured that you’d keep picking it up from the ground.

Luckily, the quiet buds comes with a futuristic design that ensures you get the best ear fitting that will protect you from the hazards of noise pollution. This futuristic approach makes it suitable for any size of ear canal. Tested and trusted is all I can say about this product.

However, the ball remains in your court. Buy or not to buy? It all depends on what you want.

Thank you for reading this quietbuds review.

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