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8 best rangefinder binoculars review 2020 [Newest Update]

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Rangefinder binoculars review

So you were in the wild, putting up your usual show of hunting and quickly you spot a deer. It has a great size and is not aware of your presence.

You pull out your weapon to aim and kill but before you pull the trigger some thoughts begin to run through your mind.

How far is the deer? 300 yards? Is it up too 400 or more than 400? These thought begin to make you wonder if you’re supposed to shoot a bit high or take it low.

rangefinder binoculars review

Just like you know already, it is very important that you know the ballistics of your bullet before you take humane shots at any game animal.

Of course, that is just one great part of the job. The other important part is the fact that you need to know the range of your target.

It is quite difficult to accurately estimate a correct range with our bare eyes most especially in the wild. This is where the best binoculars rangefinder combinations come into play. Of course it is very possible to carry both a hunting binocular and rangefinder separately but that would mean extra pieces of equipment which we know will be very inconveniencing.

Rangefinder Binoculars Review

rangefinder binoculars review
A Typical sample of one of an RF bino

To get the very best out of your hunting or sporting game, rangefinder binoculars are supposed to be a vital part of your tool kit. A rangefinder is a device that allows you to measure the distance between you and your target quickly and efficiently. Binoculars, of course, are used to get a close up view of objects that are a long distance away.

Rangefinder binoculars just as the name implies are those binoculars that have the ability to display a range. They totally remove the need for you to use your rangefinder first before making use of your standard binocular. You know that in the course of this, the animal that you’re aiming may escape. So it is better you get a device that can do the two jobs simultaneously.

How Does Rangefinder binoculars work?

Most people have a basic knowledge of how binoculars work. We all know that magnification lenses and prisms work hand in hand to help you view faraway objects that lie directly in front of you.

Rangefinder binoculars have the added advantage of helping you measure the distance between you and those far away objects. That way you tend to have a better understanding of the situation that you are facing and the best way to approach it.

This advantage of seeing far distance objects and knwing the range between you and them is acccomplished with a high-energy laser beam emitted from this device and then reflected back to the binoculars. The distance to the object is then automatically calculated by the device. This is basically the time it takes to transmit the beam.

rangefinder binoculars review

Predictions have been made recently by some experts in the field of shooting ranges that seperate binoculars and rangefinders may disappear very soon since a combination of these two devices produces an effect that is outstandingly amazing. It has also become a very popular device.

In this article, our mission is to find the best rangefinder binoculars in 2020. At the end of this article, we’ll discuss some of the most important things to keep in mind when buying the best rangefinder binoculars.

When it comes to choosing the best optics for your situation, you must first understand exactly what they will be used for. Are you planning a DIY moose hunt? A Colorado Elk Hunt?

The set of optics you choose will likely be different than those of a whitetail deer hunter, or somebody who favors shooting at ranges.

8 Best Rangefinder Binoculars Review

1. Zeiss Victory RF

The no one device on our review is the Zeiss Victory RF.

A rangefinding bino that does virtually everything right. With its unique glass, it has long been a leader in high performance optics. It’s exclusive slim profile, great balance and ergonomics are so nimble that it’s quite difficult to believe that this super machine has a laser and processor in its guts.

rangefinder binoculars review
Zeiss Victory

It has an on-board ballistics calculator and connects through Bluetooth to synchronize with the ZEISS Hunting App, making it the perfect high-tech device for the modern hunter. This feature pushed it to our no 1 spot in our laser rangefinding binocular test

With the ability to personalise your settings and set your preferences, this rangefinder binocular really allows you to have an individualise experience. It stores up to nine custom ballistic profiles.

The Victory RF has lots of sensors that give it the ability to read distance, temperature, air angle and pressure. A device that has the ability to read non-reflective targets beyond 2000 yards without even breaking a sweat did not come to the world of rangefinder binoculars to play.

However, despite all these awesome experience it gives, the Zeiss is not quite perfect. It has a ranging button located out on the right-hand barrel. This caused testers to lose their grip on the optic when activating the rangefinder.

Also, the processor when put in scanning mode is a bit slower than we would like.

Of course, it very pricey though we know that nonranging binocular cos as much as $2,800.

All in all, with the experience this device gives, we take it to be the best RF binos for 2020.

2. SIG Sauer KILO3000BDX

This rangefinder bino review cannot be published without mentioning one of the best rangefinder binoculars, the SIG Saucer is really endowed with a lot of great features. If the Zeiss Victory left with you sticker shock, you’ll absolutely love these rangefinder binoculars from SIG Sauer. This gem is half-the price of the Victory RF but it has proven to be a top RF.

It offers a whole of qualities ranging from high-speed range readings, bright clear images, a bluetooth connectivity that allows your rangefinder to communicate directly with the scope of your riflie and also has a slightly more powerful laser than the Z Victory RF.

rangefinder binoculars review
SIG Saucer

We found that this device can reach beyond 2800 yards in non-reflective targets and gets to 5000 yards while chekcing up on reflective targets. It is therefore no surprise that these all new KILO 3000 BDS RF from SIG Saucer is one of the most popular systems in the market today.

The system is a 10×42 MM setup and the reason for the 3000 moniker is that you can effectively range objects out to 3000 yards.

Basically, what SIG Sauer has done is combined all of the technology from their stand alone rangefinder system systems and packed them in to a binocular.

Another great point to note is the fact that this rangefinder binocular works has the advanced SIG Saucer BDX system making them the best addition if you already own a SIG Saucer Riflescope.

What does the BDX System do and why do I need it?

The BDX system was created by SIG to effectively allow their entire optics arsenal talk to each other. It’s designed to give laser accurate shooting recommendations simply by creating a ballistics profile inside the SIG Sauer BDX app.

We highly recommend investing in the BDX system if you’re a serious outdoorsman. Though completing your entire setup can take time and a significant amount of resources, the BDX system is a serious advantage in the field, and a ton of fun to boot.

3. Leica Geovid HD-B 3000

One of the best rangefinder binos, it is produced from the company responsibLe for pioneering the world of rangefinder binoculars. The Lecia Gevoid HD-B 3000 is the updated version of the venerable Gevoid. It took a spot on our list today thanks to a couple of unique features that we will see shortly.

These rangefinder binos have the best optics of any list. Blessed with high definition ED lenses, phase-corrected perger porro prisms, and multi-coated glass that reduce light loss, the brightness and clarity of these optics will keep you marveled. It is just too phenomenal.

rangefinder binoculars review

However, it has shortfall. It’s rangefinder component hasn’t quite kept up. The response time is quite on the slow lane and we managed to reach a distance of 2,434 yards though the company claims that it is 3000.

The Leica is precise the most on targets inside about 800 yards and as close as 10 yards. This means that if bowhunting drives you crazy, the Gevoid HD-B is the best pick for you.

Modes include line of sight and angle compensation, plus it delivers holds that correspond to clicks on the turret of a riflescope.

The Gevoid-HD is indeed a phenomenal package in its entirety, one of the reasons it makes the list in our rangefinder binoculars review

4. Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile ARC

Mentioning the Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile ARC, all we see is the perfect definition of raw efficiency. Known for their high-quality products, Bushnell’s rangefinder binoculars will be one of the rangefinders on which the coming generation will be modeled.

A powerful model that technologically combines the quality and capability of binoculars with that of the laser rangefinder. It operates purely with a push of a button making it very easy to operate.

rangefinder binoculars review

It can measure a range from 10 to 1760 yards. Used by the army, this multi-purpose rangefinder binocular is also very helpful in hunting, outdoor sports, bird and wildlife watching and travelling. It has an exclusive design and is made using top-notch materials.

Equipped with the latest technology especially when it comes to the glass and lens, it makes use of the of the all-new XTR technology to provide the ultimate transmission of light. This gives it the ability to deliver with great clarity and resolution.

Designed to protect it from harsh weather, it has a multi-coated casing that makes it waterproof. This also gives it protection from falls and other impacts.

The quality of its lenses and its hard-line construction makes it very easy for you to carry it into the woods without worrying about damaging the device .It has a magnification of 10 x 42. When combined with the lens quality, it lets you the ability to observe far and give crystal clear images of your target.

It has an 18 mm eye relief. It is considered to be one of the highest which it comes to rangefinder binoculars. It results in your eye being comfortable the whole time you are staring through it.

If you are looking for a RF binocular that is a symbol of perfection and raw efficiency, this is the best rangefinder binocular for you.

5. Swarovski 8×42 EL Range

The EL Range has lived up to its biddings and accolades. in 2016, its binoculars won the best binocular of the year. The brand has been a main stay in the world of rangefinder binos developing each edition with the latest and newest of technologies.

The changes with each version may been small but the impact it has made when it comes to operating it and giving you quality comfort cannot be overlooked at all.

rangefinder binoculars review
Rangefinder binoculars review

With a very peculiar and amazing design, it has a cutaway portion that gives you a great place to hold your binocular securely. Magnesium alloy was used to manufacture the chasis. This alloy is far more expensive that the aluminium or polycarbonate plastic frames but the robustness it brings to the table can never be rivaled in all ramifications.

Blessed with an eye relief of 20mm and with a magnification of 8.5 x 42, this rangefinder bino is the perfect fit for those wearing glasses. This is because it offers a lot of places for you to adjust behind the lens while putting on your glasses.

It’s focus wheel is nicely places in a position that your hands can comfortably handle. It’s dioptre adjustment is also incorporated in the focusing wheel meaning that you just have to simply pull back the wheel and turn it to change the scale of the dioptre. Additionally, it also comes with a free bag.

rangefinder binoculars review
Rangefinder binoculars review: Swarovski package

Built to withstand harsh weather conditions, this device which happens to be one of the best rangefinder binos comes with water and fog protection. With a completely sealed cavity, there’s no way that moisure can enter its interior much more affect it. It’s not only protected against harsh weather, it also has an external rubberized coating that protects it from falls and also makes it easy to hold.

6. Nikon Laser Force Rangefinder Binoculars – Best Value

rangefinder binoculars review
Nikon rangefinder binoculars review

Another great rangefinder binooculars in 2020, the Nikon has long been known for its optics but this time around they have shown that its laser technology is up to par as well.

This model can range deer out to 1200 yards and can detect trees 200 yards beyond that. It also gives you readings in 0.1-yard increments up to 100 yards away. After that, it gives readings in 1-yard increments.

Built to withstand poor and harsh weather conditions, this RF is both water and fog-proof.

rangefinder binoculars review
Nikon package shown on rangefinder binoculars review

However one minor issue with this awesome RangeFinder binos is the fact that its rubberized outer coating is prone to attracting dirt and grime.

Finally, if you’re on a budget, this is one of the Best Rangefinder Binocular you can get. It promotes both cheap price and great features at the same time so if you’re looking for a great rf bino that will give you a tone of value for your money, this Nikon Bino is just perfect for you.

7. Sightmark Solitude

Compared to a standard binocular, binos containing laser rangefinders use different lens coatings, generally a shade of aqua green, to boost the visibility of the red LED (light-emitting diode) display that fires up when you hit the ranging button.

Sightmark’s Solitude doesn’t have the additional coating, because the LCD (liquid crystal display) is a permanent fixture in the image. It occupies the bottom third of the right-hand barrel, with a horizontal bar separating the retina and display from the remainder of the image.

rangefinder binoculars review
Solitude on our rangefinder binoculars review

We’d overlook that clunky display if the rest of the device was up to snuff, but while we got a maximum range of 936 yards, testers were unable to consistently range smaller targets inside 600 yards. Minimum distance for us was 6 yards.

The price is certainly appealing, but the unit doesn’t have angle compensation, target-priority modes, or a ballistics interface, and the image is underwhelming. It equally comes with a free bag for carriage,

rangefinder binoculars review

8. Pulsar Accolade LRF XP50

rangefinder binoculars review
Rangefinder binoculars review

Ordinarily this shouldn’t be on our list of rangefinder binoculars review but in all honesty it is the future. This futuristic wildly expensive piece of machine does not fit the definition of a rangefinder binos. Why? First, it is a monocular. Second, it’s mainly a thermal device that happens to have a rangefinder. Not just that, this device is an impressive $6,000 video camera, Wi-Fi station and digital spotting scope.

Why then did we include it here? Because it’s also indisputably cool, and an incredible tool for hunting hogs or predators at night. The heart of the Accolade is a sensitive and tunable thermal sensor capable of picking up heat signatures out to 1,450 yards (the company claims 2,000 yards) in complete darkness.

rangefinder binoculars review
Rangefinder binoculars review

The rangefinder, tied to the thermal image, is capable of delivering precise ranges of larger targets to about 1,100 yards. The display can be magnified up to 20X, and different colors and contrasts can be used to increase target resolution. You can record the display and stream it to a device using onboard Wi-Fi.

It’s really a maginifiecent piece of device to get if you have the money for it.

Rangefinder binoculars review- Buyers Ultimate Guide

best rangefinder binoculars 1
Best Rangefinder Binoculars Review

Getting a rangefinder binocular can be quite tricky. You may know the best binocular that you need, you may have the right budget for it but doubts may begin to trickle into your mind. It may be that you may have forgotten to put some key points into consideration or that you’re stumbled upon another RF on your way to purchase the one u had in mind. Situations like this can be annoying. We coined this part of this rangefinder binoculars review because we want you to make the best use of your money. Just read on.

To prevent these situations from arising, we have carefully and practically come up with the perfect rangefinder binos buying guide for you. We researched various aspects to note down the most important features of rangerfinder binos and have listed them for you.

It will be beneficial to have a look at it so that you don not miss out any information.

Rangefinder binoculars review: Budget

The first and one of the most important is your budget. If you know your budget or can set your budget prior to your purchase, it will help you research in a much better way. Make sure you set a realistic budget because there is no need to spend more than you can or spend way less than you can afford.

The idea is to not make the purchase of rangefinder binos a burden. Once you have decided on the budget, it is easy for you to eliminate the rangefinder binos which are both above or below your affordability. You can then select the best rangefinder bino from the affordable range and research on them. It makes the choices narrower and suitable to your need.

Rangefinder binoculars review: Your requirement

The other important thing is the features you are expecting from the rangefinder binos. No matter what others say, it is up to you to choose a particular rangefinder binos. One feature which someone else finds useful might not be as useful for you. So, it depends on your perspective and requirement whether it will suit you or not.

So, the thing you can do is note down the features you need from the rangefinder binocular. It will not only depend on your comfort, but also on the place and the occasions you use it for. It calls for a careful study of yourself and your needs. Getting to know your budget and knowing your requirements will get half the work done for you.

Magnification & objective (Rangefinder binoculars review)

The magnification and objective of a binocular are always complimentary. The range of a rangefinder binos also depends on these two aspects. You might have seen the binoculars being denoted by a set of numbers such as 7×20 or 10×42. What it denotes is the magnification and the diameter of the objective lens.

For example, if the binocular is denoted by 7×20 it means that 7x is the magnification and 20 are the diameter of the objective lens. The magnification requirement depends on the purpose of your purchase. If you have bought it to take it to the movies, the ideal magnification would be anywhere from 3x to 5x. If the purpose something like sports, 7x would fair perfectly. But for hunting the best option would be 10x magnification.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that the field of view reduces with increase in magnification. The field of view of a 7x rangefinder bins would be more than that of a binocular with 10x magnification. Also, it will be difficult to hold a rangefinder binocular which 10×42 for a long time as it will be heavy. The help of a tripod stand can be used in such cases.

There are zoom rangefinder binos which let you use the variable magnification feature. In these, you have the opportunity to change the magnification depending on the range they offer. If the rangefinder binocular is denoted as 7-15×40, you have the ability to adjust the magnification from 7x to 15x. This can be done by turning a lever or wheel which is placed at the center of the binocular perfectly within reach to your thumb or index finger. This offers great versatility to your rangefinder binos magnification. But at the same time, it can hamper the quality of the image if deliver.

Wrapping up this Rangefinder Binoculars Review

The importance of an RF bino to hunters cannot be overemphasized. If you don’t already own rangefinder bino for hunting, you’re missing out. A good quality set will help you scout for game, measure distance to your target, and help you compensate for angle and ballistics. If you’re a bowhunter, be sure to choose binos that range shorter distances, like the Nikon LaserForce or the Leica Geovid HD-B 3000. However, if a rifle is your weapon of choice, any on this list will help increase your hunting success.

As always, all the best.


Rangefinder binoculars
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