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Save sealer Review [Jan 2021]: Know this before buying now

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Save sealer review

The feeling that comes with harvesting fresh food from your garden is usually awesome. While this might not be in the cards for the upcoming months, technology has given rise to tonnes of reasons you can still eat fresh food from your garden. The secret? Preservation

Food preservatoin helps you stock up and save money, whether your increasing your own food or making purchases in bulk. With food preservation you can control what’s in your food.

Preserving food or prolonging the lifespan of your food for long periods of time without having it lose its taste, feel or look has been one of the desires of so many persons. This is especially for the working class indigenes who have breaks just on weekends.

No one likes to waste their money, trust me. Money doesn’t grow on trees and each time food is wasted, it amounts to uncalled waste of money. I’m certain you’re not working just to throw down those few bucks into the thrash can.

However, if proper food storage techniques are not used, there’s no doubt that the food will be wasted and thus money worked for, wasted!

With this clamour for proper food saving methods, there has been lots an lots of inventions that have sprung up. Some have advertised the use of food flasks, some plastic containers, polythene bags, canning and even recently, the vacuum sealers. Vacuum sealers are amazing, the only problem is that they leave your bank balance crying for help. They cost tonnes of money,.

Owing to the inadequacies of the other methods, there has been intense research to produce a product that is super effective but also affordable. Something that you and I can purchase and make good use of.

Seal saver, is a product that has been touted to do so. Is this product really what they say it is? or is it another junk trending in US, UK, Newzealand and Australia? Well, I’d leave that for you to judge.

Let’s see what this product offers.

What is save sealer bag?

save sealer reviews

Savesealer is a small handheld vacuum sealer that is used to keep food, vegetables and fruits very fresh using its BPA-free-air-tight seal bags for safe prolonged storage whilst ensuring that you have enough space for other things in your fridge, pantry or even freezer.

It also claims to improve the freshness of food, fruits or even veggies that were stored in the freezer. Built to be all encompassing, it can be used to store leftovers, can be used bulk shopping, travel meals, meal prep and even the sous vide cooking.

With the present emergency situation on global health, it’d make much sense to have an efficient food and money saving device to your kitchen.

What are the parts of this sealer bags?

To ensure your device produces the efficiency is what designed to build, this product has two parts

1. Sealable Plastic Bags

The first is the sealable plastic bags. You have them is different sizes. All you need do is put your meat or food into them, just like you do with your ziploc bags. What makes this bag important? We observed that they have a little valve on them. This little valves makes way for the second part of save sealer.

2. Pump

The second part of the save-sealer system is a small sized pump that is joined to the valve on each sealable plastic bag. Click this pump into the little valve on the bag, press a button and watch as the bad gets sucked and clinged very tightly to the meal you’ve stored inside.

Doing this drives all the air that contains the contaminants out of the food. Absence of air equals an absence of freezer burn, which in turn ensures that your food remains fresh, tasty and does not end up with any funny or disgusting look.

Is that all? There’s more. Just yesterday I defrosted 3 steaks that i had previously stored in my S.S bags. To my utmost amazement there were no freezer burns. I closely observed that there were no runoff liquid and the colour of my steak had not changed from its customary red.

I had no inconvenience whatsoever using the bags. and yes, they are washable and reusable forever (that’s if we’re gonna live that long)

save sealer bag

Top Features of save sealer?

Ease of use: You don’t need to have any special skills to know how to use savesealer. Just place your food, fruit or veggies inside the plastic bag, connect the accompanying vacuum nozzle and push the button to suck out air. It preserves dry food,meats, fruits, cheese or even veggies with great results. For persons interested in sous vide cooking, these thick plastic bags can come in very handy to help you achieve the perfection you need.

Elevated food quality: Imagine a scenario where you eat crisp, crunchy salads all week long without having to bother about its taste, feel or looks! Oh yeah, that’s what savesealer was built for. It completely prevents the oxygen from gaining access to your food thereby ensuring that you always have access to the essential nutrients and flavour in the food.

This alone makes sure that your food stays 5 times fresher when compared to the saran wrap. It’s all byes to the days of having to keep up with wilted leaves or disgusting brown avocados. It’s leaves you with your fresh, awesome tasty food.

Easy transportability: Built to be that food preserving side kick, the sealsaver is small in size making it super easy for you to take it to your office, camp stands or even your backyard for some sweet evening BBQ enjoyed whilst blasing music from your speakers. It’s light in weight and can be easy put into any bag without a sweat.

More impressing is the fact that it is cordless, meaning you don’t have to bother about entangled wires, broken sockets and all that. All you need do is to charge it up using your normal USB cable for a couple of hours and your good to go. It supports both indoor and outdoor activities.

Space Saver: Here’s another thing great about this device. Dealing with those large food containers that take up lots of space in our fridge can be quite tiring. It creates unnecessary clustering and jam packing of food items. Nevertheless, with savesealer’s bags, its is quite easy to stack pile of file away food to fully maximize the space in your fridge.

It simply means you don’t have to remove every can or container in your fridge just because you want to get to the box with your next meal. It also means you can stock up twice as much as you want in your fridge.

Eco-Friendly: Here’s another important part. Like they say, “Health is wealth”. You can agree with me that with the current happenings in the world today, we’ve been trying our best to live a more careful and sustainable lifestyle. The last lockdown that occured in so many countries worldwide was an eye opener to this fact.

The savesealer makes it super easy for you to achieve this since it helps to reduce food wastage and the over reliance on one time use plastics. Instead of settling in for a saran wrap that will definitely not make your meal fresher, why not settle for a product that makes your meal 5x fresher? It takes nothing other than a change of mind to make this happen.

How to use save sealer bags?

First and foremost, Are savesealer bags reusable? This is a question we believe deserves an answer. Yes they are! So how can i make use of it?

Just lay the sealable plastic zip closure bag flat with the air valve facing up and fill it totally with your food of choice. Before zipping the bags close, ensure you push out the air with your hands.

Attach the savesealer vacuum sealer and press the button to suck out the excess air present. This shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

Once all forms of air have been successfully sucked out, the vacuum sealer stops automatically. You can now store the bag in the fridge, freezer or pantry for later use. Like we mentioned earlier the savesealer vacuum sealer comes in different sizes; large and small.

Place the food in the bag, connect it to the savesealer. The device removes the oxygen and moisture in the food within seconds. It’s as easy as that.


Benefits of savesealer

Food stays fresh: savesaler seals in freshness, flavor and nutrients for up to 5x longer that saran wrap or tupper wave. It can be proudly likened to the efficiency and accuracy of those big, bulky sealers without any issue.

Meats, cheeses, veggies and fruits are all kept in very great conditions for days. What of leftovers? They taste delicious too. Most importantly, you save your money because you throw away less amount of food and will not have to make any extra purchases for a saran wrap.

Savesealer is very ideal for sous vide cooking, meal prep, travel and a lot more. It keeps your food fresh, ensures you don’t lose its accompanying taste and preserves the nutrients in the food completely.

Reduced wastage: With the help of this BPA-free reusable bags, you will cut down your kitchen waste to 50%. Therefore, you’d have a much cleaner environment.

The savesealer vacuum bag comes with large and small bags. You can place the food in the bag, connect the bag to the savsealer, sealing out the oxygen and moisture in a matter of seconds.

Savesealer gives you that rare ability to preserve food that ordinarily would have been difficult to preserve. For instance, the days of having to deal with avocados that turn brown are over if you make use of this bag. It prevents it from getting brown and most importantly, saves you food from turning soggy or wilting.

Compact: Owing to its small size and light weight, it can be carried to any location, including camp trips, picnics or even parties at the backyard.

Saves space: When bags are sealed properly, they allow you stack and file away food items in your fridge or freezer while maximizing the available space. This makes it easier to navigate through your fridge and find condiments or food items very fast

Each savesealer purchase comes with reusable BPA-free bags for all purposes. You can purchase different sizes of bags that are appropriate for the different purposes you have in mind.

The versatile nature of this product makes it compatible with different types of food. Be it wet, dry, raw, warm or cooked, it serves its purpose very well. Some of the things listed on the official website of its manufacturer includes meats, grains, seafoods, cereals, cheese, soups, nits and leftovers.

These bags can be re washed and reused repeatedly.

Does save sealer really work or is it a scam?

Yes of course, it actually works. Below is a review by a customer and here’s his full story

Just yeaterday, I brought home the most beautiful porterhouse steak I’ve seen these past months. I decided to marinate it overnight inside a savesealer bag. Here’s what I found:

My set came in different sizes of bags and I picked the largest one to marinate my steak. It was really thick and had no unpleasant plastic smell. I felt safe knowing that my meat wasn’t going to be exposed to any chemicals that are harmful to me.

I put in my secret marinade and subsequently sealed the bad. After attaching the vacuum to the air valve, it tool some seconds to suck out all of the air in it.

I decided to put this up after eating my sumptuous steak for dinner. woaw, i was driven off my seat with the amount of flavour I received. Every bite was a real hit back to back. My meat was juicy and tender as it came straight from the butcher the day I decided to store it.

4th Day

I normally cut my stuff into bits and store in the fridege during the week. Previously, I stored them using ziploc bags but almost every time they end up being mushy, wilted and discoloured. This time around, I decide to make use of this save-sealer bag that I purchased. It was a huge gamble but life in its part is a risk too.

Today, I decided to have some salad for lunch. I couldn’t believe how fresh, crisp and crunchy the lettuce leaves I used to prepare the salad were. It didn’t stop there, the avocados I had stored earlier were also creamy and delicious. This is in sharp contrast to my experience in the use of ziploc bags.

I had started believing that this system actually keeps out oxygen because my veggies were so fresh even with the long duration they had stayed. I think I can attest to the fact that this bag truly keeps out any form of air or oxygen.

7th Day

This seventh day will make it my first week of using this system. It’s been a lifesaver so far. I don’t have to throw away money or food anymore. This to me is a true discovery. After having a good first week experience, I have evn gone further to store more meat, vegetables and even some of my leftovers at the office.

It comes with a handheld cordless vacuum that is simple to use, I’m more impressed with the fact that a simple USB card can be used to charge it. The bags also come with a zip closure that is water light and leak proof. These bags can be used multiple times for different food varieties. So far, its been all good. I can say that premium materials were used to make these bags.

In just a week, I noticed lots of improvements with my stored food. I’m happy I’ve passed that age where I have to deal with soggy salads or worn out avocados. At first when I saw this as a pop up advert notification in my smartwatch, I was skeptical. This was just one of those random tries that turned out to be all I needed. Today, I’m glad that I bought this product. The company certainly deserves some credit.


  1. It saves time and money: It’s futuristic design ensures that you reduce food wastage to the barest minimum and ultimately puts an end to all those one use plastic wrap or containers. With this product, you save money that should’ve be used to purchase one use wraps
  2. It is eco-friendly: This system features reusable, Bisphenol A free bags that make it easy to live more sustainably without sacrificing the quality of the food
  3. Simple to use: It is very simple to use. You need not be a techy to understand how to make use of the savesealer system. Instructions on how to use it has been give above
  4. Versatility: Savesealer can be used to preserve all manner of food ranging from veggies, cheese, fruits, meats or even dry foods. These bags are very durable and like I pointed out earlier they are perfect for sous vide cooking anytime any day. It’s vacuum sealing mechanism creates a seal around the food that makes sure it remains fresh as the day it was put in the bag. We’ve talked about how good it preserves even the avocado. All these points towards its ability to preserve food that normally have been deemed unpreservable by other conventional methods. It also prevents even the most sensitive food from becoming soggy or wilting.
  5. Save space: Like we pointed out before, these tightly sealed bags allow you to stack away food and file them properly in your fridge or whatever freeing device you decide to make use of. This allows you maximise space and equally makes it easy to find your way to any particular meal you have in mind.
  6. Food never loses its components: This bag ensures that your meal never loses its taste, nutrient, texture and crispy feel all the day long. That way you get to enjoy crisp, fresh, sweet and safe food as long as you like.


  1. One drawback you need to have in mind is the fact that these bags are fragile and can tear easily. A hole as small as a pin size can compromise the quality of the seal and lead to food spoilage. You have to keep in mind that on no account should oxygen enter the food you want to store on long term. You should know by now that oxygen is what bacteria and other microorganisms need to start destroying food. A tear in the bag will simply mean you will have to rebag in another bag or consume the product as fast as possible
  2. You will need to have a good container to store up your bags if you happen to live in a rodent infested area since these bags are susceptible to chewing by rats and other scavengers.

Save sealer bag price and where to buy?

This product is pocket friendly. The price of one save sealer bag is $39.99. There are other options available when you check it out at the official store.

However, it will interest you to know that these are discounted prices and things might go up any moment from now. It’d be in your best interest to pick up one and enjoy this offer if you’ve made up your mind to purchase it.

Where To buy save sealer bag?

The savesealer is not available in physical stores. You can make purchases if you buy it online from the original supplier here. Order using the button below and get an exclusive 40% off while stock lasts. Offers like this never last.

Customer Reviews

I like how sustainable this resuable bag is. It made me get rid of my bulky sealing machine and helped me cut my weekly meal preparation in half. I love its small size and how fresh it makes my meal remain.

Ardena Hoover on May 27, 2020

Having children is great however, there can be some stress if things are not made to be easy for the family. With m 3 kids, I try as much as possible to find easy, fast, efficient and convenient ways to work in my kitchen. When it comes to saving space and preserving food, this system is the best I’ve used so far. Savesaver is mum approved!

Andrea Horner May 28, 2020

The quality is superb and they close very easy. I feel so good eliminating one more single use plastic from my home by doing away with disposable ziploc bags.

B. Ruiz August 5, 2020

Save Sealer Review FAQs

Are the save sealer bags reusable?

The bags are produced using thick, durable, BPA plastic. They can be washed and used countless times.

Does savesealer require batteries?

No, they come wit their own USB cable for easy plug-in charging

Is this ideal for sous vide cooking?

As we mentioned previously, the bags are BPA-free and multi-layered for durability. Seal clips are part of the package you will receive especially for sous vide cooking

What type of fold can be saved in this bag?

Savesealer can be used to preserve any type of cooked, wet, dry or even raw form of food. They store things like marinated meats, veggies, meat, soups, cheese, nuts, grains, cereals, sauces, sea food and a whole lot more

Does it prevent freezer burn?

Yes of course, its vacuum sealer effectively removes all form of oxygen and moisture and this ensures your food stays fresher for longer periods of time even while put in the freezer. It can be used to store food in the refrigerator and pantry too

Has anyone used this manual pump? How does it work?

It’s very simple to use. All you need do is put the pump on the bag and with a touch of a button, it sucks out all the air in a matter of seconds

What sized bags does it come with?

When you get its starter pack, it comes with 3 small bags and 2 large sealable bags.

Can you get extra bags or replacement?

Yes, you can order more sealable bags if you wish or need them. However, like we said earlier, each bag is reusable. It can be washed and reused

Do vacuum sealer actually work?

The vacuum bag keeps whatever you store in it airtight. Once your food does not come in contact with air, moisture cannot evaporate and this makes it an incredible barrier for putrefying agents. Vacuum sealing increases the shelf life of your food. When you preserve your food using vacuum sealer, it preserves it 3 to 5 times longer than food stored in plastic containers or bags

Can vacuum sealer bags be put in microwave?

Of course, you can heat up your cooked meals in a vacuum sealer bag but it’s not advisable to cook or warm up raw foods in a microwave. For persons who may want to heat up food in the microwave, you will have to cut one portion of the bag before putting it in the microwave in order for the steam to escape out of the bag

It is also not in your best interest to microwave foods that contain oil since oil can get very hot easily. Heating food in a sealer bag can overheat the bag and when this occurs it could cause the end portion of the bag to join back together or it could lead to explosion which would instantly mess up the interior of your microwave.

How to fix the broken vacuum sealer bags?

If you notice a hole in your bag, it means air will constantly seep into your food and this is not good in any way. You have a few options to fix this

First, you have to examine the bag to check for obvious holes and wrinkles that might have caused the leakage. If air is getting through , you can cut open the bag and seal it again further up the open end of the bag. Moisture may even prevent the bag from sealing up properly. In this instance, you just need to wipe a clean paper towel over the area of the bag to be sealed and the paper towel absorbs the moisture

However, it’s quite unfortunate that if the bag gets punctured, you will have to replace the bag with a new one

How safe are vacuum sealer bags?

Vacuum sealer bags are completely safe. However, quality varies from brand to brand, so check that the brand you are using is very appropriate for the purpose it is used for. For instance, can it be microwaved, does it withstand the chilleness of the freezer, can the bag withstand heats of up to 100 degrees.

These are some of the basic questions you can get from the best vacuum sealer bags. Most if not all of the vacuum sealer bags are also BPA-free

Where can I get this

Unfortunately, savesealer bags are not available in any physical stores. However, you can buy it online from its original supplier here. Purchases from the manufacturer gives you a 40% off discount while stock lasts. Stuffs like this never last. A button in this review has been added to help you with that.


With what you’ve seen above, you can agree with me that save sealer is a good innovation that has come to stay in the area of food preservation. From the standpoint of even customer reviews, it is notable that this product is meant for you. It can help you curb the stress of cooking always whilst making sure that your food is fresh, crispy and tasty as you want it.

I believe that at this point you can boldly make the decision, to make a purchase or not to. For those that will want to purchase these preserving sealer bags, don’t hesitate to do do. Just order from the manufacturer by clicking on the button below

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