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Shadow X Drone Review 2021 Is it drone really the best?

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Shadow x drone review

Have you always wanted to know what it felt like to know how your home looks like from the sky? Drones help you play the powerful roles of pilots even when you’re scared of heights.

Drones for persons who may not know are unmanned aerial vehicles that serve lots of purposes. Flying a drone is simply the closet you can get to flying an aircraft if you’re not a pilot. It is currently used in different parts of world fields today. It’s used by the military, photographers, fire fighters, local police amongst others.

People out there get drones for different reasons. Some because they want to get that pilot-like feeling, some for photography purposes, some as gifts and some just for fun. Whatever the reasons are, we all agree that drones are a beautiful piece of flying machine. In this shadow x drone review we will cover the pros, cons, standout features and even answer some of the frequently asked question about this drone.

What is Shadow X Drone?

shadow x drone review

Shadow x drone is a newly produced drone built to provide great precision, making flying very easy even for starters and to also record action shots whilst it is flying. This drone is light in weight, very easy to use and most importantly makes flying very simple.

This drone is comes with four propellers that are foldable, making it very portable and easy to be carried to any place of your choice. This drone is suitable for all weathers. However care must be taken whilst making use of it under extreme conditions of weather.

What are the features of shadow x drone?

There are lots of amazing things that this drone offers to who over owns them. Enlisted below are the full features that comes with this package.

HD Photos and Videos: Aside the joy of flying a drone, what even makes it even better is the fact that this drone records video at 120 frames per second and takes photos of up to 12 mega pixels whilst flying. That way you get to enjoy the joy that comes with taking photos from different angles.

Foldable Propellers: Unlike what is obtainable in some other drones, the shadow x comes with four propellers that are foldable. These foldable propellers make it very easy to transport your drone to any place of your choice inside your bag. In addition, it also means that your propellers are always protected whilst being in use.

Slow Mo mode: Yes, this feature isn’t only for the high-end drones, cameras or mobile phones. The company behind this shadow drone made it a duty to put this feature in this drone too. what does the slow Mo mode mean or do? it simply means that you can replay all your video recordings or shots in high definition slow motion. This feature means more effects for your video recordings to make them more enticing and entertaining.

Flying time: No one would want to get a so called drone that trips off in the sky after a few minutes of flying time. Just imagine, flying a drone and getting so bothered that it could fall of the sky in less than 10 minutes. Luckily, the shadowx isn’t that way. This drone has an incredible 21 minutes fly time at a go. This means that you don’t get to touch down your drone for like 21 minutes once you take off. This is really impressive considering the fact that high end drones that cost a couple of thousands share the same fly time with the shadowx which costs less than these drones

360 Panorama mode: With just a single tap on a button you’re able to 360 degree photos from the air. This mode allows you to capture more of the scene by combining images to create a panoramic photo. 

Sensor: To always ensure that your drone is protected, the shadowx comes with a gravity sensor that detects obstacles while flying on the air and also ground. This sensor helps it to automatically fly or divert away from any form of obstacles like a bird, tree top, house roof and so on. This sensor also allows it land very well on the ground instead of crashing into the ground.

Battery life: Getting a drone is great but getting a good drone that charges faster and lasts longer is best. Most drones today fall short in the department of battery life. However, this is not the case with shadow x drone. In fact it competes effectively with some of the best drones in the market today as with regards battery life and flying time. It can last for about 21 minutes on air without you needing to replace its batteries. This of course is in combination with filming. Without filming, it can get up to 25 minutes at a go but not more than that!

Shadow x drone Specs

According to research and information of the official shadow x drone website, below are the specification of this drone

Quadcopter Size27×19.5x5cm (with arms not folded), 12.5×7.5x5cm (with arms folded)
Battery Capacity3.7 volts of 500mAh Li battery
Gyroscope6 – axis
Camera Specifications12MP camera 720p wide angle of 1200
LED LightsInternational Standard, Yes
Smartphone controlYes, shadow x drone app. Supported in android and iOS
Remote Radio frequency2. 4GHz
WiFi AcceptablilitySupported, enabled

What do I like about the Shadow X Drone?

Easy to control: This is a drone that is suitable for every age group. You don’t need to be the most knowledgeable when it comes to drones to be able to fly this piece. It comes with features that satisfy even the most demanding users and at the same time is extremely easy to fly and control. This drone in addition to other persons is also a good start for beginners who have no experience about a drone.

Speed: Shadow X drone is the fastest drone of its size. It takes off with great ease and has a flying speed of up to 19 meters per second with a top notch transmission distance of 4kilometers. Only drones that costs from a thousand and above have better speeds. For a product that flies costs 5-7 times less that these high end drones, its speed is a good one.

Pro-shooting: I wouldn’t say it has the best camera when compared to the high end drones. Of course it doesn’t. But when compared to drones in its category, it tops the league. It comes with with an inbuilt preprogrammed camera, for instance the boomerang and asteroid, so even if you have no knowledge on how to shoot properly, you can still take high end professional footage by just tapping a button.

Light weight design: Most of the time when we talk about drones, some newbies think its all about the huge military drones. Well, technology has advanced and so you don’t have to think about getting such kind of drones. The shadow drone is very light in weight making it very perfect for adventures, weddings and family gatherings. Despites its light weight, it sits perfectly even when the wind is quite strong. Its light weight helps it perform different maneuvers with great ease.

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What are components come with this drone? (Shadow X Drone Review)

shadow x drone review

Before diving into how the shadow x drone works, it will be best you understand the components that come with this drone. A good understanding of what to find in the pack would help us explain how to make use of this drone.

On unboxing you’re expected to see the following : a) 4 spare propellers come with the product. b) a USB cable for charging and other functions c) a storage bag for keeping your drone safe and sound away from harsh conditions like dust. d) a screw driver set to fix up parts of your drone e) a remote control for controlling the drone f) a 3.7v battery g) Shadowx manual

(Shadow X Drone Review): How does it work?

Whether you’re a professional in flying drone or you’ve never touched a drone much more fly one, this drone is one of the easiest UAVs to be flown. So then, how does it work?

Your drone comes with a remove control. It is used to control your device while it is flying high up in the sky. By just tapping a single button, this drone comes alive real quick.

However, if you’re the type of person that prefers to see things through their smart phone, this drone got you.

All you need do is to install the shadow x drone app. How can you install this app? Simply get the manual that came with this product, there’s a part of the manual that contains a QR code. Gently place your phone camera on the QR code to scan it. Once it scans, permit it to install and it will work.

For persons whose phone cameras may not have an inbuilt QR code scnanner, dont worry. All you need to do is to go to play store and download a QR code scanning app. Use it to scan the Shadow x drone app code and you’d be good to go.

Once you have installed this app, insert your drone battery and get ready to launch. To help you understand better, we have added a video to guide you on how to make your first flight.


My mere opinion (Shadow X Drone Review)

Whatever you read in this particular section is just my mere opinion. This is simply what I think about it and not necessarily something everyone will agree with.

To be honest, this drone is a brilliant piece. However, there’s something I’d like you to know before you make your purchase. Despite the fact that this drone is awesome, flies fast, stable in air, takes great pictures and other incredible things, I’d prefer that persons who are into professional photography should go for the much costlier drones.

Why did I say this? Investing in a more expensive drone will help you offer better, perfect services to your customers and therefore more money. Don’t get it twisted, Im not saying this drone is bad for photography or videography. All Im saying is this, since you want to deliver better services to people, go for the more expensive ones that way you’re guaranteed to deliver better results and service.

But if you happen to be someone who’s just starting out with drone photography, this piece is definitely a good drone to start with and practice for a long time. With this drone you will be able to learn a whole lot and gather so much experience that will help you be an exceptional photographer.

This drone is perfect for both newbies and pros. Can be given as a gift, flown for fun and also for good photography.

shadow x drone reviews
shadow x drone review

Shadow X Drone Price

Unlike what we met when we first heard about this piece, this drone is surprinslgy under $1000. There are actually different packages for this drone and these packages have different prices. Everything really boils down to no of drones you want to purchase. We have however, enlisted the price for each of this package and what they come with below. Kindly read through:

One shadow x drone costs $99.99 and it comes with the following things:

  • 1 Shadow Xtreme Quadcopeter drone
  • 1 Remote controller/ transmitter
  • 1 3.7 volts 500mAh Lip battery
  • 1 USB Charging cable
  • And a shadow x drone manual written in four different languages English included

There’s a package no 2 that costs $197.00. This package comes with 2 Shadow Xtreme drone and an extra copter for you. The following are its full content

  • 3 Shadow Xtreme Quadcopter drone
  • 3 remote controllers/ transmitter
  • 3 3.7 volts 500mAh Lipo battery
  • 3 USB charging cables and
  • 3 different manuals for each drone

Package no 3 costs $297 and comes with five drones in total. Below are its things attached to this package

  • 5 Shadow X quadcopter drones
  • 5 remote controllers/ transmitter
  • 5 3.7 volts 500mAh Li batteries
  • 5 USB charging cables
  • English manuals

Where to buy my own Shadow X Quadcopter drone?

We always tell our readers to purchase products from only manufacturers when products cannot be gotten offline. This is to help you run from online scammers who do nothing but rip people off their precious hard earned money. To make things easier for you, the button above will redirect you to the landing page of the manufacturer where you can make your purchase and be guaranteed of getting your product in record time.

The site of the manufacturer is protected by DCMA and all payments are encrypted with international standards.

Shadow X Drone Customer Reviews

Aside the reviews we have made as with regards this product, we also went to genuine product critic and reporting agency sites to hear and see what other person who have gotten the product feel about it. Below are some of these reviews.

shadow x drone
shadow x drone review

The shadow x drone itself is 5 out 5 stars if not 6 but the CSR section of the company is absolutely dismal so I had to take off one star. The Shadowx quadcopter is the first under $1000 drone that I have flown that is truly stable, I mean you can just let go of the sticks and watch it for 10 minutes and it will barely move a 1/4″ even with an 8mph cross wind. Look I know if your reading this then you have probably seen dozens of YouTube videos and read all the glowing praises of the shadow x and it’s all true. Callum Chambers

I purchased this drone and can tell you that it is absolutely a fabulous package. The package comes with everything that you will need. The shadow quadcopter drone to me is the best bang for the under 1000 drone package on the market. The stability of this drone is unrivaled and is what I like best. It takes about 2 minutes to get it in the air real high. This is my 4th drone this year and it is far and away the best. Picture is on par with Phantom 4 and better than the others I’ve used.Peterson J

I’m a professional photographer, this is my third drone (also owned the Dji Advanced and currently own the Inspire 1 Pro Black edition) and bought this after seeing it in an add on Facebook. I got it just to feel what it meant to fly a drone that is quite cheap. I’m seriously impressed by this thing. The drone is just insanely small and I’m much more likely to bring it along because of that small form factor. I plan to bring it to Iceland in a few weeks and can’t wait to see how it compares to the images I shot in Iceland last winter with the Phantom 3 Advanced. HIGHLY recommended for starters. – Jeff H

This is my first drone/quadcopter. I didn’t really do that much research, I bought it because someone suggested it and I was able to actually see it. I also saw some of their footage. Based on that, and the size I was sold. I have logged about 60 flights now and it has worked very well.

The camera controls are one of the easiest things about this drone though Im still learning as fast as I can. You just have to pay good attention to the lighting in order to get the best shots. Some shots looked super good and realistic whilst some others were a bit dark. I guess I’d keep practicing to become better. All in all, its a great drone for me. I love it! R. Gage

This is certainly one of the best under the buck drone I’ve flown in a long time. No much talks. This drone is the real deal! Sage P

Considering the price this drone is sold for, I can tell you that this drone is super cool. I’ve never imagined that a drone that costs so little could be this reliable. I hear the price is due to an ongoing promo by the company so maybe I can understand to a reasonable extent. This drone is purely cool. Just make sure you buy from the manufacturer to get your discount. Cool piece- Tina Y

FAQs (Shadow X Drone Review)

How long does it take to charge Shadow X drone?

It takes about 60-70 minutes to charge this drone from point zero to full.

What is shadow x drone range?

This drone can fly higher than 4KM from ground surface. Heights above 5.5km you may begin to feel some certain type of instability. 4000meters is really a great height for a a drone.

Is shadow x drone any good?

Aside our testing, reviews from genuine sites have all agreed that this drone is really a great under $1000 drone. It is really a good buy for a hundred bucks. Don’t expect it to be in par with drones that costs around $3000 and more. It may compete in flight time but may not in some other features!

How long does shadow x drone battery last?

It comes with a 3. 7v 500mAh battery that gives this drones a one flying time of about 21 minutes at a stretch. This is really a fair time when compared to the high end drones that have their own flying time to be around 25 minutes.

Does it detect ground obstacles too?

Yes, this drone comes with a gravity sensor that helps it to automatically avoid obstacles both on the ground on the air. This is a safety technology built into this drone to make sure it does get damaged via collision.

Is shadow x drone legit?

Yes, this drone is a legit quadcopter. The only precaution should be that the product be bought from the manufacturers official website to avoid falling for scammers.

Conclusion (shadow X drone review)

shadow x

Oh well, we’ve come to the very end of this review. No matter how much fun makes it look to fly, the shadow x drone is most certainly not a toy. This drone is a well-crafted, serious piece of hardware that’s built for the long run. It uses carbon fiber materials and features an a 4K camera that can be used to take still shots and record good HD videos.

It’s currently cheap because of the ongoing promo by the manufacturers. No one is certain when prices may go up. This drone is very easy to fly, control and has a good battery life and flying time of about 21 minutes. Its a great alternative for persons who don’t have the thousands to spend for higher end drones that costs a few thousand and above.

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