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Skyline drone review 2021: is this really special or useless?

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The happiness you feel when you see your childhood pictures, wedding pictures, birthday or pictures of any remarkable moment is immeasurable. All these remind you of the good old days, it reminds you of people you love those that are still there, and those that are gone. I can tell you that pictures and videos help to keep our loved ones close to our hearts even when they are no more.

Before the technology era, memories were probably stored in the brain or written in notes. But with the discovery of technology, cameras were built but cameras could only get your image in a particular position and angle. You could only get pictures and no videos.

As time passed on, there was an advancement in technology leading to the invention of video recorders. People could now record their events and watch them later. But there was a problem with the video recorders invented, the issue was that you could only record from a limited number of angles, hence some mind blowing angles for recording or taking pictures couldn’t be accessed. 

But as you and I know, Technicians always come back with astonishing and more advanced models of invention. What was invented this time? Drones. Yes, Drones.

A Drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle. A Drone is used for different purposes like It is used in the military, is used for food and goods delivery, emergency rescue, wildlife, and conversations, they are also used for photography.

Now you know what a drone is, we will now talk about drone cameras.

 A drone camera is a device used to capture images, audio, and videos from angles which is impossible for a human photographer or videographer to capture. 

There are so many drone cameras in the market with different features and capabilities But have you heard of Skyline drone camera? This drone is nothing like the other drones in the market, it is a superb device and very cost-efficient. With this drone, you can get all angles of your event captured. You can also take amazing pictures from unbelievable angles. Whether you go skydiving, or you are on top of the mountains you can take a perfect shot and video with a Skyline drone camera, something your regular camera can’t do.

Check out the review below. It provides more information about Skyline Drone Camera in detail.

Skyline drone review

What is the Skyline Drone camera?

This is a small, portable, and lightweight drone camera. It is unique because of its mind-blowing features and its affordability. This drone camera weighs less than one pound, hence it is convenient for traveling. It uses a long-lasting battery. There is a USB cord in the pack for charging this drone. You can make use of your Skyline drone camera for sixty minutes on a charge ( full charge). That’s enough time to create a beautiful video of yourself, your friends, and your families.

The skyline camera Drone is built with advanced GPS technology that tracks the location of the handler. If your drone runs down or it ordeals a weak signal while in the air, there is no need to worry because your drone will return to you before it goes off. This drone is built with a cordless motor 0720. It has inbuilt WIFI, which makes it possible for you to operate your drove through your smartphone by downloading the app.

The app is compatible with all IOS and android devices. The name of the app is JY UFO, you can download both in the play store and the App Store.

This drone that comes with a super dope camera has a simple and sleek design, unlike other drones in the market that are so bulky.

Skyline is a modern technological innovation designed and built by Hypersls LTD. This drone camera provides a high-quality video and picture than most of these costly drone cameras in the market.

This drone camera is designed with a durable and strong plastic case, this case protects it from damage when it falls on the ground or any hard surface. There are so many other features and specifications of this drone camera and they are listed below. Read it and get blown away by the features this drone has to offer.

sksyline drone reviews\

Specifications (skyline drone review)

Below are the specifications of this unique drone.

Battery capacity1 * 3.7V, 500 mAh Lipo (included)
Battery lifeHigh
Remote battery type3 * 1.5 AA batteries (not included)
Charging period3600secs to 4200secs
First-person view rangeNearly 30 meters 
Flight timeHigh
Running time15 to 31 minutes
R/C distance80 to 100 meters

Other specifications are:

1. It has a 360-degree wide-angle.

2. It also has a 720P HD camera, HD images, and HD videos.

3. It has a three-speed mode, a LED ( light-emitting diode) light, headless mode, wifi First-person view ( FPV) function.

4. It takes off and lands, it goes forward and backward, it also goes left and right.

5. 4k full HD, 12 Megapixel Camera, and 5G wifi.

Note: One function this drone does not have is the follow me function.

What are the things that you may find in the pack

  • One Sky line drone proper
  • One remote control
  • One USB cord
  • One Lipo battery (3.7V / 500mAh)
  • Four protective cases
  • Four spare rotors
  • One screwdriver
  • And finally a user guide book.

What makes skyline drone camera advantageous over the other drones?

These are the benefits you get when you buy this drone

1. It is small and has lightweight:

      Traveling for vacations with your friends or families won’t be a fun one if amazing pictures and videos are not made. Skyline drone is lightweight and small, you can carry it from one place to another without stress. It will fit properly into your backpack.

This means that the Skyline drone is here to cover all the beautiful moments during your long or short vacation. Note: Before traveling to any country or city be sure that drones are allowed to fly around in that place.

2. It has a durable and strong case:

      There is a durable plastic cover or case used to protect the drone from getting damaged when it hits a hard surface. So when flying your drone you do not have to be scared because the strong case will protect it from any internal damage even if it falls.

3. It is built with six-axis self-stabilization technology:

   Skyline Drone camera is built with this technology to improve the quality of the videos and pictures recorded and snapped. This technology is the reason your Skyline drone records a video smoothly and it also decreases the blurriness of videos and pictures recorded from every altitude.

4. It uses a lasting battery:

     The battery life of this drone is high. It lasts for as long as 60 minutes on a single full charge. Charging this drone fully takes less than 4200secs. When you charge your Skyline drone you have enough time to film and record all the mind-blowing videos you desire.

5. It is cost-efficient:

     Honestly, everyone will expect a device of this capacity and ability to be sold at a high rate. Well, surprisingly the manufacturers of this drone had people with low cash in their pocket in mind. The price of this drone will keep you speechless.

6. Easy usage technique:

     Using this drone is one of the easiest things to do. Just connect it to the remote control and you are ready to experience the best video and picture quality.

7. It is foldable:

This feature of Skyline makes it possible for you to package your drone in your regular bag pack. It doesn’t occupy space at all. It is very handy and portable.

8. It has a long flight time:

 Unlike other drones, the Skyline drone camera can cover a distance of 12 meters in a second. Due to the lasting battery capacity of this drone, it also lasts longer in the air. It covers a distance of 2km.

skyline drone

Skyline likes

 The pros are the good sides of this drone. Features that make it the best amongst others and these features are

1. It provides a high-quality video and picture.

2. It gives 360 degrees of panoramic capture with the help of its wide range and wide lens.

3. It has a 5G wifi high-speed connection that enables you to view a real-time and also shoot professional-quality 4k video from the first flight.

4. It is built with a gravity detecting sensor and this gives this drone the ability to move away from objects that stand as obstructions.

5. It is compatible with an IOS and Android smartphone.

6. It has three operating speeds. You can control how fast or slow his drone fly. You can capture and record images as fast or as slow as you want. 

7. Skyline drone camera can capture wide angles and aerial shots perfectly just like those big drones in the market.

Skyline dislikes

  Before you purchase any device it is always good that you weigh the bad and good sides of it because this will help you make a good decision on whether you should purchase this device or not.

The cons are:

1. The blades of the Skyline drone camera can get damaged while in motion but this is not much issue because the manufacturers of this drone have provided you with extra blades.

2. This drone can only be purchased online. Hence you can’t find it in a virtual store.

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skyline drone reviews

How does this drone work? (Skyline drone review)

   The working process of the Skyline drone camera is simple. When you purchase your Skyline drone camera you will find a user guide book amongst other things contained in the pack. This user guide contains a well-explained procedure of how this drone works and how to set it up for use.

You can either control your Skyline drone using the provided remote or your smartphone after you have installed the required application.

Now, To get your drone to take off, you press the button on the remote or the aligning button on your smartphone if you are using your smartphone. Now your Skyline drone is founded in the air, you should now control the flight range and height of your drone to exactly what you want using the setting bar. Skyline drone flys 70 to 80 meters high.

If you connect your smartphone to this Skyline drone, you will get info on the position and location of your drone during the flight. You will also get info if there is any form of obstruction during the flight. You can control the pathway of your Skyline drone because of the tracking technology.

Skyline drone camera has a slack design which helps it withstand unfavorable conditions like rain, high wind, etc. This is the reason your Skyline drone camera can move through every place smoothly. It also has wings that help it go through places where there is high wind.

Your Skyline drone is designed and built to reach top heights, so you can get the best shot of the universe and this is possible because the Skyline drone has a smooth and condensed design.

Use the screwdriver found in the pack of your Skyline drone to set up the four propeller blades. These blades make swift movements in the air. Your drone is ready to get into the air and take unimaginable pictures from high altitude. 

It gives 360 degrees of panoramic capture with the help of its wide range and wide lens. It is also built with 12 megapixels to give you the best quality video and image. Skyline drone camera is built and designed with outstanding features that capture the best and high-quality images and videos. On a charge, your drone lasts for 60minutes of use. Unlike other drones in the market, this drone lasts for a longer time in the air. Purchasing a Skyline drone camera will provide you with the best shots from any angle. A Vacation or event without a Skyline drone will not be a memorable one.

skyline drone reviews

Where can one purchase this drone?

 To avoid purchasing the clone or the fake Skyline drone, it is safest you buy yours from the official website.

There is an increase in internet fraud and you can easily be a victim if you do not purchase from the official site. This is for your safety and comfort.

Do you know that if you purchase from the Official site, the price for this drone will be slashed for you? Yes, there is no lie in this. Why? There is a 50% discount offer currently available on the official site. And only people who click the link to purchase are eligible to benefit from this amazing offer.

Why purchase from a zero trustworthy site when you can simply click this link and get your original Skyline Drone delivered to you safely.


International : + 44 203808 9234 (24hours reachable)

Brazil: +552135003992 (reachable between 9 am and 2 pm from Monday to Friday, Brazilian time, GMT-5)

Company address: Novads OU

Valukoja 22 11415 Tallinn Estonia

skyline drone price

What is the price of skyline drone?

 Skyline drone camera is not as expensive as you think. This drone is very affordable compared to other drones in the market. And with the outstanding features, you will be amazed at how low the price is.

Click on the link below to see how cost-efficient this drone is.

Remember the Official site is the safest place to purchase a product. Click the link now and get your Skyline drone camera delivered to you in good condition.

Commonly asked questions and their answers

 These are questions asked by most of our aspiring customers. We have also provided answers to these questions. They are as follows:

What happens if this drone experiences a weak signal while in motion?

  When Skyline Drone experiences a weak signal it returns to its handler because this drone is built with a modern GSP technology for tracking the location of its handler.

Can I connect this drone to my android phone?

   Yes, you can. Skyline drone is compatible with both IOS and Android smartphones. Just download the app and connect it and you are ready to fly your drone.

Can I use my Skyline drone when there high wind speed?

     No, it won’t because it has a slick design and a wing that is resistant to wind pressure. So during high wind speed, it can fly around without been pulled away by the wind.

skyline drone review by verified customers

Our customers sent feedback to us on how the product has been helpful to them and all that.

Mikel P.

I am a photographer. I bought a Skyline drone camera and launched it when I covered a wedding ceremony. The couple loved the pictures and videos. This drone produces videos of high quality. I get a lot of contracts nowadays, all thanks to Skyline Drone.

Jennifer Q.

I am a traveler. I travel a lot and when I do I love taking pictures of nature but my camera was serving well. I came across a review talking about Skyline drones, I read through it then I decided to purchase one. Since I got this drone my dreams have been coming true. It gives the widest angle shots I have ever seen and it so small and light that I can easily put it in my backpack and am good to go.

Closing words [Skyline drone camera review]

It is one thing to receive information and it is another to take action concerning the information you received. This review has provided you with information about the Skyline drone camera, so why don’t you take action by clicking the link and purchasing one of these amazing drones.

That summer party, wedding, sky diving or hang out won’t be worth it if you do not use this high-quality drone to capture images and record videos of those amazing moments.

Memory is sweeter when you view them from unbelievable and unimaginable angles.

Click the link and buy yours before it goes out of stock.

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