Skyquad drone review [2022]: is this another cheap crap?

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Is the skyquad drone crap??

Just like me, I’m sure you’ve heard a whole about this latest drone title skyquad. There are countless ads online about this drone and just like you, I kept wondering what the fuzz was going on with the skyquad drone. Like, what is making people run crazy about this mini drone!

Obviously, there are so many skyquad drone reviews out there, but I decided to get this drone since I needed to get a closer and more objective look. Whatever you’re going to read here is from a place of first hand experience.

We (I and Micheal, a drone specialist) painstakingly took a detailed look at this drone and learnt a whole lot of things about the drone; both interesting and disappointing. We learnt about its features, its drawbacks, cost and where to buy the original skyquad drone.

It is therefore, highly suggested you read this skyquad drone review before you consider getting a piece of this device.

In that case, let’s get into what we found out.

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So, first, what is this skyquad drone?

Skyquad drone is a compact mini drone that punches well above its weight. This is a light weight, foldable drone designed with so much precision to allow you enjoy your special adventure moments.

The skyquad drone, a mini drone is not the best drone in the market, but it is miles ahead its peers. It was designed to provide an easy and seamless flight, making it easy to be flown indoors and outdoors depending on user’s preference.

Despite being a mini drone, it is equipped with the ability to take clean, clear shots while on the move. This ultra-modern portable flying machine has high-end flight features which allows you enjoy your flight.

It is not the best drone when compared to the heavy weights like dji that cost thousands of dollars right now but when it comes to value for money, skyquad is the drone to beat. No product out there comes close to it in this regard.

It’s range of flight is on par with some of the best drones in the market right now while its precision of operation is even better than some of them.

All these and more come at an even affordable price when compared to its peers. Skyquad drone has an A+ in this aspect.

What are the features of skyquad drone?

During the flight tests conducted on this drone, we were able to discover a lot of features that make this drone unique when compared to its peers.

Asides from its affordability, here are the other things we found.

  1. Foldable Wings: The skyquad drone comes with 4 wings. These wings are foldable making it easy for you to carry your drone along to any location of your choice without getting scared that your drone may get spoilt.

This feature is particularly good for persons who will always want to have their drone in a portable bag. This feature prevents its wings from getting spoilt.

  • Gravity Sensor: You wouldn’t want your drone to get smashed after a few days of use especially if this would be the first drone you are going to fly. This is where the gravity sensor of the skyquad drone comes in.

The gravity sensor allows the drone to dodge obstacles and land safely on the ground without causing any impact that would be detrimental to it. The sensors detect the ground and obstacles way ahead of them, making the drone to automatically change its course to avoid any collisions.

  • Speed: No one would ever want to get a flying snail or tortoise as a drone. You cannot afford to struggle behind when what you’re capturing moves at great speed. It would be miserable to play catch up to an event you are capturing. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to imagine that too.

That said, this is another area that differentiates the skyquad drone from the imitation products that are online. The skyquad drone has an unbelievable speed of about 30mph. This makes it one of the fastest drones to grace the market.

I’m certain you know what that tonne of speed means.

  • HD Photo and Video: This is another feature that also distinguishes the big boys from the small boys. In this case, I would rate the skyquad amongst the big boys considering its cost and the amount of feature it has.

This drone comes with a Camera located beneath the drone. This camera has the power to take pictures in high resolution and videos in high definition.

The camera has the capacity to take videos of 1080p at 120 frames per second while camera pictures of 12 megapixel is supported. This was UNBELIEAVBLE for such a mini drone.

  • Slow motion setup: Another amazing feature that must be told. If you’re into photography, you would testify just like me that slow motion images add some flair to our videos. Some scenes are better seen in the slow mode setup.

Well, the skyquad has that flair too. It was amazing to see video recordings get replayed in high definition slow-motion. It was truly incredible and a scene to behold.

  • Materials: All said and done, if any drone possesses all these brilliant features but is not strong enough to survive the harshest of weather then it’s not worth it. No one wants to pull up in a Lamborghini with poor built materials. Car enthusiast will agree with me.

Luckily, the skyquad was made with durable materials that have been tested in the past and still trusted today. It was exposed to harsh weather conditions and it pulled through all those conditions well.

Surprisingly, the image quality produced during this test was still great. It was not diminished in any way or form.

  • Battery life: This drone comes in with an increased battery capacity giving it the strength to record videos on flight non-stop for 15 minutes before needing a recharge or a change of batteries for persons who may have more than one!
  • Phone pairing: This drone can be paired to your mobile devices and controlled from them. This feature is compatible with both iOS and android devices.
  • Remote control: Of course, you cannot just fly the drone that way without having a means to control its operation. The skyquad comes with a remote controller that makes it easy to operate the drone. The buttons are simple and easy to operate for even the most unskilled of persons. It is hassle free!
skyquad drone

Benefits of owning skyquad drone

If this is your first time of getting a drone, then you’re in for a real ride with this drone. Even if this will be a plus one to your drone collections, there’s still a lot in store for you.

What do I mean? Irrespective of the category you fall in, there are lots of things you stand to benefit from using this drone especially now that it can be gotten at a 60% discount promo price on the manufacturer’s website.

So, what are these benefits

  1. Shoot like a Pro: Every skyquad drone come with a pre-programmed camera like the boomerang and asteroid. This is particularly helpful for persons who do not have any skill or experience in capturing professional looking images. All these are done with the click of one button.
  2. Easy to use: Even if you’ve never owned a drone before this one would be very easy for you to operate. It comes with a remote controller that allows its operation to be easy.

You do not need to have some high-end skills or read a book on how to operate it. All buttons were made to make flight easy, enjoyable and professional.

  • Speed: This is another brilliant benefit of this drone. The skyquad is the fastest drone of its size. You would not believe that a drone with such compact size reaches high speeds of about 30mph while delivering great footage quality.
  • Portability: This is another benefit of owning this drone. It has a compact size making it easy to be carried around from place to place. Its compact size makes it possible to even enter your back pack while going for adventures.
  • Transmission distance: Coupled with its amazing speed, it has an unbelievable top transmission speed of 4km. It simply means that the drone can afford to fly distances of up to 4km without cutting transmission. This distance is enough to capture events of your choice.
  • Panoramic events: It possesses a range of about 3,000 feet. Within this range, it creates amazing panoramic shots from any points, angle and perspective you’ve never seen. It was amazing and more so, surprising, to see such a compact drone pull this off.
skyquad drone review

What makes skyquad drone the best drone of its size?

With industry leading and proven features such as auto stabilization ability, 1080p camera, unmatched speed, ease of use, smooth manoeuvrability, foldable wings and a matching battery capacity for a drone of its size, the skyquad is a drone to beat.

Skyquad drone spare parts

Generally, the more accessible the spare part of a product is, the more accepted that product will be. There’s no doubt that you’re going to need spare parts especially if you have the intentions of using this drone for business.

You’ve possibly been wondering where to get some spare parts of your drone should you happen to need it.

All spare parts like the skyquad battery, receiver board, USB charging cable. Main blames, projecting frames, light boards, landing skids and even the motor holder can all be gotten from your local distributor.


Despite the cool features of this drone, there are some drawbacks to this product.  But before we get into that lets quickly look at the Pros before the cons of the drone.


  1. It is light in weight and compact
  2. Comes with a 1080p camera with 12 mega pixel photo quality
  3. It is affordable possibly because of the 60% discount currently going on
  4. It comes with foldable blades
  5. It comes with a 500MHz internal rechargeable battery.
  6. Its gravity sensor helps it evade obstacles and collisions
  7. It is user friendly
  8. It is weather friendly. It did well in the weather conditions that we subjected it to.
  9. It can give off a panoramic view
  10. 30-day money back guarantee from the manufacturer.


  1. Purchase is made only online now. We strongly advise you get it at the manufacturer’s website.
  2. It cannot be flown in prohibited locations or areas.
  3. For now, it comes in just one colour.
skyquad review

Where to buy skyquad drone?

By now with the surge in the demand for this drone, there are bound to be toys and imitation knock-offs mimicking to be the skyquad.

However, this is where this skyquad drone review comes in; to point you in the right direction.

It is best to buy the skyquad drone from the Manufacturer’s official website. In addition to getting the original product, you also have the leverage to enjoy some benefits that accrue to only persons who buy directly from the manufacturer.

These benefits range from the current ongoing 60% discount to the 30-day money back guarantee and depending on location and package bought, free shipping fee. Also, all purchases from the manufacturer’s website ensure that your card details are well protected since they work with the highest level of encryption necessary for online transactions.

So please, make use of the manufacturer’s website if you want to get yours


Skyquad drone price

Like has been said in some other parts of this skyquad drone review, there’s a 60% discount sale currently going on. This discount is from the manufacturer alone. For you to enjoy it, you must buy from the manufacturer’s website.

Also, the sale of the drone is done is packages. There are 4 different packages developed to suit every individual’s need.

The first package is contains just one drone and costs $99.99. This cost also covers for shipping fee.

The second package consists of 3 drones for $65.67 for each of the drone. Shipping is free

The last package consists of six (6) drone with each of them going for $59.40. Shipping is also free.


How to make use of your drone?

Making use of this drone, is very easy. You need no special skill set to be able to make use of it. However, for the sake of clarity, kindly follow the following steps below.

First step: Unbox your drone and carefully install the components using your drone’s manual as a guide.

Second step: Install the drone’s app into your phone by scanning the QR code located on the user guide.

Third step: Turn on your drone after you must have installed the app.

Fourth step: Establish a Wi-Fi connection between your smartphone and your drone. Once this is established, turn on the drone’s remote control. The remote makes use of rechargeable batteries so kindly ensure that the battery is properly aligned before use.

Step Five: Operate the drone by making use of the remote control.

For persons who may be beginners, it is advised that it is best to fly your drone for the first time in an open space. That way you get accustomed to the inner workings on the remote before taking them to tight angles and closed spaces.

The navigation key allows you to direct your drone to any location of your choice. To get the skyquad drone return to you, all you need do is to press the return key on the remote and it automatically does that. Swift!

skyquad reviews 1
Verified customer testimonials

After our own objective analysis, we thought it fit to extend our search to some of the verified customer skyquad drone reviews. This is to ensure that we pick up what others have to say for you to see it. These are some of the testimonials we were able to pick up for you.

Danny J

  • The skyquad is an incredible piece of tech that is suitable for complete beginners and even the more experience fliers just as it is with my case. Persons who are in it for business or media will surely enjoy this drone as it takes your videos to a whole new level.

James P

  •  Yeah, we all know that drones are getting more advance by the day. We also see the continuous drop-in price but to be honest this in no way means cheap. To get a drone with HD camera qualities and some of the features this skyquad has, you should have a very deep pocket. Getting a drone like skyquad with so much features is unseen and unheard of at that price. I mean, this is literally one of the best drones in the market that offers money for value! I’m a fan!

Juliana R

  • It’s been a week since I got this drone. I’ve been able to use it to capture a lot of events. It was even more memorable when my husband used it to capture our daughter riding her bike for the very first time without needing her training wheels. You need to see the footage. It was beautiful. I love this done, skyquad

Rodney K

  • I’m so impressed with the fact that this drone comes with a foldable wing. I mean its not like those heavy-duty drones that would need some special space to be kept. I love the compact size. It’s really a beauty to watch particularly when it takes to the skies.

Gareth D

  • Nothing beats the bird’s eye view I get from this drone particularly on beach days. You need to see the image it takes at sunrise and sunset. It’s just so beautiful. The best part is the fact that I get to see the bird’s eye view from their perspective. I like the quality too

Yohan B

  • I love this drone, but I have a concern about it. I wish it had more flying time. The 15 minutes it has if improved on will be a real game changer for this drone. I mean, it can hardly be beat with the features it has, imagine an upgrade with even more flying time! Gosh, that would be unbeatable. I’m a fan. A big fan of skyquad.
skyquad drone reviews

Frequently asked questions (Skyquad review)

Where can I get a spare battery for my drone?

Spare parts of the skyquad drone can be gotten from your local distributor. These spare parts include batteries, landing skids, main blades and a host of other components and they are affordable.

How long does skyquad’s battery last on one charge?

As per our observation, the skyquad lasts for about 15 minutes in the air while recording videos actively and at a height of about 3,000 feet. This allows it to cover a top transmission distance of about 4kilometers. For a device of its size, this battery life is a top one.

Are there drone laws in my area?

This question is subjective because it depends on your area. For some locations in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia there are laws that govern how a drone should be flown. We suggest you look at the drone law in your area before taking your drone out for a flight.

Do I need a pilot’s license before I can operate my skyquad drone?

A license is only required if you have the intentions to commercialise the use of your drone. What do I mean? If you’re going to use this drone for business, it is important that you acquire a license. However, feel free to look up the guidelines on drone use by your local aviation authority.

Why do people talk about skyquad drone amazon?

Well, we think they do because they want to get it there since they may be constant users of their service. We were yet to see skyquad listed on amazon as at the time of writing this review but as soon as it is on, we will surely update this work.

Skyquad Drone Review- Conclusion

If you’ve gotten to this part of the skyquad drone review, I’d say a big congratulations to you for getting this far. It shows you’re either in category A or B. What are these categories?

Catergory A is for persons who have gone through this skyquad review and have made up their mind to get the done. For such persons, you can do so particularly with the fact that there’s an ongoing 60% discount OFF fire sale going on now. No one knows when it will end.

Category B are for persons who are yet to make up their mind on getting this drone. For this category of persons, you can take your time. But one thing is certain, offers like this do not last long. The earlier you make your decisions, the better.

Finally, as per our own recommendations, this drone with the features it possesses is a steal. Also, the money back policy by the manufacturers of this drone is a testament to the amount of faith they have in their product.

If you do not like the drone, you can always return it within the stipulated time, and you will receive a refund. We believe that everything is in your favour right now. If there’s a time to act, it is now!


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