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Sleep connection Review 2021[Know this before buying now]

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Sleep connection review 2020

Have you ever shared a room with someone who snores when they sleep? Be it a sibling, parent, roommate, cousin, colleague, partner etc? How uncomfortable does that make you feel? On the other hand, has someone ever told you that you snore when you sleep? How embarrassing did you find that?

Or maybe when you doze off during a lecture or a conference and you snore loudly attracting everyone’s attention, it can be quite embarrassing, and can make people dislike you even without your knowing. And you, being a person who snores, can never get a satisfactory sleep, because snoring drastically reduces the quality of sleep, and disturbs anybody sharing a room with you.

I’ve even witnessed a scenario where a person’s snoring goes as far as disturbing people who live in the next flat.

People are always in a hurry to think that snoring is a bad habit or some mannerism. The truth is that the majority of people who snore are not aware of it, and they cannot do anything to consciously checkmate it, snoring being a sleep disorder in itself, with short-term and long-term effects, hence the earlier it is tackled conclusively the better for the subject.

The causes of snoring are numerous; including sleeping posture, the anatomy of the airway, presence of any other underlying respiratory disorder etc.

Have you also noticed that if you tap a snoring person, the person tends to stop snoring for a moment, even though they’ll begin again shortly afterwards.

Over time, so many remedies have been fashioned to checkmate snoring, but as time goes by, technology has provided more efficient and less harmful measures. One of such products that claims to do this is known as Sleep Connection but as always were here to guide you.

Here you will know the stone-cold truth about this product. Does everyone need to get this product? Does it really work? All these would be explained here.

Just sit tight and read along.

Sleep Connection Review

sleep connection

Sleep Connection is a device in form of a wristband, which when worn by a person who snores, reduces the incidence of snoring to the scantiest minimum, thereby improving the quality of sleep and health in general.

It is an intelligent device which picks up even the slightest snoring sound and gently stimulates the wearer to change positions and stop the snoring, without waking the person up.

One would ask how this is possible, but as you keep reading, everything about the product will be clarified, including the pros and cons.

What are its Specifications

  • The product is made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material.
  • The average  dimension is 4 by 5.8 by 1.3 inches.
  • The intensity of power output is 180 microamperes while the main output is 0.2 Hertz
  • The switch mode is automatic, it turns of on its own after exactly eight hours of sleep.
  • Advanced features include possession of an intelligent biosensor which detects even the slightest snore and then the device triggers the wearer to change position and stop the snoring.

How does this device work?

The wristwatch-like device brilliantly monitors the sound in the room where the wearer sleeps, it has a way of distinguishing snoring sound from other miscellaneous noises in the room using its intelligent biosensor.

Once it detects even the slightest snoring sound, it sends smooth electrical impulses through the nerves, resulting in muscle contraction hence movement, once this movement is achieved, it prompts a reflex that makes the snorer change position and immediately stops snoring, just like what happens when you tap someone who is snoring, they immediately cease to snore, as if they knew.

Then about the ELECTRIC IMPULSE, it is NOT strong enough to produce an electric shock or wake the person up, remember that the normal conduction of impulses in the body is an electric phenomenon, hence not every form of electricity is harmful to the body.

That’s basically how the device functions. It’s also good to note that the intensity of the nerve impulse can be adjusted on the device, since every person has specific thresholds of irritability, as in, what is intense for one may be numb for the other.

sleep connection review

Are there any features of Sleep Connection?

Let’s take a look at the features of this anti-snoring device in this section of our sleep connection review

Convenience: Actually, this is not the only method aimed against snoring, but these other methods, e;g chin straps, nose clips, surgery, etc are either invasive or just troublesome, with no assurance of effectivity even.

In fact, I know of a person who went for a throat surgery on account of snoring, and didn’t make it out of the theatre alive. However, Sleep Connection is simply worn on the wrist like a watch, and that’s all you need to keep snoring at bay. Isn’t that beautiful?

Adjustability: Like already stated higher up, the intensity of power output from the device can be altered. If it can wake the person up, then it’s too high.

If it doesn’t get the person to stop snoring, then it’s too low. The ideal intensity is that which completely takes care of the snoring without waking the person up.

Beautiful design: other alternative devices used to checkmate snoring are either too bulky or not fanciful at all. Imagine wearing a chin strap in public and how you’ll just look like a joke. With the sophisticated wristwatch-like design, it fulfils both aesthetics and utility.

Sophisticated technology: other anti-snore devices are too sophisticated, yet many of them are not even efficient to perform the primary function. In the case of this snore stopping wristband, apart from the primary function it also thoughtfully turns itself off automatically after eight hours of activity. This is basically to conserve energy.

Safety: unlike other devices or substances aimed against snoring, this snore stopping wristband is the safest since it uses just the sound-detection technology to function. Others are either too invasive or just uncomfortable, especially those containing chemicals and the likes. This one has ZERO adverse effects.

Easy operation: there’s no special know-how that is required for one to be able to use this wristband, it just needs to be worn around the wrist, and switched on by pressing the power button.

Why do I need this device?

Even if the partner or roommate of the snoring person can tolerate it and still live in peace and harmony with the snorer, attention should now shifted to the snorer himself/herself, what are the short- and long-term effects in the person?

Have you heard about SLEEP APNEA? It is a respiratory disorder common in those who snore. Although mild itself, if left untreated can degenerate into something more dangerous.

Those with sleep apnea suddenly stop breathing in their sleep and start again equally abruptly due to a blockade in the airway caused by the relaxation of the muscles of the throat and those of the tongue.

Owing to this, there’s a big likelihood that the affected person might stop breathing during sleep.

With the availability of alternatives like phenothiazine tranquilizers and throat operations, these are usually panic-inspiring (with possibilities of fatality)  and unnecessarily expensive.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), a breathing device that pumps oxygen into the airway, is another alternative, but is also inconveniencing and has its own difficulties, largely because the user will have to wear it throughout the night.

This anti-snore wristband proffers a much user-friendly and less expensive way of treating the sleep apnea disorder, and it doesn’t even need to be supplemented by any other procedure.

sleep connection review

What are the benefits?

The following are benefits of this product:

  • It is cost effective: although superior to other anti-snore solutions, it is also more easily affordable than them all.
  • It doesn’t bind to skin, is easy to use and and can be adjusted.
  • The signals it produces are not high enough to wake one up.
  • It benefits both the snorer and the fellow occupants of the room, enhancing a better relationship.
  • It can be used even in public, as it looks no much different from a wristwatch.
  • It is not heavy at all, thus the wearer doesn’t feel encumbered, so it doesn’t disturb sleep at all.
  • It has only very few buttons.
  • It produces signals only when a user begins to snore, as in, it doesn’t pick any other sound in the room, except snoring sound.
  • It doesn’t produce any side-effects, the user should not worry about any impending health hazards.

How do I use sleep connection?

The use of this anti-snoring wristband is very simple. This device works with great efficiency and speed, giving out mild electrical impulses on the wrist of the wearer, after which the user subconsciously changes their position without waking and then snoring stops immediately.

It is to be worn on the wrist like a watch, it’s wirelessness has also aided its portability, hence it’s worn from place to place without any difficulty.

A conductive gel needs to be applied in the mid-area of this device. You don’t need to worry about how to procure the gel, it comes with the product at the time of purchase.

After this, you’ll need to adjust or modify the frequency of discharge of the electrical impulses. As stated earlier, if this device is able to wake you up from sleep, it means that it’s frequency is high, so just make and adjustment.

It needs to be set to a medium frequency where it only stimulates a change in position while the user is still fast asleep, hence achieving just a cessation in snoring.

How effective and safe is it?

Unlike some other invasive techniques, this anti-snoring device is absolutely safe and doesn’t pose any threat to human wellbeing. It achieves a verifiable improvement in the quality of sleep, and enhances general well-being, too, as it has to do with both the snorer and the people around them.

How is sleep connection wristband better than other products?

Surgical operations are invasive, and life-threatening, and upon that are not completely reliable. You pass through general anaesthesia with all its risks, get operated on, with the entire discomfort and all, plus the long recuperation time, and after all that you’re not even sure that the problem will be solved.

Imagine going through all that, and your roommate still throws tantrums about how nobody else sleeps until you’re done droning like a generator. I’m sure you’d feel so bad.

Meanwhile, the high cost of services and equipment needs not be emphasised, it’s even more annoying when you end up achieving nothing.

Similarly, taking medicines, concoctions and enchanted tablets are often equally ineffective, even as taking them poses a lot of inconvenience. The worst part being the amount of money going to waste and their accompanying side effects.

This wristband comes with everything you’ve been looking for at almost no cost at all. Currently the price is slashed by about 50 per cent when you buy directly from the manufacturer.

Once the frequency and intensity of impulse are properly set, the device functions optimally without itself disturbing the sleep it is intended to optimize.

Does sleep connection actually work?

if you pay keener attention, I can guarantee that one or two persons around you are already using this device, and even outside this page, there are a lot of reviews and recommendations flying around, which are from customers who have benefitted from this device.

Sleep Connection Review: Pros

This is the section I’ll enumerate what I personally like about the device:

  • It has magnetic clasp which allows the user to wear the wristband with great ease.
  • It has this conductive gel that helps the wrist band to conduct impulses from the device to the user’s nerves.
  • The wristband is very lightweight thus the user will most likely not feel anything when wearing it.
  • The device is uncomplicated, and the buttons are few and straight to the point.
  • The indicator button gives off a signal when the user begins to snore.
  • The impulse rate can be set according to the preference of the user.

Are there any cons to this product?

There are certain improvements I would like to experience in the device and the manufacturers continue to produce, they include the following…

(a) the product is yet in short supply, the scale of production should be increased

(b)  the number of colours in the market now are few, I’ll recommend that the device come in more colours, giving the potential buyers more alternatives to choose from.

Customers Review

I am Rejy from North London, earlier in the year my colleague came to my apartment to sleep over. We talked late into the night and later slept around past 2am. In the morning, before she left, she told me she could barely sleep the previous night, that my snoring kept waking her up.

Embarrassed was an understatement, it felt weird. I quickly apologized, but she said it wasn’t my fault that she’d come up with something she knows would be effective. I didn’t know what I was expecting, probably a set of guidelines on ideal sleeping habits and maybe some tablets too.

I didn’t in the least expect her to gift me that device  that looked like a wristwatch, lol. It got funnier when she explained how it worked, I seriously thought it was some big joke, but I used it anyway.

After the first night of using it, I noticed how reinvigorated  I felt the next morning and the morning after, and the next, till she came again the following weekend for another sleepover, and testified that she didn’t hear a single snore from me throughout the night. That was how my snoring resolved forever.

-Rejy Peters

What is the Price of sleep connection?

As stated earlier, this product is very cheap when compared to its efforientation and also when compared to other solutions to the snoring malady. In addition, the company has granted a discount of 50 per cent per product.

Hence 1 piece costs just 39.99 USD.

Two pieces cost 73.99 and three cost 99.99, all thanks to the discount.

Where can I buy this product?

This anti-snoring wristband can be ordered on the official website of the manufacturer and can be delivered to anywhere in the world. The discounts also apply to all buyers, the nation notwithstanding.

sleep connection

Who supplies this product

As always we decided to add the contact details of the supplier. Check it out below.

Media Communications Corp

220 Dunbarton Dr. Suite E

Chesapeake, VA 23325 USA


Phone: +1 855 247 0312

Sleep Connection Review- FAQs

Does sleep connection work?

Based on reviews from customers who use it appropriately, yes it works. Just make sure you know how to use it in the right way. Failure to do so, may not allow it work as expected

How long will does this wristband be active?

It will be active for complete eight hours from the time of sleep, after which it turns off automatically for the purpose of energy conservation.

How does this wristband alert me while I’m sleeping?

It makes use of a biosensor which detects snoring noise and sends electrical signals which stimulate the nerves, causing mind change in position the wearer without waking him or her up, the person then stops snoring.

Does the electrical pulses hurt?

It doesn’t hurt, as long as the frequency is set to intermediate level.

Will it wake up other people?

No, it won’t. It won’t even wake the wearer up talk more of others, it only cause the wearer to stop snoring.

Final thoughts

No, it won’t. It won’t even wake the wearer up talk more of others, it only cause the wearer to stop snoring.

For making it through to this stage, a big congratulations to you. We believe that you’ve been able to know all that concerns this product. we can now safely call you an expert in this regard.

There are tonnes of products in the market today that claim to solve your problem of snoring but its either they are too bulky, too costly, poor looking or just don’t work.

This snore stopping wristband promises and fulfills its promise of eliminating snoring when used properly. It is easy to use, comfortable, pocket-friendly (comes with a 50% discount from the manufacturer), eco-friendly and effective.

We know that this anti snoring band offers many benefits, even to those with only a mild case of snoring. If you want to get rid of your lethargy, your moodiness, your lack of focus and concentration, and your sleep deprivation, the Sleep Connect Wristband is a good option and is certainly offered at the right price

Thank you for reading our review.

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