solvolt charger

Solvolt charger 2022: what is special bout this charger?

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Solvolt charger

Renewable energy is becoming one of the most reliable and fastest growing sectors of technology and energy currently around the world. It is set to revolutionize and replace other means of energy production and usage with which humans have become concerned about.

Most people may have heard about the herd effect but that necessarily just points to the ability people have to switch from the use of one kind of product to another simply because whatever it is other people are using seems good and perfectly usable. That’s really what renewable energy does to people from different spheres of life.

The most important and interesting fact about the different sources of renewable energy is that they can be used just about anywhere. Imagine having to be able to renew energy in your various devices anywhere in the world without special conditions or variations to location or time. This is unlike the availability of non-renewable sources of energy like coal where you have to actively be around the places that can successfully extract these raw materials and convert them to something worth commercial use.

These renewable sources are basically just natural sources we never imagined could provide us with energy. The sun or the wind or maybe even water itself have come to dominate the means by which humans can exist and survive without all those strenuous and climate heating processes we usually follow. All you basically need to do is have devices that can utilize these sources of energy and make them serve whatever purpose you want it to. And especially in a growing era of climate change worries and legislations to reduce production, extraction and utilization of such products, it’s become necessary to adapt while the whole world is and more importantly, while we can without being affected negatively.

What makes all this talk even more interesting isn’t just its ability to be used effectively and with minimal effect, which may just be sophisticated and jargon talk, this affects us personally. We are able to make use of these devices and the energy just about anywhere, and emphasis on the word, anywhere. You can stay connected while trying to get off the grid or go low from everyone.

Gone are the days where you need to be where other people are before you can access the necessary things of life. Now you can comfortably do that from your comfort zone and with very little exposure yet know what exactly is going on.

I’m sure that is some piece of incredible and super amazing ability any 21st century man can have within this generation. People want to be able to know what is going on everywhere and anywhere while maintaining privacy away from the entire world of its actual troubles. It’s both your actual plan on the inside and your back up plan on the outside. What more could you ask for within the growing age of everything, both things you want and things you don’t.

Remember this, solvolt charger is just the product you have been looking, wishing and searching for and guess what, now you can easily have it without stress or worries. What this article will do for you is lay down enough information you would need to satisfy any and every question you would have regarding what this product can do for you. This charger would serve you better and easier than what any other charger would offer you.

Solvolt charger’s dominance within the energy market just began and you can’t afford to wait, trust me.

What is solvolt charger?

The product you have been waiting for is right here within your reach, the solvolt charger. It is an absolutely sleek, compact, portable and easy-to-use solar charger which can be used anywhere. You can carry it wherever you go easily and use it without any technical or specific knowledge. It isn’t the kind of sophisticated device you have to worry about simply because it’s a new form of technology or renewable energy. Solvolt charger is the device everyone needs and should sufficiently be part of a survival kit. For people moving around very easily without a steady energy source, this charger can just be your very own product.

Imagine you could go absolutely anywhere with a particular product that could provide your devices with energy. Say for example you are a traveller, a blogger in very remote regions where you are not assured of a steady energy source for your device, or even an adventurer away on a mountain hike or camp outside the city and away from the energy others are using. This charger is able to keep you in touch with others and connected to friends and family even while at it.

Solvolt charger can maintain and store energy up to 10,000mAH and charge more than one device at any given point in time, multiple times. Devices we are talking about range from phones such as android or iPhone products, charging them for over three times each before a need to recharge or repower it.

This doesn’t only allow this charger serve you during emergency needs but also do it at the worst of conditions. You could use it at the worst of weathers and use your devices comfortably or without fear or worry for when they may run out of life enough to have fun and make memories.

Best takeaway from this is its ability to be used and be a proof to water or shock, which renders it highly valuable and portable at every point in time. So even during heavy downpour or should this device be left around water, you don’t have to worry about any damage that may have been incurred because that doesn’t happen with the solvolt charger.

More importantly, the fear people have with electrical devices being wet and having the ability to shock individuals using it is totally avoided with this product. So yes, the manufacturers produced this device with your absolute safety in mind.

solvolt charger

What exactly does the solvolt charger look like?

This is a complete and total description of this product to provide you with a very clarified basic and needful information of the solvolt charger, so you know exactly what you are buying. This is clear proof that this is not a scam or some way to lure you to buy what you are not sure of.

It is exactly why we needed you to read this comprehensive piece of write-up before you consider buying it, all in a bid to assure your satisfaction in every way possible. We offer what others don’t and that is specificity for whatever you want to make purchase with.

Here’s a clear picture of what the charger looks like and has physically, with what it can offer as a device irrespective of what is connected to it. First it looks like a slim and sleek cuboidal device, shaped like a power bank but even sleeker and more compact with the solar panel on the upper surface, the USB ports for charging other devices on the short side and other important additions on various parts of its body.

If you can imagine very easily, picture its length at 4.06 inches and its width at 2.24 inches. More details are discussed below for easy comprehension;

1. Polycrystalline solar panel: These are almost like the regular solar panels you know, but not to keep you in the dark anymore, this article offers you a much clearer explanation for what you are using. They are multi-crystalline solar panels just like the name suggests which are made up of several crystals of silicon all embedded within a single photovoltaic cell. Not to be confused, a photovoltaic cell is simply a solar cell or an electrical device which can convert energy from light, that is, sunlight directly into electricity by photovoltaic effect.

In simple terms, photovoltaic effect is when there is generation of voltage and electric current within an electrical device when it is exposed to light. What specifically happens is that the light absorbed causes an electron or any other charge carrier to be excited which allows it to assume a higher energy state. The excitation of the electron or charge carrier is still contained within the silicon material which goes on to generate voltage.

The light energy absorbed must be enough to excite or diffuse the electron and cause its movement which would inadvertently lead to the generation of a voltage. Sounds like too much physics I guess, but it’s needful information so you know exactly what you are using. More details will be explored later within this article.

2. LED light: This is basically electrical light which produces a form of lighting by using light-emitting diodes (LEDs). They are way more efficient than the regular pieces of light producers like incandescent lamps or fluorescent bulbs. This means that being attached to the solvolt charger, they can be used comfortably without worries as to whether they will run down its power.

They are so energy-efficient that you won’t notice any drain in power unless used for very long periods of time. They are, as a matter of fact, the most efficient and commercially available forms of electrical light.

They can come up to complete and full brightness without any delay whatsoever. When used frequently, it still maintains its life expectancy and efficiency, which is not affected by any of its continuous use. You can use it this night or dark place you find yourself in and still be able to use it later or subsequently long unending without decrease in its light output.

More importantly, they do not dissipate heat which allow them to be used even in enclosed environments and under your camp beds without heating it up or melting it in the process. The color emitted is also eye-friendly and can be described as “warm white”, “daylight” or “cool white”.

3. Charging ports: These are basically the ports by which the solvolt charger can be charged or charges other devices. For specificity, it can be charged through one port which is designated as the input port. This is devoid of its natural means of being charged or powered through light energy which takes place through the polycrystalline solar panel as already explained above initially.

This input port provides an alternative form of charging it which makes this device even much better. It means that you can get to choose which means you wish to power it and if you wish, charge it through those two means independently of each other. That must be some spectacular product you can imagine having at your beck and call.

In addition to that, it has two output ports through which you can charge the devices you wish to power if they can be connected with a USB cord. You can very much charge two devices at the same time. You may be wondering how it is able to do this but not to bother, it charges them differently.

So, you are not confused, the first output port, output 1 charges at 5V/1A while the Output 2 charges at 5V/2.1A which means that the second port charges faster and double the rate at which the first one charges. This allows you to use any of them depending on the condition.

If you want to conserve the battery for more prolonged use, you can opt for the first port by which the solvolt charger will lose energy slower. The second output port, output 2, allows for fast charging should you want to power your phone quickly and disconnect. So yes, this device allows you to not only charge your device but do it at your own preference really comfortably.

4. Power Control Switch: This is basically the only power switch attached to the body of the solvolt charger which allows it serve multiple and easy uses. So, you don’t have to get confused about how it works. With a short press, the indicators come on.

They are blue in color and recorded in 5 blue dots which show at the top part of the charger. It usually signals the energy level of the charger while it is in use. So, with 5 blue dots, the charger is fully charged and can be used to when it gets to 1 blue dot. It is usually advised that it is repowered at this point before further use. Further, a long press turns the LED on and puts it in steady mode

Now when the LED is in steady mode, with a single press, the LED light cycles through the strobe and in a rapid fashion. And when you make a double press, it turns the LED off. This switch can be used whichever way you want to and can be used without worries to the power button being driven in or becoming non-functional.

5. Pilot Lamp: The pilot lamp for the solvolt charger just does the job of controlling the light attached to the charger and allowing you to set it to whatever mode you choose. The lamp is for specific control and ensuring that you have a complete and holistic use of the device with little to no issues whatsoever.

solvolt charger

How does the solvolt charger work?

The mechanism by which the solvolt charger works is through the polycrystalline solar panels which necessarily power the charger itself and ensures its adequate and efficient use. Just as a side to the starter pack, they are cheap and yet long lasting, so you don’t have to worry about its use due to its price. Polycrystalline solar panels are simply several fragments of silicon which are melted together and moulded to form those wafers of solar panels which you see.

These melted and molded pieces of silicon are allowed to cool on the panel itself and made to bear a surface that looks somewhat like a mosaic. They end up as square shaped panels that have a shiny blue hue due to being made up of several layers and crystals of silicon. They now, in this state, allow for little movement of electrons within these cells when enough light hits these panels and cause the excitation of electrons or other high energy carriers.

Here’s the intricate part so pay close attention. Each cell which contains silicon crystal allows it the ability to function as a semiconductor device. You must be wondering what a semiconductor device is so let me break it down for you and avoid all these jargons or stress you are opening your dictionary. It is simply a hybrid of a conductor and an insulator. A conductor is any material that allows charge flow through it while an insulator prevents current flow.

So basically, semiconductors act as both conductors and insulators when necessary. It is why unlike other materials or devices, the solvolt charger both charges other devices by allowing excitation of charges and movement of current and prevents shock to the individual using them. They are only applicable to special materials like silicon or germanium, or even compounds like gallium arsenide and cadmium selenide.

Now over to how it works. When sunlight falls on the solar panel, the photons from the rays fall specifically on the PN junction (a boundary interface between two types of semiconductor materials, p-type and n-type, within a single crystal of semiconductor with the “p” (positive) side containing excess of holes while the “n” (negative) side containing an excess of electrons within its outer shells of the electrically neutral atoms there).

When this happens, the photons impart energy on the n side of the PN junction and cause them to flow as electric current to the p side. Two electrodes are usually connected to these photovoltaic cells. The first electrode is connected to its top surface and contains small wires while the other is attached to the bottom surface and is made like a foil conductor.

What makes polycrystalline solar panels better?

The solar panels attached to the solvolt charger are way better than others and even more efficient within its use which make them more desirable and easier to use.

1. They are more environmentally friendly than other forms of panels because they do not require individual shaping and placing of the silicon crystals. As mentioned earlier, they are melted and moulded within the material itself.

2. As an even friendlier means to the environment, during production, most of the silicon is usually utilized during production. This way, only very little waste is met out to the surrounding environment or disposed of.

3. It can go the extent of temperatures as high as 85 degrees Celsius and minimums as low as -40 degree Celsius making it more temperature tolerant than other forms of solar panels. This means that it can still charge the device at extremes of temperatures and allow for its utilization. The efficiency is usually maintained even at these temperatures unlike others which allows you use them at whatever condition you find yourself in whether during adventures to the top of the mountain or high altitudes and hot or temperate regions.

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What are the amazing and unique qualities of the solvolt charger?

The charger has much better qualities than other chargers and basically make the user very comfortable while using them. The features include;

1. Ease of Use: The charger is a reliable and pretty easy product to use. It does not have or require any special technical or advanced knowledge to allow its use. Even if this is your first time of getting such a product or you may have been swayed by the sophisticated nature of solar panels, this is very much different and a whole lot easier.

You can absolutely take it anywhere you want to go while stuffed in your backpack while hiking or riding to work. Once you’ve gotten to your desired location, you can take it out and lay it in the sun for adequate charging.

2. Completely Waterproof: This is a very important attribute most people enjoy about the solvolt charger which allows it to be used efficiently irrespective of the condition. As is usually noted and applicable to this device, come rain or sunshine, solvolt charger is here to serve you and with maximum efficiency.

In case you are not a fan of testing your devices with water, it also serves as an insurance should you mistakenly leave it out in the rain while it was charging or forget to bring it in before the rain starts. So, you are completely covered either ways without spoilage or decrease in its efficiency.

3. Double Charging: A special feature of the charger which allows you to charge two devices at the same time and multiple number of times. It does not discriminate against whatever device you use whether android or iPhone and charges them efficiently.

The charging power also does not affect the battery of your phone, should you be worried about that as well. Just to note again, the output 2 charges faster than the output 1 which allows output 1 to be used in times when you want to conserve your battery through slow charging or have immediate and fast power through output 2.

Therefore, not only does this charger keep you connected, but just the way you want it with the availability of options from which you can choose.

4. Long-lasting Battery: The lifespan for which the battery of this device can last depends mostly on the type of device being charged with it and more importantly its power capacity. The solvolt charger has a capacity of 10,000mAH and most devices range from 1,000-4000mAH. This means that you can charge your device from as much as 10x to as low as 3x to full capacity. What more can you ask for.

And unlike other charging devices, it makes use of the sun so its energy can be renewed as fast as it left and even faster with the availability of a second means of charging through the input port. Variety of options for both being charged and charging other devices, what more can you ask for.

5. Weather resistant: The ability to function effectively is a very rare quality or feature for any electrical device. The solvolt charger can be used in any weather be it sunshine, rain, dust or snow, you would have the charger at your beck and call for use. Absolutely nothing can go wrong with such a device and you are always assured of its efficiency at serving your devices and providing you power even during the storm.

6. Three Modes Lighting: This has already been stated earlier that you can change the three modes of lights to suit your eye. The different modes include “warm white”, “daylight” or “cool white”. With these adjustments, you can use any of the lightings you wish to use and be comfortable. You can even set it to warm white at night while your sleeping or daylight when you must use bright light and cool white whenever you just need to chill and have fun.


Where to make purchase for the solvolt charger?

The solvolt charger can be bought straight from the manufacturer through the official website where you can make input for your details and have the product delivered to you. It is only available online and, on their site, so don’t bother trying to buy it anywhere else or don’t fall for people who offer this outside the website.

It will also require you to input your details and make payments through debit card, credit card or PayPal. Your details will not be revealed to any third party whatsoever.

How much can you purchase the solvolt charger?

The solvolt charger now sells at an incredible price of $79.95 and that’s really cheap compared to the quality of charger you are getting. And if you are reading this now, then you are just in time to get this product at a whopping 50% discount which brings the price down to $39.95.

You can totally get off the grid at such a low cost. What more can anyone ask for? The higher the number purchased, the greater the discount on each of them. More interestingly, you can get 4 at a hugely discounted price and allow you save enough money

1 CHARGER costs $79.95 with free shipping and saving 30%

2 CHARGERS cost $114.18 sold at $57.09 each with free shipping and saving 50%

3 CHARGERS cost $136.98 sold at $45.66 each with free shipping and saving 60%

4 SOLVOLTS cost $155.21 sold at $38.80 each with free shipping and saving 66%

You can also place your order today and extend your protection and replacement plan at an affordable price which allows your product to be covered for 2 years. Isn’t that really incredible. You also have a 60-day money-back guarantee which allows the device to be returned should be unsatisfied with it for any reason or notice any manufacturer fault within the device and have a full refund on your initial order. The free shipping takes a maximum of 3-5days to arrive and does so to your exact location.

What are customers saying about solvolt charger?

“Purchased this unit in order to have a lightweight way to recharge my cycling computer, cell phone and bike lights while doing multiday bicycle rides. This product has performed flawlessly. Able to recharge two items at once and can be used several times before it needs a recharge. Solar panel works great and I would recommend this product to anyone especially those involved in outdoor activities where 110 VAC isn’t available”

William R. – Dallas, TX

“This is my third solar charger. My husband and I love ours, and so did our granddaughter! So, now we all have these really nice chargers and never have dead batteries on our phones. We spend a lot of time outdoors so these chargers are perfect! Small and lightweight, they tuck into any backpack or pocket. They work quickly so we never worry about dead cell phones, tablets or readers! These are our go to chargers. Thanks for a great product”

Candace B. – Sammamish, WA

Solvolt Charger review: What’s our final take

The solvolt charger is your go-to sleek and portable solar charger which allows for comfortable and easy use. You can be rest assured that this product will serve you and keep you connected while you try to lay off the grid at any point in time.

That being said, you need to take this opportunity now. All is literally in your favour. However, if you feel you need to think through before getting a purchase, that is also great.

Neverthless, it is pertinent that you remember that offers like this do not last as long as we would ordinarily want. 50% and a money return policy are all in your favour.

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