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Spectroseal review 2020

Adhesive bonding is the process of joining two surfaces together, usually with the creation of a smooth bond. This may involve the use of glue, epoxy or one of a wide range of plastic agents which bond either through the evaporation of a solvent or through curing via heat, time or pressure. Adhesive bonding is used across many industries and even at home. Due to the versatility of this process for a range of material types the only real limitations arise with use, such as for outdoor applications that need to withstand weathering.

Adhesive bonding is used to fasten two surfaces together, usually producing a smooth bond. This joining technique involves use of glues, epoxies or various plastic agents that bond by evaporation of a solvent or by curing a bonding agent with heat, pressure or time. However, the recent use of plastic based agents such as the new super glues that self-cure with heat has allowed adhesion with a strength approaching that of the bonded materials themselves.

As a result, gluing has replaced other joining methods in many applications, especially where the bond is not exposed to prolonged heat or weathering. A large fraction of modern glues are carbon based petrochemical derivatives. These can be used to bond almost any combination of surfaces.

Glues can serve as bonding agents in strong structural materials. One of the earliest and still commonly used is the plywood. Other related composites include fiberglass and various fiber epoxies such as boron epoxy and carbon epoxy. Many of these materials make superior stress bearing components. Whether bonding metal to metal, plastic, glass, rubber, ceramic or to another substrate material, adhesives distribute stress load evenly over a broad area, reducing stress on the joint.

Adhesives are one size fits all and assembly can be easily automated. Limitations include the amount of time required for adhesives to fix and develop full strength, surface preparation requirements and the problems associated with joint disassembly.

With this background information in mind, I would like to introduce to you a new innovative device that you can use to make bonding repairs. I am talking about the SpectroSeal device. SpectroSeal is a small but powerful UV glue pen that works as a superb adhesive. It can bond, fill and repair everything from toys and glasses to insulation and leaks.

There is no need for your hands to get stuck with the superglues you are using or to create a mess while fixing something. The alternative is here for you, a fine quality UV Glue pen, SpectroSeal is a brand that helps you to seal the broken pieces of stuff permanently. The compact design pen is lightweight and is easy to carry in your pocket.

This article is a review on what SpectroSeal is all about and also why it is the most popular adhesive bonding device in the market right now. It is making waves all over the world in places like the United States, Canada and Italy. Let us get to it then.

spectroseal reviews
spectorseal review

What is SpectroSeal?

SpectroSeal UV Light Glue Pen is a glue that can be utilized both as a holding specialist and as a filler. Fixing glasses, toys, adding protection, it works for every single fix. The bond this pen structures between two items is very solid, so it is not only an instrument for a convenient solution. SpectroSeal is one of the best glue pens available in the market. This compact, easy to use and lightweight. This pen has the maximum sealing power to seal any rip of any size. SpectroSeal is a UV light glue pen that works as both a filler and a holding agent.

It can be used to add insulation, fix glasses and connect two objects. As a matter of fact, it can do the job of a powerful superglue entirely and outperform it without any doubt. Both the UV and the glue side of the pen are small and can be used for detailed and precise work. The pen fits in the hand quite comfortably, more so than regular glue bottles. Thus, working with it is easy and enjoyable.

 The ability to delay the bonding of the UV glue makes it stand out from other solvent based adhesives which start hardening as they are exposed to the atmosphere and epoxy based adhesives that start curing as soon as the separate components are mixed together.The glue pen is only around 5.30 inches long and 1 inch wide. That makes it slightly larger than a regular pen, meaning that it is rather easy to use and store.

You can keep it wherever you want; in the garage or in the office with your other pens. In addition, unlike most other glues, it will not dry out even if you leave the cap off for a while. The formula will remain liquid and usable. The SpectroSeal UV glue pen has two caps- one that covers the glue and another that encloses the UV light. You just have to turn the pen to the end you need and use it with no additional tools. Usually, UV glue pens come in the form of a kit with one glue pen and one UV light pen. Thus, SpectroSeal is a much more efficient tool than most similar products on the market.

SpectroSeal requires a photochemical reaction for fixing. Technically, UV glue is a polymer that relies on exposure to UV light to allow for crosslinking. This creates a more solid structure at the molecular level. This is unlike other adhesives that rely on drying, a process that either takes a longer time or requires exposure to high temperatures.

Another wonderful thing about SpectroSeal is that it enables for clean finishing in that the material stays liquid until exposed to UV light. This give room for realignment until the desired and accurate finishing is achieved and then the UV light can then be exposed to the joint and it is glued almost immediately with strong bonds. This glue pen is guaranteed high quality and it will work with virtually any material.

Notable Features of SpectroSeal

  1. Quick Curing: an application of UV glue can be cured in about few seconds. The high speed and efficiency achievable with UV glues makes it a technology that is usable for several existing processes and it comes in handy in large volume industrial applications for a faster and a more durable fixing. A short curing time also lessens quality related flaws as parts spend less time with wet or unfixed adhesive. However, the curing time will always depend on how much adhesive needs to be fixed. Few seconds may not always be the case when the adhesives to be glued is pretty much. However, the curing step is also infinitely adjustable. UV adhesives are often the go to material when manufacturers are looking for the shortest curing time possible. Compared to adhesives that rely on drying, heating or chemical treatment, the curing process for UV glue is much faster because of its simplicity.
  2. Best for all kinds of materials and surfaces: It is recommended that when bonding or fixing a glass to metal, a strong adhesive is used for a durable gluing to avoid stress due to differential thermal expansion and contraction between the joined particles. This can be easily absorbed by the adhesive and bring about less stress to the glass. This is when UV adhesives are most necessary since they are designed to be a permanent way of bonding glass and other materials. SpectroSeal is one of the best UV glues available in the market now.
  3. Flexible workability: Through some creative chemistry, the UV glue starts curing only when exposed to UV light. This means that it remains in liquid form while you work with it under visible light. With this characteristic, an application of UV glue can be modified or adjusted for a virtually indefinite period as long as it has not been treated under a UV lamp. This is particularly useful for creatives or those who apply the UV glue with methods that are not perfectly precise.
  4. Low temperature: The UV curing process is not dependent on exposure to high temperature and high temperature, nonetheless has no effect on UV gluing. This is therefore the best option for fixing up parts that high sensitivity to heat such as fabrics, plastics and metals. The fact that UV gluing does not require heat for fixing is an advantage to energy efficiency. This is a huge advantage in commercial manufacturing for high volume fixing as well as other creative uses. The UV lamp needed for the curing of the UV glue consumes much less energy than a heating oven.
  5. Hazard Free: Solvent based adhesives require that the process be done in an area with good ventilation as the solvents are flammable and typically toxic. UV glues present no such dangers or complexities. During the curing process, the UV glue produces no such gaseous byproducts. This means that UV curing process is less of a hazard.
  6. Exceptional Quality: This is one of the biggest benefits realized with SpectroSeal UV light glue pen. The other methods such as the solvent based ones that require drying undergoes evaporation in the process leading to a loss of volume or thickness but that is never the case with UV gluing process. This is why it retains good quality. The more consistent UV curing process also means reduced scrap, which is another goal for improved quality. To top it off, SpectroSeal UV glue is scratch resistant. The UV glue curing provides an unbreakable bond with improved part visual appeal and functionality. All of this happens with an environmentally friendly process and no harsh chemicals.
  7. Easy to apply: SpectroSeal spares the mess associated with drippy time sensitive glues that seem to get all over everything. SpectroSeal delivers the precise application you want for your most delicate and precise repairs.
spectroseal review
spectroseal review

How to Use SpectroSeal

Of course we can’t publish our findings in this spectroseal review if we do not tell you how to makes use of it. That to us may make the review incomplete.

SpectroSeal offers a solution to those who are tired of wasting their time using glues that may or may not work. It delivers the most solid hold whenever needed, so it is the perfect tool for any service technician. Here are the 3 easy steps that you need to follow when fixing something with it:

  1. Step 1: Apply the liquid polymer to the object you wish to fix. Before applying the SpectroSeal UV adhesive, the surface must be attended. The surfaces should be kept dry and free of any kind of dust by using pure ethanol and a clean piece of cloth.
  2. Step 2: Flash the seal with the built in UV light and wait just a few seconds. After you have applied the SpectroSeal UV adhesive, you can merge the surfaces and expose the UV light to let the adhesive for curing to take place. If the light does not reach the adhesive everywhere, press the surfaces firmly together for at least thirty seconds.
  3. Step 3: Done and stronger than new. After curing, finishing can be applied to the bond, such as grinding, painting, vanishing.

If you want to remove the UV adhesive, do so with petroleum ether when the adhesive has not yet cured. You can soak already hardened or cured adhesive with soapy water.

spectroseal reviews

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using SpectroSeal

No SpectroSeal review is complete with a pros and cons list which tells you what you need to consider before buying.


  1. Dries fast and forms a durable bond. There is no need to wait for the glue to dry. The UV light takes care of that in a few minutes.
  2. The glue is clear. It is not visible on most surfaces but it can be if you add color to it.
  3.  Works as a filler. You can fill holes or create different shapes with SpectroSeal. Before it completely dries, it can be shaped and sized how you like.
  4. Works with UV lighting to fix the objects faster
  5. Ideal for the indoor and outdoor use items
  6. 100% waterproof and heat resistant technology.
  7. Has the strongest bond and is non toxic.
  8. The final strength of the fixed objects is reached with a few hours.
  9. Has a solvent free formula that does not get dry if not used for a long time.
  10. Glue and UV light in one pen. Unlike most brands on the market, SpectroSeal is not a kit with tow pens. Instead, it is a single pen with a UV light on one and a glue pen on the other.
  11. It lasts a long time. With proper storage, it is possible to use the SpectroSeal light glue pen for up to three years. Even if you do not store it properly, though it can still last longer than most glues.
  12. It is the size of a pen and comfortable to use. There is almost no difference between using a pen and a SpectroSeal. In addition, thanks to its small size, you can easily store it anywhere.
  13. It is versatile: The UV light glue pen can replace many other types of glue. It works well on most surfaces- wood, paper and fabric.
  14. It is not messy: The SpectroSeal pen is quite precise and detailed. Its glue does not stick to skin, so it is easy to just wash it off.


  1. It is small, so not suitable for larger repairs. Other kinds of glue or repairs are still necessary for bigger fixes like large broken furniture.
  2. It does not work without a UV light source. If the UV end of the pen stops working, the glue part can’t be used. The only solution is to buy a separate UV source if that happens.
  3. Stock is quite limited.
  4. It can only be bought online directly from the manufacturer’s official website.
spectroseal review

Where to buy from? (Spectroseal review)

As always we are here to point you in the best direction to prevent you from seeing scammers and criminals.

If you wish to purchase the product, it makes great sense to choose the manufacturer directly. They have a website where they offer the products. But that is not all: if you want to purchase more than one, you can do so with special offers that the manufacturers make available from time to time. This means that you can purchase several pens at the same time and pay less for one pen itself. The order is uncomplicated and completed within a few minutes.

Another great advantage is the numerous payment options offered by the manufacturers. Here the buyer does not take any risk because he can use secure methods such as PayPal or Credit Cards. These possibilities also hold out the prospect that if you send the product back if you do not like it, you will get your money back without any problems. A further advantage is the fast dispatch, which takes place up to the front door. A few days after the order, the product arrives and can be used immediately.

Money back guarantee and Refund Policy: The company offers buyers a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee. The items must be returned unused and in their original packaging. You ship the package to the return facility address given to you by its customer care representative. As soon as it gets shipped, you must contact customer care again and provide them with the tracking number. You will get an email confirming the refund when the company receives and approves the return.

Customer Reviews (spectroseal review)

Wendy S. Houston, TX: “I had a treasured set of vintage figurines that had been in the family for generations, Unfortunately, I accidentally bumped into the cabinet and some of them got damaged. Thankfully, my husband had just ordered SpectroSeal, and he fixed them right away. Now they look just like they did when my grandmother was given them”

spectroseal reviews
spectroseal review

Irene B. Cleveland, OH: “My kids are pretty clumsy, so inevitably, some things will get broken. I can’t count the number of times a mug has been knocked off the table or a toy is broken in two. Luckily, with SpectroSeal, it is easy to make repairs around the house, even for someone that is not handy at all like me”

Mark L. Miami, FL: “Repairs around the house are so easy now that I have SpectroSeal. Phone Chargers, cutlery, you name it, I have fixed it and the best part is, it dries instantly and does not make a mess at all. I highly recommend it and I am thinking of buying a few more to give to my brothers. Every household should have at least one.

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Frequently Asked Questions (spectroseal reviews)

Does SpectroSeal work without UV light?
No. The Photochemical reaction for hardening is not possible without exposure to the UV wavelength. Spectroseal includes a UV light source built-in for convenient access. No more waiting for glue to dry.

Does SpectroSeal work like glue?

Although it functions as an adhesive, think of SpectroSeal as more of a plastic weld. There is no need to apply pressure or squeeze the items being bonded together. Your items are bonded in seconds.

Can my children use this?

Although spectro-seal tends to be a cleaner and easier way of bonding different objects together, we do recommend parental supervision.

Can plates and cups that have been repaired with SpectroSeal go in the dishwater?

Yes, like we mentioned earlier in this spectroseal review, it is waterproof and resistant to high temperatures.

Because SpectroSeal involves liquid plastic, can I fabricate a missing part with it?

Yes, whether you are looking to duplicate a missing piece or come up with something entirely new. SpectroSeal is ideally suited for those tiny creations. Cured SpectroSeal items can be sanded, shaped and painted.

spectroseal reviews
spectroseal review

Spectroseal review final comments

So finally, we can conclude our topic here that SpectroSeal is one of the best UV pen adhesive agents. People are loving the product and there is nothing much to get disappointed with. Surfaces fixed once with this glue pen, have a stronghold for long years with no damage, whether it is about paper, plastic, glass, metal or wood, everything comes under the purview of SpectroSeal.

Apart from that too, you do not need to pay much for the purchase of SpectroSeal, because it is affordable and arrives at a special 50% price discount to purchase with a 30 Day money back guarantee. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable and easy to use. All SpectroSeal reviews agree on one thing; this glue pen is a handy tool that every household needs.

Thank you for reading this spectroseal review

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