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Tact Watch Review [June 2020 Latest]

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It is no secret that phones and watches are among the most used gadgets in human history as of today. Virtually everyone owns a watch. Some have even gone to the extent of getting smartwatches but you’re probably here because you want to read the tact watch’s review.

You’re probably looking for the best tactical smartwatch in the world right now but have been bombarded by cheap imitation knock-offs, useless toys and products from shady brands that will be broken in a matter of weeks- if not sooner.


You’ve read a handful of reviews on the T-watch but you haven’t made up your mind on whether you should get one or not. This maybe because you probably got yourself into the web of articles masquerading as reviews that just try to sell the watch to you and not really review it.

It is better to avoid the stress and pain associated with high risk choices and trust reliable reviews before spending your money.

And that is exactly where the savvy gadgets comes in, to point you in the right direction with our ever trusted detailed reviews. At the end you will be better informed on the best choice to make; to buy or not to buy. Interested? Read on

tact watch review

Tact Watch Review

It is one of the most durable tactical smartwatch in the market as of today. This smartwatch is a military grade tactical smartwatch designed by T-Watch G.C. Designed to provide ruggedness and classy style that can withstand even extremes of conditions, it was built with a Diamond-like carbon (DLC) material and comes in a unique shade of black called the “Midnight Diamond”. 

It has been said overtime that the tactwatch was designed by a group of very creative ex military engineers who were huge fans of smart watches but hated them for the conventional ease with which they broke down.

What are the features of the Tact Watch?

tact watch review

When investigating this flagship tactical smartwatch, it’s easy to see how and why it’s become such a popular device with consumers. Let us take a look at some of its features

1. Step Counter

This is a beautiful of feature of this tactical smartwatch. It simply means that this tactical smartwatch offers persons who may want to track the number of steps they make in a day the best of opportunity to do so. Any smartwatch that claims to be a smartwatch but does not have an in-built pedometer is not a smartwatch. It is one of those useless toys I earlier told you to be wary of.

2. Water-Resistant, Dust and Scratch Proof:

tact watch
Tactical Smartwatch Review

Built to be rugged, the tact smartwatch is 100% waterproof. Rated IP67, you don’t have to bother about getting it to the swimming pool. It is water, dust and scratch proof. You can use it comfortably without having to worry about its safety in extremes of condition.

3. Calorie Counter

Another cool feature of this tactical smartwatch, it complements the step counter. It functions by first tracking the steps you take and how fast you take those steps, distance traveled and no of stops you made on the way among other factors.

It doesn’t stop there; this information is sent to the dedicated app that runs it through an algorithm that spits out the number of calories burned. This data of course is dependent on factors like your current weight and height in other to give you the most accurate results.

In cases where you fail to provide your weight and height to the smartphone app, it automatically chunks out its result using the average man as a reference point.

Some claims from very poor tact watch reviews have stated that this watch burns calories. That is totally false. You need to understand it does not burn the calories for you, it just tells you the number of calories you have burnt, that way you can adjust your exercise program and of course your food intake in other attain the best of weight goals.

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4. Smart Heart rate Monitor

Can it save lives? Oh yes to some extent. Equipped with a new age technology that allows you monitor your heart rate, It can provide you with instant heart beat analysis. This way, you can get most out of your workouts. All your health stats are automatically synced to your app and you can later share these data with your doctor. Checking your dynamic and resting heart rates just got easier.

5. Sleep Monitor (Tact Watch Review)

The importance of good sleep cannot be over emphasized. The national foundation of sleep has stated categorically that the human body needs an average of 8 hours of sleep to be able to function effectively. Good sleeping habits equate a greater quality of life.

This tactical smartwatch has a microchip that tracks body movement during your sleep. This data is analyzed by monitoring applications you can download on your smartphone or tablet.

The two will work as a team to unveil vital information about how much you sleep, how many times you woke up during your sleep, daily averages, and more.    

These sleep trackers are great for detecting and improving bedtime habits but if you are really having a hard time getting a great deal of sleep, go to a professional. The tactwatch is good at giving you tabs on your health but remember it cannot replace your doctor. (See the Frequently asked questions section in this tact watch review to know the best sleep apps to use)

6. Compass

The Tactical watch comes with a built-in compass and GPS, this feature gives you a hold on where you are and your current direction. When you need to know the direction you’re headed to, you should have this watch that has this feature built in it. So, in case you are stranded on an ocean, this feature will help you know where the current of the ocean is taking you to. Other scenarios would be for hikers, mountain bikers and explorer. This feature of the tactical watch would navigate your way easily.

7. Chronometer

If you need to have the perfect measure of time to be able to execute your objective with precision. Then, chronometer would be your perfect bet. The versatility of the T-Watch is not bounded to just the navigational purposes, the precision you need also lies in the anti-magnetic property coupled with the adjustment knobs, both of which can help you be as precise as you ought to.   Read more about it on Wikipedia.

Tact Watch Review Video

What is the Specification of the Tact Watch?

No Tact watch review will be complete without letting you know about the Specifications of this tactical smartwatch.

Quartz MovementPC21
ProgramBW03 S1
SensorBMA222E (3D)
Blue-ToothBT 4.0
DisplayFSTN/Full View
LightEL Cold Light Panel
Sound Ceramic buzzing
Watch DataSaves Data for past 15 days
Bluetooth Coverage Distance>8m (Open Space)
Water Proof LevelLevel 5 IPV67
Strap SizeInternational Standard
Button life100K times

What you stand to benefit?

tact watch

1. Massive Battery Life

Lots of smartwatches come with a 10-24 hours battery life. Meaning that you have to charge it every day or at least every 2 days. This really sucks. We are bombarded with loads of gadgets to charge on a daily, adding a smartwatch to the list won’t be funny in any way.

This prompted the manufacturers of the tactical smartwatch to improve on this. This smart watch boasts an unbelievable 33-month battery life, meaning that it needs to be charged just once a year. Blow My Mind!!! Quite unbelievable.

It means you no longer have to stress yourself with making sure you charge your smartwatch, it means no more battery going flat in the middle of the day because you forgot to charge it up the day before. 

It achieves this feat because the tactwatch doesn’t use a fancy operating system. It doesn’t run Android or watch OS, 
It doesn’t have a touch screen and fancy touch screen technologies like other smartwatch brands.

All these extra features are cool and all but they have a serious drain on the battery life of these smartwatches. The manufacturers purposely left those out, they were trying to build a “tactical”, not a “ futuristic” smartwatch, and part of being tactical and rugged includes having a long battery life. If you want a smartwatch with those futuristic features, check the one here

2. Durability

People change their smartwatches often for different reasons, but some persons do so often after their smartwatches may have broken down. Most of the time, it not their fault. We all know how modern smartwatches just aren’t that sturdy and when they break, they can in some cases be beyond repair.

This is another place that makes this tactical smartwatch powerful. Extremes of conditions which include rain, dust, falling to the ground, getting thrown inside the pool and so on do not affect this watch. It was built to be rugged and gallant.

3. Message Notifications and Alerts.

This is a pretty neat feature. You can connect this tactical smartwatch to your mobile device, this essentially allows you to sync your notifications such that you get notified from your watch  when you have a message or phone call. No more missed phone calls.

4. Illumination

This is an overlooked feature, but very important to have. Night time missions are common, so you’ll need a watch with the ability to display information in the dark. Look for a back light or luminescent hands to read the time when the lights are out.

5. Compatible with iOS and Android

Outdoor sports smartwatches easy to connect and use. This tactical smartwatch is compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 or above, Bluetooth 4.0.

6. Lightweight

Yes, you want your watch to be tough, but you don’t want one that will drag you down. If your tactical smartwatch is too heavy, it will be burdensome on the field, especially if you’re already carrying tons of other gear. The ideal military watch should be lightweight and comfortable.

tact watch review

What I didn’t like about this device

This device is designed to help give you the best experience you’ve ever had with any tactical smartwatch. From all it’s benefits above, you can see it blows the mind. More so is the fact that it is cheaper.

Also, when investigating this flagship tactical smartwatch, it’s easy to see how and why it’s become such a popular device with people. However, there are also a few downsides that this tact watch review will also discuss.

1. Comes in only One Design

Unfortunately, this tactical smartwatch only comes in one design, the Midnight Diamond. After creating such a magnificent masterpiece, I feel that they could have added more variants to it so that people will have the option of choosing the best design that matches their personality. Not to worry, the Midnight diamond is super cool though since black can go on well with virtually everything you put on.

2. Can Only Be Purchased Online

This is the big shocker, you’d think for something as popular as it, you’d be able to see it everywhere, but that is not the case with the T-watch.

In fact, it was done on purpose. The brand wants full control over the customer experience that is why the only way to get your hands on the tact watch is through the official site, it isn’t available in local stores.

This isn’t really a problem in this day and age where most of our shopping is done online but I thought it would be best to put it out there.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Tact Watch

This tact watch review was written to open your eyes to the great side and not so good side of this tactical smartwatch.

  • Massive Battery Life
  • Crystal Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which is a very hard mineral glass screen. Cracked smartwatch screens are now a thing of the past.
  • Very durable
  • Ability to monitor sleep and improve your sleeping habits
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Water, dust and scratch-proof
  • Ability to receive messages and notifications
  • Step Counting technology
  • Counts the amount of calories burnt
  • Can be synced with smartphone app
  • Equipped with a chronometer
  • Comes in only one design and colour
  • Can be purchased only online
  • Some ladies may not like it owing to its masculine nature

Who is this product for?

tact watch

Like I pointed out at the beginning of this tact watch review, I would tell you who this product is for. Other reviews may have told you something otherwise. To maintain the neutral stance of this tact watch review article, it is important to state who would best benefit from this watch and who wouldn’t. Here’s the truth;

Firstly, I don’t really think this watch is the ideal option for ladies, it just has a kind of masculine look to it, but that is just my opinion. If you are a lady and you think you can pull off the “tactwatch” look then by all means you can grab yours and we look forward to getting a review/comment from you.

But for the guys, whether you sit at a computer all day or work a heavy-duty physical job, the T1 Tactical SmartWatch is definitely for you. It’s stylish, super tough, and able to be afforded by anyone that works.

It’s one of those items that every guy should have. 

tact watch

Where you can make your purchase?

You can get this tactical smartwatch by purchasing it from the official website. To get to the official website just click the green button below.

Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. and your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

*Update* T-Watch is currently having an ongoing promo. 
*50% off your tactical smartwatch order today.*
The promo is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you delay, you might end up missing out and paying full price.

Final thoughts Tact Watch Review

tact watch review

The very essence of this tact watch review is to clear confusions for those looking to get this new smart watch. With the incredibly amazing features and quality build that it possess, this watch is certainly a no brainier for anyone thinking about getting a new smartwatch.

It also makes an astonishing gift or present from family, friends or co-worker. Also, suitable for heavy battery users, this tactical smartwatch has all the features you need from any watch. It is as good as the big brands but would not make you break the bank. It is cost effective.

Thank you for reading the Tact Watch Review.

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