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[ Latest ] TacticPhoneX Review May 2020- Is it really indestructible?

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TacticphoneX Review 2020

It is no secret that phones are the most used gadgets in human history as of today. Virtually everyone owns a phone, some with a smartwatch too.

Most of us make use of smartphones but we are always super cautious with the way we use them. They could easily fall, get their screen cracked and finally get damaged. A whole lot of them are not even in water and dust proof. This makes us get scared one something happens to our phones.

Some of are comfortable with these phones but what if you have to be in more extreme conditions? Or you’re the type that loves outdoor adventures? I’m sure that just like me you will want something very durable.

I wrote this tacticphonex review to open your eyes to a new phone that I started using recently. This phone is the tacticphoneX. It gave me all I wanted. I know it will do same for you. Just Read on and thank me later (whinks)

What is this tacticphoneX?

tacticphonex review

TacticPhoneX is basically the most durable phone on the market as of today. Built to provide that ruggedness that can withstand extreme conditions, this phone was exclusively designed to stand the test of time.

The TacticPhoneX is a rugged all-round phone great for hikers, adventurers or people who work in construction companies and need a phone which is pretty much unbreakable. One the best sellers in 2020; you’re certain not to worry about the safety of your phone no matter where you go.

This tacticphonex review will open your mind to the features, specifications, benefits of this strong phone and so much more. If interested, Read on.

The TacticPhoneX is Special. Here’s Why?

When a regular phone cannot keep up, only the latest technology can help you to rest easy next to the swimming pool, or shrug instead of panic when your smartphone is dropped. For those of us that constantly have cracked screens due to the way we handle our phones, or some of us that are quite adventurous, the tacticphoneX was designed in this regard for you. Not just for you anyway!

This rugged, strong smartphone is waterproof and sandproof like I wrote earlier. This means that you can comfortably make use of it under the rain and on the beach without bothering about it’s safety. It has a 2 and half inch screen that was designed to make sure they do not crack no matter the amount of impact they face.

tacticphonex review withstands stress

The inventors used the approach that simple is best while designing this device. Simple User Interface with big numbers on keyboard and display ensures that you can quickly navigate TacticPhoneX in emergency situations.

The business men and women are not left behind. The phone has 3 SIM card slots that reduces the problem of carrying multiple phones to meetings, conferences and business ventures. It allows you to be prepared to call anyone you might need to call without having to scamper for your other phones especially in emergency situations.

TacticphoneX Review: Features

No tacticphoneX review is complete without letting you know about the features of this phone. This is one of the best and most exciting parts of buying a new phone. Blessed with very extraordinary features, the amount of work put into the building of this phone is too amazing. I took time to outline each and everyone of them here. You’d get a better glimpse of this phone her

1. Powerful Led Lighting

This phone is equipped with a very strong LED Flashlight system. It is basically one of the most powerful LED Light for any phone today. This makes it really suitable for night treks since this LED flashlight can help you see distances and tricky places far ahead of you.

2. Strong Speaker Quality.

With a much more improved Speaker Quality, we can confidently say in this tacticphonex review that the speaker in this device is louder than the regular smartphone speakers. This means more fun for you and your friends.

3. FM & Music

It has an FM radio that does not require an external antenna. This allows you to take it on long walks and listen to music as you go. Remember it has really loud speakers.

Tactiphonex review front back

4. TacticPhoneX is Indestructibe

People change their phones often for different reasons, but some persons do so often after their smartphones may have broken down. Most of the time, it not their fault. We all know how modern smartphones just aren’t that sturdy and when they break, they can in some cases be beyond repair.

This is another place that makes the tacticphonex powerful. Extremes of conditions which include rain, dust, falling to the ground, getting thrown inside the pool and so on do not affect this phone. These severe conditions do not compromise the quality of the performance of this phone. Because of it’s rubber exterior it is also shatterproof.

5. Resistant To Water

Most modern phones get sent to their early graves once they come in contact with water. Therefore, people tend not to go near water bodies with their phones with them in order to avoid fluid from touching it. Even those that do so, are usually a 105% careful knowing fully well that small amounts of fluid can make all files get lost forever.

The TacticPhoneX is a waterproof phone built to check mate your worry. It’s speakers, keyboard and screen are all waterproof. You need not worry whenever a splash or spill touches this sophisticated piece of device.

6. Massive Battery Life

We all know the dilemma that smartphones face when they begin to get old. They increasingly begin to have a poor battery life which means that you will end up charging your phone even more than you use them.

This is not the case with the tacticphonex as it has a 3000mAh battery capacity that gives up to 30 days standard battery life. On top of this, it can be used as a power source to charge other devices making it an important item to keep in a bag on long trips and adventures

Even if you’re a heavy user, this phone can last for up to a week on just a single charge.

7. Anyone Can Use The TacticPhoneX

This is another area where TacticPhoneX has an advantage, it has a large keyboard that is easy to use and supports 15 different languages. Because the interface is clean and well laid out, it is easy to navigate.

The large icons on the 2.4-inch screen make using it simple from the first use, there are no complicated aspects or unnecessary applications, it only offers necessary features.

8. Store Tonnes of Music and Pictures on TacticPhoneX

Most of the time, your phone is limited by the memory the phone offers. With TacticPhoneX you get the big 64GB memory, but also the ability to insert a TF card.

This opens up loads of possibilities, enabling it to store thousands of pictures and songs without having to sacrifice space on the phone. This means it will perform at a higher standard for longer and run faster than smartphones that are near capacity.

Comfortable when being held, and safe when dropped, the TacticPhoneX is a game-changer of a phone.

tacticphonex review 3 slots

9. Use Up to 3 Sim Cards With TacticPhoneX

A lot of businessmen and women have to take numerous phones with them on trips which are inconvenient, stressful and above all does not look professional.

TacticPhoneX can support 3 sim cards to add a level of convenience whilst allowing you to travel lighter. You can switch between all three with ease saving you time and space.

Summary of its features-

  • Indestructible: Built with dual-tone soft rubber material, excellent strength. Zero gap in every corner while remaining stylish with a sleek design.
  • Shatter Resistant: Survive any drop – the strong construction and rubber material reduce the impact of collisions.
  • Water Resistant: You can keep it immersed in water, and even record under-water videos. Feel free to use in rain, in your shower, or under water.
  • Huge Battery Capacity: Keeps its charge for up to 2 weeks under regular daily usage. It even works as a power bank and can charge your USB devices on the go.
  • Dust Resistant: Totally protected against dust – no need to worry about sand, dirt, or volcanic ash.
  • Super Strong Flashlight: No more fear of darkness – every corner of the Earth ready for you to explore.
  • 3 sim card slots
  • Simple user interface
  • Standby time of 360-720 hours
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch proof
  • Fall resistant
  • LED flashlight
  • Camera

What are the Specifications of this Masterpiece-TacticPhone X Review

The first time I saw a review on this phone, half way down that review I thought this phone was just built for those that wanted strength and ruggedness. I was put wrong at the end of the day. As I speak to you today, I have mine already. I even had the opportunity of having a better glimpse at its specs first hand.

That being said, the table below will show all that you need to know. I decided to separate its specifications into 1) General Specs 2) Network Spec 3) Display Specs 4) Camera Specs 5) Connectivity specs 6) Battery Specifications and finally, its dimension and weight stats.

1. TacticPhonex Review: General Specifications
Central Processing UnitSC6531CA
Sim SlotsThree SIM
SIM TypesStandard SIM Card
External MemoryTF Card up to 8GB
Support Language15 (Arabic, English, French, Greek, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, UKrainian, Slovak
Additional General FeaturesFM, Powerful LED Flashlight
2.Tacticphonex Review: Network
2G BandsGSM 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
BluetoothYes, V2.0
3. TacticPhonex Review: Display
Screen Size2.4 inches
Resolution320 x 240 pixels
tacticphonex review
4. TacticPhonexReview: Camera
Camera QuantitySingle
Back Camera2.0MP
tacticphonex review
5. TacticPhoneX Review: Connectivity
Ports1 x TF card slot
1 x Micro USB
3 x SIM card slots
tacticphonex review
6. Battery: What TacticPhonex Review says
Battery Capacity3000mAh
Talk Time72 hours
Standby Time360 hours
Charging Power5V
tacticphonex review
7. Tacticphonex Review: Dimensions and Weight
tacticphonex review
8. TacticPhonex Review: Package Includes
Package Contents
1 x Phone
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable
tacticphonex review

From all the specs above, you can agree with me that this phone was made for virtually anyone and everyone. Solidified with a very strong rubber case, it is really shatter proof. Meaning that no matter how hard it falls or where it falls from, the phone will remain intact.

More surprising is the capacity of the tacticphonex. Did you notice that it has a 64GB External Storage capacity and even has the ability to add to that with an external San-Disk(SD) Card? No other rugged phone on the market has such a storage capacity. Quote me anywhere!!!

In addition to the above, it is waterproof, dust and sand proof like you saw earlier in the review. What of the ability of this mobile phone to serve as a power bank? The inventors have really done a great job. I mean these features literally blew my mind.

Why Do I Need the Tactic Phone X?

Tactic Phone X is built to endure the tough situations of the outdoors. When you go camping, hiking or bike riding, it would be hard for a brittle smartphone to withstand the rough experiences that come along with outdoor activities.

Apart from being water- and dust-proof, TacticPhoneX can withstand collisions on any hard surfaces without breaking down.

Conventional smartphones have batteries that hardly last three hours while on maximum use. This isn’t the case with Tactic Phone X; the phone can last long enough to give you a chance to take photos and surf on its 2G internet connectivity. It’s battery could even power up and charge those your smartphones that you have. Yes, it doubles as a power bank also.

It’s definitely a no brainer that anyone who’s looking for strength, gallantry and ruggedness should go for this phone. It’s the best there ever was.

  • Indestructible phone
  • Long life battery
  • Compact design
  • Useful amazing features
  • Cheap price for the quality of this phone
  • Can only be bought online
  • Stock is limited, the earlier you order the better

TacticPhonex Review: What are Customers Saying?

You will find several Tactic Phone X reviews and testimonials online from customers who are impressed by its performance. The product’s official website also has a number of reviews, with many customers rating the product five stars.

On the website, a satisfied customer, Trinimon, says, “Battery lasts forever. Sturdy and no-frills phone. Perfect for traveling and backpacking.”

Another customer, Jacky S comments, “This phone’s quality is just amazing. The build is fantastic, and everything works well. Ergonomic and all connections are air-tight. Works quickly.”

Clearly, Customers are impressed with this cellphone. Why not get yours today?

Where Can I Purchase the TacticPhoneX?

No Tacticphonex review will be complete without telling you how to buy this masterpiece if you are interested.

TacticPhoneX is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today from the official website.

I said official website because it is the safest place to make sure you get what you actually ordered. Just click on the button below the green box below to access this official site!

LATEST UPDATE ON TACTICPHONEX REVIEW:- TacticPhoneX is currently having an ongoing promo. 50% off your order today. The promo is on a first-comefirst-served basis, so if you delay, you might end up missing out and paying full price.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tactic Phone X

What is the toughest smartphone on the market?

Tactical PhoneX is one of the toughest tactical smartphone available. It has been created keeping in mind the needs of Special Forces and hard-core extreme sports. It is an ultra-reliable, ultra-rugged smartphone that’s built to provide those who serve with the smart communication they need, regardless of situation or environment.

Which phone has the toughest screen?

The Tactic PhoneX Is the World’s Toughest Phone. Thanks to its shatter-proof display, the tacticphonex survived our torture tests with flying colors, making it a lot more durable than the iPhone X and Galaxy S9 tactical edition.

Tactic Phonex Review: Final Verdict

TacticPhoneX was created taking in mind the needs of Special Forces and hard-core extreme sports. It is an ultra-reliable, ultra-rugged smartphone that’s built to provide those who serve with the smart communication they need, regardless of situation or environment.

As Always Stay Safe!


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