Xwatch Review

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XWatch Review

Smartwatches come all in forms, with some resembling traditional analog watches and others like big, bulky computers on your wrist. Apple has done all the work by finding out whether buyers exist for a rectangle faced smartwatch.

Now what smart brands are doing is taking inspiration from that concept and coming out with new and exciting innovations on that original concept.

Today I’d be taking you on a beautiful review ride to one of such watches, the X Watch Smartwatch, what a catchy name I must admit.

Asides this brilliant name, what else does this watch have to offer?

Does it have the features that suit your type of person?

What flaws mare this beautiful piece of smartwatch?

This x smartwatch review will answer all that and even much more. My hope is that at the end of this article you should’ve been an x watch expert (smiles) and will be better positioned to finally making that all-important decision —should you purchase the X smartwatch or Not.

Excited? Great, dive in

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Xwatch Review
Xwatch Review

XWatch Review

The X Watch is a smartwatch that was designed with two things in mind. Quality and style. It is a high-end smartwatch with lots of thrilling features (We’ll get into that later). It is designed by Chinese manufacturers that produce a lot of the well known and reputable smartwatch brands out there, so you can be sure of an excellent build quality.

XWatch Specifications

Xwatch review

Let’s take a great look at some of the specifications of this smartwatch that is a lot more cheaper than its competitors.

Device Weight44 * 38 * 10.7mm
Device Size50g
Dial size5.50 x 5.50 x 1.80 cm / 2.17 x 2.17 x 0.71 inches
Screen display1.5 HD IPS, 240 * 240 LCD Touchable Screen
Screen size: 1.12 inch
Internal Memory16GB
Battery380 MAH Large capacity Polymer. Standby time: 12 months
Type of battery: 1 x CR2032 battery (included)
Package size (L x W x H): 10.00 x 10.00 x 7.50 cm / 3.94 x 3.94 x 2.95 inches
Band size 25.00 x 2.2 cm / 9.84 x 0.37 inches
ChargingUSB charging enabled
ColourSilver, black, Blue, Gold or Red
Bluetooth3.0 & 4.0 Support Bluetooth Calling
Wearing diameter170-200mm
Android and iOS compatibilityYes, International Standard
Built-in chip typeSI-BW03
Dust and waterproofYes
IP ratingIP67 ( or 5ATM )

Top Features of this Smartwatch

Xwatch Review

Design and Feel

The x smartwatch is made primarily from high-quality smartwatches making sure that your watch is long lasting enough for every activity you engage in. It has these incredible sleek smooth curves that give it a luxurious feel. The front and back are cased in glass which wipes easily and looks really impressive.

The comfortable strap is made from silicone and feels great when worn, making it perfect for exercise and casual use.

Excellent Battery Life

Your average smartwatch doesn’t usually last more than 1-2 days. Even the most popular watches on the market by Apple and Samsung struggle with battery life.

However for the Smartwatch X that is not the case as you can be sure of a reasonably long battery life that lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 days. In addition to this, it takes only about 1 hour to charge this device via USB which is by far better than most of its competition. This is all because of its amazing 380mAh battery, which is quite high for smartwatch standards and the fact that it was equipped with a “fast-charge feature”.

Vibrant HD Display

Your smartwatch is only as good as the quality of the on-screen display. The displays on the X are undoubtedly one of the best on the market, it’s big, bright & beautiful, plus it has a high-quality HD retina display, which matches those of higher-end brands.

I don’t know about you though but if I’m doling out loads of bucks for a smartwatch, it better have a really good display. No one wants to be looking at blurry icons on their smartwatch.


Pedometer? That is a feature i love a lot. For everyone seeking to shed some pounds or keep a healthful lifestyle, cardio is tremendously recommended. Whether or not it’s on foot or going for walks, you may nevertheless get the anticipated fitness advantages.

All you need do is to make this smartwatch your personal cardio guide or trainer with its inbuilt pedometer. In fact to my own standards any smartwatch without this feature is not really a smartwatch.

In-built Speaker and microphones

This beautiful smart piece pairs all its amazing features together with excellent speakers for audio functionality and microphones for clear speech recognition. Not only can these speakers play good music; coupled with its standard microphone, they avail you the opportunity of answering your calls with your smartwatch.

Importantly, your call will be as smooth or crisp as normal.

You may begin to wonder, why would I want to use my smartwatch to answer a call when I have a phone? It’s quite easy if you ask me. In scenarios when you are exercising or your phone isn’t just with you (maybe you are charging in your room), it can be a bother to start scuffling for your phone when you could just pick up the call directly from your smartwatch.

Aside from answering and making calls, this smartwatch can also do a lot of the crucial features a smartphone can do. It can check messages, check your call logs, set alarms and even speak to your calendar to set reminders.

It’s like having the power of a smartphone all in your wrist.

IP67 Dust and Water resistant

It’s ready for everything. It is water and dust resistant. Meaning that it can accompany you to any location of your choice without getting you worried about its safety. Want to go swimming? You can with your smartwatch. It’s raining and you don’t have an umbrella on you? No need to bother as your smartwatch is IP67 rated water resistant. You accidentally drop it inside the pool? No need to worry your smartwatch is …. I’m sure you get the point.

Most smartwatches are good with interesting features and all but one area where almost all smartwatches fail is the area where the X smartwatch excels. You need not worry about losing your device to water or dust. It’s was reinforced to be safe.

Sleep Monitor

The importance of good sleep cannot be overstated. The national foundation of sleep has stated categorically that the human body needs an average of 8 hours of sleep to be able to function effectively. Good sleeping habits equate greater quality of life.

This X smartwatch has a microchip that tracks body movement during your sleep. This data is analyzed by monitoring applications you can download on your smartphone or tablet.

The two will work as a team to unveil vital information about how much you sleep, how many times you woke up during your sleep, daily averages, and more.    

These sleep trackers are great for detecting and improving bedtime habits but if you are really having a hard time getting a great deal of sleep, go to a professional. The X watch is good at giving you tabs on your health but remember it cannot replace your doctor. 

Health Monitoring Sensors

Xwatch Review

Owning an x watch is like having a health official or medical assistant on your wrist. With its inbuilt sensors, it keeps tabs on your heart rate, blood pressure and pulse all in real time. With this device you may not have to bother about undetected sudden drops in blood pressure in the middle of the street. With the data it provides you with, you can be prepared to avoid even a serious heart attack. The manufacturers of this gadget really did a great job honestly.

Other features include

  • Language: compatible with mobile phone language
  • It has a 4.0 version Bluetooth that is fast, stable and connected with the X watch mobile App.
  • Remote camera within 10m: taking selfie photos has never been so easy
  • Receives notifications from your mobile phone and social media handles

Xwatch Review Video

Xwatch review

Comparison table between Xwatch and two of its competitors

ProductX SmartWatchApple Watch 4Fitbit Versa 2
Battery380 mAh296 mAh145 mAh
Health tracking technologyyesnoyes
Fitness trackingyesyesyes
Built-in speaker & Mic for callsyesyesno
Internal memory16 GB16 GB2.5 GB
Weight50 g48 g39 g
Music Controlyesyesno
Xwatch Review

XWatch Review 2020: Functions

Xwatch Review

In this section of the X Watch Review, we get to see some of the functions of this smartwatch

  • Phonebook
  • Bluetooth call
  • Call logs
  • Information
  • Notifications
  • Pedometer
  • Heart rate
  • Electrocardiogram measurement
  • Sedentary
  • Anti-lost
  • Calendar
  • Sleep monitor
  • Bluetooth camera
  • Stopwatch
  • Calculator
  • Alarm
  • Bluetooth music
  • Multiple languages

All I don’t like about this Watch (Xwatch review)

Purchased only online

In a bid to reduce the cost of the gadget, the X watch can only be bought online. Selling this smartwatch through retailers will undoubtedly add a markup to its price. Although it may be quiet a turn-off for some person who may want to see and feel the watch before buying, there are lots of positives to take from this since direct-to-consumer means lower prices and more warranty for the consumers in the end.

Much resemblance to the Apple Watch

I would’ve preferred it if the manufacturers came up with a more original design, to make their brand stand out, but oh well, I guess they were following what works in the marketplace as apple watches have been proven to sell well though at very outrageous price.

On the bright side however, some people might even like the fact that it resembles an Apple watch, those cost a premium price but you can buy something quite similar at a quarter of the price with the Xwatch. Seems like a great deal if you ask me.

Who is the XWatch most suited for?


This is another interesting part of this X watch review.

I will do my best to answer this honestly in order to maintain the neutrality of this review

First off, in case you’ve ever wanted a cool smartwatch, say an Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch however felt it was too costly for you, then the X smartwatch will be perfect for you. It has a great number of the cool features all these high-end smartwatches have, possess a pretty sleek design and additionally costs less than them.

Second, if you’re a person who has never owned a smartwatch before but wants to get one, this watch makes for a good low priced high quality introduction to the world of the smartwatches where you will experience all the cool stuffs a smartwatch can do as I pointed out in the “features section” of this x watch review.

Finally, the X watch is a incredible neat all-round smartwatch, so if you’re thinking of owning or getting a smartwatch, and you’re looking for the best value for your money, then this watch is obviously a no-brainer. It’s a great choice for you.

XWatch Review: Where can I get this Smartwatch and what is it’s cost?

Like I’d always advise everyone that reads reviews on this website, it is always safer to purchase from the manufacturer’s site. Anyway in the case of the X watch, the manufacturer’s site is actually the only place to buy this device.

Here you will receive product that lives to expectation. There will be no shortchanging whatsoever. You will be privileged to learn about some special offers attached to your product and know the best way to get such offers.

The official price of the X watch is $198, which is still a lot cheaper than other smartwatches which are loaded with the same features as the Xwatch. There’s currenlty an ongoing 50% off sale promo on the manufacturer’s site. U may click here if you want to make a purchase

With that said, if you are interested in purchasing the X watch then click the button below to be navigated to the brand’s official website.

Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. and your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

Update on X Watch Review 2020: The X-watch is currently on a 50% Off fire sale discount, meaning you can get it for just $99 instead of the original price of $198 (that’s a savings of $99). The discount has been ongoing and will expire on the 7th May, 2020. Click the button above to purchase the x-watch at this bargain price, before prices go back up in a few days

Xwatch review
Xwatch Review 2020

Additional XWatch Review Tips

I’d like to share some tips in this Xwatch review with you as regards how to set up, activate and connect your device to a wifi.

How to set up X watch

Here is a little guide on how to set up this smartwatch.It’s very easy:

  1. First, you have to download the app on your smartphone.
  2. Then, select your language. Once you start your smartwatch it will ask you to select a language.
  3. You have to pair your device. To connect your smartphone with your smartwatch, prompt your device until you get into a selection screen.
  4. Choose the available Bluetooth device with the same code displayed on your smartwatch.
  5. It’s time to Confirm paring. Once pairing is confirmed finish the next steps on your smartphone.
  6. You should enable notifications to make sure your device is up-to-date.

Connecting your device to a WiFi network [Xwatch Review]

  • Just by tapping into your screen, you can activate your watch.
  • Swipe down to access the menu.
  • Tap into settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on Connectivity.
  • Tap Wifi and choose Automatic.
  • Add and select Wifi Network.

How do you activate your Device

  • Remove the sim card from the sim holder on your smartwatch.
  • Note the last six numbers at the back of the sim card.
  • Insert the sim on your smartwatch sim slot.
  • Activate your smartwatch sim.
  • An activation email will be sent to you.
  • Do confirm the email and the deal becomes done
Xwatch Review


Developed with the most modern of technologies as with regards smartwatches, this device practically puts the power of your smartphone in your hands.

If you really want to purchase a smartwatch that gives you that $500 feel at a fraction of that price whilst also making sure you enjoy high quality features and luxury, the x watch is definitely a no-brainer. It will be your first and last smartwatch unless of course you want to add more collections to your watch room.

The spectacular features and incredible battery life that this watch possesses make it at a better level than its competitors.

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